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My Neighbor Rob 2

The next evening, Rob was prompt again. I fixed us each a drink and
we sat across from each other in the family room.

"Before we start, I need to say something," Rob said very
quietly. I nodded for him to continue.

"I got to thinking last night after I went home that I may have
inadvertently offended you when I was talking having sex with another man,
you know, about Jeremy sucking me. I didn't mean to imply that there was
anything wrong in it." That make me chuckle.

"I was not offended by anything you said. It's quite normal when
you, as a heterosexual man, are uncomfortable being touched by another man
in any sort of intimate way."

"Thanks for saying that; I really was concerned last evening when I
remembered what I'd said." I gestured that there was nothing to be
concerned about.

"Now, let's see if I can remember where we were. Oh yes, the last
thing I told you was about that night Carla and I had oral sex without

"Right," I said.

"Oh dear, this next part is embarrassing, but let me tell it." I
nodded again.

"Okay, then, a couple of nights after that Carla had to go visit a
sick friend of hers and Jeremy and I were home alone. We watched a bit of
TV but there really wasn't anything much on that we wanted to see so I
turned it off.

"Jeremy said he wanted to talk about something and we got into
quite a conversation about foreplay. He said that for most guys all it took
was some kissing and touching to be ready to go, and I had to agree with
that. But he then said that while Carla seems to be ready pretty quickly
from just that as well, some other women need more foreplay. He talked
about manual stimulation of the woman's body as well as oral and urged me
to make it a point to touch every area that a woman's reacts to as
sensitive. I thought that seemed pretty straightforward and the
conversation wound down after that.

"Then he said the strangest thing. He said that the best way for a
man to develop really acute oral skills on a woman is to have oral sex with
a man. He said it teaches a guy how to use his tongue and lips more
effectively because of the phallus shape and so forth.

"I told him he was crazy and that there was no way I was going to
do that. Then he laughed."

"Well, you're the one who's missing out on the chance to get really
good for your woman."

I admit I had to chuckle at that line of reasoning myself and I
smiled at Rob. Then I realized he wasn't smiling.

"What happened?" I asked quietly. Rob visibly slumped down into his
chair and didn't speak for at least thirty seconds.

"I let him talk me into doing it," he said almost in a whisper.

"Go on," I said.

"I did oral on him."

"And?" I pressed.

"Well, I'll say that it wasn't awful and I guess I did understand
as he explained various ways of using my tongue and my lips that the same
points could be applied to doing oral with a woman.

"I did make him promise that there was no way he was going to come
in my mouth. He was good to his word too, but I have to say that my jaws
got very tired after just some minutes of doing it." I wanted to chuckle
but didn't.

"So did either of you get off that night?" He was staring down at
the carpeting again.

"Yes," he whispered, "He sucked me off again and then he stroked
himself off. I'm honest enough with myself to admit that it felt good when
he was doing me."

"I have just one question about this," I said. "You told me from
the beginning that you and Jeremy had a pact that he wouldn't have sex with
Carla when you were absent. Did Carla have such an agreement with Jeremy
about you?"

"No, at least not that I know of. I don't think it ever occurred to
either of us at the beginning that it would ever happen."

"So, it would seem there's no reason you should feel guilty about
what happened that evening then. Right?" He looked a bit stunned.

"My God," he exclaimed, "I sucked a man's cock. Of course I feel
guilty about that." I couldn't help but chuckle to myself.

"But Rob," I said quietly, "You didn't do it to give him pleasure
or to turn yourself on. Think of it almost like a 'teaching exercise' if
you can. I can understand that the only way he could teach you how to do
certain things was by actually having you do them."

Rob got a rather pensive look on his face and I think he'd reached
a turning point at least on that episode.

"Did you tell Carla about it?" I asked.

"No, there didn't seem to be any reason and I was very embarrassed
about the whole thing. I just went to bed afterwards and I was asleep with
Carla came home. I woke up and we kissed goodnight and then I went back to


I didn't know whether or not the issue of that evening had been
resolved, but I suggested we move on.

