Thursday, May 14, 2009

House Calls 5

Patricia felt the big invisible hand grab her crotch as she gripped the
turgid penis between two fingers and her thumb. The boy let out a deep
groan at the first contact. Slowly, and as gently as she could she slid the
concealing skin away from the bluish purple knob. The retracted skin folded
neatly under the corona. It had been a long time since she'd had a penis
this hard in her hand and the thoughts of what magical organ could do
amplified the gnawing feeling between her legs.

Her patient was making guttural sounds looking down at his exposed organ
held between the nurse's little fingers. Patty moved her head around to
look at the bulbous head from all sides but she had to pull it a little
toward her so she could inspect the side facing away from her. She had also
leaned forward so that her face was only inches from the engorged
boyhood. She gave herself a mental slap as the urge to take the teenaged
member in her mouth and suck it dry flashed through her mind.

"Just try to relax," she said as much to herself as to the naked lad softly
groaning on the bed. "Think about something else... about soccer," she

"I'm going to quickly check your urethra now" she warned. Bringing her
right hand over, while still holding the bone hard shaft with her fingers
and thumb, she used two gloved fingers to separate the crease in the shiny
bulging purple glans.

Kevin rolled his head to the side preparing for the extremely intimate
touch from the curvaceous woman; that turned out to be something of a
mistake. He found himself looking directly up missus Cornaveau's skirt. Her
legs were a little apart as she leaned forward to examine his dick. With
his clouded vision and the poor lighting under her skirt he mistook the
pale rose petal pink crotch of her satin panties, for no panties at all.

She heard the deep grunt and saw the boy's testicles spasm. His hips lifted
slightly and she knew what was coming but she wasn't fast enough. The first
blast rocketed through an arc that landed the glob of pearly white fluid
near the groaning teen's collar bone. She managed to grab one of the
sterile wipes she had placed on the bedside table and got it over the end
of the ejaculating organ before the second blast occurred. The force of the
second and third squirts surprised her as they shot into the treated paper
she was holding in her right palm.

Kevin's head rolled from side to side and he felt like his balls were in a
vice with a blow torch aimed at them. At the same time he felt as though
he'd been punched in his lower belly, which he didn't know was his
prostate's version of the sensation he was feeling in his balls. When the
massive waves of pleasure subsided to ripples he was overcome with guilt
and the tears came to his eyes.

Far away and very faint he could hear the nurse saying "it's OK honey... no
harm done" as she was wiping the semen from his shoulder and upper chest.

"Maybe that will make the rest of the exam a little easier for you."

`I wish I had a way to make it easier for me!' Patty thought as she
squirmed her bottom against the chair.

The tears of shame were still trickling as the nurse took a fresh wipe and
dabbed the residual drops of cum from the boy's deflating penis. Then she
put the used wipes into the bio-waste bag she carried in her kit.

He still felt like he was at the bottom of a well. The sexy nurse's voice
was calling down to him,

"I'm going to examine your testicles and scrotum now."

He heard the distant sweet voice say but really didn't register what that

"Open up a little for me," she requested and pushed outward on his thighs
to clarify the command.

The latex encased hand lifted his sack and began to roll his still kind of
achy nuts around. Those tiny fingers were feeling all around each of his
balls. Kevin felt the pressure begin to build at the base of his cock

`Oh no!' he thought as his dick started to respond.

Patty was enjoying the feel of the squishy little orbs in her hand while
still trying to maintain some control (as if she had any) over the pounding
in her pussy. Looking at the boy's balls it was impossible not to notice
the his penis begin to twitch and lengthen.

`Ahhh the strength and resilience of youth,' she thought.

Usually her forty year old husband couldn't get it up for hours
after... `course lately he couldn't get it up to begin with.

She was really finished the testicular exam but she continued to `play'
with her patient's balls, watching his member rise to the occasion.

`There's no harm in giving the young man a souvenir of the ordeal,' she

She looked back to the boy's face, where she saw a different kind of stress
developing. She also recognized that he was neither looking up at the
ceiling nor down at his dick as he had been doing for most of the exam. His
head was rolled to the side. Projecting his line of sight missus Cornaveau
realized how far apart her legs were.

`He's looking at my crotch!'

The impulse that slammed into her clit caused her `examining' hand to flex
just a little squeezing firmly on the boy's testicles.

