Sunday, May 10, 2009


Well, I keep wondering how I got myself into this situation. I'm 53
years old and I have a beautiful 26 year old woman under me, just about to
have an earth shattering orgasm. Maybe I should start at the beginning.

As far as Amy goes, I have known her since she was born. Her parents
were friends of my parents. She was one of those OOPS babies. You know, a
wild New Years Eve party, then on the way home some sexy talk and a little
touchy feely so by the time you get to the front door your ripping your
clothes off and finding the first soft surface to flop down on and get to
the real business. No thoughts of birth control, just unbridled passion.
She's so wet she's dripping and he's so hard he almost hurts. Her legs are
tucked back with here knees almost next to her ears, he's pounding her so
hard she cries out in a pain/ecstasy whimper each time he bottoms out.
Mouths locked together sucking on each other's tongues and holding each
other so tight some of the blood circulation is starting to slow down.
Suddenly the moment is upon them and the waves of an intense orgasm begin to
swell up and engulf them both. Wave after wave, spasm after spasm, hell the
house could fall down around them and they wouldn't know it. Their mouths
part as she screams like she has never screamed before as he drives his cock
to the bottom over and over while unloading a stream of hot cum deep into
her swollen pussy. He can't remember the last time he climaxed this
intensely. She wraps her legs around him and begs him not to stop, he can't
figure out why he's still hard. Thrust after thrust and he's still cumming
for what seems like gallons. But all good things must come to an end. The
body tremors begin to subside and that rock hard cock begins it's slow
decent. They both realize they are gasping for air so they just lay there
holding each other and smiling. And thus, Amy was conceived.

I watched this little girl grow up into a beautiful woman. She is about
five foot nothing and weighs in at about 105 pounds. Petite, shapely, and
firm, she works out almost every day and has since she was on the cheer
leading squad in high school. But I have looked at her a little different
since I first saw her in a little bathing suit on her 18th birthday at her
patent's house. They have a pool in their back yard and we always had a pool
party for her on her birthday. The little two piece thing she wore that year
really made me sit up and take notice. This was one hot little girl turned
woman. I took lots of pictures.

We've always been real close too. Stayed in touch for holidays and
birthdays, and got together on occasion for lunch and she would ask advice
once in a while. She's always called me Uncle Jim and I've always treated
her like a niece. Although I have to admit, there have been many times I
have looked at her and wondered what it would be like... especially during
those summer parties in the back yard around the pool. She's very athletic
and not at all modest. She liked to get all wet then come over and plop
herself in my lap. I would pretend to be a little irritated but I would
never make her get up. I would start a little tickling and she would squirm
and squeal and hug my head to her chest and we would laugh. I would start to
feel myself get aroused though and would have to tell her she had to get up.
I sure didn't want to have her feel me getting all turned on, not with all
that family around anyway.

Then last Christmas she introduced me to her new boyfriend, Joe. A real
nice guy, he was tall and athletic and real good looking. He was also very
friendly and not at all shy. We talked a lot about all kinds of things and I
found myself really liking this guy. He wasn't the usual little puppy dog
Amy had a tendency to bring home; this guy was a real catch. The three of
use were standing around after dinner when the conversation started to get a
little racy. Not crude or explicit, just a little racy when I winked at Joe
and asked him if he had any nude pictures of Amy. Amy gave me an; "Uncle
Jim!!!" and slapped me on the arm

Joe Said, "No Why?"

So I replied; "Would you like some?"

These remarks made Amy slap me again and we all laughed and the conversation
moved on to other things. All in all it was a great Christmas.

A couple of weeks later the phone rang and it was Amy. She asked me if I
would take a couple of pictures of her and Joe so she could get them framed.
I had forgotten all about our little exchange at Christmas and I'm pretty
good with a camera and am the one that usually takes the pictures at all of
the family events so it didn't seem unusual at all for her to call and ask a
question like this. It seemed as though she and Joe were getting a bit
serious so I just figured they wanted some pictures of the two of them. I
said sure, grabbed my camera, and headed on over.