"Okay, and thanks for your input. It does make me feel better.

"The end of that week, Jeremy suggested that we might want to move
on to intercourse. First we talked about it after dinner.

"Jeremy said that he wanted to demonstrate the best way to gently
enter a woman and then how to stroke so that both the man and the woman get
the maximum sensations from it. He turned to me."

"After I've demonstrated, I'll move away and you try to do what
I've done." Then he turned to Carla.

"It's especially important as we do this that you let both me and
later Rob know whether what we're doing gives you pleasure. We also need to
know if we're causing you any discomfort. Not all human bodies are made
exactly the same way; that's why communication at this point is crucial. I
don't mean for you to talk, just indicate when something is good for you or
when something isn't good for you."

"All of that makes a lot of sense to me," I said and Rob nodded

"I'd been using condoms when I had sex with Carla and Jeremy said
he was fine with that as well so that was okay."

"And was it a successful session?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'd say it was. The most significant difference in the
approach Jeremy took was really the angle from which he stroked - much more
forward and up then the way I've usually done it. He also didn't stroke
very fast; I'm afraid I tend to go too fast when I get excited and there's
not as much control when you do that. Jeremy pointed that out to me and got
me to slow down. I had to admit that in the long run it feels and works
better that way.

"I could tell by Carla's reaction that she was much more stimulated
by his technique than she'd usually been when we'd had intercourse before."

"How did this session end?" I asked.

"After Jeremy finished his demonstration he moved away to the side
and had me continue. Sensing how excited Carla was getting I glanced at
Jeremy and questioned him with my eyes. He nodded and then moved up on the
bed and started kissing Carla. I stroked until Carla had an orgasm and then
I came too. It was a tremendous feeling just knowing that I'd fully
satisfied her that way."

"Any down-side to the session?" I asked.

"Only one and I guess it's kind of silly on my part." He paused and
I waited.

"After we were both done, I rolled off to the side and moved up to
kiss Carla; I was very pleased with myself.

"Jeremy moved down on the bed and before I knew it he was doing
oral with Carla again. She was holding me so tightly and kissing me so
intensely that I didn't say or do anything but in another few minutes I
felt her have another massive orgasm. She literally shook in my arms."

"And that upset you?" I asked.

"Well, yes, it made it seem like what I'd done hadn't been
enough. There was something else too. After Jeremy made Carla come again,
he pulled the condom off and sucked my cock into his mouth and just held it
there. That startled me and I was surprised when I got hard again. Then he
moved away from me."

"Did you say anything about that?"

"Yes, I asked Jeremy why he'd done that with both Carla and me. He
grinned at me and said he'd done it for himself, gesturing to where he'd
shot his load onto his body from stroking while he was doing each of us in

"He said he hadn't been trying to make Carla come again; he was
just getting himself off."

"And did that make you feel less anxious about the situation." Rob
smiled and nodded.

"Yeah," he said quietly, "I mean the guy gets all turned on at the
beginning but loses out on the finish. I realized that it wasn't done with
any intent to minimize what Carla and I had done. The guy was just horny
and needed to get off. So he did it by touching the two of us." Of course
that made me chuckle.

"Later when Carla and I were alone in bed we talked about it. She
admitted that she liked the new technique and that it had been a very
satisfying evening for her.

"Then she leaned in close and whispered that she really liked me
being inside her more than Jeremy. I'm sure I looked somewhat puzzled until
she giggled and whispered again 'it's a size thing, Rob.'"

Now I laughed aloud as Rob looked proud as a peacock.


"Rob, I'm not sure how much more there is to this story, but I have
to say that it seems to me Jeremy lived up to his promises. I guess I'm not
quite following why you were so upset when we started talking about this."

"Oh, there are a few more things to tell you but you're making me
realize that some of what happened wasn't as bad as I'd thought at the
time. And I'm very glad for your help, believe me. Thanks."

"My pleasure," I replied. "You want to go on tonight?"

