Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kyle and me, part 5

Every year in early August, I take my 2 weeks vacation in North Carolina.
I take it alone, because I'm visiting my parents, who are in their 80's,
and have no idea that I have a relationship with another man. This is
still the conservative South, and that little bit of news would probably
kill them.

Years ago, when I was married, I lived in North Carolina, as did my wife's
mother. I hadn't talked to my ex mother in law in years, but little did I
know we were about to meet again.

After an intense night of fucking, with Jean peeking in from time to time,
I got up early on a Saturday morning, threw my gear in the back of my old
pickup, and headed north.

I took my time, because though it is possible to drive from central Florida
to Statesville, NC in a day, it makes for a very long day. That night,
stiff and sore from the drive, I stopped in Columbia, SC and got a room. I
was an easy 2 hour drive from my destination, and would leave out early in
the morning. I called Kyle, and we chatted a while. Jean got on the phone
too, and all 3 of us chatted while I lay on the bed and drank from the neck
of a cold Coors. When we hung up, I was feeling a little horny, and not
quite ready to sleep. I put on my shoes and left the motel and walked over
to a convience store, where much to my delight, I found some skin mags. I
bought a Hustler, and went back to my room and got naked. The women of
course were gorgeous, but lately Hustler shows full penetration shots, men
fucking women in the pussy and up the ass. I got hard looking at some of
the men's cocks, and loved seeing the "money" shots. I lay on the bed,
naked, looking at the pics of men cumming all over women's faces, and soon
shot my own load all over my chest and belly. After some 600 miles of
driving, and an orgasm, I was asleep in practically no time.

The next morning I woke up around 6, the sun just starting to peek above
the horizon. My chest and belly were still sticky from my cum, and I took
a quick shower, got dressed, and checked out.

I ate breakfast at a Waffle House a few miles up the highway, and then
rolled into my parent's driveway around 9. They were glad to see me, and I
was glad to see them. Every year that goes by, I worry that I'll never get
to see them again. Both are in reasonably good health, even though they
are in their mid 80's. We sat around, and had sandwiches for lunch. That
evening, we went out to a meat and 3 joint, since my mom doesn't do much
cooking anymore.

The next day, I helped my dad do some work around the house he wasn't able
to do by himself. I had to go out the the hardware store to get a few
things, and that's where I ran into Kathy. Kathy is my ex mother in law.
When she saw me, she called me by name and hurried over to hug me.

Back when I was married, we lived in a house only a couple of miles from
Kathy. She had been married several times, but had lived alone for quite a
few years. Kathy was now about 65, and retired. My ex wife had not gotten
along with her mother for many years, and not long after my ex and me spit
up, my ex split too. Nobody really knew where she was.

Kathy told me she was having some friends over that evening, and that I
just MUST come over and visit. I really didn't want to, but agreed to come
by, if just for a few minutes. Kathy kissed me on the cheek, and I got my
stuff and went back to my parents house. My dad and I finished our
repairs, and he started talking about dinner. I mentioned that I had told
Kathy that I would stop by. He didn't really understand why I would go
visit my ex mother in law, but I made up a lame excuse, and got myself
cleaned up and went to Kathy's. I planned to only stay for a few minutes.

When Kathy let me in the house, I found 8 other ladies sitting around her
living room. They ranged in age from about 45 to one matron who was
probably in her 70's. They all had drinks in their hands, and there was a
fully stocked bar in the corner of the room. Kathy offered me a drink, and
I thought "What the hell, one isn't going to hurt" and took a scotch and
water. We sat around, making pleasantries for a few minutes, and then
Kathy brought me another drink, even though I hadn't asked for one. I
accepted the drink, and about halfway through, I realized I was getting
pretty buzzed, having had nothing to eat for quite a few hours. I was
feeling the buzz, but had got to the point where I just felt comfortable
sitting there holding the drink, and wasn't really paying attention to the

Finally I tuned back into the banter over my 3rd drink, which had
mysteriously appeared in my hand. The ladies were cackling quite a bit
now, obviously all a little buzzed themselves. I finally started really
paying attention when the oldest of the ladies said "He was always hard!
He just stayed that way for hours. I would tell him to but the damn thing
away, but he was always right there, rubbing it up and down my butt while I
was cooking or doing the dishes."

"Whoa!" I thought. For a group of prim and proper Southern ladies, this
was kind of shocking to me. The talk continued, several of the ladies
talking about their husbands or past lovers, going into graphic detail at
time. I felt my cock twitch a little, just listening to the talk. Kathy
talked about one of her ex husbands who apparently had a lot of money but a
limp dick. "It turned out he liked men, was the problem" she said. I
winced a little bit internally. Kathy was sitting beside me, and was
obviously a little high herself. "I know this one is a real man, because
he used to be married to my daughter." With that she reached over and
patted my package. As buzzed as I was, I was still shocked and startled.
My ex mother in law had just put her hand on my cock!