"Are you a virgin Kevin?" she asked as the steady thump between her legs
intensified. His answer was just a groan but it had an affirmative ring to
it. She was having an urge to pull the crotch of her panties aside and give
the teenager a better view of paradise.

`I could finger myself... just a little... just enough to...' the thought
made her dizzy as she looked down to the young man's groin again;
confirming what she already knew. The sixteen, almost seventeen year old
member was at full attention again. The overexcited nurse was coming to the
conclusion that this could quickly get out of hand. Summoning a depth of
professionalism that she would later be very proud of she took her hand off
the boy's scrotum and announced in her best bedside voice,

"Just one more thing and then we're done."

"I need you to roll on you side facing away from me," she instructed as she
reached behind her into the examination kit for the lubricant.

At that moment, in his blissful ignorance, Kevin was happy to have his
erection hidden and out of the attractive woman's sight.

"Now I need you to draw this knee..." she touched his upper leg, "right up
to your chest." The boy complied still unaware of what was coming, and
feeling as comfortable as he had since the whole ordeal started.

"Now I'm going to examine your prostate," Patty informed her patient as she
mentally reviewed the procedure in her own mind.

She'd never actually done this on a living breathing human. During her
training they had used simulators. The rubber contraptions were effective
training tools because the synthetic prostate could be modified and
configured to mimic variety of disorders; thereby giving the students a
feel for what a normal, as opposed to a diseased organ felt like. She'd
thought earlier what an unnecessary invasion this was on a teenager but the
exam protocols were set up for much older applicants.

`Apply the lube aggressively,' she recalled her instructor saying `you
don't want it to feel like a caress.'

The thoughtful nurse stood up to get a better angle on her subject. Rising
from the chair caused her breasts to move and made her acutely aware of how
hard her nipples were. The feel of the slippery satin against the half inch
bullets sent a stream of pleasure waves washing over her.

She applied a large glob of the clear gel to the fingers of her right hand,
and then setting the tube back on the table she put her left hand on the
teenager's hard upper butt cheek. The extremely firm athletic gluteus felt
so good in her hand as she pried the cheeks apart.

Kevin had heard of a prostate and knew that he had one but he really had no
idea where it was, what it did, or what might be involved in examining
it. He was however beginning to get an inkling.

"To examine your prostate I will need to insert a finger into your anus far
enough to reach the gland which is located roughly at the base of your

The description of the procedure hit him like a hammer. His thoughts about
rectal penetration all had homosexual connotations and he yelped before the
nurse even touched him.

"Now, now," she said in as comforting a tone as she could summon "it's not
so bad... I need you to hold still and really try to relax for me... can
you do that?" she asked as she opened the boy's crack.

She did her visual inspection of the neat little brown pucker with its
light fringe of fine hair. Following the counsel from the instructor of the
nurse practioner's course Patty applied the lube aggressively enough to
splash some on to the boy's buttocks. Kevin let out a pathetic wail.

"I'm sorry," the nurse said, "I meant to warn you that it might be a little

Patty centered one finger on the anal sphincter and pressed gently to
ensure she was correctly aligned. Her patient groaned at the slight

"OK, Kevin just relax... a deep breath in... then let it all out."

Patricia paired two of her small fingers together and with firm steady
pressure slid past the teenager's resisting asshole as he exhaled and
emerged inside his colon. She was taken a back by how delightfully hot and
tight it was in there.

`No wonder so many men want so badly to get their dick in a receptive ass,'
she thought `it's certainly a lot tighter than the most virginal pussy I've
ever had my fingers in.'

She was pleased with herself when she managed to locate the subject organ
and began to palpate it. The boy's groaning was reaching a new
intensity. That was when she recalled the prostate was also referred to as
the male `G' spot. Her poor patient was rolled on his side away from her
with a raging boner. She could only try to imagine the torment he was now
in with her massaging the source of his seminal fluid.

Almost as bad as her own she supposed.

Patty scooped the excess splashed lubricant from the teenager's left cheek
and worked it around on the latex glove covering her right hand. She leaned
in closer to her patient and said,

"Let me help you."

Her recently lubricated gloved hand slipped under Kevin's belly and located
the rock hardness of his penis. With ease the nurse retracted the fore skin
and with a circular pumping motion coated the bulging head with the
lubricating gel. When the boyhood was well greased she began a twisting up
and down motion. The fingers of her right hand were still stroking his
prostate. It only took seconds before the teenager was wailing and
ejaculating again this time into his bedclothes.

