Thursday, May 14, 2009

Housecalls 1

She was sitting in the fancy restaurant feeling out of place. It had been
Delia's choice and it was way more up scale than the attractive chestnut
haired woman was used to. It was a business luncheon and she not only had
no experience with them, but she didn't really even have any "business
attire". Her wardrobe consisted of casual bumming around clothes and party
- night life type dresses; as if they got any use.

For work at the hospital she wore scrubs, like all the other nurses
did. She was feeling anxious when she spied Delia walk in. The tall woman
with the milk chocolate skin and the expensive looking cream colored pant
suit crossed the restaurant weaving between the tables with impressive
grace. The nervous brunette seated at the table thought, not for the first
time, how much her luncheon companion looked like Halle Berry. Patricia
felt a pang of something which she interpreted as envy.

At barely five foot two with a sort of round voluptuous figure she envied
Delia's elegant visage; she rose to greet her friend. Friend was probably a
little extreme; former boss would have been more accurate. Delia had been
the Head Nurse at the hospital where she worked before the gorgeous black
woman had left three years ago to start her own business. The woman with
the wind swept black hair highlighted with red streaks smiled and extended
her hand

"Patty it's good to see you; been waiting long?" Patricia accepted her
prospective boss's hand concentrating on using a firm professional grip.

"No not long" she lied.

The meeting had been set for twelve-thirty. Patty had been half an hour
early out of nervous anticipation and fear of being late. Delia Bogdan on
the other hand was twenty minutes late.

"Have you ordered yet" the entrepreneur asked picking up the menu.

The rail thin balding waiter arrived immediately and asked if he could get
them some drinks. Patricia felt his disparaging glance as he directed his
attention at the spectacular new arrival. The somewhat under dressed nurse
had been declining his offers of service for nearly an hour.

"Bring us a bottle of your best chardonnay please" Delia smiled up at the
server; taking the liberty of ordering for both of them without asking.

"Very well missus Bogdan; would you like some time before you order?"

"No I'll have the penne with Alfredo and shrimp." Delia said and then, as
though just realizing that Patty was there, looked across the table and
said "Oh... sorry Patty did you need time to look at the menu?"

Patricia could have recited the menu from memory having looked at it for an
hour. She actually didn't have much appetite owing to her nervous stomach,
and she also didn't know the protocol for ordering when your prospective
boss was paying.

"That sounds good I'll have the same" (always a safe thing to do).

The waiter nodded and left.

"Delia you look fabulous!" the nurse in the slightly tight blue sundress

"Thanks... it's been a while hasn't it?" the black woman took the
compliment in stride.

"Yeah I think the last time I saw you was a year ago Christmas when you
stopped by the hospital to drop off the toys."

"Those were crazy times. I was just developing a clientele and working
twenty hours a day."

"If your appearance is any indication you've succeeded" Patricia ventured.

"Beyond my most optimistic hopes" Delia confirmed. "That's why I called
you... I need help. Are you ready to leave the public sector and make some
real money?"

Then she was distracted by their skinny waiter presenting the bottle of

The interruption gave Patty time to review her thoughts for the thousandth
time. Her marriage of seven years was going on the rocks. She had denied it
and made excuses; tried to be optimistic but she was running out of steam.

For five years things had been hunky-dory. She had a secure job as an RN
and he had his job as an automotive engineer. They weren't wealthy by any
stretch but they were doing OK; well enough to get together the down
payment for the house and do a little decorating. Jim was pretty handy; he
was an engineer after all, so they had high hopes for the future just two
years into their marriage.

Three years later the roof caved in. Jim lost his job. By itself that
wasn't a disaster; happens to lots of people. For the Cornaveaus it was. He
went into a deep depression. He could have found other work, maybe not
automotive, maybe not even engineering, but something. The problem was that
in his mental state he was unable to do anything. In fact he might have
taken the coward's way out if his knowledgeable wife hadn't dragged him to
the doctor to get medication.

That was two years ago and his outlook had brightened some. He wasn't
suicidal anymore but he hadn't found a job either. The severance package
money was almost gone and his unemployment benefits were running out. The
stress of the financial crisis coupled with Jim's fragile mental state had
put incredible stress on their relationship. Just to aggravate the problem
the housing market was in the toilet so they couldn't even sell. Unless
they could substantially increase the household income, and soon, they were
going to loose it; enter Delia Bogdan.

Delia, a talented administrator, encouraged by her financially supportive
husband, had identified a niche for private nursing services. She started
the business and worked her tail off for two years. Her business grew and
now she was swamped and needed help.