"Yeah, just for a bit," he said quietly, "There's something I
really need to get off my chest." I nodded to indicate I was ready.

"Carla's friend - the one who'd she'd gone to see because she was
ill took a turn for the worse and Carla stayed with her for a couple of
nights. That left Jeremy and me home alone. Now I don't want you to think
all I talk or think about is sex, but somehow having Jeremy there brought
it out more than usual." I admit that I smiled.

"We watched a ball game on TV that first night and talked about
other things. Then as the game slowed down due to all the TV ads they show,
I asked Jeremy about being bisexual. I guess I was just curious or maybe
just nosey." I nodded.

"I guess almost anyone would ask about that if they had the chance;
I mean very few of us really do appreciate what that must be like."

"Right. So Jeremy said that he had taken him quite a while to
figure it out. He said that depending on the person, he could be sexually
attracted by either a man or a woman. He added that he was equally
comfortable having sex with either as well.

"But you mean you don't really have a preference I asked him. He
said it just depends on the person."

"That really is interesting that the preference would be that
equal," I commented.

"Then he told me that when he's with a man he's usually the
bottom. I asked what that meant and he explained that he preferred to suck
a guy off or to get fucked in his ass. Now, that caught me off guard. I
mean one hears of such things but to actually meet someone who did that
surprised me." I just nodded; obviously I know a number of people who
admit to enjoying that.

"So I just bluntly asked him if he really did that, and he grinned
at me.

"He said he sure did and he'd love to prove it to me; he said he
found me sexy and would be glad to have me put it in him. I was rather

"And?" I asked.

"Well, to make a long story short, we did it. He got me lubed and
rubbered up and then put more lube on it. He sat astride me and slowly
lowered himself down as I entered him." I just waited for him to continue.

"Later on he had us change positions so he was on his back with his
legs up. I have to say it was one of the hottest sensations I've ever
felt. He was tight and really worked his muscles on my cock like crazy. He
told me that unlike when I'm with a woman, I should fuck him deep on every
stroke. I couldn't believe it, but there was no doubt he was enjoying
it. He had a hard-on the whole time so I knew he wasn't in pain or

"Did you come with him?" I asked quietly.

"Oh yeah," Rob said very quietly, "Twice in fact." He slumped down
in his chair again.

"And how did or do you feel about this?" I asked.

"Well, I'm honest enough to admit that at the time it was just the
hottest thing ever. Now, and since then, I've felt kind of guilty that I
enjoyed it so much. I mean a straight guy's not supposed to like doing it
with another guy, is he?" He looked at me with an almost pleading look.

"First," I said quietly, "Let's remember that you were in a rather
unusual situation. Here's a guy who claims he's bisexual and enjoys sex
with both men and women. Then he invites you to try something you've never
tried before and you did.

"Where's the guilt there? You didn't force yourself on him. You
were offered the chance to try a different act and you took that
chance. You've said he was a very willing partner. Right?"

"Oh hell, yes, I think he enjoyed it even more than I did. He came
both times too."

"I have to point out, Rob," I said, "Anal sex is not entirely
unknown in the straight world, either. Some women seem to enjoy it as well
as their men do. Do you have any desire to be with Jeremy that way again?"

"No," he said, "It was exciting at the time but when I thought
about it later, it made me feel very uncomfortable. I wouldn't do it again,
even if he asked me." I decided to try to sort through a couple of things
with Rob.

"As I recall, you told me when we first talked that you'd never
done anything with another guy, even your brothers. Am I right?"

"Yeah," he said quietly, "I'd never touched another guy's penis
until that night with Jeremy and me alone, and other than a doctor, I'd
never had mine touched by another guy until that first night the three of
us played together."

"I think you just said something very important there...played," I
said. "I think what you have been doing with Jeremy, other than the times
he's demonstrated things to you and Carla, is playing.

"By that, I mean the kind of playing that you missed out on when
you were a boy. I suspect many of your friends, and indeed even your
brothers, may have played at that age. You just waited, or didn't have the
opportunity, until you were older." I was delighted when he laughed.

