Thursday, May 14, 2009

Love in Sun City

Chapter one

My name is Raymond Masterson but most people call me Ray. I'm 66 years
old, have been divorced for almost twenty-five years and up until seventeen
months ago was pretty sure I was heterosexual; now I know I'm bi-sexual; I
enjoy men as much as women. Had I known this twenty-five years ago I'm
sure my life would have been different.

Twenty-seven years ago I was transferred to Phoenix, Arizona from Southern
California. I worked for a large firm as a sales representative and was
promised my own territory if I would move there. I had lived in several
locations throughout California and thought that it would be an interesting
move and a great promotion.

I had a short, six month marriage to a lady that I had been involved with
which ended in divorce; among other things, our sexual needs were
different. I required sex at least once every day and I think she required
sex about once a year after we married. In any event, it was my third
marriage; that marriage cured me of the desire to walk down the isle again.

The next several years were a cavalcade of women in and out of my life;
most for a few weeks though a couple managed to stay for six months or so.
Some were older than me; a few my own age, most a few years younger than me
and an occasional really young one. By the time I was fifty-two I was
burning out on Phoenix women, and everything else.

My company offered me a vice-president's position if I would move to Kansas
City. After some thought, I decided that I could stand the change of; I
accepted the job and moved to Kansas City where I found the social
situation was the same as in Phoenix only worse. I met a few women, dated
them a few times, screwed them and moved on.

When I reached sixty-five I had had enough; I decided to retire and enjoy
life for a change. Work had been but now I wanted to do other things; play
golf, travel, perhaps learn how to play an instrument, maybe write a book.
Basically, after all the years of working I was ready to play.

Financially I was secure though not wealthy; I could live just about
anywhere reasonable. I thought about moving outside the country and
becoming an expatriate but wasn't quite sure where I would move. I had
decided that after I retired I wanted to move back to Phoenix and live in
one of the retirement communities.

I turned in my retirement papers, put my condominium up for sale and
prepared for a new life. I flew to Phoenix where, after looking for two
weeks I bought a nice condominium in the heart of Sun City. It wasn't huge
but was big enough to meet my needs. I was on a golf course, had a
wonderful view of mountains, was close to everything and was extremely
comfortable. It had two bedrooms, one and three quarters bathrooms, a two
car garage, a spacious living room, family room and nice kitchen and dining
nook as well as a beautiful covered patio that I could sit on in the
morning and have my coffee.

I moved in and began taking advantage of all the amenities that Sun City
offered. I played golf (terribly) every day, ate at one of the restaurants
there, spent a lot of time at the recreation center closest to me working
out or laying by the pool. I met a few people, mostly older couples that
had moved to Sun City years before. I found out where all the good
restaurants, movie houses, etc. were. I got hooked up with a guitar player
who offered to teach me to play the guitar, something that I had always
wanted to do.

I took advantage of everything available to me in Sun City; the bowling,
the card nights, the golf, the swimming pool, as well as anything else that
might come up. I was really enjoying the retirement life. Phoenix is a
wonderful city, full of good restaurants, movie houses, shopping malls,
theater, sports of every kind as well as a great entertainment. I was glad
to be back and able to take it advantage of it all again, especially after
ten years in Kansas City.

About six years after I had gone to Kansas City I noticed that my need for
women began to decrease. I still liked them, loved to fuck them, and
enjoyed their company but I found myself thinking of other things.

One evening I had gone out for dinner in a quiet place that was known to
have a lot of gay men go there; the food was excellent and I had eaten
there several times. I was in a booth when I heard a conversation from the
next booth to mine. "Aren't you glad we got together last night? I know
it was your first time with a man but we'll have plenty more. I've got a
lot to teach you," the voice in the next booth said. I had heard those
exact words some thirty years earlier!! I thought about the one gay affair
that I had encountered several years earlier when I was in my early
twenties; it lasted almost three months and ended suddenly. When it was
over, I tried to never think about it again.

I was in the military in Dallas, Texas in the early sixties. I loved to
play pool and thought that I was pretty good at it. Because I won at base
most of the time I started looking for new places to play. I found a pool
hall in town that no one knew me and began playing there.

One August night I had been playing a guy about two years older than me. I
would win one game, then he would win two games, then I would win two
games, then he would win one; it went on for several hours and looked as
though we were pretty well matched. The hall was crowded, noisy, smoky and
stunk of beer, chalk and sweaty bodies. I would have preferred somewhere
else to play but everything else was closed.

Tony, the guy I was playing suggested we go over to his house; he said he
had a professional pool table there that belonged to his father. Since
there was such great competition between us this would be a perfect chance
for us to show off our skills to one another.

Tony didn't live very far; he drove home and I followed. When we got to
the house, he went in and turned on the lights while I followed. The house
was small and stuffy. In the dining room there was a pool table. It took
up the greater part of the room but there would be enough room to play.

He walked past the dining/pool room into a small, cramped kitchen and
opened a cabinet. "I'm `beered' out," he said. "How about a real drink?"
I answered that I'd like one. He got two glasses, filled them with ice
cubes and poured some rum and coke in each, handing me one. Since I wasn't
much of a hard drinker I thought I would be careful in my drinking but it
tasted so mild and good that I drank it rather quickly.

"My dad and I live together here; he works nights and usually isn't home
until around eight-thirty in the morning. I'm going to Texas Tech which
means we really don't see a whole lot of each other. He won't be here till
morning so we can play uninterrupted," he said.

We played a couple of games and I had a couple more drinks; I was beginning
to feel the alcohol and the heat. The house was stifling and I was
sweating more than a little. "It's hot in here," Tony said. "Why don't we
strip to our shorts and be more comfortable?"

At first I thought it a little strange, but the alcohol had begun to take
effect so I went along with him. We both stripped to our shorts and played
another game. I was on my fifth drink; the alcohol was loosening my
inhibitions and I was playing with reckless abandon.

