Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Good Mate

My wife went up to Waikanae on Sunday to visit our daughter and grandson. I
have a garden area in the reserve behind our section, and have transplanted
excess trees and plants from our garden there, and mulch it with grass
clippings as it is pure sand. I needed a bit of driftwood to mark the path
that runs through the reserve, to protect some prostrate hebes I had
planted there. I decided to take a walk along the shore of the inlet, to
see if anything suitable had washed up. It was a pleasant surprise to bump
into a mate who I used to run with when I lived in Pukerua Bay. We chatted
about what had happened to us both since I had left the Bay, and I
discovered that he had moved to live locally as well. He asked me up for a
beer, as he lived on the hill just above where I had met him and with
nothing better to do, I agreed.

He showed me around his home, and I was a little disappointed that his
wife, who I had lusted after, was out for the afternoon. We had a couple of
beers on his deck, overlooking the inlet, and the talk got around to
running. I told him that I hadn't been able to run for six months, and he
asked if I had tried massage for my ankle. We moved on to talking about
massage, and then saunas and then Stu asked me if I knew the Wakefield
sauna in Wellington. I think I have mentioned the Wakefield to you
previously; it is a men's sauna and on a good day you can be guaranteed a
sucking or a good ride. I cautiously acknowledged that I knew the place,
and Stu admitted that he had been there a couple of times. The atmosphere
became a little charged, and then Stu told me that he and Margaret
practised massage on one another, and asked if I would like one. I readily
agreed and he disappeared for a few minutes, and then called me inside to
the lounge. He had spread a couple of large towels on the floor, and
invited me to strip off and lie face down on the towels. I was undressed
and lying down in seconds, as I was only wearing shorts and a tee
shirt. Stu stripped to his shorts and knelt and poured oil on my back and
worked it into my shoulders.

Stu gave a good massage, and I was really relaxed when he got down to my
buttocks and told me to spread my legs. He massaged down between my legs,
letting his fingers brush my balls and I could feel myself growing
hard. Stu told me to roll onto my back and as I did so I felt my cock
stiffen to full erection, causing him to give a little whistle of
appreciation. He massaged briefly over my belly, letting his wrists and
hands brush my cock, and when I didn't object he asked if I minded him
touching it. My voice was a little gruff with excitement as I told him it
was fine. He gently stroked my cock and balls, then suddenly bent and took
me into his mouth. It felt fantastic as he gently and expertly sucked
me. The unexpected nature of the experience made it even more exciting, and
before long I could feel my climax approaching. I reached down and squeezed
the base of my cock to stop from cumming. Stu took his mouth from my cock
and asked what I was doing, and when I told him he said to let it
go. Cupping my balls as he resumed sucking me even more vigorously, he
brought me back to the verge of climax in mere minutes. My back arched to
thrust deeper into his mouth as my spunk exploded from my cock, and as if
from a distance I heard Stu swallowing greedily.

He continued to suck me gently even after the last dribbles of spunk had
oozed from my tip, keeping me hard, and then let my cock slip from his
mouth. Quickly standing, he tugged his shorts and briefs off before
straddling my chest and dropping to his knees to present his slim, erect
cock to my lips. At the same time he reached for the oil to pour a little
into the palm of one hand, feeling behind him to find and massage my
still-hard cock. The tapered cock-head shining and glowing red, was fully
extended from his foreskin. the tip dribbling clear drops of
pre-cum. Extending my tongue I ran it over his knob, tasting the slightly
salty yet sweetish flavour of his liquid. His cock lifted from my lips, his
balls sliding over my chin as he reached for a cushion from the settee,
sliding it beneath my head to lift it from the floor, then his knob was
butting more forcefully against my lips. Opening my mouth, I let his knob
and hot, smooth yet solid shaft slip past my lips and over my tongue until
his balls rested on my chin and his wiry bush of pubic hair was tickling my

He gave a grunt of pleasure as I ran my tongue around his gristly-feeling
shaft, and began to flex his hips, gently moving his cock back and forth in
my mouth as I tightened my lips around his shaft. My mouth filled with the
tangy taste of his pre-cum as I sucked on him, my tongue washing over and
around his pumping cock. He fucked my mouth for maybe fifteen minutes,
speeding up and then slowing down, all the time fondling my achingly erect
cock with his oil-slick fingers. My jaw was beginning to ache a little when
he drew back, his rigid cock springing from my mouth, trailing a silvery
thread of saliva.

