Thursday, May 14, 2009

House Calls 7

Patricia had every intension of being totally professional in performing
the pelvic examination on the busty, red-haired life insurance applicant;
in spite of her own heightened state of arousal. She hadn't bargained on
missus Howard's amazing vulva.

"I'm going to palpa... feel your outer labia first," she announced brushing
the backs of her hands on the woman's widely splayed thighs before gripping
the bearded outer lips between her thumbs and forefingers.

Feeling their plump sponginess caused a new tremor in her womanhood which
she did her best to ignore. Opening the older woman's crease she was
surprised at how full and thick the inner labia were considering none of it
protruded. Pulling outward Patty saw the vulva blossom which made her own
sex twitch.

"How are you doing?" she asked glancing up at her patient.

Tanya had her left arm across her mouth and appeared to be gagging herself
with her wrist. The answer to the nurse's question sounded more like a

As she pulled gently outward squeezing the tender flesh between her fingers
and thumb she conducted a cursory visual inspection of the dark almost
brown and very intricately folded inner lips. The structure at the apex of
the crinkled labia minora made her do a double take. The cone shaped flap
of skin was quite smooth looking in comparison to the surrounding
tissues. At the bottom where it joined the heavily textured labia it was as
wide as her ring finger. It tapered up until it disappeared in the red
foliage above the juicy gash. The cone was as long as the first two joints
of the nurse's baby finger. Patty had never seen a clitoral hood that large
and prominent before. Missus Howard's clit was the polar opposite of Kim

The irony was not lost on the traveling nurse. `I've been nursing for
almost fifteen years and doing these kinds of exams for nearly ten... in
one day, back to back, I see the smallest most recessive clitoris ever,
then probably the largest... what are the odds?'

Patty realized that she had been holding her patient's outer lips open and
staring at the inner ones for an inordinately long time. She looked up at
the redhead and saw that she hadn't taken her wrist out of her
mouth. Clearing her throat the nurse announced,

"I'm going to check your inner labia now," it sounded hoarse and breathy,
even to her.

It was difficult to grip the soft spongy flesh with her gloved fingers
because it was so slippery. Patty managed to get a reasonable hold and
started near the bottom of the furry boat shaped crease where the lips were
somewhat thinner.

As she moved up she wasn't really prepared for how big and thick the labia
tissue was immediately adjacent to the vaginal opening. Palpating the hot
slick flesh made her own vulva twitch aggressively. The outward and upward
force she was exerting predictably caused the older woman's clitoral glans
to emerge. The whitish nub contrasted starkly with the rest of the dark
vulval tissue. It was, as she'd speculated, the size of the tip of her baby

Patricia had been trying to remain as detached and clinical as she could,
but this was too much. Her head was starting to spin. She employed a
technique she used to use when she first started. It involved visualizing
the text book and going through the examination step by step. Focusing on
the individual elements and their cautionary codicils had helped to keep
her from thinking about what she was touching and feeling.

`Palpate the inner labia working from the bottom to the top,' she recited
in her head. `When the clitoral prepuce is reached, carefully and gently
retract it and visually examine the clitoral glans if evident. The clitoral
glans should not be contacted directly unless some irregularity is
observed. If an irregularity is found such contact may only be made with
the informed consent of the patient.'

Patty recalled reading that page in the text book many times when she was
studying for her practioner's license. It invariably made her hot.

Was extreme size an irregularity that warranted further examination? The
studious nurse doubted it, but she asked anyway,

"May I examine your clitoris?"

Tanya Howard felt as though there was an elephant sitting on her lower
abdomen. The heat and pressure since the pretty young nurse had begun the
pelvic examination had been constantly increasing. She couldn't precisely
feel her love button pop out but she knew it had. Tanya of course had no
knowledge that there was anything unusual about her pleasure center. She'd
never seen the inner workings of another woman's pussy so she had nothing
to compare herself to. Although every one of the doctors who'd examined her
over the years had noticed the anomaly it wasn't the kind of thing they
would comment on without good reason.

When the younger woman between her legs asked permission to touch her
holiest of holies, she almost fainted. The huge titted widow had resolved
herself to getting so turned on by the examination that she thought she
would burst. She'd promised herself a trip to her toy drawer as a reward
for surviving the ordeal. But now... now the potential for immediate relief
had been presented.

Taking her wrist from her mouth she croaked "Yessss" then silently added
`and please hurry.'

