Sunday, May 10, 2009

My wife's suprise

I suspected all was not going well with our marriage. My wife, Terry,
had been very uninterested in any thing sexual. Her new job in million
dollar real estate had her rubbing elbows with the rich and gorgeous. So
I was not surprised when I showed up home early one afternoon to find her
in bed with her new boss, Michael, a sandy haired, firm bodied hunk,
several years our junior.

I didn't really blame her. We didn't have much of a relationship
anymore, with the kids and us getting older, and life getting tougher.
What I did want, however, was a piece of the action. Terry has a great
body still for an older woman, with her ample breasts, great looks, and
shaved pussy. Michael had great looks and a super hard body, crowned by a
lovely eight inch hard on, cut and oozing some wet precum. My only worry
was whether Michael would respond favorably to a man's attentions.

When I wandered in they were in the midst of fucking, Michael's sweet
and rock hard dick plowing Terry's dripping snatch. They both were
shocked, and stopped immediately. "What the fuck! " Michael
exclaimed! He pulled out immediately, and they covered up with our

"You ain't shittin" I said. "Wow, what a surprise" Terry was
looking at me with a mixture of sadness, lust, and shame. "Honey, this
is my ultimate fantasy." I said. "Relax and enjoy it." Hey,
Michael, go for it!" "He looked at me and I nodded my approval. "

He responded by kissing her, -long and sexy. While they were trading
tongues, I jumped right in, slowly licking her left breast, flicking my
tongue across the nipple and sucking gently. Michael glanced down at me,
and worked his way from her mouth down to her right breast. Terry was in
heaven, with two men working on her, our free hands roaming across her
sweet belly and dripping pussy -- stroking, caressing, and working her to
frenzy as we each suckled one of her ample breasts.

I recognized her signs of coming -- she was breathing hard, and pulling
on Michael's ass, trying to encourage him to enter her, and he needed no
encouragement. This was the moment of truth, my ultimate fantasy. As
Michael plowed away, I positioned myself behind him and took in the view
I had longed dreamed of -- Michael's lovely cock pistoning in and out of
Terry's pussy, his balls slapping, and my personal favorite, the section
of cock between asshole and balls just asking for it, and so I said to
myself -- here goes! And I started licking it, hoping against hope that
Michael would just enjoy it and not go nuts on me -- and enjoy it he
did! I was in heaven! I was licking from Michael's asshole down his
cock around Terry's slit and down to her asshole! Back and forth I
went, licking and sucking as Michael pistoned in out of Terry, faster,
and faster. My own prick was rock hard and throbbing! Terry came and
came, wetter and wetter and Michael plunged into her as if possessed. Oh
shit, he moaned and I could tell he was coming too, as he pushed to the
max, arched his back, then rolled off her, completely spent. She was
exhausted as well, and threw an arm over his belly. His cock glistened,
and I started to gently lick the surplus cum, first off his softening
cock, then from Terry's loaded cunt.

They rested, totally spent. For me, this was a dream cum true.

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