Missus Bogdan expertly approved the wine and the waiter poured two glasses
before placing the bottle on the table and retreating toward the kitchen.

"I can basically double your salary tomorrow," Delia said raising the glass
of pale liquid to her full sensual lips.

Patricia's head went swimming. She had expected the money to be better; but
double! The revelation nearly knocked her off her chair.

"What... uh, what exactly would I be doing?" she asked haltingly, trying
not to let her hopes run away with her.

"Really simple stuff," Delia said dismissively. "You have your Practioner's
License right?" Patty nodded. "I have just signed up a small insurance
company; contracted to do life insurance physicals, and I still have a
portion of the business from the Workers' Compensation Fund evaluating
injured workers. Then there's car accident injury assessments and reviews
for the auto insurance companies. I have so many new cases coming in that I
don't have time to deal with them and run the business too."

The owner of the private nursing firm took a sip of her wine allowing the
information time to sink in and then added,

"Essentially I'll be paying you to make house calls."

The waiter set the steaming bowls of pasta in front of them.

"Anything else?" he enquired respectfully.

"No, we're fine for now" the dominant black woman again responded without
consideration to Patty.

"So what do you think? Do you need sometime?" she asked scooping the first
fork full of her creamy lunch.

It was a `no brainer' and time was something Patricia was quite short on.

"I am delighted and honored to accept" the little brunette responded
enthusiastically. "I'll give the hospital my notice today." Her boss
reached across the table and said,

"It's good to have you on board," they shook again.

Delia raised her glass and Patty followed suit. They clinked them in a

"To house calls for profit... and maybe a little fun too" the black woman
said with a snicker that the buxom brunette didn't understand. And then
they settled into the task of eating.

Forty minutes later they were in the parking lot. Patty might not have been
as embarrassed by the seven year old Honda Civic she and Jim had bought
with their wedding money if it hadn't been for Delia pressing the remote
causing her new Lincoln to squawk its acknowledgement. Accentuating the
disparity the black woman in the expensive cream colored pant suit said,

"You're gonna be making house calls. We have to get you something a little
more upscale to drive," with that she slipped into the driver's seat.

"See ya in the office in two weeks."

The solid clunk of the luxury car's door was followed by the muted roar of
the powerful engine as the CEO of Bogdan and Associates pulled away.

Patty opened the door to her aging ride and noticed that she was showing a
lot of leg as she swung around into the driver's seat. She'd noticed how
the waiter had made a thorough visual inspection of her cleavage when she'd
first sat down. The little hum between her legs wasn't new or
surprising. Her married sex life had crashed as abysmally as their
finances. Jim had been unresponsive and preoccupied when he was in the
depths of his depression. Now that he was medicated, the side effects made
erections difficult if not impossible to achieve.

"I have trouble understanding how making your dick not work is supposed to
make you feel better" he'd said after one particularly frustrating attempt
at sexual congress.

They'd changed his medication but it was still hard; but not, if you know
what I mean.

`A healthy thirty year old woman has needs' Patty excused herself.

Hadn't she read that thirty was sexual prime for women?

Their sex life for the first five years of the marriage had been as good as
the last two had been bad. It just added to the stress that was threatening
to tear their union asunder.

`No wonder I get horny at the drop of a hat' she absolved herself.

The waiter certainly held no attraction for her but his ogling had
initiated the tiny twitches in her crotch anyway. Delia on the other
hand... thinking about the Halle Berry doppelganger caused an actual spasm
intense enough to make the voluptuous brunette reach down and squeeze her
pulsating womanhood.

She'd messed around with girls as a teenager and even in college but never
actually `gone all the way'. Somehow one or other of them always chickened
out. The trysts were limited to touching and feeling through clothes and
kissing which Patty found extremely arousing. When the marital bed had been
firing on all cylinders she'd almost forgotten the lost opportunities but
now the possibility of sex with another woman held a unique appeal. She
knew that if she cheated on Jim with another man, her conscience would tear
her apart. On the other hand she sort of felt like taking comfort from
another woman wasn't really cheating.

`Fingers and toys can only take you so far,' the deprived young woman
decided `eventually you need a lover to share with.'

She might not have had such a reaction to Delia if it weren't for that
night five years ago. She'd been on night shift and working with a gorgeous
junior nurse from Denmark. When the subordinate blonde had disappeared in
the middle of the shift Patricia had gone looking for her. She found Delia
and the Scandinavian beauty coming out of a vacant treatment
room. Disheveled clothes and the looks on their faces were enough to
suggest there was more than a case conference going on in there. The blonde
had sort of looked down and was walking a little funny. Delia however had
looked her straight in the eye as she passed with a `bitch that ate the
pussy grin', and proceeded to walk right off the ward.