"Let's have some fun, Ray," he said. "Let's play for a kiss!"

I wasn't quite sure what he meant, play for a kiss. "I'll show you. If I
win, I get to kiss you; if you win, you kiss me." I had never even thought
of kissing a man but the alcohol did my thinking for me. We played a game
and he won. He walked over to me, took me in his arms and began kissing
me. It felt really weird but I went along with it. Soon we were making
out; I wasn't sure whether I liked it or not but my cock had
gotten as hard as a rock.

After a little while he stopped. "Let's play strip-pool. I win, I'll
strip your shorts off you, if you win, you strip mine off me," he said,
looking at my hard-on. We played; he won. "Ok, Ray, kiss me...kiss me
lots while I strip you," he said. At first I backed away but he came
forward and began kissing me. By this time I was beginning to enjoy our
encounter. He started kissing my neck and chest as he reached down and
pulled down my shorts. His hand brushed against my cock as he pulled them
down. I stepped out of them while continuing to kiss him. I didn't pay
any attention, but he had pulled his off, too.

I pulled away; I hadn't expected any of this. "We'll play to see if you
fuck me," he whispered. "I...I'm not sure what you mean," I stuttered.
"Just play; you'll see what I mean," he answered.

I think it was the shortest game in history; he ran the table! He walked
into the other room, then came back with a jar of Vaseline. He began
kissing me and playing with my hard cock. He reached in the jar and put
some Vaseline on my cock, then put a big gob on his asshole. "Fuck me!!"
he demanded as he turned around and lay over the pool table.

I was abhorred; I had never fucked anyone in the ass before. I hadn't ever
thought about it with a woman, let alone a man. "Fuck me, and fuck me
hard, Ray. I won; you have to fuck me and do it now, damn it!" he

Slowly I put my cock up to his asshole and began to push. At first it was
tight but then I popped through and pushed right in. I began to pump his
ass; it felt good. I'd had enough to drink that I wasn't going to cum for
quite a while; I think I fucked him for almost an hour. During the time,
he grabbed my hand and put it on his cock and we jacked him off at the same
time. All the time he was moaning and saying how good it felt...I had the
best cock he'd ever felt, I was wonderful, I had to fuck him every day,
don't cum yet. The moaning went on until I felt myself getting ready to
cum. I pushed deeper into his asshole, though I didn't think I could and
began cumming. I shot cum into his asshole like a fire hose gushing to put
out a fire. Finally I was done; it must have been five minutes.

He turned his head around and kissed me, then took my hand and led me to a
room. He lay down on his back on the bed there and pulled me down on top
of him. My cock was still half hard. He grabbed it, pushed it into his
asshole as he wrapped his legs around me. "Fuck me again, Ray. Make it as
good as the last time," he hoarsely moaned. I began pumping him, this time
from the top. He came twice while I was fucking him doggie style but I
could feel his cock get hard again as our bodies slammed together. He came
again, this time over our stomachs. I continued to fuck him, he continued
to moan and kiss me and wrap his legs and arms around me. I don't know how
long we fucked but I was getting really tired. I didn't think I could cum
again but finally managed shoot again. It was meek compared to the last
one but it still felt wonderful.

We lay in each other's arms for quite a while. Suddenly he pushed me off
him. "Get up! My dad will be here in a while and I have to go to school.
I can't let him know we had sex all night," he yelled. I got up and got
dressed and started out the door. Just as I was about to open it, he
grabbed me and kissed me. "See you tonight, Ray," he said.

"I don't think I'll be back, Tony," I said.

"You'll be back. If you're not back, I'll hunt you down until I find you.
You fuck better than anyone else I've known and I want more of that cock.
Besides, you liked it too. Come over around ten-thirty. My dad will be
gone by then."

Driving back to the barracks I thought about what just had happened. He
was right; I'd be back. I liked it a lot; the only sex I had experienced
was a couple of high school quickies where we both were more afraid of
either getting caught or her getting pregnant or later on, blow jobs and
fucks with a couple of whores I'd picked up. It was different with him;
the sex was wild and willing.

The next evening, at exactly ten-thirty I showed up on Tony's doorstep. He
opened the door and smiled when he saw me; he only had his shorts on. I
went inside and he kissed me. "Aren't you glad we got together last night?
I know it was your first time with a man but we'll have plenty more. I've
got a lot to teach you," he said. He took my hand and we went to his
bedroom where he undressed me and we began to kiss. As soon as I was hard
he greased my cock and climbed up on me. Pushing hard, my cock entered his
willing ass; he had already greased his hole.

We fucked three times that night. By then I knew I was hooked. For the
next three months, every Sunday through Thursday night when his father was
at work I would fuck him. He never performed oral sex on me; he said he
didn't like the taste of cum. I never had to give him a blow job nor did
he ever try to fuck me; he just wanted my cock up his ass as many times as
we could.

Once, I told him I wanted to taste cum so he let me blow him. It was a
strange taste, not overly strong; in fact, I kind of liked it. I told him
I'd like to do it again but he wouldn't let me. He said that he was the
whore and that my job was to let his ass drain me of all my cum. I didn't
argue with him.

I had met an older woman at the base; she worked in my department and we
saw a lot of each other. She was separated from her husband, her family
was grown and away from home; she told me she was quite lonely. A lot of
times when she came to work it would show that she had been crying a lot
the night before. One Friday night after work she and I stopped to have a
drink. She talked a lot and we ended up at her apartment.

She told me how much she appreciated me taking time with her and I was the
only person she could talk to. Eventually, she kissed me; one thing led to
another and we were in bed for the rest of the weekend. We had oral, anal
and every other kind of sex we could; now only did I experience everything
I had with Tony but she showed me much more. We didn't get dressed the
whole time we were together.

