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5:30am, Devon got up off his knees in the bathroom where he'd just
blown his roommate Flex. But even after cumming all over the bathroom
floor, he still felt the overpowering need to suck more dick. So Devon
found himself creeping into his other roommate's (Theo's) room.
Theo was sound asleep, not having to get up until late morning for
his auto-mechanic job at the garage he works during the day. His room was
pitch black, as the sun hadn't even risen yet. Devon could hear Flex's car
taking off down the street as he went into work. Devon crept quietly across
the room to Theo's bed, leaving the lights out as not to awaken him. He
felt his way through the dark, until he felt the bed under him. He could
hear the faint sound of Theo's snore, indicating that he was sound
asleep. Devon took that opportunity to reach down under the man's covers,
and feel for his limp dick.

Theo was a big guy, at 6-2 and 200 lbs of pure muscle, most people
stayed out of his way (especially when visibly angry). But Theo was a
gentle soul, until touched the wrong way, then he became a beast. Nowhere
was his anger more noticeable than with his baby's momma. A constant
disappointment since the baby's birth, he continuously had problems with
her and the support which she was supposed to send monthly. But Theo's
child burden is thankfully helped by his mother, who basically takes care
of his daughter around the clock while he works and tries to go on with
some sort of life for himself.
Devon is well aware of Theo's owes, and often tried to help Theo
back into the dating circuit by introducing him to some of his girlfriend's
friends, -eligible girls "looking for a good man to "bed down and take
advantage of" �said Theo, turning down Devon's meaningful offers. Theo
spent the bulk of his life working 2 jobs, and visiting his daughter during
his time off. He had no social life, despite working as a bouncer in a
popular neighborhood night club at night which often swarmed with single
and available women. Devon thought the best way he could help his pent up
friend, was by helping relieve him of some of his stress, even if it meant
sneaking into his room and do it while he was sleeping.

Though terrified of how Theo might react if caught, something
compelled Devon to press on. Theo's dick was unfortunately soft when Devon
found it. He peeled back the covers carefully, then dug through Theo's
boxer shorts to free his limp penis. Devon knew he loved waking up to a hot
blow job from his girlfriend in the morning, so he decided to give Theo
with the same treat.
Leaning forward, he took the soft but fat dick between his lips,
and started to gently nurse on it. Theo continued to snore while Devon
suckled his meat like a piece of candy. Slowly Theo's dick started to
lengthen and fatten in his mouth. Devon found his mouth quickly running out
of space to hold it. Soon it was standing at its full 10 thick inches,
Devon was forced to retreat up to the head. Sucking and licking, he was
careful not to get too wild as he didn't want to wake Theo and possibly
face his wrath. While he was sure Theo would appreciate some morning head,
he wasn't completely sure if he would appreciate it coming from his male
roommate. Unlike Flex (who seemed gun-ho to help him figure out his
dilemma), Theo seemed the total opposite. Devon wasn't sure what Theo felt
about the head he'd already given him (chap-3), as they never discussed
it. He knew he made Theo cum (which was SOME indication that he liked it),
but he wasn't sure how he felt about his orgasm resulting from a guy?

With these thoughts in the back of Devon's head, he continued to
suck his roommate's dick, thinking he'd come too far to stop now. Theo
however had awaken from his sound sleep, when he felt the gentle sweet
massage of his penis. Somewhere in his dreams, his senses were turned
on. He woke gradually, feeling a hot mouth working up and down the top half
of his dick. Theo peeked down through slit eyes in the dark, recognizing
the bobbing shadow as his roommate Devon.
Theo's first thought was that he was still dreaming. Since getting
his dick blown by one of his best friends several days ago, Theo's been in
denial that it ever happened. In his mind, he'd completely washed away any
memories of Devon sucking his dick in front of his 3 yr old daughter. Theo
thought that denying it ever happened, would keep things as they were and
prevent things from getting complicated. But now looking down at Devon
sucking away at his meaty manhood, he decided to keep his mouth shut and
not let Devon know he was awake.