Thinking about what they'd done then had given her a slight twitch in the
genitals. But now... now thinking back on it... it wasn't a twitch it was a
full blown throb.

Way back then realizing that her boss swung both ways was interesting to
say the least but not really exciting. That was then; when her love life at
home was quite satisfactory. Patty started imagining the Dane on the
examination table; feet in the stirrups; the Head Nurse on the examination
stool licking and sucking the sweet pink succulent flesh. Her mind made the
substitution. It was her on the table... feet in the stirrups, Delia
between her legs. The waves of heat were beginning to overwhelm her and
when she looked down at her lap she was shocked to find she'd been steadily
massaging her mons. The yearning from her womanhood was getting
intense. She snatched her hand away and sat back in the driver's seat, head
on the headrest, hands clutched together in front of her abdomen breathing
very rapidly.

`Get a grip Patty' she told herself as she struggled to do just that.

When her head stopped spinning she started the car.

`I'm gonna go home and give Jim the good news... maybe that will wake up
Mister Happy.'

The thought of her husband's penis attaining its former rigidity thrilled
her engorged pussy. She couldn't wait to get home.


She found him in the living room. It was two-thirty in the
afternoon. Sitting on the couch wearing his pajama bottoms, unshaven,
unshowered, hair uncombed watching `Ellen'. She sat on the couch beside him
and ran her fingers through the tangled mass of his hair.

"Guess what honey, Delia's offered me a job... it's gonna be a lot more
money... a lot".

He reluctantly diverted his attention from the TV screen and looked at his
wife. Patty couldn't help thinking how empty his eyes looked.

"Isn't that great?" she tried to generate some enthusiasm; hell just a
reaction. His attention returned to the small screen and he replied in a

"Yeah that's wonderful honey."

"Did you take your pills today?" his curvy wife asked.

"Uh huh" he answered not taking his eyes off the screen which was now
showing a soap commercial.

"I thought we should celebrate!" she struggled to retain her own

He glanced at her with those dead eyes just for a moment. Patty stroked her
hand over her husband's groin area feeling his unrestrained flaccid member
lying against his thigh.

"What do you think honey... do ya think we could celebrate," she persisted
slipping her hand under the stretchy waistband and grasping his limp dick.

She gave the unresponsive member a few firm rhythmic squeezes and then
while still gripping it firmly ran her thumb up the frenulum forcing the
pee slit open. Working her thumb over the head she began to stroke up and
down feeling the mushy flesh collapse on each downward stroke. On the up
stroke she pulled it out away from his body stretching the skin all the way
down to his balls. Leaning toward him she licked his nipple and then sucked
on it feeling the surrounding chest hairs in her mouth.

Missus Cornaveau took some encouragement from the reflex movement of her
husband's hips and the soft grunt he made. She slid off the couch, knelt
between his legs. Pulling the very supple elastic of the pajama bottoms
away and tucked the waistband under his crinkled sack. Re-gripping his
reticent member she resumed her firm steady stroking before lowering her
head to take his soft penis in her mouth. She sucked hard, running her
tongue all around the normally sensitive corona before probing the slit
with the hard tip of her tongue.

If there was any change in rigidity it was undetectable. Abandoning the
uncooperative cock she stripped down the front of her floral print sundress
exposing her firm round globes. Her small hands cupped and lifted as much
of her ample breasts as they could and she cocked her head forward to lick
one of the three inch pinky brown areolas. She caught the pea sized bump in
the center with her teeth and tugged at it.

`It used to drive him crazy when I did this' she recalled.

Her own tongue and teeth applied to the now erect nipple made her still
ripe and ready pussy twitch delightfully.

Switching hands and breasts she gave her other boob a similar treatment
while returning her free hand to his sleeping dick. Firm up and down
strokes on the floppy organ seemed to have little effect; meanwhile the
oral stimulation she was lavishing on her tit created a needy ache in her
womanhood. With a final long pulling suck she released her nipple and ran
her thumb over the half inch peg she had raised.

"Do you still like my tits sweetie... wouldn't you like to suck on them;
bite them?"

Issuing the invitation was thrilling for the kneeling woman who was
imagining the exciting attention her mate used to lavish on her boobs; not
so much for the recipient of the offer. She looked up at him trying to get
the wide eyed innocent expression that she knew turned him on. The eyes she
saw looked vacant; `the lights are on but nobody's home' she regretfully

"Maybe if you watch me" she suggested getting up from the floor.

Reaching under her dress she quickly stripped her lacey white panties off
and tossed them toward her unkempt partner. They landed on his hairy chest
where they clung for a second before falling in his lap.