This became my weekend ritual; Maud all weekend, having full-time sex. She
never asked me about my week nights and I never explained. After a month
or so I realized that I enjoyed sex with women even more than I did with
men. Maud was forty-seven and insatiable; we would never leave the
apartment but continue to fuck non-stop all weekend. Finally, one Sunday
night I forgot and didn't go to Tony's but continued to have sex with Maud
until we had to get up and go to work.

My phone was ringing as soon as I arrived at work; it was Tony. "My God,
where the hell have you been? I've been worried out of my mind about you.
I even called the hospital thinking that you might have gotten into a
wreck!" he shouted across the line.

"Sorry, something else came up." I said. He started to argue with me; I
told him that I would talk to him that night about it.

When I arrived, he was in a lousy mood. I started to get undressed but he
said to keep my cloths on. "You've been with somebody else, haven't you?"
he demanded. When I said that I had, he wanted to know if it was another
man. When I told him it was a woman, he became infuriated. He cussed and
tried to take a swing at me but missed. He screamed and yelled and finally
said, "'s her or me...choose now!"

I thought about it and decided that Maud was a better deal. "GET OUT!" he
screamed. "Get out of here, you bastard." I left knowing that my
homosexual experience was over. I liked women too much.

I saw Tony once more before I got discharged; he was with a large black man
and it appeared they were lovers. He didn't see me. Maud and I continued
to have sex for another couple of months, then her husband wanted to
reconciliate so it was over for us. I always appreciated her, though
because she taught me how to make love to a woman the way that a woman
liked it rather than how we men thought they liked it. To this day I
believe every man should have an older woman for a lover at least once.

While hearing that conversation, I wondered what ever happened to Tony. I
thought about what might have happened if Maud hadn't come into my life. I
did enjoy sex with him; I liked feeling his cock, small as it was against
my body, I liked feeling him next to me. At first a fleeting thought of
sex with a man would enter my mind every once-in-a-while; at the same time
my thoughts for women lessened.

Things stayed that way for around two years until one Friday night I was
home looking around the Internet for some information. I accidentally
brought up a gay porn site and there staring me in the face was a guy that
looked like Tony; in fact, the resemblance was so strong that at first I
thought it was him. There were several pictures of the "Todd" in various
stages of dress, then nude. I spent an hour looking and looking at them.

That night before I went to bed I jacked off thinking of Tony. I could
visualize my cock in and out of his ass, his moaning and telling me how
good I felt. I could almost smell him there with me. I shot a large load
of cum into the toilet.

I went to sleep and all night long dreamt of Tony and I having sex. When I
woke up the next morning, the sheets were wet. After breakfast I went on
line to see the pictures of "Todd" again and then began searching the web.
Finally, I realized that I had been on line for more than ten hours looking
at gay porn. I turned off the computer and went into the other room to
watch the news. I spent some time watching the news and then went back to
the computer and started looking at more gay porn; I finally went to bed
after midnight.

All I could think of was gay sex; I realized that I wanted to have a male
lover again. Over the next year I found myself going into gay chat rooms
talking with guys; I would take things to a certain limit then stop because
I was afraid to cross the line even though I had done it years before. The
difference this time was that I wanted to be the one who was fucked, I
wanted to suck cock; I wanted to be the whore.

One day I had to go to Chicago on a business trip overnight. I thought
about going to a gay bar but didn't know where there were any. I went into
an adult porn shop just to look around. There were a bunch of dildos in
the case behind the cash register; I bought two, one about five and a half
inched long and an inch thick, the other seven and a half inches long and
an inch and three quarters thick.

I took the two dildos back to the hotel room and began to play with the
smaller one; it was about the size of Tony's cock. I sucked it like a cock
and it felt good. I tried to stick it in my ass but it wouldn't go. I
played with it for an hour or so, jacked off and went to bed.

When I got home, I closed up the house and pulled out both dildos. I
started sucking them like two cocks, imagining that they were two men who I
was servicing. I tried to put the smaller one up my ass but it still
wouldn't go. I took some Vaseline from a jar that I had bought and began
greasing my asshole. At first I used one finger, then two, then three and
finally four. It took me twenty minutes to feel comfortable with four
fingers in my ass.

Finally I greased up the smaller dildo and placed the head against my
asshole. I tried to push it again; it wouldn't go in. I pushed and
pushed, each time I felt a little less resistance. Finally it went in!
SHIT! My God, did it hurt. I pushed it a little further in; it hurt some
more but I slowly kept pushing until it wouldn't go any further. Then I
pulled it out; it hurt just as much. I pushed it back in and it didn't
hurt quite as much, then I pulled it partially out. Soon I was
masturbating with the dildo just as if I was getting fucked.

I did this for what seemed like an hour though it was only about ten
minutes. After a short while I started sucking the larger dildo in time
with the pushing of the smaller dildo. I continued doing it until I
finally felt the need to cum. After I came I pulled the dildo out of my
ass and took a shower. That night I went to bed knowing that I wanted a

It wasn't very long and I was using the larger dildo. Eventually I bought
another larger dildo which I would occasionally use, mostly to suck. I
began fucking myself with a dildo at least every other day, sometimes more.
I knew that I enjoyed it and wanted to find a lover.

I was afraid to go to the gay bars; I'd heard too many stories about them.
Not only that, but I was pretty well known in Kansas City; if I began a
relationship with a man someone would find out about it. Since I was so
close to retirement I felt it was best if I just continued the way that I
was doing and see what happened once I retired. This was my state of mind
when I arrived in Sun City.

I spent a lot of time getting to know my way around Sun City as well as
renew my knowledge of Phoenix. I began searching the phone books and
papers for gay bars, restaurants, etc. I found a few, primarily in town on
or around Seventh Street. I visited one once but there were mostly young
guys and I didn't fit in at all. A "hustler" tried to pick me up but I
wasn't interested in him.