"So you don't think I'm a terrible guy for what I did with Jeremy

"No, I think you're as normal as blueberry pie...just an ordinary
guy in a rather unusual situation."

"Whew," he said finally, "That makes me feel so much better."

"So, are there any more parts of this saga that we should discuss?"
I asked. He smiled.

"Only one and I'll tell you tomorrow night."


Rob was again prompt and we settled into the family room chairs
with a drink in hand. I suggested he resume his story.

Rob's Story

"Well, Carla came back home; her friend finally appeared to be on
the mend and of course Jeremy and I were glad she was home again. She
admitted to being very tired so nothing happened that night except that she
and I cuddled a bit before falling asleep.

"The next day was Saturday so none of us had to go to work. When I
woke up Carla was still asleep next to me, but I could smell the wonderful
fragrance of freshly brewing coffee. I lay there with my eyes open wishing
I had a cup.

"Just then Jeremy came through the doorway, which was open by the
way, with a small tray and three mugs of coffee. I think it was the smell
of the coffee that woke Carla. I had a couple of sips of the very hot
drink and knew I had to go to the bathroom. Distracted by the coffee I
forgot that I'd awakened with a woody that morning and just got up and
walked to the bathroom.

"Jeremy immediately whooped and pointed and Carla laughed. I
ignored them and went into the bathroom and took care of my problem. It was
back to normal when I came back to bed."

"Aw," Jeremy teased, "Why didn't you bring your big toy back with

"I really didn't think my embarrassment funny, but couldn't help
but laugh too. So, I smiled at him and soon we were all fully awake and

"Anybody up for a free-for-all?" Jeremy asked cheerfully.

"What do you mean?" I asked. I was afraid I knew but I wanted him
to say it so I could gauge Carla's reaction.

"Simple," Jeremy said. "This is our playground and we all get to
play with whatever we want." I was a bit surprised when Carla grinned.

"Sounds like fun to me," she said, "But first I have to have a
shower and brush my teeth, and I hope you'll both do likewise." We'd all
finished our coffee so I took the mugs and tray back to the kitchen and
Jeremy ducked into his room and I heard the shower start up.

"When I came back, I walked into the bathroom and Carla was
brushing her teeth."

"Want to shower with me?" she asked rather coyly.

"Sure," I answered. So I went ahead and brushed my teeth and then
got into the large shower stall with her. It was fun washing each other but
we didn't go any further than that.

"Are you sure about this?" I asked Carla very quietly.

"Yeah, why not?" was her answer, "It could be a lot of fun. You
need to lighten up, Rob." She shrugged and I figured there was nothing
else to do.

When we walked back into the bedroom I was immediately aware of
some kind of smell. It was pleasant and not too strong.

"What is that?" I asked. Jeremy laughed and said it was just some
stuff to make one relax. I asked if he meant some kind of druggie stuff but
he assured me it was just a perfectly healthy type of aroma therapy.

"So we all sort of sat down on the bed. Carla and I were on one
side and Jeremy was on the other.

"Since it was my idea, I get to start," Jeremy said. He moved Carla
to the center of the bed and immediately started doing her orally, starting
with her breasts and then continuing south.

"Carla motioned me up toward her and we kissed for a few minutes,
then she took my penis in her hand. I could tell she was moving it toward
her mouth so I moved the rest of me to accommodate that. That left me lying
on my side, and that's when I notice that Jeremy's penis was a foot from my

"I'm afraid I kind of panicked and started to pull away

"Don't," Carla said, "Come on Rob, lighten up and play too."

"I really didn't want to, but the situation was so obvious I just
had to give in. So there I was with Jeremy's rod in my mouth again. I admit
I didn't do a very good job and that was deliberate. I wanted him to know
that I didn't like doing it."

"Hmm," Jeremy mumbled, now using his fingers on Carla's body in a
massage and manipulative way that caused her to groan fairly loudly.