Sitting against the arm rest of the couch Patty spread her legs wide and
pulled her dress up. Moving her hips forward she threw her left leg over
the back of the sofa while her right foot remained on the floor. Her very
swollen vulva parted revealing the creamy wetness she'd created. The
glowing deep pink inner petals blossomed framing her dark inviting

"See how wet I am for you" she groaned as she ran two fingers up her mushy

She resumed her oral attention to her left breast, cupping and lifting the
firm melon until she could reach her erect nipple. Her right hand moved up
and down her flowing crease. It was all to arouse HIM, that was her primary
objective, but she could only take so much. Her clit was screaming for
attention. She tried to resist but resistance was futile; the demanding
little nub won out. She pressed three fingers on the firm knob at the apex
of her womanhood and began the jerking twisting motion that never failed.

Her vision was blurry and so was her right hand as it stroked with ever
increasing speed. Jim was watching his jilling wife. Patty was encouraged
to see that he was using her silky panties to stroke his member. The nurse
was trying hard to believe she saw some change in the floppy consistency of
her husband's penis. Her right hand went into overdrive. She released the
tit she'd been sucking and biting to let the wail to escape announcing her
orgasm. Her body went rigid for a second and then jerked spasmodically
several times. A chemical brew dispensed by her limbic system during the
climax coursed through her veins.

She lay there twitching for a full minute before she could focus her
eyes. To her utter disappointment she couldn't see her man's penis because
it was covered by her frilly undies and quite obviously not hard. Swinging
her leg down from the back of the couch she came to the conventional seated
position and leaned over to plant a peck on the unshaven cheek of her

"Maybe later, huh" she suggested with hopeful eyes and retreated to the
bathroom to clean up.

Standing under the warm spray the tears rolled down her cheeks. She felt
like a failure.

`I can even get him hard anymore... what the hell is wrong with me?'
Somewhere deep inside she knew it wasn't her fault but it didn't matter. It
was still her problem since it seemed she was the only one trying to solve


Her boss at the hospital, Head Nurse Sandra Murphy, accepted her
resignation reluctantly. Though she did her best to talk the valuable
member of her team out of leaving she had nothing remotely comparable to
offer. Secretly Sandy wished Delia had called her, but then they'd never
gotten along all that well when they worked together so maybe it was for
the best that she didn't.

The two weeks passed slowly and Patricia was besot with mixed emotions. She
was excited to be starting something new but still trepidatious about her
new duties and sorry to be leaving her friends at the hospital. The
emotional upheaval of work temporarily kept her mind off her personal
dilemma. Jim remained distant even when she enthused about how much better
off they were going to be financially. She sincerely believed that
decreasing that stressor would improve his mood; it didn't. As a matter of
fact in the despondent man's twisted mind it actually made things
worse. His wife was the `bread winner' he was emasculated; in his own
mind. In some ways it would have been better for Patty to loose her job
too. Sure they'd loose everything but at least they'd be on an equal
footing. In Jim Cornaveau's mind he was as useless as tits on a bull and
the depth of his self-loathing seemed to know no bounds. If there was a
light at the end of the tunnel it was likely the head lamp of a freight
train barreling toward him.


That fateful Monday morning in front of the bathroom mirror applying her
make up in her white bikini panties and under wired bra Patty tried to calm
her churning stomach and steady her shaky hand. Back in the bedroom she
glanced at the lump under the covers. She was thinking he must be awake,
but the six foot two one hundred and eighty pound frame made no effort to
rise. The newest employee of Bogdan and Associates had given careful
thought over the past several days as to what she would wear. The pickings
were slim. Her best caramel colored casual slacks and a chocolate brown
polyester blend blouse, with little orange flowers on it was the best she
could do. `I'm gonna have to invest in some suitable clothes' she
acknowledged looking at her cheap outfit in the mirror from as many angles
as her neck would permit.

`The clothes maybe shabby but there's nothin' wrong with what's under them'
she complimented herself. Patty had always been proud of her figure. She
wished she was taller and did think that the more slender look that her new
boss possessed was more elegant; but for pure sex appeal she'd stack her
bod up against anybody's.