Exactly according to the book she had her permission; with or without
clinical justification. By the book she applied her left thumb near the
top of the reclining woman's clitoral hood and `carefully and gently'
retracted the smooth flap.

Patty bit her lip to stifle the gasp as the woman's turgid pleasure center
fully emerged. Standing like a miniature penis straight out from her pubic
bone it was every bit as long as the first knuckle of the nurse's little

`I could take it between my fingers and masturbate it like a man's dick'
the curvy brunette thought.

It was an intensely exciting idea. Still applying retractive pressure with
her left thumb she took the hirsute woman's girl cock between the
forefinger and thumb of her right hand and rolled it back and forth. Patty
was so enthralled by the gristly firmness of the not so little organ that
she barely heard her client's muffled wail. The twisting, churning of the
mature hips was another matter though.

Patricia was disappointed when the woman let out a room filling scream and
rolled on her side, away from the orgasm producing stimulation. The nurse
was left looking down on her patient's full hip and butt as the redhead
curled into the fetal position, panting like she'd just run a marathon.

Missus Cornaveau, out of sight of her client, passed the time licking the
sweet fluids from her gloved hand. She slipped her other hand under her
skirt and massaged her aching womanhood through the saturated crotch of the
satin panties.

Patty couldn't decide if she was making her condition better or worse.

Everything was out of sight for the big busted redhead, curled on her side
naked with her face buried in the bedspread. Patricia glanced at the
bedside clock and saw that it was after two. It wasn't far to her next
appointment but she wasn't finished here yet.

The traveling nurse hoped her client was sufficiently recovered to
continue. Touching the patient's hip gently Patty said,

"Can you roll back for me please?"

Tanya tried to fight her way through the misty murky land of post orgasmic
bliss to understand what her examiner was saying. She felt the latex
encased hand on her upper thigh encouraging her to rotate from her side
toward her back. She yielded to the pressure and helped by turning her hips
until she was back in the supine position again. She felt the rubber gloves
on her ankles repositioning her legs, but the majority of her body was
feeling quite numb.

"Now I have to do the bimanual exam. I'll be inserting three fingers in
your vagina and examining the interior walls as well as your cervix." Patty
explained as promised.

"Finally I'll push up from inside and try to feel your uterus, ovaries and
bladder with my other hand by pressing on your tummy."

Tanya really didn't hear much after `I'll be inserting three fingers in
your vagina.' She was back in the most immodest position possible with a
stranger exploring her privates in ways that very few had ever done before.

`I've never reacted like this in the doctor's office,' the widow
contemplated `so why now?'

The answer was simple although she didn't realize it in so many words. It
was the lack of sexual activity, at least with a partner, since Bruce died;
the fact that this was taking place in her bedroom and not some sterile
smelling examining room; and finally the very new and somewhat disturbing
attraction to other women that fueled her arousal. In all the times she had
pelvic exams performed, this was the first time by a female.

`That should make it easier... right? It should make the whole thing less
intimidating... less sexual?' Maybe it should but it didn't.

The nurse's hands were on her vulva again, gently separating her
lips. Tanya braced herself for the invasion.

Patty slid her three small fingers in. It was difficult to reach all the
way to her patient's cervix with her short little fingers. She did manage
to get the firm organ on her finger tips she explored the relatively
insensitive part of her client's reproductive system. Missus Howard's
cervix may have not been very sensitive but the reclining redhead couldn't
say the same for the outer portion of her love tunnel. The nurse's hand
moving around and pressing on the engorged interior re-started the crampy
feeling that had been relieved just a couple of minutes ago.

`I've never been able to get aroused again this fast,' the busty widow

She had been looking up at the ceiling but now she closed her eyes. `Just
relax and don't think about it... it'll all be over soon.'

It was a good plan but unfortunately something was lost between concept and
execution. Tanya tried to distract herself from the probing inside her but
the physical sensations simply overrode her efforts. Her physiological
responses were beyond her control.

Patty worked at palpating the uterus, pushing the cervix up from inside
while pushing down on the soft tummy fat. Moving on to her patient's
ovaries she could feel the vaginal walls pressing down on her fingers,
squeezing them. Glancing up at missus Howard's face she saw the grimace,
which under other circumstances would most likely be interpreted as
pain. Patricia knew it wasn't physical discomfort that was causing the
strained expression. Her own pussy was pulsating in a steady rhythm. She
wasn't really thinking about what she was doing when she picked up that
beat and started moving her fingers in and out in time with it.