Sun City was first established in the sixties by a contractor by the name
of Del Webb. He had seen how successful Leisure World had been in Los
Angeles and Florida and decided to try the same thing in the desert. The
first phase homes were quite moderate, usually two bedrooms, a single
bathroom, living room, kitchen, small dining area and a single car carport.

As he continued to build he found that people were requiring more; he built
Phase II on the other side of Grand Avenue and continued to Phase III.
These homes were more spacious and expensive. Later he built Sun City West
and in the late nineties started Sun City Grand. Each was more lavish than
the last, each was further west then the last.

As I said earlier, I chose the original Sun City, where I had seven
recreational centers, eight golf courses, two bowling alleys, several
restaurants and other amenities available to me at little or no cost.
Because I chose to live in a condominium I didn't have to worry about yard
care, outside building upkeep, or any of the things a normal homeowner has
to contend with.

My daily routine didn't vary by much; it depended on the day. Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays I would get up around 7:00, make a light breakfast
and eat it on the patio. I would then go to the golf course where I had an
8:30 lesson; sometimes afterward I would play nine holes with other

The other days I'd skip the golf and spend the morning around the house or
running errands. Every day I'd usually go to the Bell Recreation Center,
have a light lunch, work out in the exercise room, then lay around the pool
for a few hours reading a book. By five I was ready to come home. I would
shower, fix a light dinner and then settle in for some time on the Internet
or watching TV. I met several people and started participating in some of
the other activities that were available as well.

That was where I met Mitch. It was my third week in Sun City. It was
Saturday; I had finished my daily workout and was soaking some sun in when
he sat down in the next lounge chair. "Hi," he said. "I'm Mitch. I've
noticed that you're new around here."

I introduced myself and soon we had struck up a conversation. Mitch was
two years younger than me. He had moved to Sun City from Chicago seven
years earlier. Two years after he had moved his wife passed away. He
chose not to marry again. "This is the easiest place in the world to get
laid," he said. "Doesn't matter what you like, you'll find it here." I
laughed and said that I hadn't met any women yet.

He looked around and said, "Pick one. If they're available, I'll introduce
you. It isn't the same here; people realize that they don't have forever
so if they want to have sex with you, it doesn't matter how long you've
known each other; they'll be the aggressor if you aren't. Here you never
pass up an opportunity even if you find yourself less than interested; one
always leads to another one."

I thanked him for the advice. Of course, I could see why he had so many
lovers; he was as handsome of a man as I had ever seen. He was probably
two inches shorter than me but much better built. He had silver hair that
he wore short, piercing deep blue eyes, the whitest teeth I had ever seen,
moderate hairy chest and a tan to die for. He wore a small white bathing
suit and his bulge was obvious.

He told that he had been an entertainer in Chicago for years. He inherited
some money and he and his wife decided it was time to give all that up and
retire to Phoenix where he his son lived. They packed up, found Sun City
and moved here. Two years later his wife died of cancer and left him
alone. His son was still in town and they saw each other ever other

"What are you doing tonight," he asked. When I told him I had no plans he
said that several people were going to get together at a restaurant in the
Arrowhead area and I was welcome to join them. It would give me a chance
to meet some people. I thought about it for a minute and decided to accept
his offer.

I arrived at the restaurant around six-thirty. There were already several
people there. Mitch introduced me around to several men and women. One
woman seemed to pay a little more attention than normal when she was
introduced to me.

More people arrived and I was introduced to them; soon we were drifting
into a private room that had been reserved for us. The woman that seemed
interested moved in next to me and chose to sit in the chair just to my
right. Her name was Rita. She was tall with large breasts, gray hair,
probably twenty pounds overweight, and glasses.

Eventually I found out that Rita was divorced, in her mid sixties, and
continually in need of men! Rita and I talked most of the evening; she was
intelligent, articulate, and interesting. She was from Cleveland; had been
married three times, widowed once and divorced twice including the last.
After her third marriage she decided to move to Arizona where the weather
and the picking's were better.

The dinner and party went on until around eleven then started to break up.
Rita said that she rode to it with some friends but would I mind taking her
home so as to not inconvenience them. I agreed and, after telling them
that she'd catch a ride from me, we left for her home on the north side of
Bell Road. When we arrived she invited me in for a cup of coffee and a
little more conversation which I agreed to.

Once in the house, she put on the coffee and excused herself. I sat in the
living room for about five minutes before she came out. She went straight
to the kitchen and made us two cups of instant coffee, returning with
coffee and some cookies. After offering me a cookie, she sat down next to
me on the couch.

We talked for a while then she made it obvious she wanted me to kiss her.
I leaned over to give her a gentle kiss; in return she kissed me so deeply
that I thought her tongue would tickle my belly button...from the inside!!
I hadn't had any sex for a couple of months, so the reality of what had
happened took a minute to hit; it didn't take me long to get up to speed,

"I haven't had any steady sex since I moved here but when I think it's
available I go after it without any hesitation. Are you going to fuck me
tonight, Ray?" she said. I didn't answer; instead I put my hand on her leg
and moved it up to her pussy. She wasn't wearing any panties so I went
right in the open slit with my fingers. She let out a little moan, grabbed
me, kissed me again, this time even more passionately than before and
pulled me on top of her.

We nearly ripped our cloths off as we headed for the bedroom. Once inside
and naked she grabbed my cock and began sucking it for all that it was
worth. "I love the taste of cock, Ray, don't you?" she asked. "I...I
don't know...I've never sucked one," I answered. "You will," she said and
continued to suck me off.

Then she threw me on the bed and we began fucking. It was almost an animal
fuck; there was no love or even passion in it; it was just an animal act to
get achieve lustful satisfaction. It didn't take us long to cum...she came
at almost the same time I did. I pumped a good load into her.