Satisfied that she'd done the best she could with her meager wardrobe she
kissed her curled up husband on the side of the head and headed out the
door. Though she'd never been there she was familiar with the six story
building that housed her employer's offices. She didn't need to check the
lobby directory; Bogdan and Associates occupied half of the fourth
floor. Opening the heavy floor to ceiling oak door she was immediately
impressed by the neat and very luxurious looking lobby. Peeking over the
top of the counter type divider, which sat on the far side of the spacious
waiting room, she saw the dark red waves young woman's hair. The woman,
more like a girl Patty was thinking, popped up as the large entrance door
closed of its own accord with a solid clunk. "Good morning missus
Cornaveau" the redhead beamed. She'd never met, never even seen the girl
behind the desk before but the receptionist had obviously been briefed
about her. Stepping around the area divider Patty was treated to a view of
the whole package. `She must be in her teens' she decided as the petit girl
approached. She wore a blue print dress that looked like silk. It hugged
every curve of her compact little body. Missus Cornaveau had a feeling she
couldn't quite place as she accepted the proffered little hand and she
realized that the receptionist was even shorter than her.

"I'm Jennifer, Jennifer Wells... everybody calls me Jenny" the petit young
woman announced. "I pretty much look after everything in the office" she
confided. Patty was wondering if the girl was even five feet tall as the
young woman was saying "Missus Bogdan's not in yet... can I get you
anything... a coffee, some toast or a croissant maybe?" She'd avoided
eating, not willing to take a chance with her stomach as nervous and queasy
as it was, but coffee couldn't hurt.

"Just coffee would be nice" the nurse replied as the compact little redhead
spun on her heel saying:

"How do you like it?" The new employee (contractor actually) was
distracted. When the cutie turned around she presented such an adorable
round little bum, that just for a moment Patty imagined the question was
about her butt.

"Uh... uh, just regular, cream and sugar" she stammered trying to regain
her composure. She wasn't sure exactly why the girl was having such an
erotic impact on her but the tingling in her nipples was quite pleasant so
she simply let herself go with the flow. The receptionist disappeared down
a side hall for a moment and returned with a steaming mug stenciled with
the Bogdan and Associates logo. Accepting the cup of java their eyes met at
close range for the first time. There was something in that look that sent
a shiver down the nurse's spine. The girl returned to her desk, briefly
providing another opportunity to appreciate the delectable posterior before
she all but vanished behind the screen. Patty took a seat on the leather
couch that sat under the abstract, expensive looking, painting; sipped her
coffee and thumbed through the surprisingly current health care magazine.


Tom Bogdan smiled at himself in his bathroom mirror while straightening his
tie. The handsome black man had a lot to smile about. The last three years
had brought him the success that he somehow always knew he'd have. His
right knee still ached most days but that was the only permanent cloud in
an otherwise quite clear sky.

The career ending injury, midway through his senior college season, left
the six foot�five, two hundred and fifty pound linebacker
rudderless. His life, love, and ambition was football and the opportunity
to show what he could do on the big stage. A destroyed knee dashed those
hopes and dreams. There was no `plan B'.

The alumnus who'd given young mister Bogdan his most important break didn't
consider it charity. Giving the damaged star football player a job in his
car dealership was an investment. The car dealership owner was convinced
that having the local hero in his showroom would attract customers and he
wasn't wrong. What Wilbert Montgomery didn't know, and nobody could have
known, was that the damaged athlete would take to car sales like a duck to

That was fifteen years ago and so much had changed. Within three years of
starting Tom was the top salesman at the dealership, a position he held
until his mentor's death five years ago. It came as little surprise to
anyone that the widower dealership owner bequeathed his share of the
business to his prot�g�.

Wilbert's passing had been hard on the black sports hero. He thought of
Will as a second father, in much the same way the car dealer thought of Tom
as the son he'd never had. Tom spent every possible minute at the old man's
bedside as the insidious illness sapped his life away. Even in dying, his
friend provided yet another unique opportunity to his surrogate son and the
soon to be majority owner of Montgomery Motors. Tom met the stunningly
attractive Head Nurse during one of his breaks in the coffee shop while
Will slept. They weren't dating but they seemed to run into each other
regularly. One thing lead to another and what do ya know they got married
about a year later.

Both of them nearing forty had managed to happily avoid matrimony up to
that point so there were some concessions to be made before, and
adjustments to be made after the knot was tied. Tom persuaded and
encouraged his cautious wife to follow her dream of starting her own
company; being her own boss. The first couple of years had been costly but
now the tables had apparently turned. She was making money hand over
fist. When the business was costing more than it was worth, Tom was content
to underwrite her losses as long as she was happy. Now it looked as though
within the year he'd have all of his seed capital back and a not too shabby
return to boot. How could life and luck get any better?

He was counting his blessings when one of them walked up behind him. Delia,
wearing her pale blue satin bra and panty set slipped her arms under his
and started assisting with the tie. She didn't quite come up to his
shoulder so she had to peek around him to make eye contact. Tom felt the
twitch in his right trouser leg when he'd caught sight of his scantily clad
wife. He regretted that his own body was now obscuring the view. As a
consolation he felt her firm breasts pressing into his back through the
satin bra and his oxford dress shirt.