Releasing my cock and shuffling back on his knees, Stu crouched above my
hips. Reaching back between his thighs he worked oil into his hole and then
grasped my cock once more, holding it upright as he slowly began to lower
himself to present my knob to his opening. I felt my knob press against his
hole, lodging firmly at his puckered entrance, and then stop as his tight
muscle rebuffed me. Stu pressed down harder and I felt the muscle slowly
spread to allow my knob to begin to enter him. He slowly lowered himself
onto me and I felt my shaft slowly slipping past the tight ring of muscle
until I was buried deep inside him and his buttocks rested on my thighs. He
exhaled with a rush, saying that he had never taken a cock as thick as mine
before. I hadn't realised that I too had been holding my breath in
excitement, and gave a mixed laugh and gasp as I caught my breath, telling
him that it had been a long time since I had had another guy.

Moving around on my shaft while he adjusted to the sensation of my cock
filling him added to my arousal as I felt my knob moving around in his hot
core, and I could feel my cock swelling and stiffening even more. Stu
slowly lifted partway off me before dropping back onto me, gradually
establishing a regular rise and fall of his hips as he fucked himself on my
cock. The exquisitely tight grip of his muscular sphincter on my shaft as
he rose and fell was fantastic. I watched his rigid cock bobbing before me
as he moved, his tip drooling a constant stream of clear and sticky fluid
over my belly. His tight hole gradually relaxed until Stu was moving more
freely, sliding up and down the full length of my shaft. He suddenly
stopped; wiping sweat from his brow as he told me that it was time for me
to do some work.

Easing himself off my cock, which slapped wetly back against my belly, Stu
crawled to the settee, pulling himself up onto it to lie on his back with
his hips on the edge of the settee, holding his knees drawn back to his
shoulders. Rolling over onto my knees, I had a clear view of Stu's hole,
red, open, and glistening with oil. Moving closer to kneel in front of his
hips, Grabbing the massage oil, I dribbled some over my cock, guided my
knob to his hole and pressed forward, sliding into him easily until my hips
pressed against his arse. Immediately I began a steady thrusting in and
out, looking down to watch my thick shaft surging back and forth in the
grip of his tight hole. Stu lifted his legs and lowered them to my
shoulders. I gripped his hips with both hands and began to pump into him
more urgently, my thrusts jolting him as I slammed home. Having already
cum, I knew that I could make this last for hours, however I wanted Stu to
cum. Releasing my grip on his hips I picked up the bottle of oil, poured
some into the palm of one hand and began to stroke Stu's slim but
angry-looking cock in time to my thrusts, however after a minute or so he
reached to still my hand, telling me that he wanted to save it; to have me
cum so that he could then do me. I slowed my thrusts as a brief wave of
trepidation washed over me. I hadn't had a cock up me in years, and then it
had been even smaller than Stu's. But then, I thought wryly, eager
girlfriends had worked bigger toys into me in the intervening years.

As I resumed my thrusts, Stu began to screw his hips and clamp down on my
shaft, each time I withdrew, effectively milking my cock. The combination
of his movements and the clasping of my shaft in his hole soon had me close
to climax and I thrust harder into him, grunting and panting as I spurted
helplessly deep into his bowels.

We remained locked together for many minutes, panting and with perspiration
running from us, until my shrinking cock slowly slipped from his hole.
Letting his legs slip from my shoulders Stu slowly eased himself from the
settee to stand, informing me that it was now my turn.

