Sunday, May 10, 2009

How I became bi........part 7

A while back my wife Leanne and I were due for a trip back to visit family
in SoCal.

While in bed a couple of nights before our trip back, the subject of getting
with our friend Michael came up.

As we talked, Leanne started to get turned on. After a couple of minutes
she was rubbing up against my leg and I reached down to touch her. She was
oozing slipery juices and I easliy slid three fingers into her and started
to massage the walls of her pussy while she told me what she wanted to watch
me and Michael do.

I led her on with questions of what else she wanted to see, as I pulled my
fingers from her and coated her lips and chin with her vaginal secretion.
She sucked my fingers into her mouth to enjoy the flavor of her own pussy.

Within a few minutes, she was so hot that I had to forcefully pull my hand
from her mouth, to put it back between her legs. I moved my mouth down to
hers and it was just like eating pussy. Her mouth smelled and tasted the
same as her cunt as she shared her juices with me.

Afterwards, with my cum oozing from her hole, she agreed that I needed to
give him a call and set up a meeting for the following week.

We got checked into the motel room and had some time to get cleaned up and
ready to see our friend. We hadn't see him for a while and after some
champagne, Leanne was looking forward to seeing him again. A light knock
on the door told us he had made it.

After some hugs and how are you's we sat down on the bed and started to talk
about how much we had been looking forward to getting together again.
Michael brought out a joint and we lit up and started to get in the mood.

I told Michael that Leanne really wanted to watch me suck his cock and he
should take it out and show it to her. The ball was rolling.

Michael slowly undid his jeans and his half hard, 8" cock came into view. I
watched Leanne as she focused on it. He reached down and pulled it and his
balls into view and I could see it slowly getting bigger in front of her

It was at about 3/4s when I slipped my mouth over the swollen head and
started to suck it up to full hardness. Leanne watched for the next couple
of minutes while I alternately sucked and jacked his large cock only a foot
or so in front of her face. When I asked her to join me, she moved forward
and I watched as her lips slowly slid around and down onto it. I was amazed
as she kept going and it dissapeared into her throat and her nose pushed
into his pubic hair and her chin into his ballsack. Just as smoothly as she
went down, she backed off and it all reappeared, wet and shiney.

As much as I would like to...... I can not do that !

We continued to share Michaels cock, enjoying the taste of his precum as we
kissed each other and pushed our tongues into his pisshole together.

Michael suggested that we all get fully undressed so he could enjoy us too.

We both undressed Leanne and pushed her down onto the bed as he took one tit
and I took the other. Soon he was moving down between her legs and I
followed to spread her open with my fingers and watch him take in the sight
of the swollen clit and lips.

After a few moments of taking in the sight and smell of her open cunt, he
started to eat.

This gave me the chance to step back and take in the view of the two of them
together. She was obviously in her own sexual world, with her fingers
squeezing her nipples and Michaels face buried between her legs.

My attention was drawn to Michaels possition, on his knees with his ass up
in the air, while he ate her. From the side I could see his hard cock
pointing upward toward his flat stomach. It was bobbing slightly and had a
thin line of precum hanging from the tip.

I quickly moved down and licked the juices dripping from his small hole. It
was salty and sweet at the same time.

I moved back and around the bed for a different view. Michaels ass was
spread slightly with his legs in a tripod position, as he was face down in
Leannes pussy. I could see his heavy balls hanging down in their sack and
swinging slightly as he moved, to stay attached with her humping motions.

It was like I was watching somebody else as I put my hands on his ass cheeks
and moved down close.

Spreading him just slightly, I moved my face down to his ass and could smell
a clean, kind of soapy, just washed smell. But there was also that musky
asshole smell that is such a turn on. I was thinking about how I loved the
smell of my wifes ass and how even though this was a man, it was the same.

I pushed my face into his ass and my tongue slid easily into his hole. I
could feel the muscles of his asshole tighten around my tongue and then
relax as I pushed inside. He was pushing back against my mouth and I could
taste and smell the muskiness of his hole. My cock was throbing.

I pushed back and looked down at his wet hole and with one hand still on his
ass I took the other and pushed my middle finger into him and started to
massage his prostrate. As I pushed down into him, I saw a small puddle of
cum start to form on the sheet below his cock.

I was afraid I was going to cause him to shoot his load so I slowed down and
removed my finger. I didn't want to end our adventure before Michael had
the chance to pump that big cock into Leanne like she was anticipating.

One of the things that Michael had told me was a fantasy for him, was to
fuck Leanne while he sucked my cock. I figured now was the time to get that

I moved around to the other side of the bed and straddled Leannes shoulders
as Michael moved forward and pulled her legs up into position to enter her.

I watched as his big flaired knob pushed her labia open and slid into her
cunt. She moaned as he stretched her open all the way down and started to
rock in and out.

I moved forward slightly and without a word, Michael knew it was that time.

