Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sharing His Wife Sharing Myself-2

Part 2:

My wife was sound asleep when I got home. I got immediately into the
bathroom and before I started washing away the proofs of my mischief, I
just couldn't help it and took my time looking at my butt hole in the
mirror. The whole area was very hairy and badly messed up with my friends'
cum. From what I could see, my pooper was small and wrinkled, rather
brownish in color. I reached back with my hand and touched it with my
fingers. It felt a bit swollen and very sticky, but other than that quite

I filled up the tub with warm water and soaked myself inside there. I
decided that I deserved a hydro massage after the intense moments I had
lived, but before that I had to clean up myself completely. It was quite a
trouble cleaning my sticky butt. All that hair made it very messy.

It was only then that I took the big decision. I grabbed a brand new razor,
and shaved completely my entire pubic area, starting from my low abdomen,
and going back to my lower back. When my shave was over, I spread some of
my wife's leg shave lotion over my dick, balls and butt. Now, my butthole
felt so clean and smooth! My dick and balls were looking even bigger! I was
wondering why I hadn't done it earlier.

When my bath was over, I went to sleep with my mind full of images of my
recent sexual adventure. I was feeling horny again and soon I had an
"annoying" erection. I decided that a taste of my wife's legal pussy around
my swollen dick wouldn't be so bad at that moment. Slowly moving, I managed
to slip my hand inside her cotton panties, and grabbed the whole length of
her hairless womanhood.

She was still asleep, but I didn't care. I started rubbing my hand up and
down playing with her pussy until it was soon moist and ready. I pulled
down her pajamas and her panties, waking her up, and before she had any
chance to complain, I was all over her. I kissed her mouth and tried to
push my hard dick inside her wet slit.

I missed the spot and my dick touched her soft virgin asshole. She pulled
her ass away from the bold intruder, and with her hand she guided the tip
of my dick inside her moist love pot. She was very wet, and I entered her
easily. Her pussy, although it was much better in looks, wasn't as nice in
sensation as the pussy of my friends plumb wife. It was considerably less
tight and fulfilling, but it was mine and I could have it whenever I
wanted. Her asshole was a forbidden area for me. She wouldn't even let me
touch it, no matter how much I had begged her to let me fuck her back there
as well.

I started humping her, pushing my dick deep inside her, feeling my hairless
balls slapping against her soft perineum. Noticing the new feeling, she
reached for my balls with both of her hands, and started fiddling them
clearly surprised with their freshly shaved feeling. Her pussy suddenly
tightened its grip around my dick and she came with a loud scream.

She had never screamed again during making love! I continued fucking her
rhythmically, enjoying the extra amount of lubrication her unexpected
orgasm had offered me. Soon she was horny again and she was pulling me from
my ass cheeks deeper inside her enjoying the fuck.

Plunging up the courage I grabbed her right hand from my ass cheek and
guided it exactly to my asshole from behind. Clearly surprised, she tried
to take it away, but I kept it right there, pushing her little middle
finger around and inside my shaved butthole, while I stuck my tongue inside
her ear releasing a rather feminine moan.

When I felt the pressure of her finger growing bigger, I let her hand go,
and started to moan deeply inside her ear, at the rhythm of the pressure
she applied on my manhole. She moved her finger around my opening, feeling
the softness of my asshole, touching and cherishing each and every wriggle
of it, moving slowly to the center of it. As soon as she was right on the
spot, she increased slightly the pressure for a while and then let go. She
did this technique for a couple of times and before I knew it her curious
finger found its way inside my anus.

I felt it, entering me slowly with hesitation, thirsty for discovery,
anxious and impatient. It was as if a fresh small dick that was entering my
illegal back door for the first time. My dick instantly released a load of
precum inside her, and grew bigger in size, betraying completely this well
hidden aspect of my sexuality. She felt it with her cunt, and enjoyed every
single second of it.

It didn't take long before she started to finger-fuck me properly. She was
doing it rhythmically, slowly at first, and much more quickly after she
felt my asshole completely relaxed. Soon she managed to push inside me a
second finger sending me to heaven! I was doing her furiously, and at the
same time she was doing me.

