Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jack Be Nimble pt.1

So I'm a writer...which means I'm fabulously unemployed. It also means that
I'm sort of like the unofficial neighborhood watch. I sit at my computer
and write and look out the window and write some more. My days are only
exciting when inspiration hits.

Interestingly enough inspiration came to me the other day in the form of two
men. Who wouldn't love that? So for right now, I say fuck the story I'm
trying to write and let me just tell you what happened.

Across the window from me live the newlyweds, Trish and Jack. They are your
All-American couple...jeezus Christ if they had a dog and a white picket
fence, I'd kill myself from their sheer perfection. Seriously, they're that
couple. Normally, I'm not into the whole dude on chick thing. I'm more of
a stud on stud kind of guy but I'm going to be honest. Watching them fuck
is actually super super hot. Lucky for me, my writing window is right
across from their bedroom window and they are never shy.

They had a session once in the middle of the afternoon that left me
breathless. Picture me, boxers, shabby old robe, 4 day old stubble and a
warm cup of coffee in my hand. All I'm doing is stretching and looking out
the window...waiting for an idea...when I hear a door slam open so hard I
thought it was my own.

Jack throws Trish into the room. His chest is bare and he's wearing the
tightest jeans I've ever seen and a pair of workboots. So I grin, stir my
coffee and keep watching. She's layin face down on the bed with her ass
hanging right off the side. Trish is in just a white t shirt...and shit from
my angle she could just be a hairless twink. I've got a good imagination.
Jack unbuttons his fly and a hard 8inch cocks plops out and slams against
his happy trails. I almost drop my coffee, by the way. Then he walks over
to her and just starts fucking her from the back...and true story...I swear
to God, Jack looks dead at me and winks. Sweat pouring down his muscled
frame and jaw tense...ass moving in and out, that fucker looked straight at
me and winked!

I turned and slammed my back against the wall and away from the window
dying! He caught me watching him fucking his wife! But let's just say...that
I've done it a few more times and every time...Jack gives me the wink...and
sometimes it's that wink that gets me to spray my load all over the window.

But back to today...the now...the oh my fucking goodness moment. I see Jack's
Wrangler in the driveway and take a moment to make myself some coffee. When
I come back to the window, I see an unfamiliar van in the driveway. So
what's a nosey bitch like me to do but keep watching? I see another guy, a
smaller but very built white guy with a tool belt jump out of the van.

(Great, I stopped writing to watch Jack get some work done on his house.)

So let's re-group...we have Jack who has a buzz cut, green eyes and is about
6'3, 200lbs of solid hardworking American muscle. The dude even has he makes my nerdy writing ass melt every time I see him. Oh
yeah and he has a sweet cock. Now we've got tool belt dude who is also
Caucasian but shorter. This guy is about 5'10, 210lbs of stocky bulldog
muscle. He's got a shaved head and a little bit of a beard. Both of them
are guys who would never give me the time of or straight but a bitch
can dream right?

Anyway, tap tap tap on my keyboard and I take a break and go to my favorite
window. I see Jack and toolbelt dude in his bedroom fixing a door frame.
They're chatting like old buddies and there's a six pack of beer in between
them as they work. Jack takes his white t shirt off and goes back to
hammering some piece of wood into what looks like a molding along the door
frame. But what the fuck do I know? Basically, I'm watching two hot as
fuck men use wood, hammers and nails to fix a doorway...

But then Jack and his buddy stop to toss back a few of their beers and as
they're joking...they start playfully shoving each other...and I'm interested
again and even my dick starts to twitch a little. The playful shoving turns
into a bit of wrestling until Jack has his buddy pinned beneath him. (Fuck
I'm getting a semi...and I put down my coffee. Thank God our windows are so
close! ) Jack is straddling his friend and they pause and just look at each
other. Jack's buddy takes his hand and runs it up the front of Jack's thick
bulge and lets it rest there. Jack leans back with a smile and lets him. His
buddy starts to rub up and down and my hand slips to my own dick and I start
rubbing too.

(I can't believe I don't have to pay for this...)

Jack grabs his buddy's hand and makes him rub his dick harder. Jack then
leans down and kisses his friend square on the mouth. They are both
shirtless and now making out with a frenzy I've never seen Jack have even
with his wife. They're dicks are both trapped inside of their jeans and
they are grinding on each other really hard. Jack starts sucking on his
friend's nipple while letting his left hand glide down to his crotch. His
friend is bucking his hips under Jack's weight. (My own dick is fucking
rock hard and I am stroking it as slowly as I can.)

His friend is bucking so hard against him and Jack starts to lick his way
down his buds happy trail. When Jack gets to the zipper, he pauses and
takes a breath. His fingers start undoing the zipper and soon his buddy's
fat cock springs out. Jack licks the tip and I almost cum on myself. It's
then. That it happens...Jack looks straight at me and gives me the wink! This
time I don't turn away...I stay glued to my window with my hand stroking my

Jack winks at me and then takes his buddy's whole dick into his mouth deep,
balls to chin deep. His buddy puts his hands on the back of Jack's head and
they start a rhythm. Jack's buddy is face fucking him. I can see his fat
hard dick sliding in and out of Jack's eager mouth. His buddy's eyes are
closed and his cheeks are red. His hips are bucking furiously. The Jack
slows down the pace and takes his buddy's dick in long and deep strokes. Jack
uses his tongue to lick up the dick to the tip and slides his mouth back
down. Jacks hand has moved to his own bursting prick and that's when his
buddy motions to Jack. Jack stops sucking on his dick and slides his jeans
off. (God I love Jack's cock...)

Jack's cock is at full attention when the jeans slide off and his buddy
crawls on his knees in front of him. Jack towers over him and his buddy
starts licking his shaft and cupping his balls. Jack lets his friend suck
his dick and the whole time he has locked eyes with me. So while I'm
jerking my dick for Jack to see, he's getting sucked off for me.

Jack pumps in and out of his buddy's mouth for a minute then stops. He rubs
his buddy's head and slowly pumps in and out. His ass and thighs are toned
and beautiful to watch in action. Jack says something to his buddy and then
I watch as his friend lays along the edge of the bed with his firm ass in
the air. Jack slips a condom on and lubes up his dick, never taking his
eyes off me. Jack walks over, grabs his friend by the hips and starts butt
fucking him. Jack's body is amazing and the sweat gliding off his muscles
is breath taking. His buddy's face is red and he's bucking back into every
one of Jack's thrusts like a good little bottom. Jack has him by the hips
and starts pumping in and out furiously. I can't take it anymore and my
fist is pumping my dick so hard just watching it. I want to be Jack's
buddy. I want that dick in my ass. And then Jack slips his dick out,
slides off the condom and beats off onto his buddy's back and I cum all over
my window. Jack's buddy beats himself off and they leave the room together...

The next day, I find a note in my mailbox:

You're next...

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