`Definitely gonna have to change the sheets now,' Patty almost giggled to
herself as she stepped back and stripped off her gloves. She was putting
the used latex into the bio-waste zip lock when she said,

"OK sweetie, that's it... all done"

For Kevin it was the under statement of his life. The strange tingling
feeling coming from his ass was joined by an even more unique sensation,
almost like a cramp, from his low belly, and finally his balls were full-on
aching. Even the young teenaged testicles objected to being asked to
deliver twice inside of half an hour.

He really didn't feel he could move even if he wanted to. He continued to
lay there curled almost into the fetal position even after he heard the
nurse exit his room and close the door.


Outside the bedroom missus Cornaveau stood with her back against the door
post breathing deeply. The contract nurse was trying her very best to get
back under control.

What she'd done last to the teenager was deliberate sexual
assault. Everything up to that fateful act had been more or less
excusable. Not her thoughts of course, but that was another story

`The next one should be easier,' she encouraged herself picturing Kevin's
cute little twin sister.

The recollection of her reaction to Delia and Jennifer's simulation flashed
through her mind and the yearning in her womanhood reasserted itself.

`So much for that idea,' she thought.

Kimberly had been down stairs for a few minutes after her brother and the
nurse had gone up. When she arrived in her bedroom right next to her
brother's she didn't hear anything at first and started to tidy things up
since she was going to have a visitor. She was deciding what should go in
the wash and what could be worn again when she heard the first strange
sound. The wall adjoining the two bedrooms was not well insulated and Kimmy
had heard her brother sing out his ecstatic joy while masturbating many
times; that's what it sounded like. The thought that her brother was
playing with himself with the nurse in there made the teenaged girl shiver.

`Of course he isn't... duh!

It has to be whatever the nurse is doing to him causing him to...' That
thought really made her shiver.

`What is the nurse going to do to me?' the sixteen going on seventeen had
been apprehensive about the exam for a while but she'd put it out of her
mind. Now that it was only a few minutes away she explored her trepidation.

Kimberly wasn't nearly as shy as her brother. She had had a couple of boy
friends and a long line waiting to take the place of her current
selection. She'd done the necking and petting but the very athletic
cheerleader didn't seem to get much out of it. She was actually starting to
believe that there was something wrong with her. The boys were always so

`Their kisses are kinda gross... slobbery and... yuck.'

She actually much preferred the time she spent with the cheerleading squad
or playing volleyball and basketball with her girlfriends. She continued
the dating scene because everyone else did.

Listening to her brother masturbate definitely provoked a
reaction. Sometimes she would lie on her bed listening and play with
herself too. It always came out the same. She'd get all crampy and feel
worse by the time she gave up than when she'd started. Girls at school,
even some of her friends, claimed to have had fantastic orgasms by various
means; sometimes even with boys. Some days she was tempted to say `show me'
but she wasn't quite that bold.

`Maybe if there is something wrong the nurse will notice it... is she gonna
check down there?'

Once again the teenager shuddered at the thought. `It sure sounds like
she's checking Kev' out�down there.'

When she felt like she was ready to carry on Patty took one final deep
breath in through her nose and out through her mouth. While she'd been
standing outside Kevin's room she had noticed that the door of the room
next to it was ajar. She didn't know who was in there but she could detect
movement. As far as she knew it was only her and the twins in the house, so
most likely the door she was looking at was Kim's room. She took the two or
three steps and rapped gently on the frame.

"Come in," the sweet little voice invited and Patty entered the quite
feminine looking boudoir.

The first thing that hit the nurse was how much tidier the female twin's
room was. Little did she know that some of the usual clutter had been
cleared specifically for her visit. The second thing was the pleasant faint
fragrance. It didn't stink in the boy's room but there was definitely a
musky maleness too it. Kim's room smelled like hand soap more than

She took the liberty of looking around. One wall was adorned with pictures
of the cheerleading team. The young miz Reynolds figured prominently in all
of them. Many showed her leaping and in very athletic poses usually
including the mandatory pom-poms. The photos took Patricia back to her own
high school days. Returning her attention to the teenager on the bed she
thought the girl bore a resemblance to a classmate she'd had a crush on way
back then. Up until very recently she would never have admitted that it was
a crush�not even to herself.

"I'm all done with your brother and I'd like to get started with you now;
if you're ready," she announced her intensions.