Tanya's conscious brain was still telling her to relax but the nurse's
fingers sliding in and out were generating waves of heat and pleasure that
her involuntary nervous system welcomed.

Patty wasn't really thinking at all anymore. She added a twisting motion to
the finger fucking, watching the fat labial wings following her thrusting
digits in and out. The vaginal contractions were more rapid now and
accompanied by a grunt from her apparently receptive patient. When the
redhead's hips began to twitch the nurse rotated her hand and pressed
firmly just behind the prone woman's pubic bone, stroking the firm tissue
that guarded the inner part of the widow's urethra.

Tanya had heard of the `G' spot but actually had little idea where it was
supposed to be. In fact she recalled hearing that it was a myth. Some
experts denied its existence. At that very moment those experts were proved
wrong. The intense pleasure that filled her abdomen and spread out fairly
slowly to all parts of her body seemed to come from deep inside; deeper
than the little gloved fingers.

It was much different than the explosive climax brought on by the pretty
young brunette tickling her clit. It was about as different as the pleasure
of licking an ice cream cone as opposed to having a mouthful of sinfully
rich cheese cake. She didn't shudder or shake, twitch or jerk; she just
floated into a blissful state of total relaxation. She wasn't unconscious
but she was in a world all her own.

Patty felt all the tension drain from her patient's body. Her own womanhood
seemed of heave a sympathetic sigh but continued to pound at slightly
reduced volume. On her way to the ensuite washroom she enjoyed licking the
new batch of vaginal secretions from her glove before removing it.

In the bathroom the busy nurse quickly removed her skirt and panties. Using
toilet paper first and then the wash cloth that was hanging on the towel
rack she sopped up her own abundant fluids. Picking up her saturated
panties, missus Cornaveau made the judgment that she'd be more comfortable
without them. She put her skirt back on and returned to her client's
bedroom. Missus Howard hadn't moved.

On an impulse the traveling nurse kissed her patient's forehead and said,

"Rest now sweetie," then exited the Howard residence carrying her
examination kit which now contained a pair of sodden satin panties.

With her kit in the trunk Patricia got behind the wheel. The skirt material
(she didn't know what kind it was) felt sort of abrasive on her tender
backside. She was tempted to hike her skirt up and sit her naked ass
directly on the soft smooth leather but opted against it.

`It'll be easier to clean pussy juice off the skirt than the seat' she
reasoned; incorrectly.

She heaved a big sigh as she engaged the navigation control that would
guide her to her final appointment of the day.

`I hope the next one is an old man,' she wished as she pulled away from the
curb. She'd have done well to remember the adage; `be careful what you wish


Augustus Witherby took the stump of a cigar out of his mouth. There was of
course no smoking in the car dealership but Tom knew that his Service
Manager occasionally lit the cigar for a puff or two. Most of the time the
sixty-something just held it between his teeth like a pacifier. He set the
well chewed Monte Cristo on the edge of the ash-less ashtray.

"I know what you want; and I won't fight you on it," Gus announced in his
smoke graveled voice. Tom dropped himself in the guest chair in front of
the old timer's desk in amazement.

"I guess you know that since Will's been gone things haven't been going so
well," the majority owner of the dealership said. He needed to confirm that
they were on the same page.

"I loved that man," the grizzly war vet said looking his boss straight in
the eye. Tom was surprised to see the tears welling up.

"So did I," he replied feeling his throat tighten.

"He loved you too." Gus returned wiping angrily at a tear that had escaped
the corner of his eye.

"It's just not the same... it'll never be the same without him."

The `without him' part came out as a pitiful sob and several more drops
escaped the old mans eyes. He seemed to ignore them.

Gus' wife had died the year after Will's. Tom knew after that the two old
friends had been inseparable. Golfing, hunting, fishing or just hanging out
drinking, they were always together. As close as their friendship had been
before their wives passed away, it went to another level entirely when they
shared the common bond of being widowers. The young black man had never
really given much consideration to what the loss of his friend would do to
his Service Manager.

"I'm gonna retire," Gus said with finality, extracting a tissue from the
box on the corner of his desk. Tom helped himself to one as well.

"Where will you go... what will you do?" the gigantic man felt his heart
breaking for the old timer.