When I arrived I was met at the door by the both of them, Amy was wearing
her usual sweatpants and sweatshirt and Joe was wearing what looked like
pajama bottoms and a t-shirt. No reason to be suspicious here, I figured we
would discuss what kind of clothing and shots and backdrops we would need to
get a couple of good shots. There were the usual pleasantries, I grabbed a
soda from fridge and sat down on the couch. "So", I said, "what kind of
shots are you two looking for?"

Without skipping a beat Amy said, "Well, the pictures of me naked that we
talked about, don't you remember?"

I think I about shot Pepsi out of my nose. At that point she pulled her
sweatshirt off, cupped those beautiful perky little breast with her hands,
and asked if I thought they were worthy of being photographed. I had to take
a deep breath and compose myself as I was scrambling to get the camera and
flash attachment out of the camera bag and put together. Joe just didn't
exist in the room anymore as far as I was concerned. All I could see were
those near perfect tits resting in the hands of a girl I've had the hots for
quite a long time. Trying to stay composed I began to take a couple of shots
from a few different angles. She then asked me what kind of poses I thought
she should be doing. I told her to just do whatever came to mind. With that
she stood up, turned her back to me, and slowly removed her sweatpants by
pushing them slowly down to her ankles keeping her knees perfectly straight.
I'm snapping pictures as fast as my flash will recover and suddenly
realizing I am getting really hard. "This can't be true, this can't be
happening to me," I kept thinking, "what's next?"

Suddenly Joe is back in my field of vision as he kneels down behind Amy,
who is still bent over at the waist, and begins to tongue her ass. Snap
flash, snap flash, snap flash. I'm thinking I'm real glad I brought three
512 mb cards, that's over 600 pictures. Then I look again and I see that Joe
is naked too. My first thought was, "Whoa Joe, no wonder Amy likes you so
much." as I got a good look and this guy's equipment. He was hung like a
stud horse. He was at least 8", cut, and real thick, and he was hard as a
rock. He started looking at me and the camera and petting that pretty round
ass of Amy's. Then he would stick his tongue out and run it up the crack of
her ass. Snap flash, snap flash, snap flash, I was burning up memory card
like crazy.

Then Amy stood up and said she would be a lot more comfortable if we were
all in the bedroom, she thought we could get a little more creative with
positions and get some real good shots. She looked at me and said, "Are you
all right with this?" to which I replied with something almost intelligible
and I picked up my camera and tripod and followed them into the bedroom.

Amy jumped up on the bed and began a slow bump and grind routine caressing
her body all over as she raised and lowered her legs and arched her back.
Joe sat to one side and just watched this for a while. Snap flash, snap
flash, snap flash, I was totally lost in this unbelievable sex show. Joe
then slid in next to her and helped with the caressing and rubbing and then
he started to kiss her body. Starting at her neck he began a licking and
kissing thing that slowly moved down her body as he made his way to those
beautiful perky little titties with real hard nipples. Snap flash, snap
flash, snap flash, I was getting close to the end of my first memory card.
"I better slow down" I thought to myself, "or I'm going to run out of
memory. I lowered the camera for a moment and moved to get into a better

Amy's voice kind of startle me a little and I didn't really understand what
she said so I just looked at her with a puzzled look on my face. "Aren't you
a little uncomfortable?" she said again. It took me a second or two, but I
realized she was looking at my crotch and the bulge that was trying to bust
through my 501s.

"Oh, yea", I muttered.

"Well, take your damned clothes off then, you'll be a lot more comfortable
and it will make it easier for me to play with you." I immediately set the
camera down and started to pull my clothes off. I was taking my shirt off
when I realized what it was she had said. I kept on taking my clothes off
and tried to keep in control. She was smiling and Joe was taking a real
interest in what I was uncovering.