It was obvious that Devon thought Theo was sleeping when he came
into his room and started performing fellatio. Theo thought it was a good
idea to keep Devon thinking so, as he continued to snore, simulating
sleep. Devon became more and more aggressive as his lust grew. At one point
Theo had to bite his lower lip just to keep from groaning aloud. He found
it hard to stay in one spot without moving or making any noise from the
pleasure he was receiving. Playing dead while someone sucks your manhood to
pending orgasm is not an easy feat. Theo's dick started to leak a steady
supply of pre-cum, driving Devon even wilder as the sweet semen titillated
his taste-buds and made him suck harder.
Theo felt his toes starting to curl under the covers. His dick
thickened as his balls tightened in their hairy sack, indicating that
orgasm was imminent. Devon bobbed his head faster, driven mad by the taste
of cum. Throwing caution to the wind, he started sucking and jacking Theo's
thick 10 inch fat dick until he felt his mouth filled with an explosion of

"uuuhhhggggkk..!!!" gagged Devon, feeling the force of Theo's cum rocket
into his mouth like a missile. He pumped the thick shaft with his hand,
milking the fat head with his mouth as he drank down load after load of
sweet nutty semen.
Devon sucked up all of Theo's sperm, cleaning his dick with his
mouth as Theo tried to continue playing sleep. When Devon came to his
senses, he removed his mouth from Theo's shrinking dick, replaced the
covers over his groin, and left the room as silently as he came.

Devon rushed back to his own room, locking his door as he threw
himself down on his mattress and started to stroke his erection. With the
taste of Theo's cum still in his mouth, and the memory of Flex fresh in his
mind, it didn't take Devon long to shoot a hot spray of his very own semen
all across his chest and stomach, cumming buckets as he quickly drifted
back off to sleep.


As the day wore on, both Devon and Theo showered, dressed, and left
for work separately. They never saw each other (as they rarely do in the
morning). Devon went to his job as a telephone claims adjuster for an
insurance company he worked for. Devon was one of the highest ranking
tele-communicators in his department. Averaging 30 to 50 calls per shift
from clients seeking help with medical equipment or needing advice about
their insurance claims. He was even once voted Employee Of The Month by the
staff. But where his job excelled, his personal life seemed to be in

Theodore Jones worked as a mechanic by day, and a part-time bouncer
by night. His day job consisted of working for a very popular auto-repair
shop (P-Boys) with a host of other mechanics. Theo was known as a fine
mechanic with a good heart. Often going against company policy, Theo fixed
cars without gouging the customers unnecessary parts. Most all of his
customers were regulars who asked for him personally by name. Theo
sometimes toyed with the idea of opening his own shop, -making his own
hours, and being his own boss; but he was years away from making that dream
a reality. But despite the money he made at P-Boys, he was constantly being
reprimanded by his bosses for allowing cars to go out without over
charges. He was called into the offices at least once every other month, to
be reminded of company policy. Theo always felt he was on the verge of
quitting, knowing he couldn't swindle people out of their hard earned cash.
His night job was much easier. Theo worked as a bouncer for a
neighborhood club, usually manning the doors to make sure no riff-raff made
it inside. Sometimes he'd be called to eject someone who'd had too much to
drink, or couldn't take "no" for an answer. He'd never had any serious
run-ins with an gun totting angry patron, but he'd had some close calls
that could have gone either way. Theo often thinks of his daughter
(Brittney) when close calls like that happen, and they are what keeps him
from making the bouncer job his full time gig.

Flex Washington goes from working his day job at Para-Transit
(driving sick and invalid patients to and from their place of residence to
their scheduled doctors and hospital appointments), to his night time
college classes at the Community College. He hopes to better himself to get
a better job to make more money so that he won't have to keep relying on
having roommates to pay his bills.
Flex is a playboy, who desires a bit more from life than meets the
eye. Many would be surprised at Flex's eye for the arts. Or his taste for
style. He lies to most people and tell them that he's going to school for
business classes, when in reality he is taking Design classes to become an
Interior Decorator. Why? -because most people would laugh at him. Not even
his roommates knew the truth, Flex kept it from everyone. How would it look
to people if he told them he wanted to be a Interior Decorator? He wasn't
yet prepared to handle people's reactions. He'd rather they saw his work,
THEN made their decisions.