It hadn't always been like this--confrontational. When he was the top
salesman, the three of them; he, Gus and Will had spent many evenings after
the dealership closed drinking scotch and playing cards, or sometimes just
shooting the breeze. His mentors joked about how their wives were gonna lay
a beating on them when they got home. They usually made scurrilous remarks
about Tom's potential to get all the strange pussy he wanted with no
strings attached, which was quite true.

They let on that they envied him but Tom knew from seeing the older men
with their wives that neither of them would trade places with him at the
point of a gun. In a way it was he who envied them.

"I got a brother down south... got a nice condo on the beach. He's bin
buggin' me to move down there for years." Gus picked up his cigar and lit
it. Tom said nothing.

"I bought a place there last month... title changes over a week
Friday. After that... I'm gone."

The dealership owner rose to his feet and extended his hand.

"Gus, I don't know what to say... I hope you'll be happy in your

The old codger rose, took the huge black paw and said,

"I'm gonna. And if you want my ten percent it's gonna cost ya."

"We'll leave that to the lawyers and accountants... friends?" he asked

"Friends," the out going Service Manager replied.

"Now get outa my office, I got a lota work to do before I go," he said
sitting back down and letting the cigar fizzle out.

On the way back to his office the very relieved General Manger noticed that
Michelle's desk was still vacant. The thought of what his wife was likely
doing to the talented little pixie made his manhood twitch.


Delia let the waves of pleasure subside to ripples. Looking at the top of
the dark hair tied in cute little pig tails she could almost feel the
girl's eyes on her well sucked vulva. She ran her fingers over her slightly
numb womanhood pulling it open again.

"Do you like my pussy sweetheart?"

The big innocent eyes looking up from between her legs said `yes' on the
seated secretary's behalf.

Bogdan and Associates CEO swung her sculpted brown leg over the girl's head
and jumped down from the table. Ignoring the rubbery-ness she felt in her
legs, Delia lifted the panty clad nymph to her feet.

Michelle's eyes were wide with anticipation when the nurse effortlessly
deposited her on the examination table. Her host stripped the white lacy
bikinis off so fast that it took the youngster's breath away. She felt like
a doll being positioned on the firm, paper covered surface. The experienced
nurse had her patient turned and was placing the delicate little feet in
the stirrups before miz Woznouski realized that she had forgotten to
breathe. She was taking in air in large gulps when the Halle Berry
doppelganger pulled her tiny hips to the foot of the examination platform.

Some of her boy friends had performed oral sex on her but she was about
experience something so completely different that they couldn't be called
by the same name.

Missus Bogdan did her usual visual examination of her prize. The delicate
thin pink inner labia of youth, engorged until they were almost red,
presented themselves between the chubby bald outer lips. The dainty inner
lips converged into an inverted cone of flesh that concealed miz Woznouski
joy button. The only disappointment was that, although the lips were
glistening damply, there were no rivulets of nectar flowing as the seated
woman would have preferred.

She caressed the exposed folds gently with her tongue tasting the sweetness
of Michelle's girlhood. With each gentle exploratory stroke, bottom to top
of the delicious groove, the young secretary peeped like a baby bird
calling for its mother. Her hips, powered by her heels driving against the
metal stirrups, lifted off the paper covered vinyl.

`I'm able to enjoy it so much more... and I'm so much more in control when
I get my cookies first,' the black nurse recognized.

Each lick sent waves of heat and electricity through the younger woman's
pelvis and the waves rippled outward to every part of her naked body.

She'd always been a little on the dry side and normally needed a personal
lubricant. In this case Delia's copious spittle was doing the job nicely.

The sensation, almost like a pinch that hit her love button each time the
black woman's tongue tracked up her gash made her trust her hips toward the
incredibly erotic touch, hoping for direct contact but not getting it. The
tortured girl put her fingers in her mouth and began sucking them. She
always found sucking to be very soothing.

After a dozen or maybe it was twenty strokes (nobody was counting); the
nurse began to add a little flourish. At the top of the stroke her tongue
flicked very rapidly over the distended cone of flesh where the labial
wings met. The more or less direct stimulation of her pleasure center
caused the girl to grunt and suck harder on her fingers. Each tongue
flutter was like a step up a ladder leading to release. Much later, when
Delia finally sucked and licked her clit in earnest, Michelle felt as
though she was launched off the top of a mountain, hang gliding out over a
blissful calm.

