Sunday, May 10, 2009

How I became bi........part 8

I was home doing some chores around the house and was just finishing my
first beer, when the phone rang. It was Ken.

He suggested that if I wasn't busy with anything that couldn't wait, I might
be interested in an afternoon visit to his place.

His wife Leslie had been away on some work related travel for a couple of
days and he sounded horney.

I told him.....sure. I would take a shower and be over in about a half

When I arrived at his house he greeted me at the door and handed me a cold
beer with a bigger smile than usual. I almost laughed out loud and just
said ...... Hey Ken. What's up ?

He was wearing some loose shorts and it was obvious what was up. His cock
was half hard and tenting out the front with a big wet spot from the precum
that was already leaking.

I said....... Ken...... Are you pissing your pants or just happy to see me ?

He said.......... Fuck yea I'm happy to see you. I have to get off so bad,
I could hardly wait for you to get here. Come on up stairs and look at

I followed him up the stairs, drinking my beer as we went. He led me into
his office and over to the computer where there was a picture on the

He said....... I found this. What do you think ?

I sat down in his computer chair and was looking at a picture of a very
small girl that looked to be about 14, with a big smile on her face and a
very large, very hard cock stretching her hairless little pussy to what had
to be it's limits.

Ken reached down to the mouse and started to click thru a series of pictures
of this little girl, that ended with her sucking that huge cock as it pumped
a load of cum into her mouth and all over her face and budding little tits.

All I could say was....... Wow. I don't think that's legal ! Where did you
find those ?

Ken had dropped his pants and was spreading his precum up and down his hard
shaft as he squeezed and milked enough out of his hole, that it was going to
drip on the floor.

He knew I would want to taste it and go down on him.............. and, I

His cock was throbbing as I sucked him into my mouth and tasted the clear,
sweet liquid. He was on the verge of cumming.

He said....... I have to get off right now !

Sensing my concern about finishing that fast he said........Don't worry.
I'm so horney it won't matter. I want to fuck and suck all afternoon !

I pulled my mouth off his cock and said...... OK. I want to watch you jack
off in my hand. Lets see how much you've got.

He started to stroke himself in front of me. I cupped my right hand and
brought it up under his cock and focused on the sight of his large pisshole
opening and closing as he pulled back and forth and the slightly golden
colored honey continued to run out. In less than a minute, it turned milky
white and a small shot squirted out past my hand and onto the floor. I
re-adjusted my position slightly and then watched as he deposited thick
lumps of pearly white jizz into the palm of my hand.

There were three big wads and then a thick oozing stream that continued to
add to the volume until it was full.

He leaned back against the desk and let go of his cock. I quickly grabbed
it with my left hand and milked another thick lump out of tip to suck into
my mouth. I wanted to taste some straight from the hose.

Now....... what to do with the load of cum he had deposited in my hand ?

I figured it would look good dripping from his dick. So........ I applied
it in thick globs, back onto his still half hard cock.

It was a nasty sight and we both just looked at it for a minute, commenting
what a thick load he had saved up for me while Leslie was gone. Too bad she
wasn't here to see me lick it back off.

With him still leanning back against the desk for support, I started at the
bottom, with the strand that was about to drip onto the floor from his
balls, and worked my way up to his still oozing cockhead. Until....... I
had swallowed it all.

Now I was hornier than he was and I wanted more. I told him to lay down on
the floor while I finished cleaning him up.

I knew his cockhead would be sensitive so I started sucking his balls and
worked my way down to his asshole as he slowly pulled his legs up and spread
one of his ass cheeks with his hand to give me access. I licked and sucked
all over his balls, gentily sucking his sack and testicals into my mouth and
running my tongue over his hole.

We did this for about five minutes without any rush to move on to something
else. I could smell and taste the muskiness of his asshole and I was
definately into the zone.

I started to probe inside with my tongue and as I pushed deeper into him, I
felt his hand on the back of my head, holding my face into his ass, so I
wouldn't stop.

I slipped a finger into him and started to push deeply into his slippery
rectum. I love feeling the inside of his ass. It was hot and smooth and
his rubbery hole opened up as I added more fingers.

Ken was back on track and although his cock was still oozing a puddle of
jizz from his previous orgasm, he was fully hard again and pushing down onto
my fingers as I moved back up to finish tasting the last of his cream.

I sucked hard on his cock head just briefly as I slowly pulled my fingers
out of his ass. He didn't want me to stop but it was my turn to be on the
receiving end.

I had to piss because of the beer we had been drinking, and wanted to take
care of that before we continued. My cock however was standing straight up
and even if I could go, it wouldn't be where it was supposed to. So I
needed to take a short break to get pointed in the right direction.

I told Ken I would go down to the kitchen to get a couple more cold beers.
I figured that by the time I got back, I would be able to use the toilet.

Down the stairs and back up again did the trick and after I handed Ken his
beer I headed into the bathroom.

We all know how good it feels when we get to relieve the beer pressure. I
was enjoying that and thinking about not getting hard again until I was
done, when I felt Kens hands and then his mouth on my ass cheeks.

He started to suck and then bite a spot on one cheek and I felt his hands
move around both sides from behind and take ahold of my cock.

I tried to stay relaxed and continue and was successful for a few more
seconds until my cock started to rise up but when he turned me around and
sucked me into his mouth I stopped pissing and was hard instantly.

He pushed me down into the sitting position on the toilet. I felt his hand
move under me and his finger start to rub around my asshole as he continued
to suck my wet cock.

After a minute of running his finger around and just slightly into my hole,
he removed his hand and put it up to my mouth. He wanted me to lubricate it
for him and watch me taste my ass at the same time.

I didn't hesitate. I sucked his finger into my mouth and tasted my asshole
as I sucked it like a small cock.

He had stopped sucking me and watched while I lubricated his finger and then
went back down on my cock as he slide it, in one smooth motion, all the way
into my ass.

Man.....did that ever feel good.

For the next ten minutes, he finger fucked my ass and sucked my cock.
Bringing me to the edge a couple of times and then adding another finger
until I was begging him to fuck me.

I had never had his a cock in my ass. Leslies strap-on wasn't quite as big
and it had felt good. Now I wanted to feel Kens cock to pump a load of cum
up there and I was ready !

I stood up and said......... lets go in here.

I led Ken out of the bathroom and pushed him down onto the carpeted office
floor. With him on his back, I straddled his hips and guided his cock to my
ass. Positioning the head against my hole, I slowly sat down and felt my
spinter open up around the head of his cock and down onto his shaft.

My cock was throbbing and I could feel Kens cock open up my rectum deep
inside as I moved down the full length.

He was all the way in. It didn't hurt and it felt wonderful. I started to
move up and then back down again. Slowly picking up the pace until we
were....... fucking.

Damn ! This really felt good and I would be getting off very quickly as I
jacked my cock in rythm with Kens cock in my ass.

Then.......... Ken tensed up and I could feel him throbbing deep in my ass.
He was comming for the second time and he yelled "fuck!" out loud as he
pumped another load of his sperm deep in my bowels.

I clamped my ass as tight as I could around his cock to feel him ejaculate
and then did the same up the length of his body with one long rope after

We decided to head from there to the shower and soaped and washed each other
up and down. Figured that was the least we could do. After all.....what
are friends for ?

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