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Wife's Boss part 2

Chapter 7

We went into the house and had a drink, relaxing without clothes. I
couldn't keep my eyes off of his member, and kept glancing at it to see
signs of further excitement. Heinz sat in his over-sized chair, facing the
huge flat screen TV. Punching the remote, he reclined and his robe fell to
the side, exposing the object of my lust. On the screen a scene began which
involved a busty brunette woman, and two men. One man , who looked to be in
his mid fifties, stood in the middle of a room, wearing a suit. A younger
man approached with the woman, and she reached down, unzipped the older
man's pants, and withdrew his sizeable penis. Holding it in her hand, she
pushed the younger man down to his knees and directed the cock to his
mouth, As he began servicing the older man, the woman took her clothes off,
kissing the man who was standing, and encouraging the kneeling man to keep
working the cock he lovingly nursed. This was probably the hottest porn
scene I'd ever experienced. This was exactly what my strongest fantasy had
always been. Having a woman direct me, teach me, and to be honest, just
approve of me servicing an older, dominant male. This made my cock even
harder, it throbbed and needed release. My head was swimming with lust as I
glanced over at Heinz. He had started stroking himself, and had begun to
grow hard. The screen showed the "bull" male was now fully hard, he was
holding the younger man's head still as he stroked his cock in and out of
his mouth. The brunette was kissing him and looking down at the kneeling
man approvingly.

"What do you think?" Heinz asked, startling me.

"that's amazing" I said, not taking my eyes form the screen. "It's
seems so right. So natural. It's what I want."

"Really? Well maybe we should invite your wife over to watch, and
whatever else comes to mind." Heinz' cock was hard again, and stood up
straight against his belly. His large, full scrotum had fully relaxed form
his earlier climax, and lay between his legs, showing his nice, full balls.

"I uh, I would like th...." My words were cut off by the sound
coming from the screen.

"Yes, do it, do it, suck that cock, take it like a man!" The woman
on the screen exclaimed. " You love that cock don't you?" She accused. The
older male pulled free of the mouth that had been serving him, and began
stroking his cock fast, aiming it at the kneeling man's mouth which was
wide open. "Yes, give it to him - he wants your hot cum!" It was the
typical badly written porn dialogue, but it was hot all the same. Before
long the sperm flew from the older man's cock, and he directed it all
directly onto the tongue before him. It was white, and thick, and I wanted
to taste it.

Looking at Heinz, I moved to the floor in front of him. I kneeled. "Can I?"

"Can you what?" Heinz asked, knowing what I wanted, but playing the
role. Fulfilling my fantasy. "tell me what you want - what you need."

"I need your cock. I need to feel it in my mouth. Feel your strong,
thick cock pulse, and throb as I suck you. I need your sperm. I need you
inside me." I wanted so badly to take him in my mouth I would have said or
done anything at that point.

Heinz stroked his cock once, pulling a drop of clear pre-cum to the
tip, which rolled down the shaft. "Will you let me cum in your mouth? How
about your ass? Can I fuck you and cum inside you, make you a woman? Take
you like a woman?"

"Yes" I moved to take his cock, and Heinz moved forward on his
chair, taking my head in one hand, and lowered his cock to point to me with
the other. He pulled me onto his cock, sliding it into my mouth, and pulled
me all the way down until my nose was in the hair at the base of his
cock. The head was in my throat, and I had actually deep throated him. I
felt him throb, his shaft spasmed once, twice. I tasted the pre-cum on his
shaft. The he withdrew, standing and walked away. I felt so empty. I needed
him again. I followed.

Heinz stood beside his bed, his hands parting the robe, exposing
his body to my eyes. I looked down from his hairy chest, past his mid
section, and directly at his hard cock. It was pointing at me, bobbing up
and down slightly. Heinz reached for it, and pulled back the foreskin,
exposing his wide, flared head. The tip glistened with a drop of his

"Come over here, kneel down and suck my cock." Heinz commanded. I
floated across the room, never taking my eyes off of the beautiful specimen
before me. Dropping to my knees I reached up for his shaft, and looked
closely at the head. Pulling back the foreskin, I squeezed a drop of the
clear liquid from him, seeing it roll down the underside of his shaft I
licked it from his skin. Moving down I nuzzled his crotch, and then began
licking his big balls.