The initial surge had been like suddenly dropping a hundred feet in free
fall. All of her organs seemed to be left behind while her body
plummeted. The first wave that accompanied the drop was hot, very hot, too
hot to tolerate but it was brief as the blood rushed to its assigned
orgasmic stations. The next and the next were just warm and Michelle felt
everything drain out of her until all that was left was the soaring

Delia was thrilled by the tiny high pressure squirt that hit her tongue. It
wasn't much, only a drop or two but it was so amazingly sweet. The black
nurse rolled it in her mouth reveling in the essence of the youngster's

Bogdan and Associate's CEO cleaned up in the adjoining washroom before
getting dressed. Her luncheon companion lay silently on the examination
table sucking her fingers. The well satisfied head of the private nursing
company stroked the girl's hair out of her face and said,

"We really must do lunch more often."

Michelle's eyes opened and she smiled as only a post orgasmic woman can.

"Come on out when you're ready," missus Bogdan invited, "and I'll take you

She glanced at the wall clock on the way out; two-thirty.

`I wonder how Patty's doing?'


In Patty's opinion, she wasn't doing all that well. She had located the
Harding residence with the invaluable assistance of her dash mounted
navigator; however her butt was feeling more than a little chaffed from
wiggling naked against her new dark blue skirt.

`This shouldn't be too bad,' she told herself as she retrieved the
examination kit from the trunk.

She had gotten her wish. The final appointment of the day was an older
man. She felt like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders when she did
the math from her last client's date of birth.

`He's sixty-two,' she'd calculated.

She had a vision of what a sixty-two year old man should look like as she
was approaching the front door. It wasn't even vaguely close to Phillip
Harding's appearance. A handsome, athletic looking six footer with very
short steel grey hair greeted her.

`Maybe this isn't gonna be as easy as I hoped.'

The warm glow from her backside mingled with the smoldering embers between
her legs.

"Hi, I'm Patricia Cornaveau. I represent Bogdan and Associates... we've
been contracted to do the qualification medicals for Independent Life
Insurance. Are you mister Harding?" the old man, who unfortunately for the
traveling nurse didn't look that old, smiled an engaging smile and said,

"Yes... yes of course won't you come in?"

Patty felt his eyes scan her from head to toe as he opened the door fully
and stood aside. It was a pretty typical male reaction to her lush curves,
but there were times, like now, when those lascivious looks seemed to
kindle a fire between her legs.

`It's only since Jim's been... incapacitated,' she forgave herself, even
though she knew it wasn't strictly true.

The additional problem was that her day up to that point, and the last hour
and a half in particular, had already kindled the fire. Mister Harding's
appreciative survey had only caused a distressing flair-up.

"Who is it dear?" a woman's voice called out from somewhere in the house.

"It's the nurse, honey, come to do that physical... you remember," the grey
haired man in the tan slacks and forest green sport shirt replied.

"That's my wife," Phillip informed his visitor; "If you'd like to follow
me," he added; wishing devoutly that it was the other way around.

They entered the nicely furnished living room and Patty was able to put a
face to the female voice. The woman was attractive in a senior sort of
way. She looked ten years older than her husband. She was the female
version of how the traveling nurse had envisioned her patient. It took
missus Cornaveau a few seconds to realize what the woman seated in the
recliner was doing. She removed towels from both her knees before up
righting the chair and struggling to her feet.

`She's icing,' the nurse concluded and the word `arthritis' flashed in
glowing letters through her mind. The decrepit looking woman hobbled toward
her and extended her hand.

"Pleased to meet you miss..."

"Cornaveau," Patty filled in.

"Can I get you a cup of tea...? I was just going to have one," the
tottering woman asked heading for the kitchen.

"No... no thanks," the curvy brunette declined.

"Only take a minute," the woman said and continued her evidently painful
trek ignoring the negative response.

"She's a bit dotty," her client, and the woman's husband apologized.

Patty glanced from the wife to the husband and back, wondering if the slur
would provoke a response; it didn't. Phillip recognized her discomfort and
added, "also a little hard of hearing."

Resigning herself to being served a cup of tea, the empathetic care-giver
said "Let me help you;" and started to follow the old woman.

"No don't!" mister Harding cautioned touching her arm.

"Let her play hostess. She does love to have company... and it's so rare
that we do." The profound sadness in his voice touched Patty's heart.

