Monday, May 11, 2009

To Cheat or Not to Cheat

My name is Cassie and I'm 27 years old. I'm 5'5" 110 lbs, brunette hair
and blue eyes. My measurements are 32b-24-34. I've been married for 6
years and have been cheating on my husband for the last 2. In those 2
years, I've been with several men and women and my husband recently
discovered it.

I didn't start off just looking for people to have sex with outside of my
marriage. My first time cheating just sort of happened. I work as a
manager at an electronics retailer. I was helping the inventory manager
put some freight away. He was at the top of the ladder and I was spotting
him. Well, one day I had noticed his dick was hard pretty much the entire
time I was there. I wasn't paying attention and I turned around to look up
at him and when I did i pressed my mouth to the crotch of his pants.

He said, "I know you are my boss, but I can't say that I didn't mind that."

We are very casual so I just flirtingly responded with, "I bet you didn't.
What guy wouldn't like to have someone's mouth on their cock."

We continued to put away freight. He was on his way down and this time I
did it on purpose. I turned around, stuck my tongue out and licked all the
way up his hard cock through his jeans. He came down the stairs and pulled
me close to him. His hard cock pressed to my crotch. We were just inches
away from kissing and he said, "You sure we should be doing this?"

I said, "You're right. Out on the floor where people could see us would be
bad. Follow me."

I walked with him back to the manager's break room. It was lockable and I
was the only person with a key that morning. Rob and I were the only 2
people in the store that early anyway. We went into the breakroom and I
locked the door behind me. I slowly stripped my clothes off. He did the
same. He sat on the couch and I got on top of him. I grabbed his dick and
slid it into my pussy.

He moaned and said, "Not trying to look a gift horse in the mouth but
aren't you married?"

I said, "Yep, I sure am."

He said, "You are ok with committing adultery?"

I said, "Well, I'm horny and so are you. We're already naked and your
already fucking me. It's a bit too late to turn back now."

We fucked all morning in the break room. God I was so glad I went in
early. I was in the best mood all day. All the girls at the service desk
could tell I had just gotten fucked but they all figured that I got some
morning dick from my husband.

That was the first time. I thought that I would be upset with myself for
committing adultery. I had cheated on my husband with another man. I,
however, didn't feel the least bit guilty. It was dirty. It was naughty.
I loved it. I wanted to do it again.

My best friend Stacy is bisexual. She's been trying to get me to turn for
years. We carpool for work during the week. Every time she gets laid she
describes it to me in great detail. I have to admit that what she says
makes me horny as hell. Most times when she tells me about her sex I end
up going home, stripping naked and masturbating all afternoon to the mental
images she gave me.

That following monday from my friday romp in the break room with Rob, was
interesting. I was horny all day. So horny that I had to take off my
panties during my lunch because i had soaked through them. Well in the car
on the way home stacy started in on me.

She had just gotten into the car. She said, "You, my dear, are hot, aren't

I said, "I think i'm pretty cute if I don't say so myself."

She said, "No, I mean hot. Like, horny. You smell like sex. You know
what we should do?"

I giggled and asked, "What is that?"

She said, "You should call your husband and tell him you are gonna be home
late. Then you need to come inside with me and let me give your ass a good

I said, "Sounds good to me."

She said, "Are you serious? Don't play around like that."

I said, "This is the time that I would normally play coy and flirt and
tease you. However, I'm too god damned horny for that shit. I'm about 30
seconds away from pulling my clothes off right here in the car and beating
off right here."

She said, "Damn baby. You gonna let me make you feel good?"

I said, "Oh you had better, baby. When we get to your house, I'm yours.
You can do whatever you want to me."

I was 100% completely naked before we were even halfway home. Stacy jacked
me off to 2 orgasms on the car ride home. My husband has only ever made me
cum once. Not once a night. Once ever. Stacy got me to cum twice in 15
minutes and I was no where near done.

I'm not an exhibitionist. I've not been into public nudity. I'm normally
not spontaneous. My pussy was starving. We got to her house and we were
making out all the way up the driveway and into the house. I stripped her
clothes off while we walked through the house.

We got to her bedroom and we both jumped into bed. I got on my back and
stacy immediately started eating my pussy. I spread my legs wide for her
and wrapped my legs around her head. She spread my pussy lips apart and
plunged her tongue into my pussy. Then she started to flick her tongue
over my clit. I immediately burst into orgasm. I wanted more. I wanted
to eat her pussy too so we got into a 69 position.

After about 5 orgasms I was finally done. I wanted more but my pussy was
pulsing. I needed to rest. Stacy and I fell asleep together in her bed.
I woke up at about 5 am and we were spooning. It felt so good. It felt
natural. I knew right then that it wouldn't be my last time in bed with
stacy or another woman for that matter.

