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A Wife Makes Amends For Her Husband

In a previous story entitled "A Man Makes Amends With A Husband" I
unsuccessfully tried to make restitution with Mike, the husband, for the
affair with his wife. The background describing the affair, and Mike, the
husband, is revisited in the following paragraphs leading up to the next
episode of a continuing story. The continuance of this story would not be
necessary were it not for the fact that my giving myself to Mike to cum in
my mouth during an unselfish blow-job, and my also giving Mike the pleasure
of cumming inside me anally were not enough to satisfy his sense of justice
or even vengence. Mike did love my oral service to him, and he did love
having me anally to full and complete pleasure...make no doubt about it,
but when the afterglow had passed, and when he was fully sexually satiated
by my willingness to pleasure him, Mike felt there had to be more for me to
do for him to make up for the injustice done him. Apparently it wasn't
enough for Mike to hear my cries of desire and even love for his body as I
brought him to climax. The eagerness with which I swallowed his healthy
size load of sperm wasn't going to do it, nor was my wriggling ass while he
ejaculated deep inside my rectum amidst both our cries of joy and pleasure
ample restitution.

To recall the background, years ago, at the age of 44, I'd met a woman at
my workplace with whom I began a hot and passionate love affair. She was
28, married with two young boys ages 4 and 6, and with a husband, Mike, 35
serving several years in prison for drug convictions. I too had been
married for 15 years, but had no children. The affair continued without any
difficulty for almost a year when her husband was suddenly released on
parole. When her husband returned he soon found out about our relationship
and "all hell broke loose." He ordered her to stay away from me, which she
didn't do, and he ordered me to stay away from her, which I didn't do.

Rhonda and I continued the affair as secretly as we could, while her
husband, Mike, sought to win his wife back fully. Rhonda had avoided sex
with Mike, but finally relented to his demands. In the end she made him
move out of her apartment, which then caused Mike to call my wife, Mary,
and tell her of my ongoing affair with Rhonda. Even after all of that,
Rhonda and I managed to get together for passionate sex as often as
possible, which finally resulted in her becoming pregnant with my
child. Mike was furious, hurt, and disbelieving of how all of these goings
on had ended up. Rhonda filed for divorce, and Mike was resigned to the
inevitable. His wife was going to have another man's child...my child, and
there wasn't anything he could do about it.

As for myself, I did not leave my wife, as she decided to stick it out and
go on with our lives. Mary had become pregnant some 4 months before I'd
gotten Rhonda pregnant, and had our son, Jonathan. Rhonda finally gave
birth to a son, David, and I supported and visited him regularly. At the
same time Mike continued his relationship with his two boys, and he
regularly was at Rhonda's to visit them, pick them up, and help his ex-wife
in ways intended to help her with their boys.

After about a 18 months, when Mike's anger and grief had subsided, he and I
were able to amicably communicate about what had happened, and what was now
going on in all our lives. Of course, he didn't know that Rhonda and myself
were still regularly having sex, and that our affair had not totally cooled
or ended. It was during this time that I began to feel strong pangs of
guilt...remorse for what I'd done to Mike...and to my wife. I was secretly
trying to sort out in my mind what I could do to make it up to Mike. What
would allow this man to feel better about what I'd done to him...to
eliminate his humiliation, to allow him to feel that he was now above it
all...and most of all, above me, better than me, had finally bested me.

It then began to grow in my mind....a sort of kinky yet very surprisingly
erotic seed of thought. I could give Mike a blow-job! Rhonda had told him
of how great she thought sex was with me. She'd told him that we'd done
"everything." Mike had been very curious and insistant that she reveal
details about our lovemaking and physical experiences to him...which she
did. It had infuriated, humiliated and aroused him all at the same time,
although he didn't dare admit to it.

Rhonda had also told me quite a bit about Mike. She'd said that he was a
premature ejaculator. He couldn't help cumming in less than 2 minutes. It
was always a "slam-bang-thank-you-maam" thing when they had sex. He was so
excited when he got inside of his wife that he went off like gang- busters,
noisily and violently squirming and wriggling on top of her. He even got
himself circumsized shortly after they married, so that he might not cum so
fast, but it hadn't made much difference. He still went off way too
quickly...long before Rhonda could begin to be satisfied. Mike even would
cum while he ate her pussy...often in his boxer shorts, if he was wearing
them. Rhonda said that he came a whole lot, but that his semen was more
runny than mine..."Yours stays in a lot better than his does," she once
said. Mikes cum would run out of her and down her legs very soon after
she'd get out of bed and stand up.