After a few minutes she moved up until her body was straddling mine, then
slid down until her pussy was right over my mouth. "Clean me out," she
demanded! I had never performed oral sex on a woman while there was cum in
her pussy but I thought it might be interesting. I pulled her down by the
ass until her pussy-lips were against my lips and began to eat her. I
could taste my cum mixed with her pussy was wonderful. I had
never tasted anything quite like was delicious!

We lay there for quite a while, not saying much. The whole time she was
playing with my flaccid cock. After a while she began kissing me, first my
mouth, then my chest and nipples and then moved down. My cock was growing
a little but from past experience I knew that it would be quite a while
before it would get hard again.

When I told her, she just laughed and said she thought she could get it
hard much quicker. Again, we found each other in a sixty-nine position
with her on top. She moved down a little and as she was sucking my cock,
she stuck her finger up my asshole! I had never had that done before and
didn't know what to do. Since I had been playing with my dildos it didn't
particularly hurt. She began finger-fucking me and I started to like it
and catch her rhythm. It wasn't long before a second finger was in my ass,
then a third. "Like that?" she asked. When I said yes she said it wasn't
as good as a hard cock but I would get used to it around here.

After a while my cock was hard; not quite as hard as before but hard enough
to fuck half the night away. She climbed on top of me and began fucking;
during the next hour we changed positions three times, finally I found
myself fucking her ass when I climaxed!

Exhausted, we lay there for a good fifteen minutes before she told me,
"Time to leave, my little fucker. I like you and want you back again
another night. Maybe we can even spend the whole night together," and she
laughed. I picked up my cloths, got dressed and left, thinking that I'd
been used like I had used so many women in the past.

I didn't see Mitch the next day; it was Sunday and he was going to spend
the day with his son. I thought about calling Rita but got the feeling
that it might be better if I didn't. I ran into two couples that had been
at the party the night before. They were lounging around the pool.

"How was your evening with Rita?" Sylvia asked. Sylvia was probably in her
early sixties, somewhat thin and flat busted. Her husband, Don was at
least fifty pounds overweight, balding and half-blind. When I said it was
OK, Sylvia said that Rita collected men like she collected spoons but never
kept one. Rita had a large alimony check coming every month that she
wasn't going to jeopardize by getting involved in a relationship but she'd
go to bed with anybody who was available. Don added that it didn't matter
whether they were married or single, young or old, man or woman. Sylvia
laughed and blushed a little.

The other couple, Renee and Francisco laughed too. "You'll find plenty to
keep you busy, Ray," Renee said. I would be nice if it were
you. Renee was a little bombshell. Probably no more than five feet tall,
she was still pretty nicely built. Dark hair, dark eyes, big boobs, a
little big on the thighs but great ass, I thought I'd really like to spend
an afternoon with her when Francisco wasn't around. He was short, a little
beefy and balding. I had a feeling that he had one of those really thick
cocks that always looked so inviting in the porno sites.

We talked the afternoon away; as we talked I wondered if there wasn't
something going on between the couples. Several time innuendos were passed
between the four of them that would indicated that there was something
going on between them; I noticed one time Sylvia squeeze Renee's hand.
Renee looked at her, winked and smiled, then squeezed back. "Later" she

The next day I saw Mitch at the pool. "How did you like Rita?" he asked.
I told him she was fine. "I thought I'd fix you up with her; you said you
hadn't had any for a while and I knew she'd fuck your brains out," he
laughed. I didn't tell him about what she said about cock sucking or that
she had me eat her pussy out after I fucked her. "I've spent several
nights with her," he said. "She always makes me eat her pussy out after I
fuck her another climax," he laughed. " do you like
the taste of your own cum?" I didn't say anything.

Mitch and I started hanging out together. He was a great guy and we had a
lot in common. We would usually meet at the gym and then go to the pool.
He knew a lot of people that he introduced me to and I began to know
people. Every once in a while he would introduce me to some woman and then
try to get us together for the night. Sometimes it would work, sometimes
it wouldn't. I did see Rita a few more times, but she kept me at arms
length most of the time.

One day we were lying by the pool talking; I had met a little blonde the
night before. "If a guy can't get sex here, he can't get it anywhere,"
Mitch said. "There are enough horny women and guys that a guy can keep his
cock busy every night." I looked across the huge pool; there were two men
standing in it, talking.

"That's Dominic and Ramon," he remarked. "They moved here about five years
ago. They're lovers." When I didn't say anything he continued. "They
opened up Sun City to gays as well as straights; there were probably some
here before but Dominic and Ramon made it public. Not that there are a lot
of gays here but there are some. A lot of `straight' men moved here only
to find out that they were either gay or bisexual."

When I asked him what he meant, he continued. "A lot of guys move here,
either with their wives or single and meet other guys on the golf course,
in the centers, at the pool or elsewhere. They get to know each other and
a guy makes a pass at the new guy. At first the new guy is reluctant but
most of the time it's something that has been in the back of his mind for
quite a while, just something that has never been brought out. After he's
had his cock sucked or fucked a guy in the ass or better yet sucked a cock
or had a guy that knew what he was doing ram a big cock up his ass, the new
guy is hooked. He usually wants more and there's always someone to give it
to him. Sometimes the wife suspects, occasionally she even joins in and
they join little mini-orgies but usually nobody says anything and the guy
gets some extra sex after a golf game or poker night or something like
that." He laughed.

He looked at me, then down; he saw my growing bulge...he knew! "Some
single guys take on lovers but usually they move between themselves and the
married guys," he continued. "There are very few complaints about the

My cock was almost hard now as I thought about the possibility of having
sex with a man again. "When was the last time you had a male lover, Ray?"
Mitch asked. I blushed then told him it had been over forty years. "I
don't think you'll have to wait another forty," he laughed.

