Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Housekeeper

Denise had been cleaning my home for a long time now. She was almost
like "one of the family". I was married and had two children when she
began working for me. She was in her late 20s, divorced and with a
precocious 8 year old daughter of her own. I remember Denise bringing
her daughter Ashlee along to "help" during summer breaks from school.
Ashlee was a beautiful child and very willing to help her Mom and earn a
little spending money.
Over the years, my life changed in a lot of ways. I divorced and now
have my children with me on odd weeks. I achieved a great deal of
success in business and financially survived the divorce very well. My
ex-wife now has more money in the bank than she ever dreamed of, and I
still have plenty.not the typical divorced-guy lament!
Life changed for Denise too, she re-married and then cared for her
husband through the cancer diagnosis and his eventual demise. Ashlee
grew into a very pretty 18 year old, now graduated from high school and
looking forward to starting night classes at the local junior college.
When I went through the divorce, Denise was concerned that she'd lose me
as a customer. I assured her that she had no cause for concern. She
explained that she wanted to have Ashlee work with her full time but was
a little nervous about taking that step since it would put pressure on
Denise to keep her schedule full. We talked about ways that she could
grow her income without necessarily adding more clients. I didn't have
any revolutionary ideas, just talked to her about the basics - providing
more services, gradually working her prices up, and watching for
opportunities to do extra work within the homes that she serves. You
would have thought that I gave her the winning lottery ticket. She was
so grateful and over the next year I saw her grow in confidence and I
saw she and Ashlee grow closer by working together.
Over the years I never saw either Denise or Ashlee in a sexual light at
all. This morning, all of that changed. I was working in my home
office when they arrived. I say I was working, but in reality I was in
the middle of a pretty hot IM exchange with a girlfriend who lives
across the state. I signed off with her to get the door for Denise & didn't occur to me when I jumped up to greet them, but I must
have looked a little TOO glad to see them because Ashlee was definitely
checking out the semi-erection in my shorts. Denise didn't seem to
About a half hour later, I was now surfing the net (yes, a few porn
sites may have been involved) and I heard Denise and Ashlee giggling in
another part of the house. I was curious so I went to check on them and
as I approached I heard Denise saying, "No way!" and Ashlee insisting,
"I know what I saw!" They broke into another bout of giggles just when
I rounded the corner and they saw me.
I asked, "What's so funny in here?" and that REALLY set them off! They
were giggling and blushing and breathless and speechless all at the same
time. I've never seen such a sight in my life. These two pretty women,
dressed in tank tops and denim shorts falling over each other, laughing,
blushing hugging and totally afraid to tell me what the fuss was all
I said, "Just come see me when you're ready to let me in on the joke, I
could use a little more humor in my life!" and left them in hysterics
while I went back to my office.
A short while later they came in, sheepish and began apologizing and
carrying on. I quieted them asked them to sit down and said, "You know,
it's ok.I think I know what all the fuss was about. And I think I owe
you two an apology, not the other way around."
I said, "I expect that Ashlee was a little surprised to see 'my
condition' when I came to the door, and I imagine that she couldn't wait
to find out if you noticed Denise. I'm sorry that it happened, but I'm
a red-blooded male and.what can I say, you caught me in a compromising
position. I'm sorry."
Denise said, "John, I've known you now for nearly 11 years. Lord knows
there have been lots of times when I've thought about you in ways that I
shouldn't have been thinking. But it never occurred to me that you
might think of Ashlee and me in that way."
Then Ashlee piped up, "Mom, don't say that! You don't know what John
was thinking or doing before we showed up this morning!"
Now it was my turn to blush. I said, "You know I think the world of you
two and I'd never want to do anything to hurt the relationship that we
have. To be honest Denise, I have never thought of you two in any
sexual way.until today, when I saw you giggling and hugging and crying
from the laughter. When I saw that, I admit that it was one of the most
beautiful and HOTTEST sights I'd ever seen! If this means that you
aren't comfortable working for me anymore, I'll understand."
Denise jumped up and said, "No, no, no.we don't want that!" and came
around my desk and threw her arms around my neck. She was squeezing me
and saying, "we love working for you John.I couldn't bear to not have
you in my life." And the tears came. I hugged her back and tried to
console her.
Ashlee said, "John, you don't understand how important you are to us.
My Mom wouldn't own a house if not for you and your advice. After my
step-Dad died we would have ended up working for Wal-Mart if not for
your help. I swear, sometimes it feels like we are both in love with
you!" At those words Ashlee came around the desk and joined what had
become a 'group hug'.