To describe Mike....he was 35 years old, 178 lbs., only 5'2" tall, very
stocky so that his fellow inmates in prison nicknamed him "fireplug." He
was prematurely balding and sligtly gray haired. His penis was about 6 1/2"
cut, but not as thick as my 7" cut...so Rhonda had told me. Mike was fairly
hairy all over, and had a very light...even pale complexion. He also wore

Attitude-wise, Mike had told his wife that he'd never been into any male to
male sexual activities... that it turned him off. He also once told her
that he rarely jerked off...maybe a reason why he came so fast? All these
things I knew about this man about whom I was entertaining thoughts of oral

Well I did perform the blow-job. Mike got to top me. We even got so
involved that I expressed love for him, and he reciprocated by telling me
how much he loved me. It had been such a thrilling and satisfying
experience...my first with a man, and his first as well. All the details
can be read in that previous story. But, alas...it wasn't enough to even
the score for Mike. He now had a proposal for me to consider, and it
involved my wife, Mary.

Mary was 5'4", 135 lbs, medium length not quite to shoulders dark blonde
hair, blue eyes and fair comlexion. She'd been a virgin until our
honeymoon, and she would give me oral service and swallow, as well as let
me take her anally...in addition to "missionary style" and "doggy style"
sexual intercourse. She could never cum while I was in her, except for the
one time on our honeymoon. It had been a frustration for her since, but she
would experience intense orgasms when I used my mouth and tongue to bring
her off, or if I used my hands to work her genitals to an explosive
orgasm. So she was no prude about sex within our marriage, but sex outside
of marriage for her...and for me....was definitely a no-no.

But Mike wanted her to service him. That was his proposal. "Frank," he
said, "I want your lovely wife to make up to me what you took from me. You
screwed my wife...did everything to her...she says, and even knocked her
up. She sucked you off dozens of times...swallowed your loads, I know. You
came in her ass, too...a number of times. She told me that. She told me
everything like she was proud of it all. She said you even came between her
tits, played little girl with daddy, played rape games...God! I need you to
give up your wife to me so that I can get even. And I want you to watch and
also to clean us both up when our passion runs its course... and believe
me, it will run its course. I'm going to fill your lady with cum in every
hole, and you're going to drink from those holes, and from my cock whenever
I tell you to do so. I want you to watch us go at it, and I want your wife
to watch you give me full service...if you know what I mean....oral, anal,
swallowing all of my seed....and no birth-control. Maybe we won't get all
of this done, but you can bet i'm going to try."

I was both stunned and fearful by what Mike was saying, but at the same
time I was also becoming aroused by the prospect of Mary being used by him,
and also my role in servicing him and helping him enjoy my own wife who'd
never known another man. She would get to know Mike as I already knew
him....ejaculating noisily with total loss of control from the power of his
lust. Mary would be receiving another mans sperm. How would she be taking
all of this? Would she cry, fight, or just submit to a strange man's needs
to inseminate her and know what she felt and tasted like in the most
intimate way between a man and a woman. Would she cum for him? I certainly
did when he fucked me, and I'd felt privileged...no honored, to have him
cum in my mouth and ass. I thought i'd even fallen in love with him while
it was all happening. It had all been so thrilling and good. Now my wife
was going to know what I knew...intimacy with Mike. He might even get her
pregnant. The thought of Mary's legs flailing around Mikes waist while he
poured his semen inside her body, maybe against her protests at first, but
finally submitting to his lust and masculine needs for that exquisite
pleasure that arises from cumming in a lovely body, be it man or woman,
drove me wild. She would finally have to accept his possession of her...to
relax and enjoy it.

