Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Daft Davie

Heather looked good and I still worshipped the ground she walked on despite
6 years of marriage. At 26, I still looked good too and even though I say
it myself, we were a handsome couple. There was still certain a girlish
quality to Heather. Her slight frame coupled with a generous bust and long,
lovely legs made guys turn around when she walked past. She would smile
when they whistled, throw her long, blonde hair back and look over her
shoulder as if to say, "Come and get me!"

I just loved it when she flirted and, though we still fucked regularly, my
desire to see her having some of these guys had been fulfilled a couple of
times during our six years; actually three times, and all in the last three
years. I had played little part in each of the sessions though I had fucked
her brains out when the guys had gone. All had been met on the internet and
all had bigger cocks than me. It was only by promising her big cocks that I
managed to get her to go along with the idea in the first place. Heather
didn't care what the guys looked like or how old they were, just that the
bigger the cock, the better for her. In fact none of the guys were dogs.
Two were in their twenties and one was late thirties. One of the
twenty-somethings was a little stocky but he hadn't lied when he said his
cock was at least nine inches long. I watched and took come pictures for
wanking fodder over the following months.

We hadn't done much since the big-cock guy, though Heather had said she was
ready to be filled again. Despite much searching, there were a lot of
time-wasters out there and quite a lot of liars too. I always asked for a
cock picture and some guys' ideas of big were not ours. I mean I had over
seven inches so there was little point in offering up my delicious wife for
less than that! It might sound mercenary but that was our deal. She would
let guys come and fuck her for me to watch as long as they were well

We had had a quiet week socially and all both of us had done was work, go
home, watch telly and sleep. We had fucked on Wednesday night and talked
about the big hunk I was going to find soon. That brought her to a howling
orgasm! When Saturday came, I suggested we go for some pasta and then head
for the local pub karaoke night afterwards. Not the height of social
intercourse but it would get us out of the house. The pasta was great, as
was the Pinot Grigio and it was a merry couple who walked arm in arm to the
Whitehouse Inn, our local hostelry. The dulcet tones of white skinned,
patchy redhaired (badly dyed), pimply, Diana Ross wannabe wafted, off key,
out of the entrance singing "Do You Know Where You're Going To," which
sadly, she didn't!

Heather, as always, had heads turning when she entered. Unlike many of the
wives and girlfriends, she looked really good without tarting herself up in
makeup. We grabbed a table and were joined by Sheila and Matt from near
where we stayed. With the noise of the music, conversation wasn't going to
be a major part of the evening anyway. Heather and I did our Sonny and Cher
("I Got You Babe") sometime after the fifth drink and Matt tried his hand
at "Moon River," shortly after. We were in fine spirits and started
shouting back and forth above the din.

A voice wafted from the stage singing "Streets of London" in perfect pitch.

"Bloody Hell he's good," said Sheila looking up.

On stage was Davie, Daft Davie to all who knew him. Davie was well known in
the area. He was around 27 and should have been a fine looking man.
Actually he was a fine looking man, but something had left him thinking
like an 11 year old. That's when he stopped developing mentally. He stood
around 6 feet tall, was a quite thin, had yellow, blonde hair which was
wild and receding slightly at the front and wire glasses which added to his
geeky status. Everyone liked Davie as he was completely harmless and he
frequently made himself useful doing errands and sometimes even a bit of
gardening within the attention limits expected of an "11 year old."

I had never heard him sing but he was bloody good. There was no sign of
his clumsy, embarrassed way, no sign of his limited vocabulary, and no lack
of confidence. However, when the song finished and we all applauded, he
almost shrivelled back into the Davie we all knew. He went back up to the
bar to sit and sipped on his pint. People spoke to Davie but no one really
held a conversation with him beyond, "How are you," or "How's your Mum,"
with whom he lived?

Around thirty minutes later, I went to the toilet and when I entered, Davie
was standing at the urinal. He looked up with a slightly embarrassed look
and smiled when he recognised me.

"Hi Davie, how's things," I chided?

"Fine Mr Steve," he said his habit of calling everyone by their Christian

We drifted into silence as men do when standing alongside each other with
their dicks out. I don't know what made me look along at him but when I did
and did a double take. Daft Davie was standing with a soft cock in his hand
which had to be over six inches long. There was more though, its thickness
was like a large cucumber. He caught me looking and smiled, looking down at
my cock as he did so. That didn't bother me until I saw him really stare. I
looked down and realised I had started to grow for some reason and my cock
was almost up to its full seven and a half inches. I was about to put it
away when I looked back at Davie again and though I couldn't fully make it
out, his growing cock was already close to ten, thick inches.