"Uh, sure is there anything I need to do to... uh, to get ready?"

"It would be a good idea to empty your bladder," the nurse suggested.

"OK," the teenager agreed. She jumped off the bed and trotted down the

The nurse set her examination kit on the floor beside the bed and
commandeered the desk chair again for herself. A moment later the cute
little blonde returned. She was wearing a fairly baggy pair of grey flannel
shorts and a tight orange crop top.

"Before we begin I need to ask, you when did your last period end?" Patty
inquired as she put her pen and the insurance recording format on the night

"Uh, last Sunday" the girl answered somewhat taken aback by the question.

"Good... good," the nurse said scribbling the information on the form.

When she looked up the girl was standing directly in front of her.

"OK," Patty said putting down her pen, "I need you to remove your top and
shorts, please."

Kim crossed her arms without hesitation and pulled the snug fitting top
over her head. Her tits were bigger than the nurse had been
expecting. Evidently the top squashed the pert mounds quite a bit. She
certainly didn't qualify as busty but the firm high riding hills were
definitely a handful. Continuing the process the teenager pulled down her
flannel shorts and tossed them with the top on the foot of her bed. What
was left was a very tiny white thong, with thin straps that rode up over
her hip bones. She was naked except for the little white triangle that
bulged adorably over her plump mons. Patty was embarrassed at how her pussy
twitched when the girl dropped her shorts.

Plugging the stethoscope into her ears the nurse listened all over the
youngster's chest and back, giving breathing instructions as she
went. Satisfied with the heart and lungs she draped the stethoscope around
her neck. With the otoscope she checked Kim's ears and throat. As she was
returning that instrument to her bag she asked,

"Have you had your breasts examined before?" An answer was not forth coming
even when she turned to face the all but naked girl.

Kimmy's face looked a little blanched and her eyes were distant, sort of
unfocused. When she realized the nurse was looking at her�waiting for
her�she stammered,

"Uh... uh, no... no I haven't"

"I'm going to conclude that you don't examine your own breasts either... am
I right?"

The pale looking teenager confirmed with a nod. Patty stood admiring the
high firm pubescent perfection. Recalling how Delia had started with
Jennifer was causing her womanhood to tingle. She was tempted to do a
thorough massage of the teenaged orbs like her boss had, to satisfy her
prurient curiosity. The girl looked so nervous that, in spite of the
desperate state she'd been left in by the exam on the darling girl's twin,
she summoned all her professionalism and said,

"Lie down on the bed for me, please."

The nurse wrapped the blood pressure cuff around the girl's upper arm and
pumped it up. Re-inserting the stethoscope ear pieces she alternated
between looking at the pressure gauge and the plumpness of the teenager's

Kim was not that shy around other women and girls. She was quite proud of
her development. Her participation in sports meant she was naked in front
of members of her own sex frequently. Most of the girls undressed at their
lockers and then wrapped a towel around them to walk to the
showers. Obviously everyone was naked in the shower, but it was steamy and
the shyer girls were in and out in seconds; it seemed. It wasn't like a
nude-y show but she had regular opportunities to compare herself to her
peers and was confident she stacked up nicely.

Looking at the other girls usually caused a sweet little tingle between her
legs and that did embarrass her. There was one girl in particular who
generated a bigger sexual charge than the rest.

She noticed Sue Ellen MacPhee the very first gym class of the year. Her
classmate was, in the vernacular of the boys, stacked. She was also one of
the few girls who didn't seem to be in the least self-conscious. Kim was
pretty sure it was the tits that made the girl with the auburn shoulder
length hair so bold. Bigger boobs were definitely a key from miz Reynolds'
observation. The girls with the least to hide seemed the most intent on
covering up.

Kim considered herself to be in the upper middle of the range in terms of
bust development; Sue Ellen was at the top. Watching her classmate's
hooters wobble and sway as she went from the locker to the showers had
become the best part of gym period. The nicely proportioned cheerleader now
paced her changing, showering routine so she could watch Sue Ellen walk to
the showers. Then she would quickly join the auburn haired young woman for
the pussy gripping show as she soaped herself, always making sure she was
out first so she could observe miz MacPhee's return trip to her locker.

Even though being fascinated with her fellow student's chest embarrassed
her and gave her concerns about her sexual orientation. Kim was
disappointed and sad when the last gym class of the year was over.

`I wonder what they feel like... what would it be like to cuddle with her
instead of those nasty pawing boys?'