I knew that I could never talk Mary into having sex with Mike. She knew of
him, of course, as the husband of my former mistress. But she knew nothing
of Mike's and my previous sexual relationship of making amends to him by
giving him oral service, and having homosexual intercourse with him as the
man and me the bitch. I was going to have to somehow entice her into coming
with me where Mike could have access to her. I had to make her vulnerable
to him....even help her be vulnerable and help Mike to possess her body for
pleasure. As I thought of all of the ramifications of turning my wife over
to Mike, I tingled with sexual arousal. I so wanted to give Mike the
pleasure of my wife's body, just as i'd given him the pleasure of mine...my
mouth, hands, and ass which he so had enjoyed, and which I loved so much to
let him have. I could still taste his semen in my memory, and hear his
loving cries of pleasure for me as he ejaculated, first in my mouth and
later in my ass. I'd never felt so close to another person than I felt to
Mike when he climaxed from my ministrations to his body.

I decided to at least try to talk Mary into pleasing Mike for me. I
broached the subject by telling her how sorry I was about the affair with
Rhonda, Mike's wife. I then told her how he was hurting and fuming about
what i'd done, and that he might even try to do something to me...or us, to
get even. Then I said that he'd hinted that there was a way for me to
settle the score with him, but that it involved her. She was startled by
what I said, and she asked "What does he want? What do you mean that it
involves me? Do you mean...no, you can't be serious, does he want me to
give him sex? Is that it?" I looked at her somberely, and she then got the
message loud and clear. "No way," she said. I won't have sex with anyone
but my husband. That's the only right sex to have." She went on for about
5 minutes with pretty much the same diatribe of morals, and
propriety. Finally, when she'd calmed down I said "Mary, you'd be having
sex with Mike for me...for us, to put it all behind. I know you've never
been with another man, and I respect and am glad about that...that you've
only been mine for all these years. But if ever there was a time for you to
depart from monogamy...for just one time, this is the time. It won't be
cheating on me. It'll be with my approval, my blessing, because I need you
to do this for me...for us, please!

There was silence for a couple of minutes, and I waited for her to give a
response, while hoping against hope for a yes. Finally, she said a quiet
reluctant "yes...i'll do it, but it's only because I love you and want our
marriage to go on without Mike hanging over us." I was elated, and also
aroused by the prospect which had just emerged. I then began to tell her
about the requirements Mike had voiced to me. I also told her that I would
love her more than ever for doing it for me and us. She asked, "What does
Mike want?" I then told her that he wanted not only her to have sex with
him, but me as well. Her eyes widened at hearing that...almost like it was
exciting her. I told her that I was going to help him get as much pleasure
from her body as I could. I was going to be joining them and touching,
kissing, licking, and sucking Mike, and sometimes her, so that Mike would
be pleased. I was going to do whatever he asked of me and us. She said "Oh
God, I don't believe i'm going to do this." I then told her the most touchy
part. "Mary, he doesn't want you to use birth- control...no diaphram or
anything. He wants you to be exposed to making a baby for him."
Surprisingly, she seemed unfazed by it...like she'd expected that to be the
case, or maybe, I kinkly thought, she wanted it that way.

I immediately called Mike to tell him that all he had to do was name the
time and place. He said that he'd come over to our house and that it all
would take place in our bedroom and master bed. He said "I'm going to save
it all for you and Mary. I'll come over at 10pm Friday. Don't fuck her
until after i'm done with her. I want her horny for a good screwing. I plan
to give her my virile load, Frank. And you can drain us both when i'm
done." With that he hung up the phone. Friday was 3 days from now. I told
Mary all about it. She listened and sat still...thinking, I was hoping that
she was turned on by it. She tightened her legs together like she did when
getting hot for sex. I was hopeful.

Friday night, Mike rang the doorbell. Mary was already in bed in a
nighty. She wore no panties, and had just showered. I was in briefs and a
t-shirt. Mike wore short pants, a t-shirt, and was barefoot with
sandles. He asked "Are you guys ready for some fun?" I said "Yeah, I am,
but don't let on to Mary about our previous fun. She doesn't know about you
and me before this." "Ok," he said. I led Mike into our bedroom. A dim
lamp light was on, and Mary was sitting up in bed in her nighty. When Mike
saw her his eyes widened and he licked his lips. Mary's bare slender legs
excited him immediately. She was wearing eyeglasses...a school teacher
look, and her hair was down and loose...very sexy looking. Her legs were
closed together...a sign of reluctance or some resistance...very hot.

