Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kyle and Me

Kyle and I have been boyfriends for about 4 years. He and I are both
divorced, and he and I had been working together as plumbers. One thing
led to another, and soon we were lovers. I never knew I was gay, or even
bi, but Kyle had had a few expreiences, and one day he just pulled down my
pants and gave me the greatest blowjob I'd ever had. Within a couple of
weeks, we progressed to fucking, and from then on Kyle and me were fucking
and sucking each other whenever we had a chance.

I probably like getting fucked by kyle more than I like to fuck him, but he
loves having my cock in has ass, and I'm only too happy to accomodate him.
After 2 years of being lovers and co-workers, we bought a house in the
country, on about 10 acres of land. The land is heavily wooded, and the
house sits right in the middle of the property. We rarely wear clothes at
home, and even outside, as there is not anyone to see us. We suck and fuck
where ever we want, outdoors, indoors, etc. Kyle generally fucks me about
3 times a day, and I generally fuck him at least once a day. Sometimes we
don't have time to really fuck, so we give each other blowjobs all the time
as well.

Kyle taught me from the beginning that he likes to be natural. We don't
use rubbers, and we don't mind when one of us pulls his cock out of the
other's asshole, that there might be some sllimy shit on the cock. We
clean each other's cock after we're done fucking, and don't mind tasting
our own shit. For lube, we just use spit, either by licking each other's
holes or sucking each other's cocks. I hard, unrubbered, spit soaked cock
in my asshole feels wonderful to me, and Kyle thinks the same way too.

About a year ago, one day Kyle's daughter Jean showed up at our door. She
had just turned 18, and her mother had kicked her out of the house. Jean
had no skills, basically, and didn't know where to go but to go find her
dad. Kyle hadn't seen or talked to Jean in about 3 years. Kyle decided to
take Jean in, and we put her in our spare bedroom. Kyle and I slept
together in the master bedroom. Kyle explained to Jean that he and I were
lovers, and that if she didn't like the, she could leave. Jean said she
didn't mind, and Kyle promised her that if she cleaned and cooked for all
of us, she could stay, and that he would pay her on a weekly basis. Jean
agreed, so Kyle and I now had a live in daughter.

Neither Kyle nor I enjoyed cooking and cleaning, so I was fine with the
decision. It did put a crimp in our sex life though, and for a month or
so, Kyle and I shut the door to our bedroom when we fucked each other.
Kyle never tried to hide from his daughter what we were doing, and she
didn't seem to mind. We would be eating dinner, or watching TV, and Kyle
would look at me and say "I want you!"... I was always willing and ready,
and we would go to our room and shut the door and get it on. Jean never
seemed to notice, or mind.

After about a month, Kyle went back to some of his old habits. I walked
into the kitchen one morning, fully clothed, and Jean was cooking
breakfast. Kyle came in totally naked, and came over and hugged me and
kissed me on the mouth. He grabbed my crotch, and began to kiss me deeply,
his tongue tangling with mine. When we broke the kiss, I saw that his cock
was fully erect, and Jean was staring at it from about 10 feet away.
Without a word, Kyle took me by the arm and tugged me into the bedroom.
Kyle unfastened my pants, yanked them down, and began to lick out my hole.
I was getting a boner too, when I looked over my shoulder and saw Jean
standing there watching her father eat out his boyfriends ass. Jean was
wide eyed, and I started to pull away so that we could shut the door, but
Kyle just held me tighter and pushed his tongue deeper into my hole. I
soon forgot about Jean, and soon Kyle mounted me, shoving his cock up my
hole, and fucked me until he came deep inside
me. After Kyle's cock slipped out of my ass, I looked around, and saw
still standing in the doorway, with her hand caressing her crotch. She was
still clothed, but she was obviously turned on by watching Kyle and me

Kyle gasped out "Your turn", and flipped onto all fours, his ass high in
the air on the bed. He was facing away from his daughter, and my cock was
about as hard as it could be, so I proceeded to eat Kyle's wonderful
asshole, and finally, I spit on my hand and lubed up my cock and shoved it
in Kyle's hole. I looked back over my shoulder, and Jean was still
standing there, but this time her hand was down the front of her jeans
playing with her crotch. I smiled, and proceeded to ram fuck Kyle and
knowing I had the audience, I shot my load way too soon, but I don't think
I've ever had a better orgasm in my life. I shot and shot and shot my cum
up Kyle's ass. Kyle shouted out and came all over the bed below him, and
we collapsed, him underneath, and me on top with my cock still up his ass.

I thought about Kyle lying in a puddle of his own cum, and was
proud... Hardly ever had I fucked him to an orgasm, though he did it to me
practically every week or so. Knowing that his daughter was standing there
playing with her pussy really turned me on for some reason. As I lay on
Kyle's back, I realized that my cock was still hard from the thought of
Jean standing there behind us. I began to slowly hunch my hips, and soon
my cock was sliding in and out of Kyle's hole, this time slick from my
cum. The feeling was awesome, and pretty soon I was fucking him about as
hard as I could. I was slamming my hips into him, and pounding his tight
hole. I took a quick look over my shoulder, and saw Jean standing there,
now with her jeans and panties down, and both hands rubbing rapidly up and
down on her hairy pussy. I could hear the little moans she gave, and that
made me fuck her daddy even harder. Finally I gave out a roar and shoved
all my being up Kyle's tight hole and c
ame again. Kyle yelled and I heard his cum squirting on the bed again.
This time Kyle and I collapsed for quite a while, and finally my spent cock
slithered out of his tight, hot hole. We lay there, me on top of him,
breathing hard, and I was aware of Jean breathing hard behind us.I finally
rolled off of Kyle, and he rolled over and kissed me deeply. "That was the
best fuck I've ever had!" he said to me. I kissed him back and held him,
and was aware of Jean pulling up her panties and jeans and scurrying away.

"Did you know Jean watched us?" I asked.

"Yeah, I knew she was there." Kyle said.

We were silent for a time. Finally I said "Did that bother you?"

"Not really. She's got to get used to us doing what we do."

"Yes," I said.

We were silent for a while longer... The only sound was our breathing,
which was becoming slower now. "She's your daughter," I said.

"I know. But if she's going to live here, she's going to have to put up
with this kind of stuff." Kyle said.

I chuckled a little and said "She was pretty turned on watching us."

"She was?"

"Yeah, she had her pants down playing with herself. I think she must have
got off watching me fuck her daddy."

"Well, I'm glad. She was way to much like her mom, not much fun most of
the time." Kyle said.

I didn't answer.

"Her mom was a stuck up bitch, and I was afraid Jean was going to be just
like her. I'm glad she knows how to masturbate."

I let that pass too. Kyle and me were not really chatty guys. We were
both comfortable with silence.

Finally, Kyle and me got up, cleaned up and went to work. Jean was in her

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