We changed the conversation and talked about golf; I had gotten good enough
to go out on the Executive course and play nine holes. Mitch and I had
played three times, all with other guys for foursomes. It was enjoyable
and I was getting exercise which meant that I was loosing some weight.
Mitch and I talked about getting together the next day for a game. "I'll
see if I can round up a couple of more guys for a foursome,"

The next morning we teed off at 7:30. Mitch was there along with Dominic
and Ramon. "I was able to round these two up so we should have a pretty
good game. Ramon's handicap is about the same as mine but Dominic just
started playing, too so his handicap should be near yours."

It was a good game; everyone enjoyed themselves though Dominic and Ramon
made no attempt to hide their homosexuality. They would fondle each other
or kiss if one made a hole or a swat on the ass if they missed an easy
hole. They made several cracks about sex and included Mitch in most.
Sometimes they included me in their banter but I usually blushed.

"Want to bet this hole for a blow job?" Ramon asked as we began the last
hole. "No, I think I'll wait until later for that," Mitch said. When
Dominic said that he would, Ramon remarked that he could suck Dominic's
cock any time he wanted; Mitch's and mine weren't always available. We all
laughed. Then he asked me...I wanted to accept but declined.

After the game and drinks I drove Mitch home; he only lived a few blocks
from me and I had driven to the course. "You wanted to take Ramon up on
his offer, didn't you?" he asked. "Why do you say that?" I asked.
"Because I've been there, too, several years ago. Why didn't you do it;
Ramon is a great cock-sucker," he added.

I didn't say anything; we were at Mitch's house. "See you tomorrow," I
said as he got out of the car. I had agreed to help him do some work on
his patio.

I drove home, undressed and played with both my dildos, sucking on them,
ramming them up my ass and having sex with them. Later I took a shower and
then went to the pool and tried to relax. Even after playing with the
dildos for more than an hour I was still really horny.

The next day I showed up at Mitch's in my work cloths; tennis shoes,
loose-fitting shorts, t-shirt and gloves. The temperature was going to hit
ninety-five so I knew it would be one of the sweaty days. We worked all
morning, lifting rocks, pulling up dead plants, moving things, etc. We
finally finished around one-thirty. Hot, dirty, sweaty, we stood looking
at our work. Mitch put his arm around my shoulder as we admired what we
had done. Our t-shirts had been disregarded long ago and it was his naked
upper body against mine. I got an instant hard-on.

We went in the house to relax for a minute. "Follow me, Ray," he said. I
followed him through the living room and into the bedroom. With one quick
motion he reached down and pulled off his shorts and underwear, standing
before me naked except for his shoes which he stepped out of. "I need to
take a shower; come on and join me," he smiled.

I stood there, looking at him. He stepped toward me and grabbed my waist,
pulling me into him. He put his hand behind my neck and kissed me, at the
same time pushing down my shorts and underwear; I was as naked as he was!

For two seconds I pulled back, then relaxed and returned the kiss; our
tongues met and began on each other. I stepped out of my shoes as he
pulled me toward the unmade bed. We fell on the bed and he continued to
kiss me as we lay there together. Then he pushed me gently down, moving my
face toward his cock. He took my hand and placed it on his cock, then
gently began working on mine.

>From there on out instinct took over. I began to kiss his chest; it was
the first time I had the sensation of hair around nipples. I licked them,
bit them and played with both with my tongue for a while before continuing
down toward his throbbing cock. My tongue played with his belly-button for
a little while, then I was at his cock.

Even though I had only sucked one cock and that was more than forty years
before, I knew exactly what to do. I began to kiss his beautiful hard
cock, then lick it. I licked all around and behind while I moved my hand
to squeeze his sweaty ass; he groaned. I brought my other hand from behind
him and began fondling his raging cock.

I had fantasized about a twelve inch, huge cock; his wasn't. Still I
wasn't was what I wanted. His circumcised cock wasn't
small but wasn't that big, either; it was about the size of my middle
dildo. It fit easily in my mouth; since I had been practicing so much with
the dildo I was able to deep-throat him almost immediately. I could taste
his pre-cum which was a wonderful new experience.

I began sucking him while squeezing his beautiful ass; by that time I had
both my hands on his ass, squeezing, rubbing and kneading. My hands began
roaming all over his backside; at the same time I did went down on him,
sucking very fast while keeping the same rhythm going with my hands, then
slowing down, then speeding up again, etc. Eventually I could feel he was
close to cumming so I quit sucking his cock and began kissing his balls,
his cock-head, behind his cock, etc. Once he settled down, I went back to
work on his cock; I did this four times before he came!

His cumming was phenomenal; his whole body quivered as he began. His cock
got bigger and harder and he began ejaculating. While that was happening,
he grabbed my head and pushed it into his groin, shoving his now pumping
cock as deep in my mouth as it would go. I could barely swallow his cum
but managed to get most of it down my throat. We were like that for at
least five minutes.

I loved the taste of his cum; I loved the feel of his cock pounding against
my throat as he ejaculated his wonderful seed into my wanton mouth. I
licked every spilled drop and then licked some more before I eventually
quit. Why, I wondered had I waited so long for this; I knew I would suck
any cock that would let me from here on out.

Finally I moved back up to his mouth and began kissing his lips; I was
still horny and wanted to cum in his mouth. We kissed for a long time,
fondling each other. I reached for his cock but it was flaccid and wasn't
ready for another experience that soon. Before long, I put my still hard
cock in his hand and pushed him down my body. I couldn't believe the
sensation I was feeling. There were many women who had worked me over like
this, but none left me with the sensations that Mitch was leaving.

As his mouth approached my very stiff cock I thought that, while he had
been given a blowjob, I had not and I wanted one! It wasn't long before he
had my cock in his mouth and was sucking for all it was worth. At the same
time he shoved a finger into my asshole! It hurt a little but I had been
playing with my dildo the night before so it didn't hurt that badly.

Before I knew it, I had four fingers up my ass; at the same time he was
totally deep-throating me. He managed to take my all of my cock including
my balls in his mouth. I had never had such a wild sensation; being
finger-fucked like that and being swallowed at the same time. I didn't
know how long I could take it.