Mike sat next to her on the edge of the bed. Mary was uneasy. He then
begans to stroke her bare legs from her feet up to above knees. She tensed
up, but submitted to his advances. He was quickly becoming aroused, and so
was I. I couldn't take my eyes off Mikes rough blemished stocky legs...his
calves, knees, thighs. He turned me on so much! Then he began to kiss Marys
legs...her knees, licking her skin. He put both hands on her thighs and
slid them above her knees under her nighty and begans exploring her
"privates." She was uneasy and looked away from Mike. He forced her legs
apart, got on the bed between her knees and began to kiss her underneath
her nighty. She closed her eyes, but was almost in tears as he familiarized
himself with her beauty and intimate charms. While he attended to Mary, he
called out to me to pull off his clothes, which I eagerly did...first his
sandles, then his shorts, and finally his boxers and t-shirt over his head
as he broke off kissing my wife's stomach and pubic areas. He was naked,
and I couldn't help but begin touching him...stroking his legs, buttocks,
back and reaching around to his cock to hold and stroke it. It was dripping
with precum. I let a finger swipe some and put it to my mouth. I was so
turned on! I loved Mike.

Next, he grabbed Mary by her ankles and pulled her down from her sitting
position so that she now lay flat on the bed with a pillow under her
head. By now she'd finally submitted to his ministrations and let her legs
fall apart. Mike was licking her pussy vigorously. Mary was no longer
passive, either. She'd brought her hands to his head and was guiding him to
her pleasure zones. Mike was so hard! I wanted to suck him off so badly! I
managed to get my head between his cock and Mary, and gave his manhood a
good lick...a swipe of my tongue. Mike said "Good, you're prepping me, are
you?" I smiled. Then Mike moved up to Mary and mounted her. She opened her
legs wide, and reached out for him to embrace him as he positioned his cock
to her special opening for pleasure. He pushed, groaned, and she let out a
sigh. Mike was in! He began thrusting in and out of my wife, and I started
to massage his testicles...licking them, rolling them with my fingers. Mike
was grunting with each stroke inside my Mary. She was grunting and moaning
in unison with him. Suddenly he pulled out and moved on top of
Mary...straddling her face. "Suck me," he said. She opened her mouth and
took him in for some deep sucking. I could hear it...the slurping
sound. Just as quickly as he'd made her suck him, he pulled out of her
mouth and remounted her and started to hump her in ernest once more.

Mary began to respond, and I was helping Mike to make it so. I played with
his balls, licked them and kissed them While he thrust in and out of my
wifes cunt. Then I heard him begin to moan and grunt loudly and
long. "Ohhhhh, aaahhhhh, i'm going to cum, you bitch. You're going to be
mine forever. I'm making a baby in you, Mary, just like Frank did in
Rhonda. Take my seed. Oooohhhhh, aaaahhhhh, aaarrrgggghhhh." I could feel
his testicles tighten and lift up and And he came and came while Mary held
on tightly to him with her legs wrapped around him...she was even kissing
his neck and mouth as he spent himself in her lovely body. Mary was
squealing and trembling in his arms, and I could only surmise that he'd
made her cum.

After a few minutes of kissing between Mary and Mike, Mike withdrew and lay
next to her, holding her hand. I then got my chance to drain Mike of his
last few drops of semen, which I did. I tasted and smelled Mary's juices on
Mike's penis. It was so erotic. Mike just lay still and caressed my head
as I sucked him dry. Then I got up from Mike's crotch and got between
Mary's legs. I lifted her legs and lowered my head to her pussy and clamped
my mouth over her vaginal opening to suck Mikes cum from her. He'd cum so
much! I was amazed that such a healthy size drink of semen could be had
from my wifes vagina. When I was finished cleaning her up I cuddled her and
kissed her. I was so thankful for her service to Mike. She then got out of
bed and headed to the bathroom. She looked so sexy after having been used
for Mike's pleasure. Mike was asleep now. I waited for him to recover for
another round of pleasure. I really wanted Mike to have me. I wanted so
much to swallow a load of his...to also have him ejaculate in my ass. I was
feeling jealous of my wife being taken by Mike, who I lusted for ever since
our first time together.