The talk continued that way, and Kathy began touching me, on my shoulder,
on my chest, and a couple of more times she rested her hand on my crotch.
I was really getting buzzed, but my cock responded every time her hand was
on me.

The oldest of the ladies, in her 70's said "I'd sure like to see a real one
again!" The other women laughed. Kathy said "Well, we've got one right
here! Why don't you show us, son?"

I was flabbergasted. But I've always been a little bit of a card, and I'm
also a little bit of a slut too. For the second time that evening, I said
"What the hell." I stood up, and put down my drink. Several of the ladies
gasped, but all eyes were on me now.

I undid my belt, unbuttoned my jeans, and pushed them down. I rarely wear
underwear, so my cock sprang free from the confines of my jeans, and popped
up and slapped my belly. I was very hard, just at the though about
exposing myself to 9 old ladies. There were more gasps, several ladies
clutching their hearts, but no one looked away. They all stared at my
hard, trobbing cock.

Kathy leaned over, her face just inches from my erection. I could feel her
breath on it, and it made me leak a little pre cum. "I can see why my
daughter married him!" she said. She then reached out with her right hand
and grasped it. "MMMMM! So nice and hard!"

She began stroking me, slowly. "Ladies, come over here and feel it!" Kathy
said, and one by one, each of the ladies came over and stroked my cock, and
several hefted my balls, feeling the weight inside. Kathy grabbed my shirt
and tugged it over my head, then knelt down and untied my shoes. She had
me sit down, her face right over my cock as she pulled my pants and socks
off. Within a minute, I was completely nude. "Stand up," she said. I
did. "Stand up on the chair." I complied.

I was basically standing on a stage, my cock standing up, proudly, and all
the women looked at me, some licking their lips. Their eyes were drawn to
my cock, as if it were a magnet. Kathy took it in her hands again, and
with my standing on the chair, my crotch was about level with her face.
Suddenly, without warning, she dove in, taking my cock all the way down
until her face was buried in my stubbly pubes. Only Kyle had ever taken my
cock so deeply before.

In an instant, my mind flashed back to years before, when my wife had told
me some of her mom's history. My wife basically said that her mom got by
when she and her sisters and brothers were young but being a whore. Kathy
would often bring strange men home, send the kids to bed, and they would
hear the grunting and growning coming from Kathy's bedroom. One time,
after a bad fight with her daughter, Kathy had told me that she was never a
whore, but had a high sex drive when she wasn't married. "I never took it
up the A hole, like that slut of a daughter of mine says I did." Those
thoughts came back to me as my ex mother in law sucked my entire 6 and half
inch, thick cock into her mouth.

Within about a minute, I felt my balls tighten, and Kathy knew the signs.
She backed off my cock, letting it bounce free, her saliva running down the
shaft. "Not too soon, my boy!" she said. The other ladies laughed. I was
aware of the oldest lady standing in front of me, her tongue licking her
lips. "Let me try!" she said. Kathy just nodded and backed away. Then
the most amazing thing happened. The old lady put her hand up to her
mouth, manipulating something. THen suddenly her teeth came out! She was
wearing dentures! She placed them on a napkin on the table next to the
chair where my drink was, and slowly began licking up and down on my cock.
Then she took the entire shaft in her mouth, much as Kathy had. Her mouth,
with no teeth at all, felt much like a pussy, and I knew I was going to cum
pretty soon if she kept taking my shaft in her mouth. As she sucked me, I
saw a few of the ladies rubbing themselves through their slacks, and that
just turned me on even more.

The oldest lady had my balls in her hand as she bobbed on my knob, and felt
the warning signs of my orgasm. She backed off, as Kathy had. My cock,
leaking pre cum, was throbbing like an exposed nerve now. Soon, hands were
all over me, all the ladies gathered around, but no one else dared to suck
me. Hands felt my cock, balls, and several felt my butt cheeks, and I felt
at least one finger probing my crack, and tickled my hole.

"Who wants to see him shoot his juice?" Kathy said. All the ladies replied
in the affirmative, and she took my cock and began jacking it. All the
ladies gathered in front of me, just a few feet away, and watched the show.
Kathy jacked me expertly, as well as I could have. She'd done this before.
With her right hand, she worked my shaft up and down, and let her left hand
wander around my buns. I felt her finger probing, between my butt cheeks,
and soon felt it at the entrance to my hole. I felt her probing, and I was
getting close. Finally she said "Here it comes, girls!" and shoved her
finger up my hole. She definitely had my number, and I shot, gobs and gobs
of cum up into the air, spattering the floor and Kathy's hand over and
over. The ladies stood transfixed as I orgasmed, shooting my cum all over
the place.

