Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jack Be Nimble - Pt. 3

So...I really couldn't believe that Trish had just kissed me. I was hot and
sweaty and my heart was pounding. I couldn't believe that my nerdy stay at
home writing ass had just participated in some freaky suburban orgy. when
did life get this awesome?

Trish leaned in and kissed me again. I was surprised by how soft her lips
were and I couldn't tell if it turned me on or if I'm just an attention

Jack and Ben were leaning shoulder to shoulder on the floor, spent from
having been sucked and fucked into oblivion. Jack spoke first.

"I think it would be so goddamn hot if you fucked my wife, Dean," Jack said
as Ben rubbed his chest.

I got up and looked around. Trish stood up next to me and pressed her full
breasts against my chest and I felt a slight stirring in my usually gay

She put her arms around my waist and started rubbing my ass. Her hands
moved firm over and around my ass cheeks. Her fingertip grazed my asshole
and I gulped. I've never been this close to a woman before...never wanted
to and honestly the thought of it used to make me kinda gag a little.

But right now I could feel her heat and the room started to spin and jeezus
christ I needed a drink. I pulled away from Trish and pulled a bottle of
Jack from my cupboard. Without saying a word, I took a deep swig straight
from the bottle. I was ready...

Trish came up behind me as i took my second swig and I felt her breasts
against my back. Her hands trailed down the front of my chest and i felt
them slide down over my dick. She had a firm grip for a chick and she
started to stroke me. A surprising low moan escaped from my lips and she
bit the back of my neck.

I opened my eyes and saw Ben slowly jerking Jack's hard dick. Jack's head
was leaned back against the wall and he kept a steady hungry watch over me
and Trish.

I turned and lifted Trish by the hips onto my kitchen counter and we started
to kiss. I wasn't sure where to start so I slid my hands up her thighs and
parted her legs as my tongue probed her mouth. I slipped my fingers between
her thighs and touched her slick pussy. It was hot and wet and my two
fingers slid easily into her. Trish started rocking her hips onto my
fingers and I fucked her slowly. Ben was now bent over Jack's dick giving
him a slow and deep sucking. I started to finger fuck Trish faster and bite
on her shoulders. Jack watched and grabbed Ben by the back of the neck and
made Ben bob harder and faster on his dick.

Trish's pussy clenched on my fingers and she came all over my hand and I was
happily rock hard.

"I thought you weren't into girls, Dean," Trish said playfully into my ear.

"You just feel good Trish...but no worries, I'm still a dick lover," I said
as I slid out of her. Trish kissed me and we switched places. Trish
dropped to her knees and slid my aching cock into her wet mouth. God could
Trish deep throat, I closed my eyes and just let her suck me off. Every
once in awhile I had to open them and make sure it was a chick that was
sucking me so good. I liked that her mouth was smaller. It made my dick
feel huge like I was ramming it into a tight wet hole. Ben stopped sucking
Jack off and watched. Jack waved him away and Ben got up and started
rubbing Trish's ass and he kneeled forward and started licking it. Trish
moaned on my dick and started sucking harder and faster. I was thrusting my
hips deep and hard into her so I could feel the tip of my dick against the
back of her throat.

Ben slipped a condom over his dick and used Trish's sweet pussy juice to
lube up his dick. As Trish sucked me, Ben rammed his fat cock into her
pussy from behind and started fucking her hard and fast. We found a rhythm
and pulsed with carnal desire. Ben had Trish by her hips and fucked her
pussy with a frenzy. Trish moaned while she sucked and started to cum
around Ben's dick. Ben was so turned on that he pulled out after a few
minutes and slipped off the condom. He jerked off and sprayed cum onto
Trish's ass.

I pulled Trish off my dick and pulled her to the couch and started to fuck
her missionary style. My dick was still raging hard and I fucked her like a
beast. Jack came over and his dick was solid. He rubbed it against my
thigh while his hand found Trish's clit. Jack then bent over and started
licking Trish's clit as I fucked her. I could feel the tip of his tongue on
my dick and it made me even harder as I fucked his wife. Trish came 3 more
times and my thighs dripped with her wetness but i still hadn't busted my
load. Ben and Trish lay on the couch and watched me and Jack.

Jack pulled me into his rock hard chest and kissed me steady and slow. His
wet and thick tongue explored my mouth and our cocks burned passionately
against each other. Jack grabbed me by the waist and laid me along the
couch. He kissed down my chest and slipped a condom on his dick. He spit
on his hand and slid his dick into my ass. Now he was fucking me missionary
style and my rock hard cock stood straight up. His sexy long, fat beautiful
man dick slid deep into my ass and I was now in ecstasy. This fucking
muscled cowboy looking stud had me by the hips and was fucking me like he
loved every minute of it. Jack's gaze never left mine and his strong
calloused hand jerked my leaking dick. He jerked me and fucked me at a
steady hot pace and I couldn't hold it anymore. I came hard as he jerked me
fast and my cum landed on his lips. Jack licked it off and fucked me
faster. Jack came a few minutes after I did and slipped out. He lay on me
catching his breath and we kissed.

I saw Ben and Trish asleep on the other couch and I held Jack against me and
grinned cuz I'd just had the best fucking sex of my whole goddamn nerdy ass

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