When Mike awoke next to Mary, after about an hour, he immediately headed
for the bathroom. I watched his sexy masculine stocky legs and thighs carry
him to relieve himself, which he did in a couple of minutes. I was so horny
for Mike that I actually wished he'd shaken his cock of its last drops of
pee into my mouth. Mary was awake in bed. She couldn't help but wonder
about what had happened earlier. She'd had sex with another man for the
first time, and she even had an orgasm by him. She could still feel in her
mind how it had felt when Mike filled her with his seed, and how she'd
welcomed his invasion of her most intimate self by an orgasmic response of
her own. She'd cum for Mike, and she now felt an intimate and sacred
connection with him. They'd both experienced each other during a sexual

From my perspective, Mary now knew Mike as I already did. I too knew what
it was like to have Mike cum inside you. I'd taken his semen and swallowed
it before, and i'd felt what it was like to have him fill my ass with
sperm, while hearing his cries of pure ecstasy as he claimed me. I wanted
him again. I wanted more of what I needed from him.....his semen and the
honor of connecting with him by pleasing him sexually, being his object of
physical love. I so wanted and needed that. Mike came back to bed and lay
next to Mary. He then called out to me. "Frank, I want you to give me full
service while Mary watches you being used for my pleasure. First, suck me
off and swallow my load when I cum, and then I want you to take my cock
deep inside your ass for another cum-filling. After you suck me off, I want
you to give it all to Mary...a snowball is what I think it's called. She
must swallow it. Let's get started."

I did as told. Mike spread his legs and I positioned myself between his
sexy legs and began to lick, and kiss him from his feet all the way to his
genitals. When I got to his balls I gave them thorough licking and sucking
while I used my hands to fondle his cock. I inserted a finger in his anus
and felt around for his prostate, too. He was in ecstasy! Finally, I had
his penis under my control in my loving mouth. Mike's penis was so
wonderful to suck...throbbing with his heartbeat, oozing precum, and his
body was constantly moving...wriggling with his legs sliding around the
bed. Mary watched in silence...mesmerized by her husband making love to a
once strange man who was now a lover of her's. Mike got closer to coming as
I loved his cock. Then he warned me, "Frank, you're mine now. I', going to
cum. God, you're good. I love you when I feel this way, Frank." I
responded with a quick withdrawal of his cock from my mouth.."I love you
too, Mike." I then resumed my mouthwork. His cock head swelled, his body
jerked and trembled, and he grabbed my head tightly and my man came, and
came, and came. Oh, I was so loving him for it! I swallowed his semen with
joy and fulfillment. He was mine, and I was his....forever.

Mary was squirming in the bed from excitement, and I quickly got up from
Mike and mounted my wife. She opened her mouth as I imparted residual semen
from Mike into her mouth. She eagerly swallowed what I had to give her. I
then had to cum, so I quickly pushed her slender lovely legs apart and
entered her cunt with my hard penis. I thrust 5 or 6 times and then I
came. "Ohhh, Mary, i'm cumming, honey, I love you so much," she tightened
her grip with her arms wrapped around my neck and shoulders, and her legs
wrapped around my waist. It was wonderful to have her along with Mike. I
cried out as I filled my bride of many years with another load of
semen....this time from her familiar man. It was wonderful, and Mike was
aroused from the sight. He called out "Frank, I want your ass, my bitch. So
while I was still inside Mary who had her legs wrapped around me and still
in our afterglow, Mike mounted me from behind and plunged inside my rectum
with a cum-lubed cock. He was inside me in a flash! I now was being fucked
by my man lover, while still enjoying the comfort of my wifes body...
nestled between her spread legs and thighs, and inside a pussy i'd just
filled with cum.

Mike was thrusting in and out of my rectum with his hard cock while Mary
enjoyed his efforts through my body as it thrust into hers. She could feel
Mike doing me! Then it happened. Mike started to ejaculate. he cried
out..."Frank, I love you. Ohhhhh, aaaahhhhh, aaaarrrrgggghhhh." I felt a
warm flooding of liquid inside my bowels. It was Mike's semen....his
seed. He was inseminating me! I loved him so for it. He spurted about 4 or
5 spurts, and then he lay on me...on us, as all three of us remained
intimately physically connected. It was so blissful. We were all so in

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