"That's good - that's good. Now suck them, yes." Heinz was groaning
now, and he tilted his head back to enjoy the moment. I moved up and took
him in my mouth. The big glans rested on my tongue before I began sucking
hard. Stroking him with my hand, and sucking the head I got into a rhythm
that had him thrusting his hips and his balls began to draw up toward his

"Not yet, we have some other business to attend to." Heinz pulled
himself free of my mouth. Heading to the night table he withdrew a tube of
lube. " Do you know what this is for?"

"Yes." I said, moving to the bed. "you're going to fuck me"

"That's true. I think you're ready for me. Ready to be taken. Ready
to have me in you." Heinz moved toward the bed. "Lay back and lift your
legs up toward your shoulders. I need to see you." I did as I was told. I
felt the cool touch of his fingers pushing into me. First one, then a
second, and finally he thrust three fingers into my hole, applying liberal
amounts of the cool gel to my opening. Then he stepped back and absently
stroked his cock with the remainder of the lube while gazing into my
eyes. "Tell me what you want."

"I want you - your cock - in side me. I want you to make me
yours. Slide that cock into my ass and make me a woman." I was surprised by
this last part - I was just trying to play the part, but this last
statement was true. I wanted him to show me how it must feel to receive
your lovers cock into your body - like my wife feels when I take her. Heinz
smiled at this, and moved forward. Kneeling between my legs he gave my cock
a few strokes. I moved his hand away as I didn't want to cum too soon. With
that he looked me in the eyes and I felt his cock nudge my opening. I was
beginning to think of it as my pussy. This brought a smile to my lips.

"Yes, do it. Push it into my pussy." I moaned, my eyes half closed,
just concentrating on the sensations. My cock was throbbing and I knew it
wouldn't be long before I exploded. Heinz eased forward and the head
stretched me. As soon as the head was in I felt a strong twinge of
pain. Heinz must have noticed. He pulled out & I felt disappointed, like I
had failed him. Looking down I could see his cock. It was so hard, and
shiny with the lube. Heinz held it in his fist, the head exposed, as he was
pulling the loose skin back. It looked almost pointed on the end. I thought
to myself that this should make it easier for him to penetrate me. The
shaft had veins running up the shaft. I tilted my legs back farther to give
him easier access.

"You can push out a little and it will be easier. But either way I
will be going in this time, all the way" I pushed out and felt his glans
touch me. Heinz applied constant pressure and he broke through my outer
ring, and kept going. The pain was gone and the feeling of being filled by
his cock began to be overwhelming. Heinz slowly pushed forward. I looked
down and past my hard, leaking cock, I could see he wasn't even half way
in. I let go of my legs, and allowed them to drop down a little. I reached
my hands up around his back and pulled Heinz down onto me, driving his full
length into me. We kissed. Hard. His tongue entered my mouth, and it felt
so right. I never really thought about kissing a man before, but feeling
his weight on me, his cock in me, and his hard lips on mine was just
amazing. "Are you alright?" He asked looking into my eyes.

"Yes, please, please do it." I whined. Needing him to start moving,
to take me properly. Heinz rocked his hips back and withdrew until only the
head was within me. Driving back into me he began a steady rhythm and I
came. I came so hard the cum spurted up between us and hit my face, the
pillow, and all points between. The release was tremendous, and as my
prostate contracted, sending my sperm flying out of me, my anus squeezed
Heinz tightly causing him to grind deeply within me. I could feel him
buried deeply. I reached down and could only feel his balls tightly pressed
up against me.

"Oh! Oh! Here it is - I'm Cumming!" Heinz bellowed "You're so tight
- I can't hold it." He drove back into me and held still. I felt his cock
spasm once, twice, three times, four I lost count as he emptied himself
into me. "yes, oh yes - that's good, take it, take my seed. Now your
mine!" I felt the contractions of his penis subside as he collapsed on top
of me. We were joined. Truly joined. His cock buried in my "pussy" - giving
me his warm, white cream just as he should be. His penis delivering his cum
from his balls into my body. Heinz got back on his knees and withdrew his
cock from me. The emptiness that followed was terrible. I longed to be
filled again. His cock was still partially hard and it hung in front of me
covered in lube, and cum. I wanted to suck it and sat up. The smell of lube
and cum was strong & it made me so horny I was dizzy. Squeezing his shaft
from the base to the tip I extracted his final drop of pearly white
semen. I took the head in my mouth and sucked. Not caring that he had just
been in my ass, not caring that the lube tasted like plastic - just wanting
that last drop. Heinz lay beside me and we drifted off to sleep.

I awoke about an hour later and had a raging hard on. I heard the shower
running. Getting out of bed I felt Heinz cream running from my ass. Moving
into the bathroom I saw Heinz lathering himself. I stepped in with him and
pressed my body against him.