I have a pretty good digital camera that also takes videos with sound. Not
real high resolution, but with a 512 mb card it will take a little over 40
minutes of video with sound. I set up my tripod, made a few adjustments in
the camera's menu, installed a fresh memory card, hit the shutter button,
and let her rip. I told them they were on, and said the more action the
better. Joe jumped right in and started the kissing and licking again and I
stayed with the camera for a minute. Just to make sure the focus was good
and there was enough light. With the curtains open and the overhead light on
it looked like things were going to work out real good. "What the hell are
you doing, get that ass of yours over hear." That was Amy, and like an
obedient puppy dog I jumped up on the bed on the other side of her and
proceeded to help Joe work on that tight smooth body that was under us. Amy
squirmed and cooed and seemed to be enjoying all the attention. She then
reached over and started to lightly touch my raging hard on. "Ooooh," she
said "you're a big one too." I'm not too bad at about 7 inches, cut, and a
pretty good handful. Joe and I were pretty similar in that department.
"Let's compare you two." She said as she slid out from under us and got us
both on our knees facing each other. She then grabbed a cock in each hand
and pulled us together so our cocks were side by side. Then she took our
cocks and put them together and grabbed them in one hand. Her little hand
couldn't wrap all the way around the two cocks so she used her other hand
too, one over the top and one under. We were real close to the same size
alright, and Joe seemed to be real comfortable being this close to me. I
found it oddly exciting myself and Amy seemed to really enjoy being in so
much control.

"OK guys, I want you two to fuck my hands." Joe smiled at me and I smiled
at Amy. Then Joe started to move his cock back and forth in Amy's hands. It
felt really good and I kind of just let the motion of Joe's body take me
away a little bit. I closed my eyes and felt his cock move back and forth
next to mine and the light friction Amy's hands caused felt real good. "Come
on, you too." Amy said. That snapped me out of it for a minute and I started
the same motion as Joe. We moved away from each other, and then back towards
each other, back and forth. It was really starting to feel real good. I
closed my eyes and just let the sensation take over once again. As we moved
back and forth, Joe leaned in and rested his head next to mine and he put
his arms up around me slightly. He then started to move his hands up and
down my body, slowly and gently he caressed me. He then let one hand cup my
ass and, with a little pressure, he began to regulate our pumping motion
pulling me towards him and then letting me pull away slightly so the heads
of our cocks slid against each other's and through Amy's hands. He put his
other hand on the back of my head so he could hold me to him cheek to cheek,
he began to moan slightly. He started to increase the speed of our pumping
and moan just a bit more when he pulled his face away from the side of my
face and pressed his lips to mine. This caught me a bit by surprise but I
didn't move away. Amy then put her lips in on ours and began to lick our
lips with her tongue. At this point Joe opened his mouth and began to tongue
Amy and me; I just took a deep breath and opened my mouth and all lips and
tongues were wildly licking and sucking other lips and tongues. Amy moved
her head away suddenly and Joe laid a deep wet kiss on me with tongue wildly
searching my mouth. I couldn't stop, it felt so good, and I kissed him back
deep and hard. I put my arms around him and we kissed and pumped Amy's hands
and I began to get lost in the ecstasy of it. I also felt myself getting
ready to blow a load.

I broke my mouth free and gasped to Joe that I was getting real close, he
smiled at me and stopped pumping. He and Amy laid me back on the bed. Amy
moved around so she could lie next to me and she began to kiss me deep. I
loved the way she nibbled on my lip and tongue and she really seemed to like
it wet and sloppy. Suddenly my cock was engulfed by a hot, wet mouth. I
looked down to see Joe take almost every inch down his throat, then back up
the shaft to the head where he licked and lightly nibbled, then back down to
the bottom again. I grabbed a handful of tit and held on. Joe was working
faster and faster and I knew it was going to happen real quickly. One more
time to the head of my dick with a little nibble and it was all over. I
jerked and stiffened up with a monster body spasm as Joe took my cock deep
into his mouth and sucked for all he was worth. I exploded in his mouth. Amy
giggled and yelled encouragement to Joe to suck me dry. I came over and over
again. Joe sucked and sucked and tried not to let any escape. Amy jumped
down and took over and took my cock deep into her mouth as Joe licked my
tightened up balls and let my cum slide out all over my cock and balls as
Amy licked it up and sucked me harder and deeper. They stopped a moment and
kissed deep to share my juice and then went back to licking me and licking
up my cum. I could not stop the spasms, the orgasm was intense and they
wouldn't stop sucking and licking my now very tender cock head. It seemed to
last forever.