Devon was the first one home (as usual). He went into the kitchen
to make himself a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich, while talking to his
girl on his cell. Yolanda was already missing him from yesterday (last
chap), and wanted to re-schedule "date night" so they could pick up where
they left off. Devon was a bit stand-offish, trying to make every excuse in
the book for why he couldn't see her this weekend, -when in truth his was
just scared, scared that he may not be able to perform for her again.
Yolanda didn't press the issue, knowing that he was already having
"stress" problems. She mostly kept the conversation minimal, talking about
work or one of her girlfriend's boyfriend problems. When Yolanda touched on
the subject that "Drusilla's boyfriend Richard might be gay", Devon nearly
dropped the phone.

"What makes you think that?" he asked, having met the guy several times in
the girl's shared apartment.

"She said that he's starting to request some weird shit from her in bed!"
stated Yolanda.

"Like what?" asked Devon curiously, so he'd know not to bring them up to
his girlfriend.

"Like licking his asshole..., or wanting to perform anal sex with her...,
or trying to get her to do a nasty ass 3sum with some male friend of his!!"
scorned Yolanda, sounding very grossed out over the phone.
Devon found all of those request rather interesting. He'd often
wondered what anal sex would feel like on his dick.

"Does Drusilla think he's gay?" asked Devon, innocently.

"She has her suspicions, but he claims he's not! But who wouldn't think he
was gay? Don't you think he is, asking for all those faggot requests?"
asked Yolanda.

`Well..., with all the straight porno showing mostly anal sex nowadays,
what red blooded hot American wasn't interested in anal sex?' �was what he
wanted to say, but instead he simply said...; "I guess."

The conversation with Yolanda really didn't help Devon resolve any
of his own issues that day, and the morning action he had with both of his
hot roommates certainly burned through his mind like a blazing inferno all
day. Devon could hardly get his work done, daydreaming about the two
mouthfuls of cum he'd swallowed for breakfast. He knew he could experience
more of that with Flex, as Flex seemed genuinely concerned in him and his
emotional status, -he wasn't too sure about Theo however. The fact that
Theo hadn't spoken one word to him about the encounter they shared, showed
him that Theo was just as much in denial about it as he was (perhaps he had
his own issues?).
Devon didn't blame his friend, HE wasn't sure where he stood in the
realm of things himself; how could he expect his friend to know when he
didn't? Devon started to wonder if Flex was so supportive because of his
nature, or if he had some secret homosexual experimentation of his own in
the past? His imagination started to really wander as he thought back on
how willing Flex was to "help" him figure out his confusion from the
beginning. Devon started to get a little angry at the thought that Flex may
have had previous experience, and was just using him to get off, rather
than to truly help him discover himself.

When Flex finally came home around 9 that night, he was
uncharacteristically alone. Tired and worn out from an extra hard day at
work, topped with a lot of design homework, Flex was too tired to entertain
all night. He needed sleep. Or at least a good blow job, and sleep. And
with his roommate giving out good head, why burden himself with having to
drive some girl home after sex, when he could simply let Devon take up
where he left off this morning?

"Wussup, man?" he said, sounding exhausted when he struggled in the front
door with his heavy backpack.

"Yo." said Devon coldly, wondering if he should bring it up or not.

"What's shaking man? How was your day?" asked Flex, dropping his bag and
heading to the fridge for something to drink. He grabbed a brew out the
box, popped the cap, and started to down it as he walked back into the
living room where Devon sat watching TV.

"Not much..., day was cool." answered Devon.

