Sunday, May 10, 2009

How I became Bi Part 10

This story is my most recent experience. Happened just last month and is
still fresh in my mind.

Our trip back to Calif to visit family included a stop overnight at our
friend Michaels house. His wife was back east to visit her family for ten
days and we had the time to comfortably stop over for a relaxed evening of
drinks, hot tubbing and sex.

It was already dark when we arrived and were shown around Michaels beautiful
new house. After the tour we made our way to the hot tub in the backyard.
Nice views and private enough to be comfortable and not seen or overheard by
the neighbors.

The tub was running and hot enough to strip down and slip in.

I was the first in and watched Leanne disrobe. I was reminded how nice her
freshly shaved pussy looks as she stepped down into the tub. As she slid
into the water, I looked up and saw that Michael was watching her also.

He moved into the tub right next to Leanne. His large cock and balls were
relaxed and swinging slightly as we watched him lower himself down into the
hot water

We must have sat and talked for close to an hour as we drank Champagne.
Finally we were very horney (and waterloged) and decided it was time to get
out and move into the bedroom for what was to come next.

Leanne dried off with a bathtowel and I directed her to lay facedown on the
bed for a massage while Michael started some music and adjusted the lights.

I wanted to position Leanne to make the most of the erotic attention she was
about to get, so I grabbed a pillow and had her raise up just enough so I
could place it under her hips. As she layed back down, her ass was elavated
slightly and in perfect placement for a sensual massage.

Time to get started.

Michael poured some scented oil on her back and started to spread it around.
I joined him in massaging her shoulders for a while and then moved down to
rub one of her feet as I watched him slowly work his way down to her ass.

>From my position at the foot of the bed I could watch both of them together
and enjoy the erotic sight of a naked man massaging my naked wife.

In time it started to become more sexual. Michael was deeply massaging her
ass now and I could see that she was enjoying it by the movements of her

>From behind, I reached between his legs and started to very gentely rub the
underside of his cock and pull on his ballsac. My hand was still oily from
the massage I had been giving Leanne and it made massaging Michaels balls
nice and slippery.

His cock started to respond and bagan rising up as I gently scraped my
fingernails on the underside of his shaft. It started comming up in slight
jerks as the blood pumped it up to full size.

Leanne was in her own world and Michaels breathing was increasing as he
focused on the sight of her pretty little ass in his hands and the feeling
in his cock and balls as I massaged them.

Leannes small asscheeks were pretty much covered in each of Michaels hands.
I could see her pushing back at him, as his thumbs pushed down into her
crack and then spread her open, exposing her asshole as he continued to
massage her.

Michael changed position slightly to move his face down closer, to see in
the low light, as he continued to spread her open while he massaged. He
knew I was watching and he knew it would be a turn-on for me to see him
doing that to my wife.

I wanted to encourage him to continue and slid my oily fingers back over his
asshole and started to massage around his sphincter. Kind of a non-verbal
way of saying....... I like what your doing and keep going.

I started to push my middle finger into his hole while keeping a deep
massaging pressure all around it with the others.

That did the trick and Michaels face moved down to Leannes ass. After a
gentle kiss on each cheek, he went directly into her crack as he pushed her
slightly forward and up for position. His lust must have taken over. All I
could see was the back of his head, as he buried his face into her from
behind, and from the position he had her in, I could tell he was eating both
her pussy and asshole, moving back and forth between them.

I moved back on the bed a bit to capture the sight before me.

My wife is face down with her ass pushed up and spread open in Michaels
hands. His face buried between her cheeks as he moved up and down eating
her. This good looking friend of ours, who is on his knees at this point,
is exposed also. His ballsac is loose from the hot tub and his balls are
shiney with oil and hanging heavily below his pink colored asshole. The
light hair around his hole is also wet and matted down with the oil.

My intent was to get the most out of what I was seeing, but I also wanted to

I slowly wiggled my oily finger into Michaels asshole as deep as it would
go, and then slowly started to fuck it in and out as he continued to eat
Leanne. She appeared to be quickly working up to a orgasm so I added
another finger and was deeply fucking his ass with both of them when she

Afterwards........ Leanne rolled over onto her back and rested while we
massaged her thieghs.

She ask me what I was doing while Michael was busy making her feel so good.
We laughed and just said ........"nothing". She wasn't buying that and with
a big smile said she figured I was doing "gay things" to Michael.

We both said....... like what? What do you mean? She said...... you were
probably fucking him in the rear like you gay guys do. That got a laugh and
we just said....... so what if we were?

Her energy level was recovering fast at this point and she said she wanted
to see us do it. She wanted us to put on a show for her.

Michaels cock had gone down to about half hard as were laying there talking,
so I leaned over and lifting it up with my hand, said......... you mean like
this? And started to suck it up to full attention.

For the next ten minutes or so, we sucked each others cocks and balls for
her viewing pleasure. Finally she said she wanted to watch Michael fuck me,
as she put it...... "in the butt".