Finally they began to slow down as my cock began to soften and get smaller.
Amy began to giggle a little and she and Joe started kissing and licking cum
off each other as I laid there and tried to regain my senses. After a moment
or two, the two of them moved there way up to my face and laid their heads
one on each of my shoulders. Then Amy kissed me and cooed a little and asked
what I thought of all of this. I told her I was just a little taken back and
would have to get back to her on that. "But I will tell you it's been a lot
of fun." I said.

"Well I'm glad you have enjoyed it," she said "but I'll tell you right now
we're not done yet." With that she kissed me again real deep and wet, and
began to caress my chest and stomach. Joe just laid still and watched and
she worked her tongue in and around my mouth and nibbled on my lips. He
seemed to be real content just laying there watching his girlfriend get me
real turned on again.

As Amy kissed me and cooed in my ear she let her hand roam down to my just
starting to awaken cock. And with Joe lying as close as he was she could
switch back and forth between or cocks and play with both of us. Then she
grabbed Joe's cock and began pulling him up towards our faces using his cock
as a pull rope. Joe squirmed a bit but obediently began to edge his way up
until his cock was right under my chin and Amy was alternating kissing me
and sucking Joe's dick. This went on for a while until Amy reached behind my
head, tipped it up, and then shoved Joe's cock in my mouth. I wasn't quite
expecting that and it took me a bit by surprise. My mind was kind of racing
as I tried to take as much of Joe in as I could but the position was just a
bit uncomfortable. I could only manage to get the head of his cock in to my
mouth in this position, but it gave me a sensation I certainly wasn't
familiar with and I must say I kind of enjoyed it. All hot and smooth with a
hint of a taste of pre cum that was not at all unpleasant.

I couldn't hold this position for very much longer so I rolled up on my
side and rolled Joe over onto his back. "OOOO, I think he likes it," Amy
mused, and Joe just closed his eyes and smiled.

I didn't know exactly what I was doing but I did know what I liked so I
tried my best to do the things Joe had done to me. Getting past the gag
reflex was a little tricky but I did finally manage to get most of Joe's
eight inches in my mouth. Then as I slid back up his shaft I gripped it with
my hand a bit and then hovered on the head of his cock for a while as I
licked and nibbled around the hood and tip. Then back down my throat it
went. I was really getting into it when Amy whispered in my ear that she
thought Joe was getting real close. I hadn't been paying a lot of attention
to Joe, just his cock, but I could see now he was breathing real quick and
his eyes seems to be a bit glazed over. So I grabbed onto his cock and
wrapped my mouth around the head and began a slow rhythmic pump up and down.
Joe started to moan a bit so I picked up the pace. As his breathing and
moaning quickened so did my movement up and down the shaft of his cock. He
was so hard, what an incredible sensation I thought. Amy kept whispering
that I was doing real good, just don't do anything different, just keep
doing it just like that. I was lost in the passion and heat of the moment
when suddenly Joe cried out and began to jerk about and his cock just seemed
to explode. Amy said, "Now suck, suck it for all it's worth. Don't stop now;
just keep sucking as long as that cock of his is hard."

I drove my mouth down over his cock and felt his cum filling my mouth.
Thick and salty and hot, I started to gag a little but managed to hang on.
Joe was shaking with spasms and Amy was licking his balls and slurping up
all the cum that was oozing out of the corners of my mouth, as I kept right
on sucking. Joe started to tell me to stop but I wasn't about to stop until
Amy told me I could. I latched on with my mouth and ran my tongue again and
again over the hood of his cock. Each time I did he would shoot another load
of cum into my now very overfull mouth. I did stop for just a moment to slam
my tongue down Amy's mouth and slosh a mouthful of cum back and forth a
couple of times but I went right back to that throbbing cock and stayed
there until it started to go soft. Then I kissed Amy again and then put a
near totally soft cock back in my mouth and swirled my tongue around its
head. This made Joe quiver again and give up the last few drops of cum left.