I found wasn't long. I could feel the cumming beginning to evolve
in my balls, then I felt it shoot out of my cock into his mouth...volley
after volley after volley. When I began cumming, Mitch pushed his fingers
in me much harder; he even touched my prostrate gland; I can't remember the
last time I shot my wad like that; it was sensational! I don't know how
long I came; I was used to about thirty seconds but this had to last into
the minutes.

When I was done, Mitch rolled over and began to caress me. He did that for
a few minutes, then kissed me...deep. When he did, he transferred fluid
from his mouth to was MY CUM! He had saved my cum and given it
back to me! Wow; how good was that?

We lay there for a little while, kissing and hugging. I could feel both of
our cocks together, neither quite hard, but getting there. Then he took my
hand and pulled me out of bed. We walked hand in had into the bathroom,
kissing all the while.

He turned on the shower and we both stepped in. I stood there as he began
washing me, kissing me at the same time as he was soaping my body. His
hands were all over my chest, then my waist and eventually my half-hard
cock. He washed me with his hand rather than a washrag. He kissed me as
he was washing my body. While washing my legs and feet, he started kissing
and gently sucking my cock and balls.

Mitch turned me around; the hot water washed my front as he began to lather
my backside. When he reached my ass, he soaped it up real well and then
stuck three fingers in my asshole. He began pumping them, quickly adding a
forth. I was in heaven! It wasn't long, though and he took the fingers
out. Then he began kissing my ass and running his tongue up and down my
crack. Before I knew it, his tongue was deep in my hole and he was
tongue-fucking my ass. What a sensation!

After a short while he continued up my backside, kissing while washing.
Then he put his arms around me from behind, pulled my head back and kissed
me deeply. His nearly-hard cock was digging into my asshole. While I was
in his arms he handed me the soap and indicated it was my turn.

I began with the hair under his arms, first washing then kissing both
sides. From there I washed his hairy chest and moved to his waist and
belly-button. After a while I found that his cock was in my hand and I was
stroking it as I washed other parts of his body. Then I took his cock into
my mouth and began to suck it while washing his legs. He was completely
hard and I tried to take his whole cock into my mouth. While he pumped
cock into my mouth I washed his asshole. It wasn't as good of a washing as
I would have done on him if I weren't so excited but I guess it fulfilled
the need.

I began to kiss his back then slowly down to his asshole. There was a
little nibbling, a little biting, a little licking; gently leading the way
to his little brown rose-bud. I stuck two, then three and finally four
soapy fingers into his asshole; they went in without any resistance. He
never resisted me but began to push my head toward his chocolate hole.

By now I was hard as a rock; I didn't think I could get that hard that
fast. "Let me fuck you, Mitch," I gently coaxed. "No, not yet. We'll do
it later tonight. Just rim me right now, Ray," he said. I moved down and
began kissing his sweet ass and finally got my tongue in his hole. I
licked for a short while then began to tongue-fuck him. He began moaning
and pulling me into it. I tongue fucked him for quite a while, playing
with his hard cock at the same time before he pulled me up and turned me

We kissed each other, holding each other in our arms. The kisses were deep
and long. Our cocks were both hard and they were like fire on our bodies
as they touched. We continued until the water was cold; then we got out.
Mitch grabbed two large towels, wrapped one around his body and walked
toward the door. I did the same, following him into the bedroom. I
reached to kiss him and he gently pushed me away.

"Put on your cloths and go home and change, then come over for dinner.
I've got a couple of steaks and we'll eat and then see where the night
takes us," he laughingly said. I got dressed and drove home, sporting a
full hard-on and lustful thoughts all the way.

I returned in clean cloths an hour later. At home I had thought about
jacking off but thought better; I'd rather save any cum for Mitch. I
played with one of my dildos a little before getting dressed. I knew I
didn't usually get a second hard-on that fast and it would be a long time
before I could get a third one.

Mitch had the gas grill lit, a salad had already been made and he had some
asparagus and corn ready as well. I tried to make a pass at him but he
would have no part of it. "Settle down, Ray. We'll have plenty of time
after we eat...after all, we've got to build up energy, you know."

We ate and talked; I asked him about whether he was gay and he replied that
he was bisexual and had been for years. When I asked him about his wife
and he said that she knew about him being bi but was willing to overlook
it; she even tried it with several women. He said that she would
occasionally even pick a partner for him.

Mitch said that sex had always been a priority in their lives and still was
with him. He loved any form of sex between men and women, women and women
or men and men. When I asked him if he had any experience with virgins
like me he said that he had introduced several men to gay sex.

He told me that there were several men in Sun City that he had introduced
to gay sex; some came back for more, some only tried it once or twice. He
never tried to push it; there were plenty of men out there for him. He
said that occasionally he would introduce men to each other if he thought
they might get along well.

He didn't want to be tied down to any one man; he liked the chase too much
and the seduction. I laughed and said that I'd been a pretty easy
seduction for him. He told me that he could tell that I was ripe for the
picking and just had to wait until the right time. Some of the other men
were laying odds on when he would fuck me. When I asked what the prize
was, I was told it was me!

By then we were done eating and had put the dishes into the dish washer.
He came over to me and took me by the hand and led me into the bedroom.
There was only a small night-lamp on. I could tell there were clean sheets
on the bed and on the nightstand was a tube of K-Y jelly.

Mitch began kissing me and at the same time removing my cloths; I did the
same with him. Kisses were long and deep, tongues intertwined as we felt
each other's body. It wasn't long before both of us stood naked, our
cloths at our feet. He pulled me to the bed and began kissing my chest
while stroking my hard cock. "I'm going to fuck you first," he whispered.