"You look horny Davie," I said.

He flushed and quickly struggled to push the monster back into his jogging
bottoms. When he walked out the protrusion was enormous and he had to keep
pulling it upwards to stop it looking too obvious as he headed to the bar.

"You're joking," said Heather when I quietly told her back in the bar?

"The size and thickness of my arm from wrist to elbow," I said.

"Fucking Hell, that must be one of the biggest on the planet," she said.

"Maybe not the planet but possibly the biggest I'll ever see," I replied.

There was silence from Heather for almost fifteen minutes as we continued
to watch the singers. She leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, "I
wonder what it would feel like inside me?"

"It's Daft Davie, Heather, nobody wants it," I said. "It would be like
having a kid."

"A kid with a foot long cock," she replied before turning back to chat to
our friends.

Davie was standing over at the bar as we spoke, and our friends turned
away, preoccupied with the latest rendering of "Mac the Knife" from a Co-op
van driver so they were well out of earshot.

"He's not ugly," continued Heather.

"It's nothing to do with being ugly it's just his complete manner let alone
what his personal hygiene might be like." I continued on a roll now. "Just
imagine taking his big cock in your hand and he pulls back the foreskin to
reveal enough cream cheese to cover a cracker."

"Don't be disgusting," she replied, "I'll shower him before we start.

"Heather, stop this now. I'll find you another real man," I said firmly!

"With a foot long cock the size of your forearm," she asked?

I smiled and changed the subject.

That night in bed, Heather went over the scenario in the toilet again and

"Would you have touched it," she asked?

"No I wouldn't," I said.

"Imagine handling that enormous brute and holding it as you guide him into
me. With his mental age, it will be having a massively endowed virgin.
Don't you think at his age the poor lad needs some fun?"

She wasn't giving up.

"Remember, he got hard looking at my cock," I said to her, "maybe he's

"Oh goody," she said, "you can take his cock up your arse."

"You're fucking joking," I said.

"I figure that poor lad just wants sex, any sex. His brain might be
underage but his body isn't," she said.

Two days onwards and when I got home from work Heather announced that we
were getting help to mow the lawn.

"I'll do it," I said, "There's no need to get some local lad to do it. We
can save the ten pounds."

"Actually Dave's mother said she would be happy to send him round as it
keeps him occupied. He's good at grass cutting apparently."

"Oh no Heather, you're not going to seduce him?"

"I won't force anything; let's just see how it rolls."

Saturday afternoon was warm and sunny. Our lawn did NOT need cut. Davie
arrived in his jogging bottoms and Manchester United football top and
looked quite cheery. Heather was in control as I was quite concerned about
where this would go.

"His Davie, come in. Steve went and cut the grass, not knowing you were
coming round so it doesn't need done now."

"Why don't you just do some weeding and then stay for some drinks and a
snack and we'll pay you anyway."

He smiled and nodded.

"Are you allowed beer," she asked.

"Yes, I like beer," he said.

"Well you do a little work and we'll give you a beer as long as you don't
tell your mum I got you drunk."

He smiled and headed off to weed. He was quite good in the garden within
limitations so she let him work away in the sun to "work up a sweat," as
she said!

"You must be hot Davie, do you want to stop now," Heather shouted?

"O.K. Mrs Steve," he replied, downing the hoe and walking towards us.

"Look at that cock sway back and forth in his track suit bottoms," said

I was no expert in men's crotches but there was definite meat swinging in
there. I was terrified we were going to scare the living daylights out of
this poor lad.

She poured him a glass of lager and we each had some wine.

As I watched, him I realised Heather was right. Just sitting here on the
couch, he looked like a professor of some sort. He was quite attractive; it
was just his body language and manner and the knowledge that it was
impossible to hold a conversation that made him unsexy.

She wasn't giving up though.

"You must be hot and I can't have you going home all sweaty Davie, so why
don't you have a shower here. Steve is about to have one so he can show you
how it works.

"I am," I said?

"You are," said Heather. "It would embarrass Davie if I went along and took
all my clothes off to shower now wouldn't it?"

Davie blushed.

"Just leave your things outside Davie and I'll air them. There are towels
inside the wet room," said Heather, still leaving me confused with her

As soon as he was inside, she told me to strip to my briefs and go in as if
to shave then make some excuse to strip naked and shower before he left the
room. "If he got hard seeing a naked man last time, and wasn't embarrassed
then he is unlikely to feel too bad today. I need him excited before I can
make a move."

