Thursday, May 14, 2009

the big surprise 2

John just got to experience one of his biggest fantasies, to have a
threesome with his wife and another male. He was laying there still tied up and
blindfolded recovering from the most amazing orgasm of his life. He then began to
wonder who was this man who just fucked him. He asked Karen to take off the
blindfold so that he could see who this secret man was. She reached down and
untied his hands and took the blindfold off to expose the secret mystery man.
He couldn't wait to see. When he opened his eyes the man had left. "where did
he go?" john asked. Karen just laughed and said that will be a surprise for
another time. John was excited that there would be another time, but a little
bummed that he wouldn't find out right away. John gave Karen a big kiss and
they went to sleep.

When John woke up he immediately began planning his surprise for Karen. He
was a little bummed that he didn't get to meet the mystery man, and also a
little bummed he didn't get to give a blowjob. That was also something he
fantasized about often. Taking a big hard cock in his mouth, and sucking it until
the man came. He fantasized about swallowing every last drop. He was getting
hard again thinking about it, and began a plan to get to act on that fantasy,
as well as being in the middle of Karen and another man while watching her
eat pussy. This was his ultimate goal and Karen had always refused. Now with
last nights events he decided he would plan it and she would be ok with it now.

That day when Karen went to work John immediately went online to one of his
favorite swinger sites. He had put a profile on there a long time ago in hopes
that one day he would get to use it. He began searching for the perfect bi
couple to bring in and fulfill this fantasy. He immediately found a couple
that he was attracted to and sent a message. They began chatting and john told
them about the surprise he just had, and the one he wanted to give Karen. He
got hard chatting and began to stroke himself off while they were chatting. He
started slowly stroking the length of his cock up and down as he was getting
harder. He felt himself getting close and started stroking faster and faster
`til he came all over his hand. He brought his hand to his mouth and ate his
own cum imagining it was the hot stud he was chatting with. He made plans
for the couple to come over Friday night and surprise Karen.

Friday came and John had planned a date with Karen. He got the kids to spend
the night at the sitter and made dinner reservations at their favorite
restaurant. He told her it was a small thank you for the surprise. Their first
stop on the date was to go to a local sex store. They usually went there when
they had no kids so she didn't think anything of it. When they came to the rack
with the whips and paddles John picked up a little paddle and whacked her
gently with it. It was a small leather paddle shaped like a hand, and for some
reason tonight it sent shockwaves through Karen. She was extremely aroused.
John saw this and knew exactly what to do. He bought the little paddle and they
left and were off to dinner. He sat the paddle in front of her on the dash
and told her how he was going to gently smack her with it later. She again got
extremely aroused. Her face reddened as it was flush with desire. He hadn't
seen her like this in a while but wanted to see how hot she could get. He
told her after he smacked her he was going to slowly lick up her wet pussy
juices and then fuck her with his hard cock. She was burning with desire and was
sopping wet. Her panties were soaking wet. She unbuttoned her pants and
started playing with her pussy. John reached in felt her pussy it was as wet as he
had ever felt it. He then pulled out his finger and she licked it off. He
told her that wasn't the only pussy she was going to taste tonight. She moaned
and then went back to her pussy fingering it even harder now. She didn't
really pay attention to the only pussy comment, because she didn't know that he
was planning. She was getting close to cumming when john stopped her. He said"
save that up for later, I want you to have the biggest orgasm of your life
tonight, just like you gave me last week!"

They were at the restaurant, and John kept talking dirty to her. He kept
referring to the paddle. She would get flush every time. So of course he brought
it up often. By the time they would get home he knew she was gonna be ready
for a hot night. It was the horniest he had ever seen her. Its amazing what a
little thing like a paddle can do to a woman if she has a desire for it. She
told him she could picture a scene in a porn they had seen where Jenna had
lightly smacked another woman and she could just imagine how good it would
feel. When dinner was done they drove home. The whole way she had her pants
unbuttoned and was playing with herself. She also took Johns hard cock out and was
giving him a blowjob while he was driving. She would come up and give John a
kiss and he could taste the precum that was leaking out almost all night.
This made him even harder as he thought about getting to taste his first cock