I didn't know what to say.they didn't know what to say. So we hugged
and said nothing - truly nothing needed to be said. My arms were around
them their faces buried in my shoulders on either side of my face - them
hugging me and me hugging them. I slowly turned my face toward Denise,
and we kissed.then I slowly turned my face toward Ashlee and we
kissed.then they turned to each other and THEY kissed. I couldn't
believe the sea change that had just taken place in my life! I now did
not have a semi-erection, I had a raging hardon that was pushing out the
leg of my shorts. I felt Denise's hand cupping my balls and Ashlee's
hand encircling my cockhead. Now I found my voice and said, "Denise,
if you are ok with this.I'm WAY ok with it!" By way of a reply Denise
took my right hand, Ashlee took my left and they led me to my king-sized
They laid me down and Denise said, "John, this is truly a dream come
true for us." Ashlee was busy undressing me. Once she had me nude on
the bed, she and Denise began undressing each other. They kissed and
fondled each other without if it were the most natural thing
for a mother and daughter to be doing. And right then, to me it seemed
so. Once they were both also nude, they joined me on the bed - Denise
on my left and Ashlee on my right. Again we kissed in turn and they
fondled me and each other.
Ashlee had a beautiful teen-aged body, muscular with smallish pert tits
and a shaved cunt. Denise had larger tits but was also a 'hard body'
from her years of physical work. She had a small 'landing strip' of
close trimmed hair above her pussy.
Denise began milking my cock with slow up and down strokes. Ashlee
leaned across me and tilted her head down and suckled her mother's left
breast, taking the nipple and half of the breast into her wide open
mouth. Denise moaned, let go of my cock and lay back.Ashlee crawled
across me and switched to Denise's right breast, now also sliding her
hand down to her mother's cunt.
I turned and kissed Denise and she pushed me back and said, "You've got
to taste Ashlee's's sweeter than candy!"
That was my first clue that these two were on very familiar ground being
in bed together. I slid myself out from under Ashlee and positioned
myself behind her while she was now lying on top of Denise. They were
kissing deeply, mouth to mouth, tits pressed against tits with their
cunts pressed against each others right thigh.
I bent to the task.of licking and sucking the pussy of this gorgeous
teen-ager. I slid my tongue up and down her slit and had to catch
myself, remembering Denise's comment. Ashlee's cunt had the most
incredible smell and was positively intoxicating!
I said, "Denise, I see what you mean, Ashlee is absolutely delicious!"
To which Ashlee replied, "It must be from all that 'clean livin'!"
I reached under Ashlee and started rubbing her clit with my thumb. Then
I slid my tongue further back and across her rosebud. She shuddered and
began to pant from the constant friction and pressure on her clit
combined with the tongue fucking she was getting. Denise slid up and
spread her legs wide.her daughter dove right in.
In moments Ashlee and Denise were cumming, HARD! They were noisy and
their screams seemed to blend together.
Denise slid herself around under Ashlee and Ashlee pushed herself up on
all fours. "I want you to fuck my ass.while Mom sucks my cunt."
I was in no frame of mind to argue! I got to my knees behind this girl,
who was locked into a 69 with her mother, and I slid my cock up and down
the crack of her ass. I felt Denise's hand around my shaft as she
pulled it down to her mouth. I used her mouth like a cunt, fucking in
and out while Ashlee sucked Denise's clit. Then Denise pulled me out of
her mouth and guided my cock to Ashlee's asshole, I pushed slowly in and
was surprised when Ashlee relaxed and pushed back until I was balls deep
inside of her. Denise made a comment about how hot the view was from
underneath then pushed her tongue into her daughter's cunt.
In short order I was pounding into Ashlee's ass and felt the familiar
stirring. I said, "I going to cum!" and Ashlee begged me to cum in her
ass. I kept pushing into her, again and again.when I felt Denise's
tongue slide across my balls and I lost it! I pushed into Ashlee and
came and came while Denise began to suck on my balls. When I pulled out
of her ass, Denise arched herself up and began sucking my cum out of her
daughter. Ashlee was beside herself, panting, sweating, gasping for
We curled up together and fell asleep in each other's arms.
It was an unbelievable moment when, an hour later, we woke. I turned to
Denise and asked, "Any regrets?"
She answered, "No, I'm loving every second of this."
I asked Ashlee the same question and she said, "Yes, I wish we had
started doing this a long time ago!"
I have a feeling we will be doing this together for a long time to come.

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