He reached over and grabbed a bottle of poppers that he had brought and
while continuing to pump into Leanne, opened the bottle and took his first
big hit of the night and handed the bottle to me. I felt him suck my cock
into his mouth as I took a hit and felt my head start to spin.

Michael has pretty good staying power but he was worked up and was moaning
from the high of fucking my wife and sucking my cock at the same time. I
figured he would be getting off any time. He had told me he was going to
abstain for about a week prior to us getting together so I figured he was
ready to unload a flood.

During our fantasy talks one of the things that Leanne had repeatedly talked
about was watching Michael cum. I had told Michael that and he had held off
for a week to make sure that it would be an impressive event. We both
wanted to make all of her wishes come true.

Before Michael forgot what he was doing and went over the edge, I stepped

I told him that Leanne wanted to see him cum and I wanted to get him off for
her. As he slowly pulled out....... Leanne watched his rock hard cock come
into view and spring up toward his stomach as it slipped free.. It was red
and dripping with juices and her clit was swollen as big as my thumb. It
was obvious they were both about as turned on as you can get.

Michael reached down and started to jack off for my wife to watch. I saw
her hand move down to her clit and I went down and started to suck on the
head as he pumped himself using Leannes juices for lubrication.

The next thing I knew, Leanne had pushed Michaels hand aside to jack him off
herself. She started to use both hands, twisting and milking the shaft and
head to get him to cum. I knew what she wanted to see and I didn't want to

I discretely moved my hand around to Michaels ass from behind and slowly
pushed my finger into his soft... wet... hole. Three... slow...deep...
wet... pumps later and he responded with a long rope of cum that was layed
neatly across leannes left breast.

She continued to squeeze and milk his cock as I moved into position to give
her her fantasy.

I could feel Michaels ass squeezing my finger as he pumped one large wad of
cum after another into my mouth as my wife aimed his cock and watched.

When my mouth was full, she squeezed his cockhead tight and moved her mouth
down to the tip. After what seemed like forever, she released it and watched
a thick pearly lump, ooz out and run over her hand.

I swallowed as I watched her play with Michaels jiz. I found myself
wondering what she was going to do.

To my suprise, she sucked it off of her fingers and then, without asking,
moved up onto her knees and kissed Michael full on the mouth.

He didn't seem to mind and I was busy noticing the stuff that was still
running out of his softening cock. The results of waiting a week were

Michael was spent and sat on the edge of the bed while I took my rightful
place inside my wife. I mounted her from behind, with her on her knees.

Spent or not, Michael was in the perfect spot to watch my cock fucking her
swollen cunt. I used my thumbs to spread her juices over and into her
asshole for his viewing pleasure and I noticed his cock starting to swell

He reached over and took my place at her asshole, spreading the lubrication
around her pouting little spincter. I felt his other hand at my ass and I
reached back with both hands to spread my cheeks so he could push his finger
up against my hole.

As I felt him start to push into me....... I started to cum. One, two and
then three contractions. I could feel the volume. I pulled out so Michael
could watch me deposit the last of it onto her asshole.

He bent down and briefly sucked me into his mouth the get the what was left,
and then left me hanging while he cleaned up her asshole and sucked the rest
of my load out of her vagina. Leanne got off to a knee buckling orgasm as
she rubbed her clit while Michael was eating her cunt and ass from behind.

We sat around naked on the bed for another hour or so and talked. Leanne
was extremely happy with the experience and as we talked we noticed she
still had some cum running out of her pussy.

She looked down and laughing, she layed back and spreading her labia,
said...... Michael, you finish your dinner ! He, of course, went right down
and did as he was told.

By the time he was done, he was sporting a hard-on again and said it looked
like he needed to jack off one more time. Of course, we both agreed and
Leanne grabbed the bottle of lub and started to squirt it onto his cock.

After a minute or so, Leanne asked Michael if he would like me to do that
for him. He turned over the stroking duties to me and I started to work on
getting him to shoot for the second time that night.

After about five minutes he was close but just not quite there. Obviously
having already cum was slowing things down.

Leanne was turning on and started to talk about what she liked and how
sometimes she could get so nasty she was ashamed of herself. She started to
tell Michael about how sometimes she loved to have her asshole played with
and how horney and dirty that made her feel to have my fingers or cock up
her ass.

She asked him if he got off the first time because I was finger fucking his
ass and without waiting for him to answer asked him if she could do that to

I'm sure she was just talking to turn herself on because she didn't wait for
an answer for that one either. She started to work her fingers into
Michaels ass and when she started moving her hand forward and back, I knew
she was in.

At this point, Michael looked like he was trying to keep from cumming.
Didn't work though.

I saw the liquid start to run out of his cock hole and the look on his face
was clear. It was time to get it into my mouth.

I love the feel of a cock pulsing and squirting in my mouth. Leanne was
happy feeling Michaels ass tighten around her little fingers. Michael was
happy pumping his second load of the night into my mouth and,
me............. I'm just happy !

Hi Red...........

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