I went ahead and got dressed. I figured my husband was freaking out
because I didn't come home. Stacy walked me to the door. We kissed for a
few minutes.

Before I left I said, "Thank you for the best night of my life. You made a
believer out of me."

Stacy said, "I just don't want things to get weird between us."

I said, "Well, I want to be with you again but I don't wanna hear about you
and other girls anymore."

Stacy said, "What are you saying? Do you want it to be just you and me?"

I said, "I can't leave my husband. It's just not gonna happen at the

She said, "Well, you gotta give me a reason to not go get some from someone

I said, "Then I'm saying that I want to be your girlfriend. Like, 100% of
the time girlfriend."

We kissed again and before I got in the car she said, "I love you cassie."

I said, "I love you too, stacy."

I got in the car and drove away. The funny thing was that I didn't say
what I said just as a response. I actually meant it. I grew up with
stacy. We have been best friends since 4th grade. We practiced kissing on
one another when we were 12 years old. She was the first person I told
when I lost my virginity. We shared a hotel room for prom.

I walked in the door and took off my clothes. I didn't bother putting
anything on to go to bed. I was so worked up from the night before. I had
to tell my husband about what had happened. I wasn't about to lie to him
about it. What exactly was I gonna say to cover up? I was just walking in
the door at 5 am.

Me getting into bed woke up steve. He said, "You just getting home?"

I said, "Yeah."

He said, "Where were you all night?"

I said, "You really want to know?"

He said, "Well, yeah."

I said, "Ok, but you'll probably freak out."

He said, "No I won't. Just tell me."

I said, "I went home with Stacy and we had sex all night."

He said, "Yeah right. As if."

I said, "Feel my pussy. It's still wet."

He slid a finger between my pussy lips and felt that I was still sopping
wet. He then said, "So, did you like it?"

I said, "It was the best sex I've ever had. She made me cum 7 times."

He said, "Wow. Sounds like you had fun. You plan to do it again."

I said, "I have a conference to go to out of town and i'm gonna ask stacy
to go with me."

He said, "So you like pussy that much, eh?"

I said, "Well, if it was just sex I probably wouldn't make such a deal
about it but we would've kept going but we came so many times our pussies
were pulsing."

There was silence for about 20 minutes. Then steve said, "I have a
confession to make too."

I said, "Ok, what's that?"

He said, "I had sex last night too."

I said, "With whom?"

He said, "Jennifer from work."

I asked, "Was this planned?"

He said, "No. We've been flirting for a while and when you said you were
gonna come home late I invited her to come over."

I said, "You plan to do it again?"

He said, "Not sure. I'm not sure I'm ready to do that kind of thing."

We both went to sleep. He spooned with me. His hard dick was between my
legs pretty much all night. It was half in and half out of my pussy. We
had sex at one point. I was dreaming that I picked up a guy at a bar and
we were having sex in the bathroom. He told me later that he was dreaming
that I was the girl he was with the night before.

A week went by and steve and I didn't talk much. Stacy and I went to my
conference, which was just an excuse for me to stay all weekend with stacy
at her house. I had to make a trip back home at about midnight. Stacy
wanted to try out a strap-on that we had bought together but we forgot to
buy lubricant. I had some at home so I went home to get it.

I wasn't fully dressed. I was wearing a pair of cut off shorts that were 3
sizes too big. They weren't buttoned and were hanging off my ass. I
wasn't wearing a shirt. I had to be quiet because Steve was probably

I opened the door and headed back to the bedroom. About halfway down the
all I heard sex noises coming from the bedroom. I figured it was Steve and
his fuck buddy. Hopefully I could get the lube without being detected.

I heard a deep male voice ask, "Can I fuck your pussy?"

Then steve answered in a feminine voice, "Yeth you can honey. My puthy
needs your dick."

I went into the bedroom and steve was dressed in nothing but a pair of my
panties and some of my thigh high stockings. I walked in and said, "So,
what's this about?"

Steve said, "Cassie, um....I can explain."

I said, "Where did the fem voice go? You sounded cute. Just tell me the

He said, "Ok, the truth. Mark and I have been dating for a year now.
We've been having sex about 3 times a week for longer than that."

I said, "So, you're gay?"

He said, "Yes, dear, I am."

I said, "Well, I guess I'll leave the two of you to it. I just came by to
get some lube. If you need anything i'll be at my girlfriends house."

I left with the 2 of them still going at it. It was wierd and hot at the
same time. My husband just confessed to being gay and I was on my way out
the door to go sleep with my girlfriend. I wasn't sure how the end would
be. I was too horny to care at that point. I wanted to get back to my
girlfriend and get back to having fun.

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