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"Are you okay?" asked Yolanda (Devon's girlfriend), as she continued to try
to arouse her boyfriend's soft penis with her danty mouth.

"I'm fine..." insisted Devon for the umpteenth time, looking down at her
from between his legs.

"Well..., it's never had any trouble getting hard before, why now all of a
sudden?" she asked, looking up into Devon's eyes.

"I, uh...., I dunno..." said Devon, wondering. "I've been tired a lot
lately. Been working overtime a few days..., maybe that's it." he said,
grasping at straws.

"I've seen you tired from working a 16 hour shift before, yet you still
managed to get that dick hard and fuck the crap out of me!" countered
Yolanda, crawling up in the bed. "What's wrong? Don't I excite you

"Sure you do!" said Devon, honest and sympathetically. "I love you!" he
added, just to push her over the edge. "I'm just..., tired, is all." he
said simply.

"Okay..." said Yolanda, giving him a break. "Maybe we can postpone tonight
until some other time?"

"That'd be great, baby. Thanks for understanding!" smiled Devon, pulling
her up to kiss her affectionately on the lips.

"Of course that doesn't mean you can't perform oral on ME!" she smiled,
rolling over onto her back as she spread her legs for his head.


Devon walked into the 3 bedroom house he shared with his 2 male
roommates -Theo and Flex. It was 12:30am, and he was currently trying to
avoid seeing either of them since becoming sexually involved with them
Devon wasn't sure what was happening to him, but he suddenly found
himself doing things he'd never done before. Upset and confused about what
his actions meant to his sexuality, Devon decided to avoid his roommates at
all cost rather than to face facts.

He snuck into the house hoping his roommates were either sleep, or
out. He saw the living room TV on, and heard someone (probably Theo)
rumbling around in the kitchen (probably making a mid-night snack). Devon
crept to the stairs without checking to see who it was. He quietly climbed
the steps until he got to the top. He could hear romantic music coming from
Flex's room as he ducked into his own room next door. Inside he could hear
the continuous bang of Flex's head board against his wall. Obviously Flex
was entertaining another female, going on with his happy hetero-life while
Devon's crumbling apart.

Devon started to despise his roommate for letting him suck his
dick, and forever changing his life. Had it not been for Flex offering to
let him experiment on him, Devon never would have known what delicious
tastes a dick had to offer. He'd still be heterosexual if it weren't for

He listened as Flex fucked whoever the bitch was in his bed. She
was moaning and groaning like a whore in heat. Devon found himself getting
somewhat aroused, unable to control his loins as he imagined Flex pounding
away at the girl.
20 minutes later, he heard the door open, and the sound of high
heels descending the stairs. He heard Flex and Theo exchange words, but
couldn't make out what was being said, then he heard the front door slam
shut. Flex was obvious driving his girl home. Devon decided to try to make
a mad dash to the bathroom before Flex got back and while Theo was still
downstairs. But when he opened his door and darted out into the darkened
hallway, he ran smack-dab into Theo at the top of the stairs.

"Devon!" called Theo, surprised to see him in the house. Both men stood in
momentary shock, paralyzed as they both awaited the other to say
something. "I uh..., was just going to my room..." explained Theo,

"Oh! I was, uh..., heading to the bathroom!" said Devon, as both men went
on about their separate ways, neither wanting to discuss what happened
between them. Once Devon got into the bathroom, he closed the door and took
a deep breath, having held his breath since running into Theo in the
hall. He sighed nervously, his heart pounding a mile a minute.
Theo went into his room and closed his door as well, sighing
heavily with embarrassment. He could barely look Devon in the eye after
letting him suck his dick. Theo wondered if Devon was gay? But the bigger
questions was, -what did allowing a guy to suck his dick mean about his own

All that night Devon tossed and turned, unable to get his two
roommates out of his mind. Sometime during the night, he awoke to find that
he had accidentally orgasm in his pajamas. A thick coat of semen stained
his silk bottoms as he quickly discarded them, wiping himself clean as he
threw his head back into the pillow in frustration. Why was this happening
to him? What sins had he done in a prior life to torture him so now? Even
now after cumming in his pants, his dick was still hard with the thought of
his roommates on his mind.
Devon hated what was becoming of him. He couldn't even perform
naturally with his girlfriend. He'd never had problems giving her what she
wanted in the past. Eating her pussy, sucking her tits, kissing, feeling
her soft feminine body had always gotten him up before, this time it was
like being with something alien, his dick never responded. He told her it
was just "stress", but Devon had his doubts. Was he becoming gay before his
very eyes? He couldn't seem to get dick out of his head. Was this what it
was like to be a fag?