Kim regretted never being able to summon the courage to approach her.

Like a lot of pubescent girls breasts had become a focal point. Observation
of each other's busts, as well as pubic hair development, was a matter for
constant comparison. Although it was rarely discussed; still they were all
doing it. Kimmy had never allowed anyone to touch her boobies. A couple of
boys had managed to `cop a feel' but she'd slapped their hands away
immediately. She'd learned from her experimentation, on those nights
listening to her brother, that her breasts were quite sensitive and capable
of producing marvelous sensations. In some ways the feelings she produced
there were even more arousing than touching down below.

It was this thought that was playing on her mind as she positioned herself
on her bed. She was pretty sure the nurse was `checking out' her tits while
the uncomfortably tight BP cuff inflated and eventually deflated. The very
attractive older woman had an intriguing bust of her own.

`She's gonna touch my boobies,' the girl was stressed by the thought. Miz
Reynolds was nervous about how her body was going to react.

With her stretched out on her back, the nurse lifted Kim's right arm and
put it over her head. Kim felt her girlhood flutter just a little as the
woman beside her bed pressed three fingers into the tender resilient flesh
of her boob and began a sort of twisting rotary motion, squishing its
firmness between the skilled fingers and her chest wall. Eventually the
nurse's fingers made contact at the very edge of her hyper sensitive
areola. Stepping around the pubescent mound in small increments, each time
the seated woman's fingers completed a segment, one of her digits brushed
the girl's very pale plum like areola.

Patty was watching the girl's pale pink mushroom caps darken and take on a
somewhat bumpy appearance. In the center a corn kernel sized projection
emerged. When the nurse began the palpation directly between the pliable
teenaged boobs she let her thumb make incidental contact with the emerging
little peg. The girl's consequent gasp made missus Cornaveau's womanhood
spasm. She was immediately ashamed of herself for doing it; but she didn't
regret it.

"They're quite sensitive, aren't they?" she observed a little hoarsely.

"Mmmmm..." was the teenager's closed eye response.

On her next pass Patricia flicked the nubbin more deliberately; noting how
much bigger and harder it had become.

"Ugh!" the girl grunted.

Her formerly smooth light pink areola was now flushed a much darker shade
and completely crinkled and bumpy. The nipple itself stood up like a red
pea on a tiny textured saucer.

Patty glanced at her patient's other boob noticing that the matching pale
plum had begun to crinkle up just a little too in imitation of its mate.

Kimmy felt awesome pressure exerting itself between her legs. She would
have been surprised and thrilled to know that the woman examining her
breasts was in even worse shape. The chestnut haired nurse squirmed against
the desk chair and felt more of the reservoir of juice escape into her pink
satin panties.

`I gotta use a liner with these' she realized. The unabsorbent material
allowed the thick discharge to pool making her normally crinkly pubic hair
feel damp and soggy.

`Come by zhe shop and I will `elp you wiss eet.' Simone's words came back
to her.

The image of what the seamstress had in mind made the nurse feel dizzy.

`How would it feel if I was shaved? How would that delightful soft slippery
material feel applied directly to my labs?'

A warm rush washed over her and she realized that her breast examination
had paused during her mental side trip. Giving her head a little shake she
finished the last sector of her patient's right boob and moved on to her

Leaving forward slightly she to begin the palpation of the young woman's
other breast she felt her bullet hard nipples rub against the softness of
her satin bra cups again. Each of the aroused half inch pegs sent its
pleasure message directly to her clit. How she longed to squeeze and finger
those sensitive nubs, but she rededicated herself to completing the
examination in progress, accidentally tweaking the teenager's emerging
nipple instead. Each time a finger or a nail contacted the tiny peg, the
supine miz Reynolds vocalized the erotic stimulation very softly.

Kim was feeling the deep crampy sensation she associated with her under
achieving masturbation exercises. It was like when she listened to the
Kevin Reynolds pleasure hour; hour... more like the Kevin Reynolds pleasure
five minutes. That was one of the reasons, she thought, that she could
never quite reach her goal.

`He cums so quickly... then I don't have anything to keep me... going.'

She turned toward the leaning nurse who was manipulating her vulnerable
naked boob and was treated to a view down the open neck of the silk
blouse. She could see the inner slopes creating three or four inches of
cleavage ably assisted by the pink satin cups.