Trailer Sex 7

Sitting on the dining table of the trailer which is small about 3 ft long
and 2.5 feet wide with a bench seat on either side of it, was Stacy the
hottest chick in the trailer park she is 16 but with a body of not just a
grown woman but the perfect woman. She has long blonde hair about half way
down her back green eyes perfect complexion perfectly white teeth almost
florescent white teeth. About 5'9 perfect b cup breast with nipples that
are always erect. I don't think she even knows what a bra is. Legs that
seem to never end! She has an ass that only a teenage girl can have
perfectly tight but with the definition of a supermodel. She never misses
an opportunity to show it off, weather in a bikini or in a short skirt.
Every man/guy/boy in the FEMA trailer park has tried to hit on her
including myself and Jack. Here she is sitting on our dinning table in a
tiny mini skirt with her legs up on the table her legs spread wide apart
leaning back with one arm locked our straight behind her supporting her
weight, her head thrown back and her other hand in the hair of Kim who
sitting on a bench seat with her beautiful face buried in-between Stacy's
legs and in her pussy. Stacy leaned forward and looked at me when I entered
and smiled and said ohhhhh yeah that feel so fuck good. Kim's head was
doing tiny circles or her clit. Kim looked up long enough to acknowledge
our presents. When she did I could see Stacy's pussy it was so wet and
glistening Jack was as surprised as I was. He said damn Kim!!! That's my
girl!!!!!!!! He walked over to them. Before he got there Stacy pulled Kim's
mouth back to her tiny pussy and moaned real deep not loud but deep. Stacy
was staring directly at Jacks Crotch while he walked over to them he wasted
no time at all he unzipped his pants pulled out his cock and put it to
Stacy's open mouth. She sucked him in she looked awesome with Jacks fat
cock in her mouth. She took her mouth off his fat cock and looked at my
cock which I had out and was stroking. She stared at my cock and kinda
licked her lips. I went straight for her mouth I didn't even think I just
put my cock in her waiting mouth. If I thought Jacks cock looked good in
her mouth mine looked even better. She sucked me in until I felt the back
of her throat I watched Kim work her magic on Stacy's pussy. Stacy was
sucking for all she was worth it felt good but her teeth were kinda rough
but she was sucking cock. She pulled her mouth off cock and put her hand
back on Kim's head and was pushing her pussy up into Kim's face. Stacy told
me to sit beside Kim, I was like hell yeah im gonna get to taste that
pussy!!! I sat next to Kim eye level with Stacy's pussy! I started to kiss
the underside of the thighs and run my tongue as close to her pussy and ass
as I could with Kim in my way she was humping Kim's face and told Jack to
fuck my mouth. She said she has never seen a guy suck a guy off in person
before and she wanted to see him cum in my mouth. Jack had his cock in my
mouth in less then a second. Stacy said Damn!! That's so fucking hot. His
whole cock is disappearing in your mouth! She was telling Jack to cum in
my mouth!! Saying ohhh yeah fuck his mouth!!! He started to fuck my mouth
and I was really sucking his cock. She commented again how it was awesome I
could take all of his huge long cock in my mouth until it was all gone. She
started to really hump her pussy up into Kim's face and I could see her
head thrown back in ecstasy Kim was moaning real loud and had her hand in
her own pussy. Jack asked Kim " how does her pussy juice taste baby girl"?
Kim just moaned louder!!! Stacy was convulsing I could see her stomach
muscles contract then relax then contract again over and over. Stacy
finally fell limp almost like a rag doll.

She looked at Jack fucking my mouth and told me she wanted to see Jack
shoot his cum into my open mouth. He said it would be his pleasure, and
with that I felt his cock head swell and I know all two well what is come
next. He pulled his cock out of my mouth his cock head only about 3 inches
from my mouth. Started to jerk his huge cock he said her it comes I opened
my mouth as wide as I could I didn't want to miss a single drop of his
cum. The first shot came and shot into my mouth so hard it seemed as if his
cock was still in my mouth. Stacy moaned her approval and to my surprise
the so did Kim. I had forgotten all about her. Kim fell underneath the
table and I felt the warn wet suction of her mouth replace my hand on my
cock. Just then the second shot came from jack and was placed perfectly in
my mouth Stacy said not to swallow she said to keep it all in my mouth. So
I did jack shot volley after volley into my mouth. I had so much in my
mouth it was running down the side of my mouth. Jack announced he was
finished Stacy told me to show her his cum I turned to her so she could see
perfectly into my mouth she said OMG that's soooooooo fucking hot!!! some
of the cum was running down my chin she very seductively licked it off my
chin then placed her mouth on mine and pushed her tongue into my mouth.
She was moaning while she used her tongue to take Jacks cum into her own
mouth Kim was bobbing like a girl possessed on my cock. I pulled from
Stacy's kiss long enough to say I'm cumming!!! She said do it baby!! cum in
her mouth!! and I did! I came for what seemed like an hour!! Stacy
continued to kiss me with the passion of a woman in love. She kept saying
she wished it was her mouth being flooded with my cum!! She sucked my
tongue out of my mouth. Just then Kim popped her head out from underneath
the table and opened her mouth to reveal a mouth full of my cum.