"Well, I had a shitty day!" said Flex, taking a deep breath after
chugalugging half a bottle.

"No girl tonight?" Devon found himself saying, despite his promise not to
bring it up.

"Didn't want to deal with the clean-up, nah'mean?" laughed Flex, rubbing
the top of Devon's head playfully as he flopped down on the sofa next to
him. "What the fuck you watching?" asked Flex, finally looking at the TV
screen to see a black girl getting deeply dicked by her black boyfriend.

"I dunno..., something Theo left in the DVD player." answered Devon.

"That's Theo for you, man..." sighed Flex, turning his head sideways to see
the dick going in and out of her swollen kootchy. "...with all that dick he
got, he the only guy I know still jack off to the porno's faithfully! That
girl (the baby's momma) must've fucked with his mind big-time!"

"Have you ever seen Theo down here jacking at night?" asked Devon,

"No..., but I've had a couple near misses when I broke his flow when I
brought one of my girls down to drive home. I even offered one or two to
him, but he declined. They were even down for it. I'm starting to think he
ain't into chicks anymore!" joked Flex, cupping his crotch. Devon's eyes
fell on his growing lump. He could feel his mouth already starting to
The girl in the movie was moaning and grunting louder and louder as
dude's thrusts got deeper and wilder. Flex was obviously getting turned on
as he started to massage himself openly. "Theo's got some good taste in
movies though!" he said, eyes glued to the screen. Devon's eyes were glued
to his bulge, his own dick only growing hard after Flex started to grope
himself. He wanted to asked him if he wanted another blow job, but couldn't
bring himself to ask. Flex refused to ask, knowing that Devon wanted it as
badly as he wanted air. But he would not make it easy for him, he wanted
Devon to hear the words coming out of his own mouth, knowing that it was
his sole decision to blow him, and not him giving in weakly to request.
After the scene ended with the guy pulling his big dick from the
girl's pussy and cumming all over her clitoris, Flex finished his beer and
decided to call it a night as he hopped from the couch and climbed the
steps with his backpack. Devon sat on the sofa, feeling like an idiot for
allowing the moment to pass without making a move. His dick was still hard,
but not because of the new scene that arose on screen. He wanted his
roommate's meat, and he wanted it badly.

Flex peeled off his boxers and jumped into the shower before
bed. He knew a quick shower would refresh his body scent (incase of
encounter), as well as relax him and help him pass off to sleep faster.
When he got out of the shower, he dried himself as he walked down
the hall naked to his room. He could still hear the TV on downstairs as he
went into his room, set his alarm, and laid down in front of the air
conditioner. He toyed with his big dick, daydreaming about the morning
action in the bathroom. He wasn't completely surprised when there was a
light knock on his door, followed by a timid twist of the knob. Devon came
in, his head hung low with shame as he closed the door and walked towards
the bed.

Without saying a word, he laid down on Flex's bed, and took his
half hard dick into his mouth. Flex lay back with his hands resting behind
his head, enjoying the feel of head from his roommate. This was what he
wanted ever since he got out of school, to lay back, relax, and have his
dick massaged by his roommate's increasingly good mouth.
Devon knew nothing of Flex's desires as he suckled the swelling
head and fisted the iron flesh. He felt like a total loser as he ate his
buddy's dick, like the faggot his girlfriend's roommate described of her
boyfriend. Devon had seen (even talked to) Richard on several occasions
while staying at Yolanda's. Rich seemed like a cool guy, Devon sensed
nothing in him that screamed HOMO, or suggested he might be gay. He was
thoroughly surprised to find his girlfriend spreading such rumors simply
because he wanted to perform some kinky sex acts with his girl. Hell, even
Flex had had anal sex with females, and 3sums with friends he shared with
women. But then Devon found himself questioning Flex's sexuality again,
knowing he'd experienced those kinds of sex acts, along with allowing him
(his male roommate) to suck his dick on 3 separate occasions.