`Why didn't I think about Sue Ellen when I was diddling myself?' she

`Her body always got me all hot and bothered... if I'd thought about her
walking back from the showers... maybe... maybe...'

The image her brain was conjuring was augmented by the very real mature
breasts she was able to view down the neck of the nurse's blouse. The cramp
had become a sort of rumbling like a very very low frequency sound; the
kind you feel as opposed to hear.

Patty took her hands off her young patient's breast. She was tempted to
give the nicely erect nipples a firm pinch, but she restrained herself.

`That's only gonna make it worse,' she thought as she checked off her
unremarkable (from a medical prospective) breast exam on the insurance

Turning back to her patient she looked the teenager in the eye and said,

"I'm gonna need you to take these off for me now," touching the string
above the girl's hip bone.

Kimmy moaned in arousal and embarrassment. She wasn't shy around members of
her own sex, but standing or walking around allowing all her treasures to
be glimpsed was quite different from having a woman look directly at
her�examine her.

The tight feeling that had long since completely taken over her pelvis got
much tighter as she hooked her thumbs in the waist elastic of the tiny
white thong and began to lower it.

The nurse's eyes were riveted to the plump mons that made the little white
cotton triangle at the juncture of those athletic teenaged thighs
bulge. Kim couldn't remember ever being so aware of the sensual feel of the
ass string pulling between her butt cheeks. With the grace of a dancer she
raised her hips to allow the waistband room to slide over her bum. The
elastic seemed to caress her backside generating a tingling sensation that
radiated outward from her sensitive ass.

When the miniscule piece of cloth reached Kim's knees, Patty assisted by
taking hold near the crotch bonnet and dragged the leg loops over the
girl's cute little feet. Inside the thong crotch the nurse could feel the
dampness. She longed to bring the juice coated underwear to her face, to
sniff it, and lick it, but knew that she couldn't. She reluctantly tossed
the undergarment on the far side of the bed and consoled herself by
returning her gaze to the teenager's fully exposed pudenda.

The fuzzy blonde hair had obviously been trimmed but only at the outer
margins. The appearance was of a curly golden strip that started on the
young woman's pubic bone and with straight parallel sides went down over
the fleshy top and surrounded the demurely closed slit of the plump outer
labia. The neat teenaged vulva revealed none of its delectable inner

Getting up from the commandeered desk chair, Patty lifted her patient's
ankles up toward her butt and sat on the foot of the girl's bed. Initially
the teenager's legs felt a little stiff, but they soon relaxed and she
allowed her examiner to position her feet up against her tushy.

"Just relax and let your knees fall outward," the nurse instructed applying
a little pressure on the slender columns of the girl's thighs.

The teenaged legs opened slowly causing the fat outer lips to part creating
a dark pink wetly glistening canoe shaped crease. Patty inhaled deeply
through her nose trying to catch the girl's scent but it was very
faint. Kimmy felt herself opening and for the first time became aware how
wet she was. The embarrassment wasn't strong enough to overcome the rumble
that had increased in pitch until it was more like a hum.

Missus Cornaveau gazed down at the irresistible treat and realized she had
forgotten to bring any examination gloves or lubricant with her over to the
bed. She was about to get up and go to her bag and retrieve them when the
thought occurred,

`She's never had a pelvic exam before... she doesn't know the procedure and

The thought of probing the virginal vagina bare handed made her quiver in
anticipation. There was strong evidence that an artificial lubricant
wouldn't be needed.

"Are you sexually active?" the nurse asked, surprised at how difficult it
was to get the words out.

The pause was long enough to cause Patty to tear her eyes off the split
pink peach and look at her patient's face. The girl's face was an even
darker shade of pink than her hair covered little mons. It was a simple
enough question, and Kimmy had no doubt about the answer, but having the
busty nurse staring at her very exposed coochie had temporarily robbed her
of the ability to speak. It was fortunate that her examiner looked at her
because it made the lateral head shake indicating the negative a viable

"Do you masturbate?" Patricia asked even though there was nothing in her
script that required any such information.

The naked teenager with her legs spread about as far as her supple hips
would allow was shocked and uncomfortable with the question. It seemed to
her that the answer was not entirely straightforward.

`If you play with yourself but you don't cum... Does it count?'

Part of her wanted to say `no I don't' because she had this puritanical
shyness that said self-pleasuring was wrong and dirty. The other part
wanted to blurt out the frustration she felt at not being able to climax.

