Monday, May 11, 2009

I Wish

The people are real the idea i in my perverted mind. I do
know they are into sex in a big way but how far not sure.
I have seen the gear she puts on and i have seen his cock. We
have talked openly about sex and yes if i got the chance.
I would do anything with or for them.

Ken is tall dark slim would not say bad looking has good
sized cock i have only seen if soft.(Pity).
He's about 38y.o.
Alice is smaller in height nice big tits got a bit of a belly
always talks dirty. Not bad legs nice ass and nice looking
but no film star.
Ken came to fix my pc one day as it was playing up and i
could not down load any film's or music.
After he sorted it out for me i showed him what i had down
loaded. Telling him the gay porn was for a guy at work.
I was a bit shocked when he said that his wife would love
some of this. At first i thought sure you mean you would like
but after a time i found out Alice loved gay animal piss M &
S in fact all porn. But she loved bisexual transsexual.
So i took the most perverted gay sex films i had put them on
dicks and gave them to him for Alice to watch.

it was about a week later i was at his house Alice was sat on
the sofa reading while he and i sat at his pc.
Alice was in a bath robe and Ken was sat in his boxer shorts.
I was not sure if i had disturbed them in the middle of
Thinking about that made my cock stiffen and jump. Then
putting his finger to his lips as if to say don't say
anything he pressed a button.
On the screen came a picture of Alice. She was wearing french
knickers with matching half cut away bra nylons and high
Her large tits where well on show then he clicked the mouse
again. In the next picture the bra was gone.
As he showed more pictures so did Alice in them. Until she
was stood naked in her high heels her tits where magnificent.
I don't no if he noticed but my cock was rock hard. But i
noticed his was and it was long in his shorts Alice said she
was going for a shower.
He then showed me more of her in different kinds of dress a
maids, nurse, baby doll, but the one that made my cock jump
was her in all leather.
With cut away bra and pants she was holding a crop and had a
big dildo strapped around her waist. I ask if he had any more
of her dressed like that.

He then started a film he was naked his hands cuffed behind
his back. She dressed in the leather she offered him to kneel
his cock was rock hard it looked real suckable.
Alice then stood in front of him ordered him to suck her
cock. Ken started to suck the strap on cock and looked as if
he was really enjoying it.
Alice was sucking on one of her own large nipples. As she
held her large breast up Ken was rock his mouth up and down
on the dildo.
"Do you want me to fuck you. You like being fucked don't you
and you like having your cock sucked. Get up and lean over
the back of the sofa".
As Alice was talking Ken was moaning and sucking on her strap
on. Then he stood up and leaned over the sofa and spread his
Alice with the spit cover cock in her hands rubbed the head
at his hole. Ken moaned and passed back at the dildo trying
to force it up his hole.
Alice gave him a slap with the crop across his ass cheeks. He
cried out loud and his head snapped back.
Alice struck him again but this time she pushed forward and
the dildo went up his hole. Ken moaned out loud and pushed
back at the dildo.
I watched eye's wide open my cock throbbing "don't tell
anyone about this will you".
Ken's words brought me back to the moment.
i noticed that his big cock was tenting his shorts. As mine
was tenting my pants he noticed me looking and moved so his
cock head was showing.
From the side of on of his legs. As i looked he pulled the
leg up a little to show me more.

It was then i head a voice behind me. "Go on you want too get
hold of it feel how hot and hard it is".
When i turned my head Alice was stood in her leather gear
including the strap on. The film forgoten as it was real in
front of me.
"Feel this as well" she said as she pushed the strap on
towards me. Like as if in a trance i took hold of both cocks.
His hot hard and felt like velvet hers felt real but for its
coldness. My eye's on her larg breasts.
Alice noticed me looking and lifted one to her mouth. Then
said "if you suck boths cocks you can suck this".
Showing me how big and hard her nipple had become. At first i
took his cock into my mouth i sucked the shaft down my
Even as i enjoyed it i pulled my head away and took her dildo
into my mouth. as i sucked on it i felt her wet cunt lips
with my fingers.
Alice gave a little wiggle then used the crop on my back.
"Ill tell you when you can touch my cunt".
The word cunt comming from her mouth dressed like that was so
erotic. "Strip strip naked then you can suckle on my
I did not need telling twice i striped naked then made a play
for her big tits. As i suckled on her big hard nipples she
pulled at my cock.
"Im going to fuck your slut ass while you suck on that
perverts cock. Now bend over the back of that chair".
To be fucked and suck cock at same time. I did i did as i was
told spreading my legs ready for her strap on cock.
At the same time taking his hot throbbing stiff cock down my
throat. She worked the dildo up my ass hole.
As Alice held on to my hips working the dildo in and out of
my ass. Alice was swaring at Ken saying how every time she
met a guy he would use him as a faggot.

How he would have them drink his spunk. Then fuck them up
thier ass "pull on my tits you faggot milk them.
You can both drink my milk bite my nipples then piss all over
me". Alice was ramming my ass with the dildo.
Then string after string of hot spunk flooded my mouth as i
swallowed them down not wanting to spill a drop of my first
load from him.
Alice was ramming my ass untill she colapesed over my back.
She then sliped the dildo from my hole.
Ken was soon around with us he took hold of one of her larg
breasts. Then sucked on it i took the other in my mouth and
was pleasantly serprised.
She gave milk and lots of it as i sucked on her tities i went
to feel her cunt and found Kens hand there.
So i went for her ass hole. My finger sliped in so easy that
i shoved a second in with it.
Alice gave a moan of pure pleasure as my 2 finger sunk deep
up her ass and Ken was working 3 into her juice soaked cunt.
Ken and i sucked hard to her nipples getting as much milk
from her big tits as we could.
Alice begged us to fuck her harder with our fingers. She then
started to wimper and shake as she had multple cimaxes.

Alice sluped to the floor Ken told me to help him get her to
the bathroom once there we laid her in the bath.
Ken started to piss over Alice then aimed for her face. Her
mouth opened andshe was drinking as much piss as she could.
Then she begged me to piss over her face once Ken had
finished it was hard to do at first as i was the only one who
had not cum.
Once my piss started to flow i could not stop as hear i was
pissing on a woman while her husband watched after i had
sucked him off.
Once i had finished Alice stood up and started to strip her
wet clothing off when she bent down her larg ass in front off
me i could not resist.
I drove my tongue into her cunt hole then her ass hole. Back
and forth i went from one to the other. Till she was
breathing heavey and moanning again.
Then i drove my cock into her ass hole and as she bucked back
at me i fucked her till my hot cum filled her hole.
When i had finished and pulled out of her hot ass Ken was
soon there sucking my cock clean.
We left Alice to take a shower and both went down stairs
where our cloths were as i bent to pick my cloths up Ken took
hold of my hips and i felt his big hard cock head rubbing at
my hole.
Ken sort of stoped as i moved but began pushing his big cock
up my ass when i rubbed my hole against him.
As i laid over the back of the sofa he began to fuck my ass
while holding my hips. As he rode my willing ass hole Alice
walked into the room.
Showered and wearing her bath robe she stood and watched
while Ken raped my hole.
When Ken's breathing began to labour and his thrust got
harder and sharper Kate was stood next to us.
Then Ken shooted out he was going to spunk. Alice was on her
knees his cock pulled from my hole and she took the whole
shaft down her throat.
Alice drank his load of cum while cleanning his cock after
being up my ass. I had to dress and leave relucktently.

I left them with Ken on all fours and Alice rimming his ass
her bath robe open i could see the big strap on.
Smiling to my self i left my cock starting to stiffen again.

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