Stacy kissed her immediately this was so fucking hot to see these Hot as
fuck teen girls swapping my cum in there mouths with a very passionate
kiss. Both of them were moaning and touching the others pussy.

This went on for a while Jack and I sat back and watched them kiss and
finger each other.

I said to Jack ( does it get an better then this) the girls heard me say
this and Stacy looked right at me and says its about too!!

I looked at Jack and just smiled.

Kim got down on all fours Stacy moved behind her and started to eat her out
from behind Kim rested her chest on the floor of the trailer her ass and
perfectly pink little teenage fuck hole up in the air. Stacy was eating her
pussy from behind the she pushed two fingers inside her and started to lick
her ass hole! I was so fucking hard by now! Stacy was bent down in a way
where her pussy and ass were completely exposed. She still had her skirt
on. Jack reached out and pulled her skirt down her legs and off her
feet. Then her took her shirt off her. They started to kiss. Kims's perfect
little teenage ass and pussy were still up in the air. I moved over to her
put my face to her pussy and tasted the sweetest little pussy I have every
tasted again. I licked her ass and she moaned and said I want your cock. I
didn't say a word. I took my cock placed it at her pussy and slid in balls
deep! She was so fucking tight but so wet I slid into her with one motion,
she kinda jumped a little bit and whimpered, but pushed back on my cock,
she said I can feel you balls on my clit. My balls were swinging underneath
her everytime I trust deep into her.

She pushed back onto my cock grabbed my balls and gently ribbed her clit
with them while keeping her pussy impaled on my cock. She let go and I
started to fuck her again I had a perfect view of her tight little pussy
while I was fucking it. When I would push in her pink folds and pussy lips
would almost disappear inside her. She was slapping a hand on the floor
saying Fuck!!!!!! Your cock is so fucking huge!!! Stacy came over slid
underneath Kim told jack to hand her a pillow and he did then I felt her
warm mouth suck my left ball. She twirled her tongue on my ball so gently
and applied just the perfect amount of suction. The she left my balls and
went to work on Kim's clit. I watched as her tongue worked Kim's clit! Then
she would let her tongue hit the shaft of my cock it was the most awesome
feeling my cock has ever had! I could look down and see Stacy's mouth and
kims pussy it almost seemed it was Stacy's mouth I was fucking but no mouth
can give the pleasure that this tight little teenage pussy is giving. The
Stacy started to be jolted forward over and over it was obvious she was
being fucked and fucked hard! I looked back and saw Jack holding Stacy's
bent up knees I watched as jack pounded her little pussy. Stacy has just a
little hair on her pussy about 1 inch wide and about 2 inches tall of thick
hair aligned perfectly with her clit. I could see Jacks huge cock going
into her little pussy and when he would bottom out inside her I could feel
her being jolted forward. Kim's was going nuts on my cock and Stacy's
face!! She was cumin hard!

Shaking and convulsing like I have never seen any women do. When she
finished I was close I started to really fuck her little fuck hole. I said
I was cumming , Stacy grabbed my cock and shoved it into her mouth for the
first shot then put my cock back into Kim's tight little pussy for me to
finish my orgasm!! I fucked her pussy until I thought my balls were going
to come out of my cock head. I then pulled out of her Stacy help Kim's
pussy too her mouth and was pushing her tongue inside her retrieving my
cum. It was so fucking hot looking I was hard again already!!! I could tell
my Jacks grunts he was close to cumming and by the way he was really
stabbing Stacy's pussy. I have been on the receiving end of the stabbing
long enough to recognize when Jack is about to shoot his load. He stabbed
her tight little 16 year old pussy deep and held it there. I knew from
experience she just received one hell of a powerful shot of cum. She
wiggled her pussy around on his cock and grabbed my hair and pulled it hard
forcing my mouth to her clit. I went straight to sucking her little clit
and flicking it with my tongue. Jack stabbed her deep again she was
grinding herself into his cock and my mouth. Her stomach was convulsing,
she started to whimper and told me to eat her pussy and jack to fuck her
hard!! We both did as we were instructed!! When she finished cumming Jack
was obviously spent but still pumping her a little I was licking her clit
she told me to stop. She said she was to sensitive now. I pulled Jacks cock
from her 16 year old pussy and cleaned all of her pussy juice and the last
of his cum with my mouth. She was almost asleep but managed to say "I told
you it was about to get better didn't I?" I sucked Jacks cum out of her and
watched her fall asleep with a look of complete satisfaction. The girls
were both fast asleep on the floor of the trailer naked as the day they
were born Jack winked at me and feel asleep. I was hard as fuck so I slid
my cock into Stacy's wet pussy and kinda very slowly pumped her, she never
opened her eyes but she pushed her pussy back on to me. I fucked her slow
for over and hour I came inside her very powerfully but I still pumped her
slowly. She smiled in her sleep and pushed her pussy back on to my cock. I
fell asleep inside her pussy