`If I did that,' she reasoned, `it would open the door to asking her
why. She's very knowledgeable about the female anatomy... maybe there's
something wrong down there... but if she doesn't know... if she's not
looking for it...'

Missus Cornaveau was content to continue her visual inspection of the
girl's vulva but she had expected some kind of an answer, not necessarily
the truth.

"It's OK ya know... to masturbate. Lots of women do it, including me... and
every male does it whether they admit it or not."

Patty felt a thrill at cutting her pubescent patient some slack and making
the very personal confession at the same time.

`If she only knew how badly I need to touch myself right now...' she
mentally lamented. `By the looks of her cookie, if she's never done it
before, she's sure ready to do it now.'

Patty scanned up over the tummy that, despite the girl's obvious
conditioning, still showed a hint of baby fat; up over the pert breasts
only slightly flattened by her prone position, to her strained looking cute
little face framed in the blonde curls.

"Uh... sometimes I uh... uh... touch myself," she confessed.

Maybe it was only semantics, and maybe even that was only her
interpretation but `touching yourself' wasn't necessarily the same as
masturbation; was it?

"I thought so, judging by how sensitive your breasts are" the nurse
commented; apparently missing the subtle distinction Kimmy was aiming for.

"I need you to try and relax, as best you can," Patricia continued looking
the nervous girl in the eye.

"I'm going to palpate your labia. That means feel all around, to make sure
there are no abnormalities. Then I will insert two fingers in your vagina,
if your hymen permits. I'll feel your cervix; the neck of your uterus, and
then I'll use my other hand on your tummy and feel your bladder and try to
feel your ovaries."

Patty explained the bi-manual pelvic exam she was about to perform. Just
describing it generated a large wave of heat that came sweeping up from her

Kimberly heard `feel all around' and her head began to swim. When she heard
`insert two fingers in your vagina...' she got so dizzy that the rest of
her examiner's explanation fell on deaf ears.

The hum in her pussy had reached such a pitch that if it were actually a
sound; it might be outside the range of human hearing. The constant
thrilling vibration was still accompanied by the gnawing pressure deep

Patricia saw her patient's eyes glaze over and knew that she was no longer
being heard. Still she issued the verbal warning,

"I'm going to touch you now."

She made sure the backs of her hands made contact with the teen's widely
spread inner thighs on her way to her magnificent looking pubescent vulva.

The feel of the soft fine hair under her finger tips and the hot slippery
inside of the plump outer labia under her thumbs caused multiple tremors in
the nurse's womanhood. Her hips squirmed involuntarily, feeling more of her
pent-up juices being deposited in the crotch of the pink satin panties.

Kim let out a deep sigh as her large lips; the least sensitive part of her
girlhood were being massaged.

"I don't cum though," the teenager said, amazed at how easily the words
came out.

Patty was intently focused on her task and the girl had been making sounds
since the first time she'd touched her; very few of them were
words. Understandably the nurse missed the statement the first time.

"I'm sorry, what did you say honey?"

"I can't cum when... when I touch myself," Kimmy once again was impressed
with how even and clear her voice came out.

"Do you, uh see... um anything wrong... uh, down there?"

It was out. She'd asked the question inviting the busty woman to explore
her even more thoroughly. Kimmy felt an enormous sense of relief just by
revealing her frustrating experiences.

"Do you mean you've never had an orgasm?" the nurse asked for clarification
while still holding on to the teen's outer lips.

"No... no I haven't."

Her mind was relieved but Kim felt like her pussy was going to explode if
she didn't get help soon.

"Oh you poor thing; you must be so congested," Patricia said with sincere
compassion in her voice.

Using the fingers of her left hand she lifted and separated the heavy lips
to make a visual appraisal of the inner surfaces. Miz Reynolds inner lips
were remarkably tiny. Following the canoe shape to the top Patty had to
look carefully to find the similarly diminutive prepuce.

`Unless she's the victim of some radical religious mutilation she has a
clit,' the nurse thought in full confidence.

Still holding the meaty part of the pubescent vulva open with the thumb and
fore finger of her left hand, she moved her right hand to apply pressure at
the apex of the labia minora. She was glad when she felt the firm ridge of
the clitoral shaft under her finger and by pulling back on the tiny flap
she saw the rice grain sized glans emerge.

Kim didn't know what it was but she was having never before experienced
sensations. The deep cramps were turning into something more like a
pounding and pulsating.