Devon kicked all negative thoughts out of his head as he continued
to suck Flex's dick. Why cloud his experience with thoughts he had no
answers to? Flex's dick felt like heaven in his mouth, instantly calming
his head and putting everything in perspective for him. Surely he was gay
if sucking dick could simply make him feel better about himself? What
straight guy would subject himself to the same humiliating torment over and
over again?
Again Devon tried to clear his mind of all thought, and just enjoy
the moment at hand (or mouth). It was dark in Flex's room, and Devon was
glad that the darkness helped conceal some of his shame as he bobbed his
mouth on the bloated dick. He could hear the unexpected growls and slurp
sounds escape his mouth as he tried to take more and more dick between his
lips. He sucked away happily until Flex suddenly reached over and turned on
a lamp, eliminating the room in light and catching Devon off guard.

"I just wanted to see you suck it." smiled Flex, looking down at him.
Now feeling subconscious (but not refusing to continue), Devon
sucked timidly, his eyes trying to avoid Flex's bold stares as he watched
his dick get sucked by his male roommate. "Why don't you take out your dick
and jack off?" asked Flex, as Devon was still fully dressed.
Devon didn't speak as he kept sucking. His mind started to fill
with thoughts again as he ran his wet lips up and down the spit glistening
shaft. He could definitely feel his dick bent painfully in his pants,
wanting out, but he was afraid to cum again in front of Flex while sucking
his dick. He knew Flex was judging him, despite his understanding
nature. He knew Flex saw something in him, perhaps the same something the
man at the nightclub saw the first time Devon came home and blew his
roommate (chap-1). Devon wasn't sure he liked that people could just look
at him and tell something was up. He wanted to be normal like everyone
else. He didn't want people whispering and gossiping behind his back,
calling him names and telling his girls her boyfriend was a faggot!

Flex didn't push the issue of seeing Devon naked, though he really
liked looking down at his naked body that morning while he stood over him
watching him blow him on his knees. Devon's dick had been rock hard, Flex
was surprised when he saw the amount of cum Devon shot after blowing
him. It proved that Devon was really into it, and more importantly, -it
proved that Devon was dedicated to the cause. Flex liked that Devon seemed
to be getting more comfortable with his sexuality (or with sucking dick
anyway). He was definitely profiting from Devon's growth, on the giving end
of the torch, laying back and allowing his friend to perform as he got used
to the idea of perhaps being gay or bisexual.

Devon started to moan peacefully, his lips wrapped firmly about his
roommate's leaning tower as he worked his fist up and down the parts of the
shaft his mouth couldn't reach. He could feel Flex starting the slowly
thrust up into his mouth, simulating fucking as he reached down and
caressed and molded the top of Devon's head.
Devon loved the contact, feeling Flex's hands on his head, stroking
his face, making the moment seem more intimate. It helped make Devon relax
and get more into it. As his hunger grew, his suck style got wilder. He
bobbed his head harder, forcing more dick into his mouth. He knew not to
choke himself, knowing it would feel better for both of them if he took
small steps, -deep throating would come in time. As Flex placed both hands
onto Devon's head and started pumping, Devon reached down and began
unfastening his pants, pushing them down as he freed his hard dick and bare

Flex watched Devon stroke himself while he got his face fucked. He
maneuvered himself on his knees so he could wrap his own hand around his
hard equipment. Flex was captivated by the sight of Devon's bottom turned
up in the air. He held Devon's head with one hand, keeping it moving up and
down on as much of his shaft as he could take without gagging, -and reached
back with his free hand until he was groping his roommate's bare ass. Devon
groaned as his bottom was squeezed and slapped several times. Flex's dick
throbbed in Devon's mouth, inciting an explosion of pre-juice which set
Devon's taste-buds aflame. Devon suckled sweetly on the dick tip, enjoying
the salty flavor of Flex's pre-cum. Flex lay back down in bed,
concentrating on the blow job at hand. He thrust up into Devon's mouth,
gripping both hands onto his head as he started to serious fuck.
Devon sucked and slobbered all over the meaty curve, taking as much
as he could while jacking his own staff. The pre-cum (and anticipation of
the actual semen) had Devon on edge. He started to moan loudly as he
loosened his lips from around the thick shaft. He was breathing hard,
trying to pleasure his friend while contending with an imminent
orgasm. Devon's dick pulsed and throbbed in his hand even after he stopped
stroking it. The head swelled as a stream of white semen shot forth from
the tip, streaking across Flex's sheets as he lay pumping up into Devon's
gaping mouth.