"You are a filthy little slut! I am married to a fucking slut!" she shouted
at me while she was fucking my burning little hole with her fingers.

"I know you like it! I can feel it! Your dick is dripping cum inside me and
you don't even notice it! You are dripping drops of moisture like a hot wet
pussy... you little bitch!" she screamed pushing a third finger inside me.

Loosing further control, now I wasn't only cumming like a bitch in heat, I
was also moaning like one! I was fucking her and getting my ass fucked by
her! All of a sudden, she pulled her fingers completely out of me and
brought them to her face. She tasted them with her tongue, and smelled them
intensely with lust.

Fuck, I thought! My wife had just tasted a mixture of my friend's semen and
my natural ass fluids, but what made me mad jealous was that the sperm of a
rival male had just found its way into my woman's mouth and I was the cause
for that! I felt jealous and horny in a way...Now she knew everything...

Waking me up from my thoughts, I felt her fingers sliding back inside my
aroused ass. She continued to fuck me more dominantly than before, in an
effort to conquer me; as if she was my mistress and me her female slave
slut. It took me less than seconds to realize that I had never expected my
conservative wife to do such a thing.

"Now, tell me the truth and don't you dare lie to me! What exactly happened
and you shaved up like a whore?"

Without stopping the fuck, I replied with complete silence! Now she knew! I
was sure, since she tasted and smelled my bred manhole.

"You have being fooling around! Haven't you? I guess that my fingers aren't
the first thing to go in back there, are they?"

Feeling really annoyed by her questions and anxious of what would happen
now that she knew, I felt my erection getting softer. She noticed it too
and changed the questions luring me with the thing I had always being
obsessed with; her little virgin asshole.

"Tell me baby, and I will give you this!" she exclaimed, pulling my dick
completely out of her pussy, guiding it towards her asshole. I pushed
forward and I felt the tip of my cock pressing against the entrance of her
forbidden orifice.

"Tell me honey, and it's all yours!" she continued thrusting her playful
tongue in my mouth.

"Well, I got something inside once!" I admitted blushing,

"Aaahhh" she moaned, "you will soon be fucking me in the ass!" she moaned
erotically again pushing my dickhead a bit more inside her asshole!

"Tell me... was it a dick?"

"Yes, it was!" I admitted loosing suddenly my hard on, and the opportunity
to fuck her precious ass.

She pulled her fingers out of my ass and letting go of my limb dick, she
got up and slapping me violently on my ass, she kicked me out of her bed.

"You lost it! Once and for all, you lost the opportunity to do my virgin
and cute little ass" she screamed getting mean!

"You lost your chance because you do are a little slut... for real! And
since you are such a whore that you even shaved up your butt to get more
dicks, you can understand now my real female needs... And the truth is that
I do need a real man to deflower and fuck my offended ass since when I
offered it to you couldn't ..." she continued her monologue and turning her
ass towards me she pointed her finger to her untouched back entrance of

"I believe that you wouldn't mind having one around, satisfying my needs,
would you? Or maybe you would actually love having a well hung fucker
around wouldn't you? He could fuck us both!"

What a bitch! She managed to trick me into telling her the truth, and now I
was going to pay the prize for my actions.

"Get me here the man that made my husband a woman! I want to feel inside me
the sweetness of the dick that turned you into a slut!" she shouted at my
face getting really mean!

"He will put it everywhere! Especially in my ass! I will offer to him my
cherry as a present! And to make it even worse for you, you will be there
watching me getting nailed."

"Please no!" I exclaimed trying to avoid the humiliation of watching him
fucking my wife. Until now I was feeling that there was kind of a tradeoff;
I fucked his wife and I got him up my tailpipe. Now that delicate "balance"
would be over.

"Yes! He will do my ass and I will make sure to give him the fuck of his
life with you watching the show. You will see now what a porn-star your
wife can be for real men...This is your punishment, or else..."

"Ok, please, I will do as you please" I replied really annoyed and sad,
although deep inside me I was somehow happy that at least she was going to
fuck someone that had a pathetic little dick, much smaller than my own.

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