Kathy gently removed her finger from my asshole, and held my wilting cock.
She helped me down to the floor, and helped me sit down. Soon, a fresh
drink was in my hand. The banter continued, as I sat there naked, nursing
my drink. My bare feet felt the spent cum on the hardwood floor.

About an hour later, the ladies started to leave, in one's and twos. The
oldest lady had reinstalled her dentures, and bent down to give my cock a
quick kiss before she left.

When Kathy and I were finally alone, I told her "That was possibly the
strangest thing I've ever done, and I've done some strange things."

Kathy laughed. "I really didn't plan for that to happen, but it just did,
and I'm glad you played along!"

I said "Listen, you got me off, can I help you? Would you like me to fuck

"No, hun. You don't have to do anything for me. I'm ok."

"Kathy, I feel rotten if I leave you hanging. Want me to eat your pussy or

"Hmmmm.... well, I'm old, you know. You might not like eating old lady
pussy, but it's been so long since anyone ate my pussy, I can't even
remember the last time."

"Let me eat your pussy, Kathy. I owe you that much at least!" I said.

"Hold on, let me fresh up a little. I'll be right back." With that Kathy
left the room.

I sat there, nursing my drink, thinking about what had just happened. I
had just been jacked off by my ex mother in law in front of a group of
good, southern, church going women. My ex mother in law had sucked my
cock, as had an old lady with no teeth. In my wildest dreams, I could not
imagine anything quite as strange. I found it very erotic though.

I heard a noise at the entry way to the living room, and I turned to look.
Kathy was totally naked. Her large breasts drooped some, but where still
nice to look at. She had a hairy bush between her legs, mostly brown,
almost blond, but shot through with gray. She had the normal droops and
sags that a 65 year old woman would have, but she looked good. At least to
me she looked good. Kathy went to the sofa, and lay back. She spread her
legs wide, exposing a pretty pink pussy. "Go ahead, son. Eat me if you
want to." I stood up, aware that my cock was getting hard again, and dove

I kissed her thighs first, and she trembled. I licked her bush. She
trembled again. Then I pushed my tongue directly up her vagina, and she
bucked and began humping my face. I then direced my tongue to her clit,
which was rather large, almost like a small penis. I began sucking her
clitoris, and she began to moan and buck. With my right hand I began to
finger her cunt, which was slick and wet. "Damn, this old lady is hot!" I
thought as I ate her. Her clit twitched as I licked and sucked the little
nub. With my left hand, I drifted down a little, and felt her puckered
anus. I slowly rubbed my index finger in circles around the hole, probing
a little as I sucked and lapped on her clit. Kathy continued to heave and
moan. I slowly pushed one, then two fingers into her asshole. She
suddenly screamed, and just about hammered my face with her crotch. She
had just cum. Her asshole was looser than I thought it would be, but maybe
it was just because of her advanced age. Kathy bucked up and down,
enjoying a long orgasm. My cock was totally hard, and leaking pre cum all
over the expensive cushions of her sofa. I came up for air, and looked at
her. Her face was showing total euphoria, in the throes of orgasm. I slid
up her body, resting my chest on hers, and reached back and lifted her legs
high. Using her legs as leverage, I pushed my body up, and raised her legs
up until her feet were over her shoulders.

I felt my cock sliding up and down her ass crack, and over her pussy. I
rested her left leg on my shoulder, and used my right hand to position my
leaking cock at the entrance to her asshole. I gave a push, and I was in,
easy as pie. "Bullshit, you don't take it in the A hole," I thought. I
slid in, and rested there for a moment, then took hold of her ankles, and
proceeded to fuck her, and I literally fucked the shit out of her. I could
feel my cock driving in and out of soft stool, and that just turned me on
even more. Kathy was more or less incoherent at that point, just moaning
and sometimes saying my name, and just bucking up against me. I fucked her
hard for about 5 minutes and then I started shooting, cumming up her shit
filled hole. I collapsed on top of her for a minute, catching my breath,
aware of her flabby boobs beneath my chest.

Finally, I lifted myself, and pulled my cock out of her asshole. It was
covered with shit, just as I had suspected. Kathy lay there breathing
hard, having cum a few more times while I was ransacking her backdoor. I
climbed up, and straddled her face, and rubbed my dick all over her lips,
making her taste her own shit. I was still pretty drunk at this point, but
all inhibitions had been lost by this time. This was animal sex, this was
just instinct. This was just nasty.

At about 3 in the morning, I cleaned up in Kathy's bathroom, taking care to
wipe all the rest of her shit off my cock. When I left, Kathy was passed
out on the couch, still naked, and my cock had left trails of shit all over
her face. I kissed her, tasting her shit in my mouth, and went back to my
parent's house and slept like a baby.

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