"uuuugggghhhhhkkk...!!" groaned Devon, breathing hard around the rigid
shaft. Another bolt of cum shot from his dick, landing near the
first. Devon panted for breath as his orgasm sent rope after rope of hot
seed onto Flex's bed sheet. Flex never stopped humping up into Devon's
slack mouth. He dick head started to bang into the back of Devon's mouth as
he gasped openly for more air. When Flex thrust upward, his dick head sank
into Devon's open throat, causing the head and several inches to sink down
into Devon's unexpected gullet.

"Ooooo shit!!" moaned Flex, feeling Devon's throat muscles clamp down just
beyond the head of his rod. Devon's eyes bulged as his throat was
pierced. He tried to pull his head back, but Flex was pushing it downward
at the same time. Devon felt Flex's dick thicken in his throat, then felt
the first surge of semen shot out.
Devon panicked as the first shot went directly down his throat. He
yanked back on his head, yanking the dick from his throat as the rest of
Flex's cum shot into his mouth. "Oooo fuck, yeahhhh man...!" moaned Flex,
feeling a strong climax. Devon feasted in his dick juice, swallowing
everything he gave as the dick kept shooting load after load of salty

"awww..." sighed Flex, collapsing his head into his pillow. Devon had
drained him dry again, successfully making him cum and eating his load
without even being told to this time. He smiled to himself, peeking down at
Devon through slit eyes as he cleaned off his dick and ate all evidence of
his orgasm. Devon looked up into Flex's eyes, catching him staring down at
him knowingly.

"What you looking at?" asked Devon, suddenly feeling guilt wash back over

"Nothing." said Flex, watching Devon's every move.

"You think its funny, what I just did?" he asked, getting up off Flex's bed
as he started to pull up his pants over his fat boyish ass. "You think I'm
one big joke, don't you?"

"What?" questioned Flex, intrigued by Devon's quick change of emotion. "I
was just enjoying the afterglow!"

"Afterglow, eh...?" asked Devon, tucking his dick as he headed for the
door. "You know..., I don't enjoy being taken advantage of!"

"Who's taking advantage of you?" asked Flex, sitting up on his elbows.

"How many guys have you been with before me?" asked Devon, as if he already
Flex looked surprised by the question, his eyes widening as an
answer popped in his head.

"A few..., why?"

"How come you never told me you'd been with a guy before?" asked
Devon. "How come you acted like this was your first time too?"

"I never told you because it was MY business!" answered Flex. "It happened
a few years ago, and I wasn't comfortable sharing that with my friends!"

"Oh! But you expect ME to be able to share everything with you?" asked
Devon. "My life, my emotions, my feelings, my mouth...?? And here you
couldn't even tell me you'd already had experience! That's fucked up!" he
finished, turning towards the hall way.

"Yo...!" called Flex, jumping out of bed to follow Devon to his room. "I
didn't tell you or Theo because I thought y'all wouldn't understand!
Hell..., we were only 16, and it wasn't like either of you were sexually
promiscuous! I HAD to keep it to myself, or risk losing y'all as friends!"

"I wouldn't've stopped being friends just because you had a gay
experience!" said Devon. "In fact..., you could have answered some nagging
questions I might had had in my head!"

"I had my own issues to deal with then..." said Flex. "I wasn't in any
position to be giving anybody any advise."

"So, what happened?" asked Devon, curiously.

"It's a long story." smiled Flex.

"I've got time." said Devon, leading a naked Flex into his room...

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