"We really don't do much these days. The arthritis was bad enough, but when
she started... you know, forgetting things and repeating herself... it just
became too much."

There was a catch in his voice when he said it. She looked at the handsome
man's face. Seeing the tears in his eyes she looked back toward the kitchen
door out of respect.

"That's a shame," the nurse consoled, feeling like she had to say

"Oh well can't be helped" Phillip said in a brighter tone.

"That's why I had to quit working," he said in a matter of fact
tone. "Can't leave her on her own too long."

It was really starting to break Patty's heart.

"What did you do, before you retired?" she asked being conversational.

"I was a welder... high steel," he replied proudly.

"That's very physical work," Patty commented, realizing that it explained
his impressive physique. "How long have you been retired?"

"It'll be a year next month. That's why I had to get new insurance. The
company's plan only covered me for a year after I stopped working. I need
to make sure Agnes is well provided for in case..."

He didn't finish the statement because his stiff legged wife was returning
carrying a tray of cups and saucers. The tea pot, cream, sugar and lemon
that she also had on there made it look like a significant load. In an
athletic flash mister Harding crossed the short distance and took the tray
from his wife.

"Honey ya know ya shouldn't carry stuff like this."

He set the tray on the coffee table and said,

"I hope you don't mind... you don't have to drink any if you don't want,
but I'd appreciate it if you'd humor her... uh, if you have the time," the
powerful looking ex-welder said realizing that their guest was there on

Patricia saw the pleading look he gave her followed by a loving, concerned
glance at his wife who unceremoniously dropped herself back into the
recliner with a pained grunt.

"Is she older than you?" the nurse asked unable to contain her curiosity.

"No, we're the same age, give or take a couple of months. Seems some of us
are just luckier than others," he replied with sadness seeping into his
voice again.

They sat and drank their tea talking about the weather and other innocuous
subjects. Patty helped herself to the biscuits and realized how hungry she

`That's right... I missed lunch because of the wardrobe change.'

That realization brought with it the memory of what made the change of
clothing necessary. Just when she thought she had her sexual appetite under
some control, the images from the Reynolds and Howard appointments
reignited the furnace between her legs. She tried to ignore the hot
twitching, but the tingling from her bum rubbing on the cloth of her skirt
whenever she moved made it impossible to put it completely out of her mind.

Agnes' end of the conversation was rife with non-sequiturs. Each time his
wife said something inane Phillip looked apologetically at their guest. It
was following one of her more divergent comments that the fit sixty-two
year old rose and said,

"Honey we can't hold missus Cornaveau up all day. I'm sure she has more
important things to do." Turning to Patty who had also gotten to her feet
he asked, "Where shall we do this?"

"The bedroom is always best," the nurse answered.

The details of what she was about to do sent a thrill through her agitated

"I'm gonna ice some more," the old woman announced picking up the towel
wrapped ice packs and applying them to her knees.

"This way," the grey haired retired construction worker invited as he
started down a hall leading toward the back of the small house.

Patty picked up her examination bag to follow and gave herself a mental
slap for noticing how nicely mister Harding's slacks hugged his evidently
hard buttocks.

He closed the bedroom door behind them and turned expectantly toward the
nurse. Patty was suddenly short of breath.

`This was supposed to be easy!' she cursed fate.

They stood looking at each other in silence for several seconds. Missus
Cornaveau trying to get her vocal chords to form the words; mister Harding
wishing the young woman's substantial bust wasn't covered by the dark blue
suit coat.

"I'll need you to remove your shirt and trousers," she eventually managed
to say. Immediately she felt a wave of heat that wash over her.

She wasn't sure if it was a blush or not on her patient's face as he began
to unbutton his shirt. Patty thought the heat in the room had gone up
twenty degrees and decided to remove her jacket. She turned her back as had
become her practice in concession to her patient's modesty. She shrugged
off her suit coat and hung it over the back of a chair standing beside the

The dresser was neatly decorated with various knick knacks and pictures all
sitting on little lace doilies so the examination kit remained on the

Not only was it not deliberate, but the traveling nurse had only the
vaguest inkling what had happened. When she bent to get the stethoscope
from her bag she made a tantalizing, though unintentional body position

Missus Cornaveau was not used to wearing a skirt, particularly when she was
working. Nursing put her in a totally different mind set; very
self-unaware. She forgot about the skirt, which was much shorter than
anything she'd owned since high school and she somehow failed to think
about the absence of her panties, despite the fact that her butt was still
tingling in a most troublesome way. Mister Harding had removed his shirt
and was unfastening his belt when the nurse presented him with a thrilling
view of her very nicely rounded ass stretching the navy blue fabric of the
skirt and more erotically... much more erotically, a glimpse of paradise
for two or three long seconds.