From the outside looking in, Horatio "Flex" Washington didn't seem
to have a worry in the world. At 6-1, handsome, tall, and muscular with a 9
inch curved dick which always seemed to put the women in a sexual frenzy,
-many would say he had it made. But what most didn't know (or care), was
that Flex wanted more out of life than quick pussy and fast cars. Most
would say he was complex in this area, as quick pussy seemed to be his
life. But those who were closest to him knew of his dreams for more out of
Flex knew he didn't have many true friends. Most guys couldn't get
past his good looks and tight body. Envy in men could be a horrible thing
sometimes. It often caused mistrust, lies and deception. Flex had more men
accuse him of wanting their women, when in truth it was the other way
around. Many of the women lusted after him, but when he didn't return the
affection (trying to be a good friend), they lied to their husbands and
boyfriends, saying that he had come onto them to break up their
friendships. Flex's longest, closest friends were Theo and Devon, and he
had to wonder if he didn't somehow destroy the relationship he enjoyed with
Devon after trying to help him sort out the confusion about his sexuality?

Flex exited the shower, dripping wet with water as he reached for a
towel to dry himself with. He used it to wipe his body down, paying close
attention to his crotch and ass to make sure they were especially dry. When
he left the bathroom, he left the damp towel on the floor (as he usually
does), knowing Devon or Theo would pick it up and put it into the hamper
for wash. He'd become dependent on them to do his housework for him, as
both men were much more domestic than he. In truth, Flex was a sort of
slob. His room spoke for itself. It usually hung an assortment of clean and
dirty clothes, no one knowing which was which (including Flex).

Devon ventured from his room into the bathroom not long after Flex
exited. Neither man saw each other, as Flex was in his room donning his
Para-Transit uniform while Devon sleepily stood before the toilet bowl to
pee. When he flushed the toilet, he stepped on Flex's used towel. Grumpily
Devon picked it up to throw in the hamper, but something stopped
him. Lifting the towel to his nose and started to sniff. Surely he could
smell Flex's body scent in the fabric. A closer inspection found the very
spot where he dried his private areas. Devon's dick hardened in his shorts
as he inhaled deeper. He pulled down the front of his shorts and sat on the
toilet to jerk off while sniffing Flex's scent.
Closing his eyes and fantasizing about the first and last time he
sucked Flex's dick, Devon started to whack at his dick. Breathing hard and
panting, he quickly found himself in a frenzy as he started to pre-cum. All
too soon he felt his orgasm starting to hit, when the bathroom door flung
open. To Devon horror and shock, there stood Flex in full uniform, staring
at his masturbating roommate as if he'd just saw a man with two talking

"What the fuck'r you doing?" asked Flex, as Devon dropped the towel to hide
his private parts. He had no words to defend his actions, wishing he could
shrink himself from existence. "Are you..., sniffing my dirty towel?" he
asked in disbelief.

"I'm sorry..." said Devon, feeling like shit.

"I thought you said you were fine with what happened?" said Flex, stepping
into the room. "You said you were kewl with it!"

"I didn't want to burden you with my problems." said Devon, truthfully.

"Burden me?" responded Flex. "We're supposed to be boiz, man! I told you I
was here for you if you wanted to talk about anything!"

"I know..." said Devon, looking down at the floor.

"So you're still having these feelings?" asked Flex. Devon shook his head,
unable to say the words out loud. "Do you want to act on them?" he asked,
stepping up next to his friend. Devon looked over at Flex's crotch, noting
the imprint of his thick dick up close in his uniform pants. Instantly he
felt his loins start to blaze afire as he licked his dry lips. "I don't
have much time before I have to leave for work..., but its all yours if you
want it, man." he offered.
Devon couldn't resist touching the bulging crotch and squeezing the
fat lump beneath. Flex stood steadfast as Devon reached up and unzipped his
trousers to free his hardened dick. "Are you SURE about this, Dev'?" he
asked. Devon looked up into Flex's face, his eyes filled with a mixture of
fear and lust. He pulled Flex's dick free from its prison, then leaned in
and took it into his mouth.

Sighing, Devon relaxed on the toilet bowl and savored the taste of
Flex's meat in his mouth. It'd been weeks since he last tasted it, and he
wanted to savor every minute just incase it was his last.
Flex watched as his friend lovingly suckled his dick as if in love
with it. Flex had seen this look on the faces of some of the females that
fell in love with his manhood, that look of ever lasting love and devotion,
even when all he was looking for was a roll in the hay. But with Devon,
Flex felt a special bond. Devon was a friend, a homboi, someone Flex truly
trusted and cared for. He wanted to help his buddy through his
confusion. He could tell Devon was struggling with his issues, probably
fighting the feeling that were coming through in his dreams and daily
thoughts. Flex knew denying them wouldn't stop them from existing. Devon
would have to deal with his desires head-on, or they would come out in
other unhealthy ways.