"Come here, Rob," Jeremy said as he moved away from Carla, thereby
taking his penis from my mouth. So I moved away from Carla's mouth and
began doing oral on her down below. Next thing I knew, Carla had Jeremy's
penis in her mouth and Jeremy was pulling me toward him and swallowing mine

"Well, without going into all the details, I'm sure you've figured
out that we all did oral with the others and the way the whole thing ended
up was with me having intercourse with Carla. That was terrific."

["And what was Jeremy doing while that was going on?" I asked]

"He was kissing and making out with Carla but I could tell I was
getting more of her attention than he was.

"One funny thing did happen; however. At one point I was doing oral
on Carla so I was lying on my stomach between her legs. In other words, my
penis was unavailable."

"No fair," Jeremy said with a laugh, "But that's okay, Rob. I know
how to play that game too."

"The next thing I knew, Jeremy was behind me, between my
legs. After pulling my cheeks apart he dove in tongue-first." [I admit I
laughed which made Rob kind of giggle too.]

"Now that was an absolute first for me. No one has ever touched me
there before." I laughed again.


"Well, to me it was kind of a sexy thing to feel. He kept it up
until Carla and I moved on to intercourse and then both orgasmed. Then when
I pulled out, he pulled off the condom and sucked me again."

I commented to Rob that despite his modesty, it sounded like he at
least had fun.

"Yeah, but the best part was afterward when we had a quick shower
and were getting dressed, Carla reminded me that this would all be over in
just about a week. The month we'd allotted was almost up.

"There was another interesting thing. While Carla was getting
dinner, Jeremy sat with me in the family room. He asked if I'd enjoyed
getting 'rimmed' then explained what he meant by it.

"Well, it certainly was a different sensation," I said. He laughed.

"Just for your information, pal," Jeremy said with a wink, "Women
like it too, don't think they don't. Put that away for future reference."


"So," I asked Rob, "Did you have any more sessions with Jeremy?"

"Just one," Rob said, "It was two nights before he was going to
move out again. He suggested a quick refresher course. We pretty much did
all the things the three of us had done together in one evening and it all
went pretty well. Carla was sure satisfied that night." He laughed.

"Well, Rob," I said after a minute or so, "I've heard your story
and frankly, I don't really think there's much you need to feel upset or
guilty about."

"I know," Rob said with something of a chuckle, "It's amazing how
talking it all out with you has made me feel like I really didn't do
anything terribly wrong. What I did learn was how to be a better lover to
Car; that's very much on the positive side. I also learned more than I
wanted to know about how two guys do it together, but that's okay. I don't
think it hurt me." I nodded along with him.

"Did your experience with Jeremy change any of your ideas about gay
guys?" I asked. He thought for a minute before answering.

"I admit I never really understood about guys being gay," he
said. "To me, life is too hard and confusing without taking on something
like that." I laughed.

"You don't get it then," I said, "We don't have a choice. It's the
way we are and we have to live with all those feelings. It's not something
we can wish or will away." Now he nodded and smiled; I hoped it had given
him some additional insight.

"There's one funny bit, though," Rob went on, "About a month later
I ran into Jeremy coming out of a local restaurant. He was with another
couple but he waved them on and stopped to talk to me. He asked about Carla
and how things were going and I told him everything was great. That's when
he dropped a huge bombshell."

"It was fun with you two," Jeremy said, "But to tell the truth,
Rob, it was you I wanted. Guess I wasn't good enough to tempt you to
change, huh?"

"I'm sure I looked stunned," Rob said, "But he just winked and
grinned and walked off to meet his friends again. I've never told Carla
that and I have no intention of doing so."

"And that," I said, "Is one of the smartest decisions I've ever
heard anyone make."

I still see Rob around the neighborhood with Stag fairly often and
we've often stopped and spoken with each other. He reports that things are
going great with he and Carla and that they're planning to get married in a
couple of months. But neither of us has ever mentioned Rob's great
adventure...well, except that he thanks me every time we see each other for
helping him. That always make me chuckle.

I was very happy to do so and I'm so pleased that things have
worked out well for them.

The End

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