I laid there with my head on Joe's stomach and his cock in my
mouth not really wanting to move. It was just so comfortable. Amy licked his
now loose balls and then would lick the corners of my mouth where some of
Joe's cum had escaped. I couldn't believe how awesome this all felt. I
looked at Amy and smiled. I let Joe's cock slide from my mouth and I put my
hand behind Amy's head and drew her towards me. We kissed a long slow kiss,
and then we looked at each other again. As she smiled at me I could feel my
cock beginning to come back alive and I knew what had to be next. I think
Joe sensed it too because he slid out from between us and let us get into an
intense embrace. My hand reached down and I felt one of the wettest pussies
I have ever experienced. She was hot and dripping wet. I swirled her little
clit around at the end of my fingers and she just seemed to melt into me. I
inserted a couple of fingers and she began to moan and groan and tell me how
ready she was for me. "I need you to fuck me," she said "I need you to fuck
me with that big hard cock of yours and I need you to fuck me right now,"
but it was my turn to do a little teasing. She wasn't getting away that

I pushed her down on her back and began the slow trip down. I kissed her
ears and neck and nibbled on her throat. I let my tongue find its way down
to those perky little titties as I put a nipple between my teeth and bit
down ever so slightly. This caused her to arch her back and cry out. "Oh my
god you son-of-a-bitch, I said fuck me, fuck me now." I paid no attention to
her and kept working my way down her stomach to those little hollows just
each side of her mound. I pushed my tongue into those soft spots and got a
long moan at each one. I repositioned myself between her legs and grabbed
her ankles, with one smooth motion I pulled her legs up to her head which
put her glistening pussy right up where it could be reached real easy. Then
I use my tongue and circled her soaked hole and came to rest on a very
excited and erect clit. A couple of flicks with my tongue brought screams of
complaining. "You total asshole, you fucking fucker, I said fuck me!!!!" I
jammed my mouth down on that very tender clit and sucked it between my teeth
and chewed ever so gently and flicked it with my tongue. Now she just
uttered unintelligible words and swore she was going to hurt me... Then she
came. Wave after wave, body spasm after body spasm and I was not letting go
of that clit. She gushed like old faithful and covered my face with woman
cum. I could barely hang onto her until Joe lent a hand and grabbed her
ankles from over her head and pinned her down as I buried my face deep into
that ocean of a cunt.

Now it was time to fuck her. I moved up over her and positioned my cock
over that radiant pussy and started the head into that hot hole. I stopped
there for just a second as she opened her eyes and stared right at me. I
smiled a little sinister smile and she knew what was next. Her eyes opened
wide and she opened her mouth to say something, I think it might have been
the word no. Joe grabbed her ankles real tight and gave me a nod. Just
before the words made it out of her mouth I drove my rock hard cock into
that wet hole all the way to the hilt and I felt it bottom out. Amy's eyes
about bugged out of her head, she felt me drive every inch inside her as I
finished up by slapping my balls on her ass. Joe let go and she wrapped her
legs around me and her arms around me as I began to pound my cock, again and
again, to the bottom of that wonderful hole. "Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my
God." was the chant every time I hit bottom. "Oh God, I'm going to cum
again, don't stop, please don't stop, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me..."