"What time do you expect to get the car over to my office" she asked
detecting the movement in the front of his pants.

"Should be there mid... uh maybe late afternoon... they were...ughhhghh"
his sentence was cut short by the deep groan that erupted when his gorgeous
but still hidden wife ran her hand over his rising manhood and gave it a
playful squeeze. "Oh Jesus `D' don't do that! You said you had to be in
early this morning." Delia managed to get the head of the beast between two
fingers and squeezed again but just the most sensitive part this
time. "Come on honey this is mean!"

"You can save it for me... or not it's up to you. I'm sure Michelle would
be more than happy to look after that for you" Delia suggested as she left
the bathroom to finish dressing. Calling back in a fairly loud voice, as
she was putting on her blouse, "if you don't save it for me I can always
make another one." That comment made Tom Bogdan's semi erect member twitch


Patty was flipping through her second magazine when Delia breezed in
wearing a navy blue pant suit and sky blue silk blouse. She strode through
the lobby like she owned the place; barely noticing her new nurse. She
headed straight to the back of the suite where her office afforded the
suite's best view; which was of a local park. Jenny poked her head up over
the counter-divider and said,

"She always does that."

About two minutes later the contract nurse heard her old boss-new boss over
the voice call on the receptionist's phone,

"Jenny... please send missus Cornaveau in."

The darling little girl poked her head up over the divider again but there
was no need. Patricia was already up and on her way past the counter toward
the rear office.

Delia stood as she entered the inner sanctum and was extending her hand
when a grimace took over her face. They shook hands and the CEO of Bogdan
and Associates said,

"This won't do... won't do at all," the expression on the beautiful black
woman's face reflected physical pain.

Patty felt her stomach tie in a knot. She'd only been there a few minutes
and evidently she'd already done something wrong. It took a moment but she
soon realized that the object of her boss's disaffection were her
clothes. Missus Bogdan had no appreciation whatsoever for department store

"We've gotta get you some clothes immediately" the elegantly dressed woman
confirmed Patty's speculation.

She hit the call button on her phone again and said "Jenny, call Simone and
tell her that I'm sending someone over. I need her to drop everything and
look after this for me."

Patty could have been insulted but she wasn't. She was however apprehensive
of the cost.

"Delia I really can't affo..."

"Don't worry about that we'll work something out later. I simply can't have
you going out of the office like that."

She rummaged through a card file on the corner of her desk, extracted a
business card and handed to Patricia. `Simone's Boutique' fine women's wear
and lingerie it said: Simone Larue - Proprietor.

"It's just around the corner on fifth you can walk. If you take your car
from here you'll probably wind up parked further away than you are now."

"I... I..." Patty stammered

"Go!" Delia mouthed and made a shooing motion.

It only took five minutes including the elevator ride to be standing in the
upscale dress shop. The very well built woman who approached as soon as
she'd closed the door had magenta colored hair and a winning smile.

"Delia Bogdan sent me. Do I have the pleasure of addressing Simone?" the
slightly top heavy shop keeper scurried past her and flipped the latch on
the front door. She adjusted the clock on the little sign which read `back
at' Patty noticed that the shop owner had set her `return time' as noon. By
her estimate it was just after nine, so her new wardrobe consultant and
seamstress had apparently allocated over two hours to the project.

Returning from her lock up chore the woman with the avant garde hair
finally replied,

"Oui, oui... I am Simone but zere is not time to waste. Come wiss me

Patty was fascinated by the French accent and almost got whiplash when the
speeding woman grabbed her wrist on the way by and yanked her toward the
back of the boutique.

They virtually flew past the sales counter and into a hallway that had a
floor to ceiling mirror all along one side and three curtained off change
areas on the other. Simone released her wrist and said,

"Take your clothes off" as if she had every right in the world to ask her
client to strip.

The command left the young nurse breathless; she froze.

"Vite...vite..." Simone ordered.

With trembling fingers Patty started to work the buttons of her blouse. The
dress shop owner impatiently started unfastening from the bottom. When only
one button remained the seamstress yanked on the waistband of the caramel
slacks and slipped the fastener before pulling down the front zipper.

An unseen force gripped Patricia's pussy as she shed the cheap print
blouse. Her fashion consultant was on her knees pulling her pants
down. Both of the department store garments hit the floor. Simone looked up
at the curvaceous brunette from her knees. Patty thought she could feel the
other woman's breath on her upper thighs. The French woman's face was less
than a foot from her now throbbing womanhood. Simone rose and stood back
appraising her underwear.