Davie was about 5 minutes into his shower and I did as I was asked. My cock
was already hard, partly because of the full seduction thing and partly
because Heather had been stroking me and telling me how wet she was. She
had showered and cleaned herself before he arrived so had obviously been
doing a little warm-up on her own.

Davie didn't see me walk in. The wet room was open plan so no shower door,
and Davie was soaping his hair his cock was hanging semi erect between his
legs, obviously excited by the warm shower.

"I need to shave Davie, is that O.K.," I said?

"Um, yes Mr Steve."

"Would you like me to help you wash, maybe your back," I asked?

"Can you do my bottom bit of back please, I can't ever reach there," he

I stripped off my briefs in front of him realising I was still quite hard
and he looked, his eyes forming big circles.

"You've got a stiffie," he said.

"So I have, I don't know why," I replied.

I started to soap his back down to the top of his buttocks keeping
carefully away from his arse but allowed my hand down to the top of his
legs and in between for a few fleeting seconds.

"That's tickly," he said.

"Tickly nice or tickly bad," I asked?

"It's making me go stiffy now," he said.

"Let me see," I asked?

"I'm not supposed to," he said.

"But look at me," as I pointed at my stiff erection.

He turned to look and something resembling a white, policeman's truncheon,
stood almost horizontally out from him. It couldn't stand straight due to
the sheer size. I had seen cocks like this on the internet but always
assumed they were fakes. I couldn't judge easily but it had to be 12 long
inches and easily the thickness of my wrist. I seriously doubted Heather's
ability to accept this if she got it. I gripped it in my hand and it
jumped. So did I as this was all new to me and I was amazed at the thrill
of doing it. I had an urge to suck it but realised I would have to go easy.

"That's really nice Mr Steve," he said as his hand gripped mine.

"Hi boys," said Heather, now standing at the open wet room door.

"Isn't Davie's stiffie really nice," I said, trying to be matter of fact.

"Oh Davie it's beautiful, can I see it outside in the room, please," she
asked in a similar way.

Davie shrugged his shoulders and said, "I need to dry first Mrs Steve."

"O.K. Davie," we said in unison and waited.

If we hadn't known Davie, he would not be considered attractive in that his
body language was gauche and clumsy, but looking at him coldly as a
stranger, which was easier to do now that he was naked, you could see he
was actually a fine looking guy. He was well built both in body and in the
swinging, heavy chunk of meat heading towards us from the bedroom. His walk
was ungainly and he just stood in front of Heather, she stripped off and
stood in just a pair of white, almost transparent panties. Davie's eyes
were on stalks and his cock was slowly rising again. As for mine, it hadn't
gone down from the first encounter.

Heather took his hand and placed it in her breast. Davie took a sharp
intake of breath as he fingered her erect nipple. She pulled the giant guy
towards her and pushed his head to the same nipple asking him to
suck. After an initial yelp from Heather, she managed to show him what she

"Is that good," she asked him?

"Yes Mrs Steve," he replied.

I stood back and left this to Heather. I was being turned on just watching
so just nursed my achingly stiff cock. She pulled him down on to her. He
looked enormous on top of my little Heather. His big cock was pushed down
between her legs and bent back obscenely so that it faced in my
direction. The foreskin had slid back and the enormous head was moist with
pre-cum and looked as though it was winking at me. Heather was warming
up. She gripped his head and pulled it to her face, kissing him. I could
see he wasn't quite sure what to do and it took a few moments guidance
before his open mouth was over hers. I just couldn't get over the size
difference in the two bodies lying before me.

I stretched forward and gently took hold of his cock. He jumped a little
and looked around at me.

"I'm just going to make you feel good Davie," I said as I rubbed his
foreskin back and forward over the head of his cock.

He rolled on to his back taking Heather over until she was on top of
him. Heather slid down and took his cock in her hand as he watched her. She
put her mouth over the head and, stretching as best she could, managed to
swallow about one third of the entire beast.

"What are you doing to my thingy, Mrs Steve," he asked?

They say you shouldn't answer a question with a question but Heather's
reply was, "Does what I'm doing feel good?"

"Oh yes but it's not nice to put it in your mouth," he said.

"Should I stop then Davie?"

"If you don't mind Mrs Steve, then I suppose I don't," he replied, his cock
looking as hard as it was ever going to get.

"Why don't you do it to me too Davie," she asked?

"What," he said?