Phillip could barely believe his eyes. He would never know how he managed
to stifle the sound that wanted to come out of his throat. Perhaps it was
the fact that he was on an inhale in his accelerated breathing rhythm so
the lewd display resulted in a fairly quiet gasp.

While his lungs and vocal chords did not betray him his manhood responded
instantly. He was not accustomed to being flashed by women young enough to
be his daughter; or any other women for that matter. The retired welder
would have had to think long and hard to recall the last bare pussy, other
than his wife's he'd seen in the flesh. The fact was that, other than a
glimpse here and there when she changed clothes, he hadn't even really seen
Agnes' womanhood in about a year. The sexual depravation all accumulated in
his very underused member.

There was room for the otoscope on the dresser and that's where Patty set
it when she stood up and clipped the ear tubes of the stethoscope on the
sides of her neck. There was no doubt in her mind whatsoever that her
patient was blushing now. Further more the expression on his face was

`He looks as though he's seen a ghost... or...' when it occurred to the
nurse what she'd just done, it all came flooding in, including her missing

`Oh my God... how much did he see... judging by the look on his face more
than just my skirt covered tush!' the nurse joined her client glowing a
lovely shade of crimson.

Phillip was so shocked and aroused by the spectacle that he didn't even
consider whether it had been deliberate or not right then. His mind was
working on a much more urgent problem. What to do about his tumescent penis
when he had to remove his slacks. He was standing there with his pants
undone. If he hadn't been holding them up they'd have fallen around his
ankles by themselves. Even with the pants hanging so loosely from the old
man's hands Patty easily detected the movement of the woody. Her pussy
clenched and she scolded herself,

`This was supposed to be easy... it should have been easy... it's your own
fault, your carelessness that's made it hard.' Under other circumstances
the double entendre would have amused her but she was so upset with herself
that it didn't even register.

They were both looking at the floor, avoiding eye contact; both ashamed of
themselves. Somebody had to give in. It was the retired welder who
concluded that there really wasn't any dignified way out of this and simply
released his grip. Patricia saw the kakis hit the floor and the senior step
out of them.

`If he can be a `big boy' about it I ought to be able to swallow a little
embarrassment and get this show on the road... I'm the professional here
and I don't think this is gonna get any easier.'

It was only a couple of steps but it felt like miles to the chagrinned
nurse with the renewed squishiness between her legs. She could not prevent
her eyes from lingering just a split second on the pole tenting the very
traditional white jockey briefs.

"I'm sorry," he croaked contritely. "It... it's just that Agnes and I
don't... I mean she can't really... uh..." the embarrassed man tried to
explain but couldn't find the words. Patty was feeling more than a little
responsible for his predicament.

"Don't worry about it" she consoled, surprising herself by sounding way
more casual than she felt. "It's a very normal reaction for a health man in
this situation."

`If he's embarrassed now what's he gonna do when he finds out those jockeys
have to come off?' The thought made the nurse with the stethoscope hanging
over her boobs feel a bit faint, but she took a deep breath and began her

The luxuriant growth of grey chest hair made scrapping sounds through the
ear pieces of the scope as she moved it around not lifting it high enough.

Jim, her husband, was relatively hairless and the curvy brunette was
finding the uniquely masculine characteristic more erotic than she would
have thought. That, the retired welder's buff physique and a particularly
appealing cologne, had the nurse struggling to keep her professional
composure. She kept being distracted by the struggle going on inside the
white cotton briefs.

Patricia lingered longer than necessary on the blood pressure measurement.
She knew the rest of the exam was going to be difficult--for both of them.

"Take these off for me please," the nurse indicated the retired man's

Once again Patty was amazed at how firm and level her voice sounded in
spite of the churning in her stomach and between her legs. The sound mister
Harding made was reminiscent of the groan you hear at the track when
someone's horse has just lost in a photo finish.

After another pause, while Phillip considered whether he had any options,
the mortified sixty-two year old pulled out on the elastic waistband to get
it over his tumescent dick, let them fall to the floor and kicked them off.

NEXT: Alls well that ends well.

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