The nurse's nipples were tingling and she knew they were asserting
themselves against the thin fabric of her bra.

"We can do much better z-an z-is" the lingerie designer assured in her
Marseilles accent. She turned and left Patty standing there looking at
herself in the huge mirror.

Frenchy returned seconds later carrying a tailor's tape. The chestnut
haired woman standing in her bra and panties had an opportunity to give the
seamstress a thorough once over.

`She's older than me' Patty thought as the woman approached; the magenta
hair made her look younger though.

She was wearing a pant suit very similar to Delia's. The jacket was cut
differently to allow for her substantial bust and its sky blue color picked
up the blue highlights in her hair. Patty guessed that the Shop Keeper was
four, maybe five inches taller than her and appeared to have exceptionally
long legs. The older woman was in rapid motion all the time Patty was doing
her survey. By the time she'd finished the woman with the delightful French
accent was behind her tugging the back strap of her bra. Patty gasped when
she felt the four tiny hooks release.

"I need to measure you" the woman's breathed in her ear and an electric
current from her tender ear trumpet sparked its way directly to her pussy.

Biting her lip to suppress the moan she stood still, almost limp as the
older woman slid the shoulder straps down her arms. Looking at her own
naked breasts in the mirror she wasn't surprised to see the large areolas
crinkled and the center button standing at attention. The three inch
pinkish brown circles were perfectly centered on the round melon sized tit
flesh. The peg that projected out was a rather deeper shade of pink, except
the very tip which was lighter.

Looking at them seemed to make the tingling worse so she diverted her eyes
to the reflected face of woman standing behind her. The expression she saw
caused an unusual sensation deep in her vagina. It was sort of like a pop
followed by a warm glow that radiated out until her lower abdomen felt
really warm.

The only other person who'd ever inspected her body in such detail seemed
to no longer be interested in doing so. Jim used to get her to parade
around like this, in just her panties, while he stroked his rigid
member. Recalling how hot and hard that pole used to be; how she would,
kneel at his feet and take the bulging purple head in her mouth, exploring
its hot smoothness with her tongue; the gushy feelings deep inside started.

`Oh fuck' she scolded herself `why are you thinking about that now?' She
knew the answer. The look in Simone's eyes was that same expression of lust
she'd seen on her husband's face so many times.

Patty tried to put out the fire.

`Think about something else... anything else... think about going to the

She might have accomplished some cooling this way but the woman behind her
was wrapping the tape around her ribs. The sensual feeling created by the
cold vinyl coated material, even on the relatively un-sensitive part of her
body, drove home how horny she was.

The seamstress held the end of the tape behind her back along with the
dangling mid portion of the measuring tool in one hand. Her other hand
reached around and cradled the brunette's right breast in her palm. The
slender manicured fingers impinged into the pliable globe as they lifted it
away from her ribs. It only took a second for the French woman to slip the
measuring tape under her boob; but it was a hell of a thrilling second. She
could scarcely remember when hands, other than her own, had touched her

Patty felt the wave of heat rise from between her legs and her knees were
suddenly very weak. She knew she had gasped but the older woman seemed to
take no notice. She did however switch hands and repeat the process with
the nurse's left boob. The all but naked woman thought she was prepared for
it the second time; cool fingers lifting her feverish flesh. When the
moderate length thumb nail, with its blue acrylic coating `accidentally'
brushed the tender pink peg poking out of her areola all bets were off.

Patty was surprised that she had the presence of mind to compensate for the
sag in her knees. She only dipped an inch or two as the rocket of pleasure
slammed into her percolating cunt causing her to exhale a deep moan. With
the tape now securely nestled under her breasts. The French woman pulled it
tight and took the basic chest measurement.

"Trente et un" she said under her breath.

Her vision was blurry and her head was swimming when the magenta haired
older woman circled around. Standing in front of the agitated nurse the
shop keeper whispered,

"Raise your arms."

Patty complied with the command and thought, just for a thrilling second,
that the woman was going to kiss her tingling tits. She did feel the warm
breath on her boobs when Simone leaned forward to slip the tape around her
back. She felt the vinyl coated strip of metered cloth slide up her
shoulder blades just before it was wrapped firmly, but not snuggly, over
her breasts.

The stiff feeling material pressed the half inch pink pegs back into their
nests with intoxicating results. Her nipples being pressed in was like
pressing two clitoral stimulator buttons.

Simone seemed to be ignoring the little "ugh... ugh..." grunts her customer
was making as she squared the tape and peered closely between the very
slightly indented globes to take the measurement.

"Trente-neuf... c'est un D" she murmured to herself.