He had me lay down on my stomach and began kissing the back of my neck. It
wasn't long before his kisses moved toward my ass. He kissed my back as he
rubbed my ass. Then he continued to kiss me while putting K-Y jelly on his
finger and fingering my ass-hole. He pushed one finger all the way in and
stopped. "This opens pretty easily for a virgin," he remarked. I told him
about my dildos and using them. When he asked the last time one had been
up my ass, I told him three hours earlier. He laughed and said that, while
a dildo felt good, it wasn't as good as a real cock.

He played, then lowered himself and began kissing my ass-hole. By now he
had all four fingers in and was kissing it between his fingers. He pulled
his fingers out of my ass and began tonguing my ass-hole, tongue-fucking it
as well as he could. He continued for a long time, coming up for air and
licking my whole crack, kissing and biting my ass cheeks and occasionally
stroking my thighs.

After a while he pulled me up and had me stand, then lean across the bed
with my feet still on the floor. He knelt down and tongue-fucked me some
more, then stood up. He told me to grab the cheeks of my ass and spread my
hole which I did. By this time it had stretched and could accommodate any
of my dildos.

I felt him reach over and grease his cock up with the K-Y and then put some
on my ass-hole. Before long he had his cock-head resting in the crack of
my asshole. With a quick thrust I felt the head of his cock push into my
hole; there was a little pain as the sphincter muscle gave way to his hard
cock but then a feeling of relief. He continued to push slowly until I
felt his pubic hair on my ass and balls bumping up against mine. Just as
slowly he pulled it back out until only his head was in me; I felt a little
discomfort but that was all. Then he pushed back in, only a little faster
and harder; then he pulled it out the same way.

Soon we had set up a rhythm for our sex. For the next hour we continued to
make love. We switched from that position to spoon-fucking, eventually
ending up with me sitting on him, his cock up my ass. The whole time we
were fucking, we were touching, feeling, kissing and loving each other.
Finally I felt his cock get harder. When I looked at him he was sweating
and his eyes were pulled back in his head; he had a wild look on his face
and didn't appear to really be here at all. He let out several grunts,
then pulled me tight up to him. I felt his cock get even harder as it
loaded volleys of cum into my ass.

Mitch shot for what seemed like several minutes before relaxing his grip on
me. His body was slick with sweat; we were exhausted but totally aware of
each other. Slowly I rolled off and lay on the bed next to him. We both
laid there for several minutes, breathing heavily. Then I rolled over and
kissed him. At first I was the aggressor but before long he was responding
to my kisses.

I began kissing his neck, then down his body toward his cock and ass. I
lingered when I reached his flaccid cock; it stayed soft and probably
wouldn't be hard again for quite a while. I rolled him over and began
kissing his ass, then asshole. I put my tongue into his asshole and began
flicking it. He responded by meeting me, letting me tongue-fuck his hairy
ass; he certainly wasn't a virgin.

It wasn't long before I greased my cock with one hand while finger-fucking
him with the other. He had no problem with all four fingers pumping his
hole. We continued as I felt him responding to my probing.

I told him to spread his ass-cheeks and once that was done I aimed my cock
at his hole. I pushed in; he accepted all of it without even blinking.
Not that I have a particularly huge cock but when I began to fuck him I
could tell that he had men who were much larger than me in him.

Mitch had been pounding on my prostrate for almost an hour; I had been
ready to cum for most of that time so it didn't take me long to shoot my
load. I began shooting my cum into his ass. At the same time I grabbed
his hair and pulled his face to me and began kissing him. I had thrust my
cock as deep into his ass as I could.

He was responding to my fucking; in fact, he was enjoying it very much. I
came and came and came in his ass; it was a wonderful sensation for both of
us. We lay there after I came for quite a while before Mitch rolled over
and kissed me. "I think you'll become one of us," he laughed.

We kissed and fondled each other for several hours after that; we even
tried to sixty-nine each other but our cocks wouldn't respond anymore. I
left the house after midnight, went home and fell asleep exhausted but

Mitch and I spent quite a bit of time together the first few weeks but then
went our separate ways. He taught me several ways to have sex, both anal
and oral. He was always ready and I was always willing. A couple of times
we slept together but Mitch preferred to end his nights alone; that way
there was no show of commitment.

Francisco had won the pool and I was his for an evening. I was hoping that
Renee would be included but instead it was Mitch and Francisco taking turns
with me. I was right about Francisco's cock; while it was only about six
and a half inches long, it was the thickest cock I'd ever seen. The two
men sandwiched me until I could hardly move. Later I got together with
Francisco and Renee.

In the meantime, he introduced me to several men who were either bi or gay
as well as several women. For the last year and a half I've had more
lovers than I could have imagined, both men and women. It seems as though
when men discover that they enjoy sex with another man they become more
aggressive about it. Today I think nothing of being propositioned at the
Recreational Center, on the golf course, or at a party or dance. Whenever
I play golf with Dominic and Ramon, blow jobs are bet for holes; I usually
get one and give one or two.

I still haven't found that special man yet; I would like to find a steady
partner. Since I've discovered my gay side, I want a guy who likes gay sex
as much as I do and is willing to commit to it; I need to be fucked every
day! I know he's out there just waiting to find me.

Things are good here; I wouldn't have thought that my sex life would have
improved so much here but I was certainly wrong about that. Those people
who think that older folks don't have sex as much as younger people are
wrong; there is more sex available in Sun City than any place I've lived.
We just don't usually say much about it.

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  1. Great story, I have an Asian lover who like me is "Bi" we meet a couple times a week and have done so for over two years. I love to be bottom account he has only about a 6" cock that feels superior to any I have ever had previously. My 10” hurts him wherever I become excited and he would rather be top. He fucks me as there is no tomorrow; when he unloads his cum I reach that unbelievable height; so warm as he floods my anus. We always fuck missionary style in preference to doggy ......SO MUCH BETTER.

    PS. I have been to Phoenix on three occasions to visit family last time in 1996. A long way from Australia, if I ever go again I will visit SUN CITY.