"Hey, how do you feel?" He asked.

"I feel great - rested, and glad to finally have given up my
cherry. Especially to this." I cupped his cock in my hand, loving the feel
of the slippery lather, and his long, soft cock. The water ran over us,
rinsing him off and revealing the wonder of his masculinity - the broad
hairy chest, the round belly, and that long, thick cock hanging there,
looking like it needed some attention. I soaped up and cleaned
myself. Heinz slid a soapy finger into my ass and I groaned.

"Not so tight now. So I take it you liked it? We were fucking - but
soon we'll make love. I'll cum so deep in that pussy of yours that the cum
will never leak out.." Heinz whispered in my ear as his finger caused me to
harden. I dropped down and took him in my mouth. "Whoa - you can't get
enough can you? I can't believe you waited this long to try this." I sucked
him, feeling the water run over me. Turning him I began to lick the tight
bud of his anus. Heinz groaned and leaned forward giving me better
access. Probing him with my tongue I heard the gasps of pleasure coming
form him, but I knew what I wanted. I turned him again and took his cock
deep in my mouth. Heinz took hold of my head and began fucking my
mouth. Slowly at first, and then getting faster. He thrust into my mouth
for a few minutes before pulling away. Stepping back, he stood looking down
at me, his cock very hard, bobbing up and down with his pulse. He didn't
say a word, but I knew. I stood, turned away from him, and bent over,
placing my hands on the bench, offering myself to him.

All I heard form behind me was a low "Mmmmmmm", as Heinz moved to me. The
water was running down the wall in front of me, as I felt his hand grasp my
hip. I could hear him stroking himself, lathering with soap. I didn't know
if soap was supposed to be used as a lubricant, but I was about to find
out. A thumb pushed into me. My opening offered little resistance as I felt
the thumb move in and out. Before I could bear down and prepare for him, I
felt Heinz probe for my hole with his cock. As soon as he found it, he
pushed the head in. I took him easily. The soap had lubed me well, and his
hands moved to my hips. I wondered what he was doing when he held my hips
tighter, swung his hips forward, and buried the entire length of his thick
cock into me. The feeling of having him forced deep within me took my
breath away.

"Oooh, oh, oh, yes." I mumbled as I felt him resting within me. I
could feel how stretched my anus was, reaching back I felt his balls
pressed against mine. They hung lower, and were clearly bigger. I reached
past them and slid my finger in his ass.

"Mmmmm, I like that. Do you feel me in you? Can you feel the power
of my cock inside you? You knew what I wanted, instinctively you knew your
place. You offered yourself to me, wanting me to mount you." Heinz pressed
harder into me, my finger slipped from his ass as I tried to maintain my
balance. Grinding into me, his cock touched every surface in my "pussy",
rubbing my prostate, and causing my cock to throb and jerk. Heinz started
to withdraw, moving his cock out a few inches before slamming back home. He
thrust into me 2, 3, 4, 5 times, slowly, but firmly. On the 5th thrust
home, my own cock seemed to swell and my cum burst forth.

"Oh yes, I'm Cumming, I'm Cumming! You fucked the cum out of me!"
Heinz reached under me, stroked my cock and caught the remaining ropes of
jism in his palm. His cock was still embedded in me as he pulled me upward,
offering my own cum to me. I licked it form his hand, savoring the warm
,salty flavor. I could still taste my cream as he bent me forward and
continued to take his pleasure. His mighty phallus used me, penetrated me,
and took its time delving my depths. Just as I thought he might be getting
close, I heard the doorbell. Heinz paused, then stroked into me
again. Burying his bone, he paused and listened.

"Bing-bong - Bing bong" Heinz held my hips tight against his own,
grinding himself against me, into me. "That will be your wife" Heinz said.

"My, my wife?" I asked, startled. So many things began running
through my head. For a moment I was ashamed, I didn't want her to see me
like this, bent over, her boss's cock in my ass. Then I remembered she set
this all up. She probably wanted to see exactly what was happening to me.

"Yes, I called her while you slept. She seemed very eager to join
us. Shall I go let her in? Or do you want me to finish with you first? Make
her wait while I inseminate you - breed you with my seed?" Heinz was
getting me so hard with his hot talk ,and his big cock grinding into me.