I said.... are you sure you really want to see that? Are you sure it's not
going to be a problem afterwards or anything?

She assured us both she didn't care if we did that and she really did want
to watch two men "do it".

I told her we had not done that before and I thought his cock was probably
too big, but if she wanted me to, we could give it a try. She said she did,
and grabbed the oil and said... "get ready".

She had Michaels cock in her hands and slicking it up with oil, when he
suggested she do the same to my ass. She said....... "No. I want to watch
you do that".

I felt kind of strange but turned on by the what was happening. I was on my
hands and knees with my ass in the air while my wife watched my friend
Michael rub oil into my asshole in preparation to fuck me there while she

She really intended to watch too, because she had her hands holding my ass
as I felt the head of his cock start to push its way in.

I told him to go slow and I guess he was trying to do that, but it wasn't
quite slow enough because it hurt. I could feel the head was in and I was
stretched open but it was hurting enough that I wasn't going to enjoy it
getting any more intense. At least not right away, so I pulled off and said
it was hurting a little too much and better call it quits.

At that point she was satisfied with our performance and spread her legs for
me to fuck her. Michael watched and commented about what a hot sight her
pussy was as my cock spread her lips open and started to slide inside.

I fucked her in the missionary position as Michael started to massage my
back and I felt his cock pushing between my legs. It all felt good and I
commented that with Leanne under me and Michael on top from behind, it was
kind of like being a sandwich.

Michaels cock between my legs was feeling really good. The oil from the
massage was lubricating everything nicely and my asshole was still tingling
from his first attempt at penitration. I was wondering if maybe I should
try it again. I had a overpowering desire to do it.

I started pushing back against him as I continued to fuck Leanne. He was
sliding over my asshole and balls and then I felt the head of his cock sort
of hook up with my asshole. It felt like it was in position and Michael
just froze. So...... I pushed back and felt it start to open up.

It was better this time. Michael didn't move. I was still fucking Leanne
and as I worked in and out of her, he kept just enough pressure on me that
his cock slowly started working its way in with my movement. I was fucking
my wife and myself at the same time.

Of course Michael could only stay still for so long because it was starting
to get him going too.

He started to pump. Slowly and not too deep at first but by the time Leanne
was aware of what was really going on, he was pushing that full 8" log up my
ass and was actually driving me into her. He was doing the fucking for both
of us, I was just along for the ride and it felt great.

It didn't take long and I started to cum. It was a strong one! Michaels
cock ramming my prostrate, pumped a huge load out of me at the same time he
was filling my ass with his.

After we all disconnected and caught our breath, we decided we should just
all jump back in the hot tub to get the oil off. The water had cooled down
a little, but it was still comfortably warm and felt good.

We talked about what we had just done and assured Leanne it really was the
first time Michael had done that. She was facinated that his huge cock
"went up there" and wanted to know if it felt "really good".

She was just being provocitive because she knows damn well how good it
feels, having been fucked in the ass plenty of times. We both told her the
next time we have another oportunity it will be her ass Michael will be
fucking.... while I fuck his.

At that point Leanne said she was afraid she might leak and she didn't want
to get cum in the hot tub. She said she should probably go sit on the toilet
and let it all run out. We just laughed and said......... yea, it would be
bad if Michaels wife came home and there was cum floating in the hot tub.

What she didn't know was that with the continued talk, and just the fact me
and Michael were so turned on with the evenings events, I had been playing
with Michaels cock under the water. We were both horned back up and ready
to go again.

Michael looked at me smiled and said to Leanne......... stand up and let me

She stood up and Michael moved over and looked at her pussy. He
said........ I don't see anything but a pretty little girl pussy.

Leanne opened her lips with her fingers and said........ see.

Michael said.......... I still don't see anything. He slowly pushed his
middle finger up into her and a large glob of white cum ran out and into
the palm of his hand.

He quickly licked the cum from his hand and then cleaned his finger as he
slowly pulled it out and said...... See, no problems. I know just what to

I was stroking my hard cock under the water as I watched him suck the rest
of my cum out of her pussy. I couldn't actually see it but I knew he was
swallowing a load from what that orgasm had felt like.

He must have liked the way it tasted because when he stood up his cock was
straight up. Leanne sank down in the water and basically just traded places
as she took his cock in her mouth and started to suck him off. I watched as
she sucked and stroked him with one hand. The other was under the water and
I figured was fingering his ass, because before long he arched his back and
I could see the tube on the underside of Michaels cock pulsing and my wifes
throat swallowing, as he ejaculated.

Leanne's a smart girl. She knows I would be needing the same relief after
watching that. So after a wet cum coated kiss to get me going, she sucked
me off and swallowed every bit of what I had left.

I can't wait till next time. Just not sure if I will be able to pass up
getting it up my ass again...... to see him do hers.

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