The seamstress straightened from her stooped position and stood watching
Patty's nipples rise like flags going up a pole.

The nurse was breathless and applied her teeth to her lower lip in an
effort to silence the noises she was making.

"Magnifique" Simone whispered and marched back out into the shop.

Alone in front of the mirror Patty grabbed her aching engorged mons with
her right hand and her tingling breast with her left. Three fingers pressed
on the squishy vulva through the double crotch of the cotton blend
panties. The labial containment was breached and the fabric was almost
instantly saturated. Tugging firmly on her left half inch pink nub, through
bleary eyes, she saw the areola stretch and the delicious shockwave tingle
her clit against her encroaching fingers.

"Oh fuck" she exhaled knowing she couldn't continue.

Thankfully the direct stimulation of her needy erogenous zones seemed to
reduce the urgency she was feeling. When the shop keeper returned with
several bra and panty sets, a couple of moments later, the young nurse was
standing wringing her hands; massaging the pussy juice on the fingers of
her right into her skin like hand cream. Simone set the lingerie on the
bench that occupied the back wall of the fitting room.

For the next fifteen minutes the French woman put one bra after another on
the overwrought brunette; each time asking her client's opinion about feel
and fit. They settled on two styles and Patty felt disappointed when her
fashion advisor left the last one, a lacey beige satin number, on. Each of
the breast supports came with matching panties. Patty half dreaded, half
longed for the shop keeper to go through the same fitting exercise with
them. It didn't happen.

When the sizing and bra style selection was complete the seamstress worked
her way around her customer taking various measurements. Patty found that
her arousal hadn't cooled that much but it had settled into a more
manageable background hum. That was until Simone went to her knees in front
of her again.

The contracted nurse thought she could detect the scent of her own arousal
while the French woman was taking measurements, but for her own peace of
mind she made herself believe that it was her imagination�she knew it
wasn't. Now the fashion consultant had her nose within inches of the
saturated crotch gusset of the white cotton. Embarrassment caused blood to
flood her face and neck. She watched her blush glow in the mirror while the
kneeling woman applied the end of the tape to her left instep. The back of
the shop keeper's fingers grazed the skin of her calf as she stretched the
tape upward.

When the tantalizingly light contact passed the back of her knee Patty
braced herself as best she could for what she expected was coming. The
passage of the French knuckles up her sensitive inner thigh was quick;
probably less than a second, but it was like someone moving the volume
slider on a sound board and the pitch slider to max at the same time.

Patty nearly jumped straight up in the air when the back of the kneeling
woman's hand (the heel of her thumb really) gently collided with the damp
squishiness of her cotton covered vulva. The high pitched squeak that was
forced from her lips was followed by a deep groan. The shop keeper,
striving for accuracy, stretched the tape taught, pressing the boney
knuckle against her spongy mons until it bottomed out on the pubic
bone. Patty would later be grateful that the back of the older woman's hand
had missed her hard throbbing clit or she probably would have climaxed
right then and there.

`She must feel it... how wet I am' the hyper-aroused woman thought as her
blush deepened.

The fleeting, but extraordinarily erotic contact left her gasping for
breath again. The knowing smirk on Simone's face did nothing to assuage
Patty's embarrassment.

The shop keeper picked up the lacey panties that matched the new bra and
handed them to the crimson faced brunette saying,

"You should put zeeze on... I sink you'll be more comfortable."

She accepted the satiny underpants and stood looking at them as her fashion
adviser bent to write down measurements. Evidently the French woman wasn't
going to leave. Patty was shocked at herself when she skinned down her wet
panties and slipped them over her feet. The seamstress was apparently
engaged in recording her measurements.

When the young nurse diverted her eyes, the reflection in the mirror
revealed that miz Larue took the opportunity to get an unobstructed
view. Her fully engorged pink flaps protruded below her plump mound. Thin
curly brown hair completely surrounded the meaty cleft. Exposing her highly
aroused womanhood to the shop keeper albeit briefly gave her a bigger
thrill than she'd expected. As she tugged the lacey satin into place
Simone, without raising her head said,

"You can get dressed now. Tell Delia I'll have at least two outfits ready
by five."

On the walk back to her new employer's office she wondered about slipping
into a lady's room to tend to the yearning need that pulsated between her
legs. In the elevator she dismissed the idea as unprofessional; but God she
was gonna give her coochie a workout as soon as she got home.

She glanced at her watch. `Five hours... oh Jesus that's a long time' she
had no idea how long five hours could actually seem.


Delia recruits her receptionist to stand in as a patient so she can
demonstrate the required examination procedure to Patty.

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