"Finish with me" I pleaded. "Please cum in me" Heinz pumped into me
once, twice, then pulled completely out. "Oh no." I looked back, turning, I
sat on the bench, and looked at his incredible body. Hairy, thick, and
seeming to quiver with masculinity. Heinz turned to the spray and cleaned

"Get cleaned up and join us at the pool." Heinz said as he toweled
off, donned his robe and left the master bath. I finished my shower, and
dried off. I was still hard, and had to concentrate on other things to
allow my cock to deflate so I could pee. Finally I was able to start a
strong stream, peeing into the toilet bowl. Feeling the warm urine rush
from my cock was a great relief. Looking down I saw my cock. It looked
small compared to the large one I had been focusing on for the past few
hours. I put my robe on and moved to the patio.

Moving through the patio door, I saw Heinz, his robe hanging open. In front
of him was Ann. She stood absently looking at the pool, and her hand was in
his robe. Seeing me, she turned and took her hand from Heinz.

"Honey - how are you? You must tell me everything. How was it
taking the woman's role? Did you like it?" Ann was smiling widely, and
moving her hands to the buttons on her dress. "Heinz would it be all right
if I swam a little? The water looks so nice." Ann began undoing her

"Of course, make yourself at home, Ann." She did, dropping her
dress on the pool deck and standing before me in a shear bra and small
panties. I could clearly see her wide, dark areolas through the material of
her bra. She knew I loved that one. Her left hand strayed up to her breast
and tweaked a nipple, making it very hard. I could see the dark curls
reaching above the top of her panties. Seeing her here like this made me
hard again instantly. The scene was so heady I didn't know what to look
at. Here was my beautiful wife, getting naked, standing beside the man I
had been making love to all day. Heinz cock flashed into view as he turned
to me.

"Mark, come here, kneel before me." Heinz said. I looked at Ann,
and she was unclipping her bra, pulling it free. Her breasts swung into
view and they took my breath away as they always do. She smiled and nodded
to me. I hesitated for a second before moving in front of Heinz. I kneeled
on the deck, and was at eye level with Heinz soft penis. It hung down
thickly over his low hanging balls. The head was partially covered by his
foreskin. I looked up at him, and then met her eyes. Ann ran her fingers
through my hair. Then over his shaft.

"Go on honey, do it. Do what feels right." Ann encouraged. I looked
up at her. The underside of her breasts were such a sexy sight. I looked
over at her crotch, right beside my head. Ann tucked her finger into the
waist of her panties, pulling them down a little so I could see more of her
thick, lush hair. I leaned in, inhaled her scent, making my head spin, and
then turned to Heinz. My hands were behind my back, clasped. I took the
head of his soft cock in my mouth and sucked. Getting him good and wet, I
began sucking, and sliding more & more of him in my mouth. He began
swelling, becoming rigid. I finally reached up holding his shaft upward so
I could lick the underside, and his big balls. I cupped his ball sack in
my hand while tilting his dick down, pulling his foreskin back exposing the
red, wide, head. I licked his slit, trying to insert my tongue into his

"He seems to be good at that." Ann said. I could hear the smirk in
her voice. I could also hear what sounded like kissing.

"He's a natural". Heinz said, between kisses. He seems to need this
old cock."

"Did you two, I mean have you?" Ann was searching for the right

"Oh yes, I was balls deep in him when you rang the door bell. Isn't
that right Mark? He was very disappointed because I didn't finish with him
before letting you in. I thought you might like to see the big event."

I was stroking his cock and sucking hard on the big head. I could
see Ann had lowered her panties, exposing that beautiful bush, and the
freshly shaved lips below. I wanted her so badly. I wanted to fuck her,
suck him, do everything all at once. I turned my head and licked her pussy,
then returned to Heinz.

"This is so hot - Mark you look amazing with Heinz big dick in your
mouth. Do you remember when I told you about sucking him?" Ann asked
breathlessly. She reached down. Taking his shaft and stroking him while I
watched. "Such a big cock, so thick, so strong. I can't wait to feel this
in me."

Ann lay down on a deck chair, spreading her legs. I could see her
lips glistening with her natural lubricant. I leaned over her and started
licking her sweet pussy. Reaching up to pinch her nipples, I found Heinz'
cock being rubbed against the nipple, trailing pre-cum and leaving her
nipple shiny. Of course I moved up and sucked her nipple clean. Taking a
quick suck of his cock, I moved up to kiss Ann, and Heinz introduced his
cock between our lips. I looked into her eyes as we both licked him, His
shaft slid back and forth between us. I reached down and slid my cock into
her. The warmth, and wetness that enveloped me was breathtaking. I closed
my eyes and just rested inside her. The familiar feeling of her pussy
holding my cock made me forget about my surroundings. In my present
position, straddling the deck chair, my cock in Ann, I had left myself
completely exposed. I felt something cold and wet touch my anus.