Heather slipped up his entire body and without a single word, plonked her
open cunt straight on his mouth. Poor Davie's attempts to ask what he
should do sounded more like, "Mmpph," than anything else.

I had to assume he was doing something right as Heather started to
whimper. "Push your tongue in Davie, please. Oh that's it, oh my God that's

I crawled on to the bed carefully and took Davie's hard cock in my hand. I
wanted to feel what it would be like to suck a cock, especially one this
size and this was probably going to be one of my few chances. Like Heather,
I struggled to get my mouth over him. As my mouth pushed gently as far as I
could go, he started thrusting into my mouth. I hoped he wasn't going to
cum as I had no idea what I would do with a gallon of man seed in my mouth.
Heather sucked me off but always spat out and the idea of having another
man's cum in my mouth did not appeal. Luckily he was just thrusting in an
automatic way.

The feeling of hard flesh filling my mouth was very erotic. It was like
nothing I had ever felt before and at that moment; I knew I would enjoy
doing it again. Heather watched me and winked her approval. With her go
ahead, I gripped it more firmly and quickly developed a technique for
sucking. Sliding his foreskin back in my mouth and slurping over the
head. The liquid coming out was slightly salty but not unpleasant.

"Oh Mr Steve, I'm going to get the tingle," he said.

I stopped quickly as I knew what would ensue on the back of the "tingle."

"Let us show you a new way to tingle Davie," I said, taking a condom from
the drawer.

Davie looked down at me as he lay on the bed, his hands behind his head and
Heather kneeling to his side. The condom took some extra stretching to
cover this beast and would not pull all the way to the base but his cock
increased in hardness even more with the latex gripping it firmly. When I
took my hand away, it stood upright like a telegraph pole. Heather moved to
straddle him and gently lowered herself on to the pole. I kneeled to watch
the entry at close quarters, gently stroking my own cock which was
desperate to cum. It took a number of attempts before his cock was inside
Heather while Davie looked on quizzically.

Heather started to ride him up and down and I took my digital camera to
record the event. It took Heather a few attempts, as wet as she was, to
take all of Davie inside her but once she managed she started to ride up
and down on his prone body. As she rode he kept gasping little "Oh's" with
each downward stroke. Heather had an almighty orgasm but Davie's technique
was such that he gave her little time to bask in it as he continued to
hammer into her without any regard for much but his own impending climax.

Without any warning, he suddenly took control. He rolled Heather on to her
back, pulled her legs wide and re-entered her quite forcefully before
starting to hammer into her. Heather's yelps as his massive cock lunged
into her body could have been interpreted as pain but I knew otherwise.
This was a totally different Davie from the shy, immature and coy young man
we knew. He was holding her legs apart and his mouth wrapped around one of
her tits as he fucked her.

He was talking as he fucked but the words made little sense. They were just
beginnings of sentences such as, "Oh that's good Mrs Steve, it's just
like...," and "It tickles more than usual," before drifting back into

I was stroking my cock with my right hand and stroking his cock and balls
as it entered Heather, with my other. The feeling of a hard male member
penetrating my loved one was almost too much to bear so I was happy when
Davie's speed increased and his thrusting became very urgent. I actually
felt his cum forcing its way up his pole and into Heather as my fingers
gripped it. There were about five spurts, each accompanied by a forceful
thrust from Davie and a grunt from Heather.

Once he had slowed to a stop, he pulled his length of flesh out of her
almost as though she was giving birth. The condom sac drooped at the end
with a volumous quantity of white seed, making it sag at the end of his
cock. My ejaculation came quickly and I sprayed over part of his back and
Heather's chest reaching up as far as her lower lip. She smiled and licked
it off.

Davie collapsed on to his back, breathing heavily, his dwindling cock still
an awesome size, lying down over his balls. "What happened," he asked in
all innocence.

"You just fucked your first woman and came inside her," I said.

"It was amazing," he said. "Can I come back please?"

"Yes you can Davie, and we'll show you how to do it properly but this must
be our secret as you're not meant to do this with someone else's wife. We
think you're special and that's why we let you do it but you must not tell

Well Davie didn't tell anyone and he DID come back and developed an amazing
technique with Heather's help. We got to fucking Heather in turn which
really turned her on. The real bonus was the change in Davie's confidence
and he started to take more pride in how he looked and in his personal
care. Davie met a young lady about a year later and never quite seemed so
"daft" after that.

Perhaps our counselling technique isn't in the guide books but it certainly
seemed to work and we have enjoyed the research.

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