"Do you have a hand mirror?" the supine naked girl with her thighs spread
one hundred and eighty degrees could scarcely believe the question.

"Ugh, ugh...oh, on the dresser," she managed to grunt and then wished she'd
said no when the nurse removed her hands from her throbbing sex to retrieve
the looking glass.

Patricia handed it to the girl who looked like she'd just seen a ghost. The
expression etched in the cute blonde's face looked like terror but was in
fact was arousal beyond the limits of her endurance.

"Hold this so you can see what I'm doing," nurse Cornaveau instructed and
reapplied her hands to the tender adolescent pussy in virtually the same
way as before.

"Do you see this?" she asked her patient hovering her finger over the
teenager's tiny love button.

Kim made a sound that may have been a word in her mind but what came out of
her mouth was just an affirmative sounding grunt.

"This is your clitoris and it's quite deep and recessed. I don't think
you're giving it enough direct stimulation," the older woman analyzed.

Patty scooped some of the copious lubricating fluid the teen was producing
and applied it to the miniature treasure.

"You may find a back and forth motion like this is very effective or
sometimes a more rotary action is better." Missus Cornaveau began
demonstrating the techniques she was describing.

Kimberly was watching her own girlhood being manipulated reflected in the
mirror but her muscles were all suddenly on fire and vibrating. Her toes
and feet went completely numb as if they had fallen off. Everything started
shaking violently. The orgasming girl let go of the uselessly flip flopping
mirror and grabbed both of Patty's forearms ramming the nurse's hands hard
against her exploding pussy as the first of several massive waves of
pleasure enveloped her.

Patty allowed the girl to clamp her hands between her thighs and roll on
her side. The initial scream had been so loud that the nurse's ears were
still ringing when the girl's violent spasms resolved to twitches.

`It's a good thing her brother went out,' Patty mused. `He would have
thought I was killing her.'

With the teenager on her side moaning and seemingly only semi conscious,
Missus Cornaveau's own need attacked her like a ravenous animal.

Her fingers fumbled with the buttons of the pink silk blouse. She managed
to get two or three open and thrust her hands inside grabbing her aching
tits roughly through the slippery satin bra cups. The relief of THAT
pressure only increased the yearning that snapped at her from between her

Rolling onto her back, lying widthwise across her patient's bed she hiked
up the short medium grey skirt and slipped her hand under the waistband of
the satin panties. Instantly all of her fingers were thoroughly coated in
pussy juice from both sides. The reservoir she had been filling for over an
hour in the crotch of her underwear covered the back of her fingers and the
new juice flowing freely from her womanhood doused her finger tips.

Everything was so slippery that she had difficulty working her way though
her fleshy folds. Once she was able to separate the slick lips, her fingers
went to work on her pounding love button. She was so excited that she had
really thought she'd cum as soon as she touched herself but it didn't
happen. The initial contact felt wonderful but she felt as if she was
cruising on a plateau. She'd been too horny for too long and now she was

She was about to wail out her frustration when she felt the little hands
pulling her hand away from her tits. Opening her eyes she saw her patient
kneeling on the bed over top of her.

"Please, let me..." the girl begged as she tugged firmly at the pink satin

Patty was amazed at the elasticity of her bra which stretched far enough to
allow Kimmy to free her right breast. The teenager's eyes were the size of
saucers looking at the mature dark areola surrounding the half inch long
red nipple. The nurse's hand was twisting rapidly against her burning sex
when the cute little blonde descended and sucked the rubbery peg into her
mouth and lashed it with her tongue.

That's all it took! One second later the older woman's long delayed orgasm
exploded in her belly sending its electric sparks down every nerve, to
every part of her body. When the convulsions stopped Patty laid there
shivering and feeling a little guilty about what had just happened.

Her teenaged patient was lying beside her with her head on her
breast. Patricia's right boob was unnaturally plumped up by the tension of
her over stretched shoulder strap, pulling on collapsed bra cup which was
bunched uncomfortably under her tit.

She stroked the youngster's blonde curls. The adorable big blue eyes looked
up at her and the girl said,

"Thank you." It came out soft and hoarse.

NEXT: Jim Cornaveau gets up the courage to make the call to Tom Bogdan.
After a pit-stop Patty meets her next patient who proves that horniness is
not the exclusive domain of the young.
Delia offers her services to Tom's secretary pro bono.

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