"Oh yeah, Heinz do it. Slide it in him. I want to see your huge
cock fuck my husband." I relaxed, and pushed out, Heinz leaned in and
penetrated me with ease. Pushing into me, he pushed me into Ann. The
feeling was intense. My cock was bathed in Ann's warm, tight space, and
Heinz' cock was driving me crazy, making me feel so full. I tried not to
cum as Heinz began stroking in and out. Holding my hips as he resumed
taking me, picking up where he left off earlier. I could tell he was hot,
as he wasted no time, slamming into me, as he sought his release.

"Oh honey, does it feel good? Do you like his big cock? Is your
little pussy full of Heinz' big manly cock?" Ann asked between our
passionate kisses. I could feel her pussy contracting in an orgasm as Heinz
picked up even more speed.

"Ooooh yes, take it, take it!!" Heinz bellowed as he hammered into
me. He drove all the way into me, held my hips tightly, and I could feel
his lips on my neck as he let out a low moan. "Mmmmmmmm." He was cumming. I
felt his cock jerk again and again as it delivered his sperm to me. As soon
as I felt his convulsions I couldn't control myself and I came hard into my
wife. Later I thought about the situation, how his cum was flowing into me,
my cum was flowing into Ann. It never fails to make me hard. Back in the
moment, we spasmed together as our orgasm subsided. Ann held my head on her
shoulder as I emptied myself into her. Heinz kissed her deeply as he
emptied himself into me. This felt so right. I was so full, so complete.

We lay together, joined, for some time. I felt Heinz soft cock
actually begin to stir as he kissed Ann.

"I love the way you fucked my husband, teaching him what a real man
is all about." Ann hissed. "I bet he loves having your cock in him. He's
such a cocksucker. Such a woman. I'm glad a real man came along that can
fuck both of us. Your cock will make him a better man." Ann's talk had
gotten a reaction from me. My cock hardened within her. "Ooh! Mark - you
like hearing about Heinz's cock don't you? I can feel your cock - your
little cock - getting hard inside me. Is it his cock making you hard or my

"It's all making me hard. I want more of you, more of him. I want
to service him. Be his wife." My words were flowing freely, I wasn't
thinking just reacting to the intense feelings I was experiencing. I began
to move inside my wife, stroking my cock slightly in and out of her. I
could feel Heinz begin to stir.

"Yes, you will serve me Mark." Heinz moaned into my ear. " you will
kneel before me - the superior male. I will use your little pussy & your
wife as I see fit. Maybe if you swallow enough of my cum it will make you
more of a man." Heinz was growing hard. "Do you feel that? Do you feel me
growing within you? Prepare for more of my seed to be added to the sea of
sperm already in you." Heinz pulled out and thrust back into me.

"uh, yes, whatever you want. Use me, use my mouth, my pussy, my
wife, anything. Just keep giving me that big, hard cock.!" I said in
between thrusts. Heinz moved backward, taking me with him. My cock was
pulled out of Ann, and I sat back onto Heinz, fully accepting his member
into me. Ann moved forward taking me into her mouth, and stroking both of
our balls as Heinz ground into me.

"Look how big his balls are" she cooed "they look like they're so
much bigger than yours. I bet they're full of cum too." Ann looked in my
eyes. " Does his cock feel good in you? Do you like being his lady?"

"Oooooh yes. " I moaned. "I can't believe how good it feels." Heinz
slid me forward so I was on all fours. Taking my hips he began screwing me
harder. Ann stood beside him, kissing him, and rubbing my back as he drove
into me.

"Yes, Ann, that's right, push your finger into my ass & I'll fill
your husband with my sperm!" She must have done it because the next thing I
knew Heinz was balls deep in me, and pumping more of the warm liquid into
me. "oh, oh, oh, yes, that's it!!" Heinz finished cumming ,and pulled out
of me. "Clean it. Both of you." I turned, sitting on the end of the deck
chair, with Ann kneeling beside me we faced Heinz' softening cock. It was
covered in lube, and shone in the sun. the smell of lube and cum was
strong. I ran my fingers down the length of his shaft, driving out the last
drops of his semen. Ann licked it form the tip before taking him in her
mouth. We cleaned him until his soft cock didn't show a trace of cum, or
lube. It hung before us.

"let's swim." Heinz said, and we all dove into the pool to refresh
and think about what was to come.

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