trailer sex 6

Jack and I went fishing the day after I fucked his daughter in the mouth,
pussy and asshole. I also sucked Jack off while fucking his daughter. We
launched our boat and headed for our favorite fishing spot for sheepshead
some people call them shell crackers because the have huge molar like
teeth, and hover over oyster beds they peck holes in the oyster shells and
suck out the oyster threw the whole they create. We were fishing for about
30 minutes when jack said come here and suck my cock. I have always wanted
fishing head. I laughed and said I didn't know there was a such thing as
fishing head. He said I think we arfe inventing it right now. We both kinda
laughed. I looked around and didn't see anyone around. I went over to him
unzipped his pants and pulled his limp cock out of his fly. I sucked his
cock into my mouth like I was a seasoned cock sucking veteran. I have only
been sucking cock for less then a week but I have found that I fucking love
the taste, fell, and just the down right not supposed to be doing this of
cock sucking. I pushed jacks foreskin back with my lips and held his huge
cock head exposed to my mouth and tongue. He moaned in pleasure. He said
fuck yeah that feels awesome. I continued to suck his cock head, then I
went all the way on his cock. I felt his head in my throat. He put his rod
and reel down and placed one hand on my head and said damn man you are an
awesome cock sucker!! I went all the was back up the shaft and sucked my
way back down twirling my tongue around his cock. He put both of his hands
on top of my head and said suck that fucking cock. He said faster, suck it
harder. I picked up the pace and the amount of suction. I was sucking hard
making noises that are unmistakably cock sucking noises. He said ohhh fuck
yeah suck it!!! he had his hands on my head trying to control the pace of
this suck job pushing me lower on his cock everytime I would go down. At
the same time he was thrusting his cock upward with his hips. He was making
sure his cock was completely inside me on every down suck. He kept saying
ohhh yeah ohh yeah pushing on my head hard and thrusting so hard into my
mouth that I thought he was going to bust my lip. He let out a really loud
ohhhhh fuck!!!!! And pushed my mouth down hard at the same time thrusting
up into my mouth And I felt the first shot hit my throat. He usually likes
me to suck his cock head while he shoots so I tried to pull up until just
the head of his cock was in my mouth. He pushed my mouth back down on his
fat hard cock, and thrust it up into my mouth again and I felt the second
shot of thick hot cum hit my throat. Its hard to really taste his cum like
this and I wanted to taste it. I tried to do this again and he told me to
jack his cock off with my mouth and he kept telling me to suck harder. So I
did! He shot volley after volley in my mouth and his whole body started to
quiver. He said that was the best blow job he has ever had. I was

He told me to look over there and not 20 feet from us another much bigger
boat was fishing. Two deck hands if you will~ were holding up a thumbs
up. A different guy walked up on top of the boat and said you guys are
fucking nasty faggots! That pissed me off, and pissed Jack off, but I could
understand were the boat guy was coming from. a week ago I would never have
even begun to think I would ever taste a mans cock, and especially not even
imagine that I would like it and crave the taste of a mans cum. We flipped
them off and they went away. out of the blue Jack said My wife doesn't want
you fucking the girls any more.