Now, I think this is where I started this story, me, a 53 year old guy with
a 26 year old woman under me about to have an earth shattering orgasm. You
might think this is the end of this story but it's not. Picture this. I have
my cock buried in an absolutely beautiful pussy. Her legs are up and I have
drawn my knees in to get a good driving angle so I can hit bottom with every
thrust. Suddenly I feel someone behind me and I really don't have the frame
of mind to comprehend what is about to happen. Joe has lubed himself up and
has gotten himself behind me and is now pushing that monster cock of his up
my ass. Amy reaches back and grabs my cheeks, digs in and spreads me to the
limit. About the time I hit the bottom of that pussy again, Joe is half way
up my ass. He's got a hold of my hips and is pulling me towards him as I
come out of Amy again and just about the point where I am about to fall out,
he pushes again, Amy spreads my cheeks, I bottom out, and now Joe is buried
all the way to his balls in my ass. He pulls out then pulls me toward him
then drives me back into Amy. After a couple of tries we have the rhythm
down and it's like we haven't skipped a beat. Amy is beet red and breathing
real hard and what little bit of hard on I lost when Joe started his entry
is now back and it seems like it's maybe even harder. Joe is really slamming
his hot rod into my ass and I can't believe how damned good it feels. I feel
my balls tighten up and I look at Amy and I can tell she is about to explode
again. Joe is beginning to moan but I don't think I can wait for him. I
hammer my cock into Amy as she begins to cry out, "Yes, Yes, Yes..."

She screams and I go right over the top. Her pussy contractions are driving
me crazy and I climax with thunderous intensity. Her eyes are rolled back in
her head and I feel like an 18 year old cumming again. I keep pumping and
Joe does his best to keep up with me, Amy can't stop shaking and I am about
to collapse from exhaustion. I make one final push and just kind of fall
onto Amy as she wraps her arms around me and gives out one last long moan.
Now I'm thinking, "What's this, I still have a hard on."

I can't move any more, I have Amy pinned to the bed and my cock is buried as
far as it can go in her soaked pussy. She's cumming in huge waves and the
contractions that tight pussy is having are milking me dry, but Joe isn't
missing a beat, he has a good rhythm going and he is getting real close. He
is pounding into me over and over, my head is just swimming in ecstasy, and
I realize I am about to cum again. Then Joe cries out and I feel a hot load
erupt in my ass. "Oh my God," I cry and I do cum again. Not as good as the
other two but it is a third time. , a third time!!!! Joe empties another
monster load and I can feel his hot juice fill my ass as he moans and slams
his cock deep into my ass over and over again. I'm lost in waves of euphoria
with Amy below me hanging on to me with a grip the jaws of life couldn't
break, and Joe fucking my ass like a steam driven pile driver with a full
head of steam. We are all moaning and are lost in our own euphoric trance.
Then gradually the energy level begins to fall off and we each start to come
back to reality.

We all just collapse on the bed. I still have Joe's cock buried deep inside
me but I can feel him starting to get soft. I push against him and keep him
in me until he is just too soft and his cock slips out. I feel his warm cum
run out and across my ass cheek as I lay on my side. Reaching over I rest my
hand on Amy's wet, red, swollen pussy and feel her oozing my cum and I just
can't help myself. I move down and begin to lick up the combination of pussy
juice and my cum. Joe sees this and decides he wants to get in on this and
joins me. Our tongues and lips are working overtime to clean up all that
juice and we also find time to share a bit with each other. I found it very
erotic to lock mouths with Joe and push Amy's juices back and forth between
us. This whole experience is just a bit overwhelming; I haven't felt this
thoroughly fuck in thirty years.

After we had sucked up every drop and cleaned her inside and out, I looked
over at the camera, well the red light was out and it would seem I am out of
memory card. I have no idea when it stopped. But I do know I got some real
good stuff on that card and it makes me smile. We lay there on the bed for
quite a while just holding and touching and getting the occasional kiss. I
don't know how long I was there before I got up and went to the shower but
the two of them were sound asleep. I rinsed off and was toweling off when
Amy came in and wrapped her arms around me and told me she loved me. "Yea,
I've always loved you too sweetheart." That was all that was said. I got
dressed and went home.

There was never a word said about our afternoon romp. We still see each
other regularly, Amy, Joe and me, but it's purely social. Amy and I do hug a
little different now though when no one else is around, and I do enjoy that

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