But at the moment, thoughts of issues and coping with them were far
from Devon's mind as he wrapped his lips around Flex's dick. Nothing tasted
like dick. Devon's mind over flooded with thoughts and memories of blowing
his roommates. In truth, they were some of the hottest sex he'd ever had in
his life (though he would never openly admit it). Sex with women had always
been good, but sex with Flex and Theo were somehow fulfilling. Like the
missing pieces to a puzzle Devon didn't know he needed. He slid his lips up
and down the thick curved shaft, loving the feel of the slick smooth skin
in his mouth. Flex watched as he sucked and slobbered all over his manhood,
licking and sucking it as if it were a gigantic popsicle.

Flex never had a problem getting sex. Sex was always easy for
him. Women always seemed to throw themselves at him, even when he wasn't
really trying to bed them. But helping his friend discover his true
feelings and desires somehow intrigued Flex. Being Devon's first dick also
heightened his libido. What man didn't want to be remembered as someone's
first? Surely Devon would never forget him, especially by the way he was
sucking that dick like it was the very last one on Earth. Devon wasn't the
best person to ever suck Flex's dick, but his love and enthusiastic nature
had Flex's dick jumping and leaking pre-cum in record time.
Devon could taste the salty nectar of Flex's dick honey every time
he spent more than a second at the head. When he sucked solely on the
crown, he could definitely taste the onslaught of semen, and the taste
would drive his taste-buds crazy for more.

Sucking feverishly, Devon took as much of Flex's dick in his mouth
as he could. He slid down off the toilet seat, sliding down onto his knees
on the floor as he continued to feed on the big dick. He whored his mouth
back and forth on half its mighty length, unable to take it all like he
wanted. He stretched his mouth around the girth, forcing as much as he
could before gagging. Gobs of spit clung to Flex's underbelly, drooling
down onto the floor in long ropey strings. Flex grabbed the top of Devon's
head, cupping his noggin as Devon bobbed back and forth.

"Yeehhh, that's it man, enjoy it! Get into it!" encouraged Flex, liking the
way Devon fed himself like a hungry man. He barely had to hump his hips as
Devon did most of the work, sucking and bobbing his head as if
possessed. Flex could tell something had taken over Devon, something hungry
for what he was carrying in his testicles.

"Oh shit man, you want that load, don't you?" he asked, knowing he did.

"Mmmppphhh...!" groaned Devon, refusing to remove his mouth to speak. Flex
watched him suck harder, his lips tightening as he tried to take more and
more dick into his mouth. Flex could feel his dick head banging into the
start of Devon's throat. He knew he was too big, and that Devon was still
too inexperienced to deep throat, but Devon gave it the old college try as
he nearly choked himself to death. But despite the setback, Devon never
deterred from his goal. He sucked and bobbed, sucked and bobbed, sucked and
bobbed until he had Flex's dick throbbing in his mouth.

"Fuck man..., here it cums!" warned Flex, feeling his balls tighten. Devon
readied himself, trying to prepare for the onslaught of cum. The first time
Flex came all over his open mouth and face unexpectedly (chap-1), Devon was
very unprepared for it, and wasted nearly all of it. When he took Theo's
load, he was surprised by the volume which came from his dick. Devon never
knew consuming semen was so difficult. But this time he would do better, as
he fully expected it and its volume.

"Awww shit, man! I'm cumming! Take it for me, man! Take my shit, Dev'!"
Devon held Flex's throbbing dick in his mouth as it started to
thicken and shoot. Hot cum erupted into his mouth in great gobs. The first
spurt shot directly into the back of Devon's throat, nearly choking
him. Devon fought to keep from losing any of Flex's juices as he quickly
steadied himself to receive the rest. Flex's sperm filled his mouth like
water in a balloon. Devon feared losing some to the floor, but just when he
thought he couldn't hold anymore, it finally stopped cumming. He was able
to remove his mouth and start gulping the salty contents down. Once his
mouth was clear of cum, he took Flex back into his mouth to finish cleaning
him off.

"Damn man..., that was definitely better than last time!" complimented
Flex, breathing hard to catch his breath. He loved cumming early in the
morning. The sun hadn't even come up yet, as his Para-Transit job started
at dusk.
Devon beamed at Flex's words, happy to have helped gotten his buddy
off. Devon was still stroking his hardon while nursing on Flex's meat. Flex
wasn't aware that Devon was masturbating until he heard him groan, then saw
his body tremble and shake. He looked down to see the seed spurting from
Devon's dick, splattering against the tiled floor between his feet. Devon
panted and gasped as he suckled Flex's head. Flex pulled his meat free and
tucked it into his pants while Devon was still recovering from orgasm.

"Thanks man. Let me know if you want to do this again." offered Flex,
turning towards the door as he headed off to work. Devon remained on his
knees, his mouth filled with the salty flavor of his roommate. But his lust
didn't disperse with his climax, instead it seemed to grow. He wondered if
Theo was up, and if he was, was he up for a blow job?

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