When they got home they were so hot they went straight upstairs. They
started making out and their tongues were intertwining with passion. They weren't
ready to have sex. They were going to FUCK! John grabbed the paddle and
smacked her gently on her clean shaved clit. She almost came right there. He then
grabbed the blindfold and told her it was his time to tie her up. He tied her
to the bed with a set of handcuffs that they had in the closet and
blindfolded. She was yelling at john FUCK ME FUCK ME. John whispered in her ear not yet
baby I got bigger plans for you. With that he got up and softly ran
downstairs to open the door for the couple that was waiting at the front door. He
went quietly so she wouldn't hear or suspect anything. He went back up and gave
Karen a deep wet kiss. She was so hot if he grazed across her clit she would
have came again and again. He kissed down her neck and stopped at her left
tit. He took it in his mouth and rolled his tongue over her hard nipple. He
teased it with the tip of his tongue and she was moaning from the pleasure.
While he was doing this the couple that was standing behind him began making out
and getting naked too.

John moved his cock up to Karens mouth and she eagerly took it in. She
opened wide and was deep throating him and moaning all at the same time. This was
going to send John over the edge but he didn't want that yet so he pulled out
and worked his way back to her tits and returned to licking them with the
tip of his tongue. He then slowly worked his way down and kissed the inside of
her thighs making sure to avoid her throbbing clit. She was sopping wet from
the attention he was giving her. He then motioned over to the guy to come
over. He whispered to him to put his cock by her mouth. John stood up to watch
this. The man was named Mark, He was about 6' tall 190lbs. Hard chiseled
frame. A stud of a man. His cock was about 7.5 inches long about the same as
Johns. Mark put his cock near Karen's mouth and she immediately wrapped her warm
wet lips around it. She didn't notice that it wasn't john. She moaned and
said mmmmm I love your cock in my mouth. Of course it was somewhat hard to
understand because she had a giant dick in her mouth. John was already extremely
turned on and this made him feel like he was as hard as he had ever been.

Just then the other woman, Samantha went down and started eating Karen's hot
wet shaved pussy. John tried to stop her but he couldn't she was all over
Karen's pussy. John thought his plan was going to be ruined. Of course he was
also enjoying the sight of his wife with this stud of a mans dick in her mouth
and her being eaten out by Samantha, a beautiful hot blonde, long hair 34d
tits. Then Karen moaned oh I love to 69 also and your tongue is driving me over
the edge. Great she didn't realize it wasn't John yet. Now for John to go
in and reveal his surprise and get his first taste of another mans cock. He
moved his head up by Karen's and when Marks Dick came out the next time he
placed his lips around it. It was amazing a slight musky odor and he could taste
the precum on his tongue. Karen said oh my god you are giving me a surprise
tonight. Just then she let out a loud moan as wave after wave of orgasm came
over her from Samantha's expert tongue. He got Mark off of her and Samantha
came up in a 69 position. Mark and John watched as these two hot women were
lapping at each others pussies with their tongues. John was too hot from this
and practically dove down to get Marks cock back in his mouth. First he started
with long deep strokes trying to get the length of Marks rigid cock down his
throat. This was his first time though so he couldn't quite get it. He was
doing a good job though and mark grabbed the back of his head and pushed down
hard as he came in spurts in Johns mouth. John couldn't believe this was
finally happening as he swallowed every last drop of the milky goodness.

John then moved over to the ladies. He positioned his hard cock at Karen's
pussy, and she pushed him in. Samantha's moved up by Karen's head and sat on
her face to continue getting eaten by Karen. This was Karen's first time with
a woman also and she was enjoying it. John started shoving the length of his
dick in Karen's hot pussy. He was fucking her hard and Mark was watching
stroking himself back to hardness. It didn't take him long and he positioned
himself behind John. When they chatted online John told him that his biggest
fantasy was to be fucked while fucking his wife. Mark licked his asshole and then
positioned his cock against Johns ass. John pushed back and his cock went
right in. He held it there for a minute to allow his ass to adjust and then
started banging away. John came instantly. His biggest fantasy he was banging
away at Karen while having this hot stud banging him, and while that was going
on Karen was also eating out Samantha. John thought last week was his biggest
orgasm ever, but this one made that one feel small. Just then both girls
began moaning as they were cumming and Mark unloaded his second load of cum,
this time in Johns ass. Everyone collapsed onto the bed. John removed the
blindfold from Karen and said surprise!!! She leaned in and gave him a big kiss and
commented on how good cum tastes on his tongue. She told him that she wanted
that taste again sometime. Johns mind was already racing trying to come up
with an idea for next time. He escorted the couple out and they made plans to
meet up again sometime.

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