I said why real quick because fucking his teenage daughters was on my mind
24/7. they are so young firm and beautiful and very sexual. He then told me
she just doesn't. she said she would fuck you, and I could fuck you but no
more fucking the girls. I said fuck that. Your wife is hot, and I really
want a chance to fuck her but all this started by you offering me the
girls, if I let you fuck me. He said sorry man I have to keep the piece you
know. I don't care if you fuck um they have some of the tightest fuck hole
I have ever had. I said yeah I know. So let me get this straight~ you can
fuck you daughters but I cant? That's about the size of it he said. I said
well that just isn't going to work, no teenage pussy no more playing for
any of us. He laughed and said you mean you think you can stop me from
fucking my wife or daughters if I want. I said no but nobody will be
fucking me. He smiled real big and said ok. Man I was pissed the whole rest
of the fishing trip I didn't say hardly two word to Jack. He said he wanted
to move to another fishing hole and I said no; I don't want to, after all
this is my boat. But he got his ass up started the boat and drive to where
he wanted to fish! I was so fucking pissed!!! I don't talk when I get mad
im real quiet. Jack walked down to the end of the boat I was in, and took
out his huge cock and dangled it in my face and told me to suck it. I just
turned away from him. I didn't say anything. He stretched his limp cock
out, and around the corner of my face and touched his cock head to my
lips. I don't know why, and I hate myself for it but I licked his foreskin
that concealed his perfect cock head. Then I sucked the corner of loose
foreskin into my mouth and held his foreskin with my lips and massaged his
cock head with my tongue he moaned and said man you sure know how to suck
cock for a beginner.. Then he turned my face towards him and pushed his
whole cock in my mouth. When he pushed his cock in my mouth I again used my
lips to push back his foreskin and hold it back while I suck and run my
tongue all around his cock head. I love having his cock get hard in my
mouth. When he got good and hard I stopped. And turned away and went back
to fishing. He kinda plopped me on the back of the head with his cock and
told me to take my shorts off and bend over the side of the boat. I just
smirked at him and said you wish. He plopped me on the head again with his
hard cock and told me to do it. I again said no. he started to rub my
shoulders and said bend that ass over the fucking boat now! I'm going to
fuck you right here right now! Again I laughed at him. He turned me around
and put his cock to my lips his head had some precum dribbling out of it,
and I could not help it I had to have it. I licked the precum from his cock
and he pushed his cock back inside my mouth. He said for me to take my
shorts off while he was fucking my mouth. For some reason, and again I hate
myself for it, but I started to take my shorts off. When I had them off he
pulled his awesome hard fat cock from my mouth and in a kinda easy but firm
voice told me to bend over the side of the boat. I did, and before I was
even got situated I felt his powerful hands pulling my cheeks apart. I
expected his tongue because he uses his tongue to get me ready for his huge
cock but got his huge cock balls deep inside me instead. I almost jumped
out of the boat, and would have if he didn't have an arm underneath my
waist. He said how is that and I said it fucking hurts. I expected some
time to adjust to him, but he gave me none. He pulled completely out of me,
and thrust back into me balls deep, and did it again over and over. It hurt
but it was getting easier to take. He started to fuck me hard and fast when
I started to get into it he said yeahh i knew you wanted this!!! He said he
was about to cum but he was going to cum in my mouth, I was ok with
that. He pulled out of me I turned opened my mouth for him to jack off in
my mouth, but he stuffed his fat cock straight from my ass into my mouth,
and told me to suck the cum out of him. I was shocked but did just that. I
sucked him for all I was worth. His cock tasted different but still I knew
I was going to get his ball juice. And boy did I he kept shooting volley
after volley into my mouth. I swallowed every stream of thick hot cum. I
love how his body starts to shake while im sucking his cum out of him. I
got the last of his cum and he just laid back almost spread eagle in the
boat his cock going limp but just hanging there. He laid back pulled his
baseball cap over his head and said ohhhh man what a fuck! I was still nude
from the waste down and I have not had any kinda release so I just looked
at him all sprawled out with his awesome cock going limp and started to
jerk off. I still have trouble believing I find a man attractive enough to
fantasize about while I masturbate. Jack is a good looking man by anyone's
standards. He 6'ft about 185 rock hard body his cock is not the only thing
about him that bulges. He has arms, legs, and a stomach that look as if
they should be on a Greek statue. When it comes to his cock he could, and
should be the poster boy for all these e-mail we all get about "do you want
the perfect Penis" or "Enlarge your penis" his cock is long and thick with
a huge vein running the length of his cock, while completely limp, and he
is not circumcised. When hard his foreskin doesn't completely cover his
massive cock head only about half of it. his cock head is nearly the size
of a beer can when hard and the shaft of his cock is about as big around as
a silver dollar. I haven't seen many cocks but I cant imagine any cock
being more beautiful or sexier then Jacks. I stared at his cock and saw a
last drop of cum seeping out of it I got on my knees and sucked his limp
cock into my mouth while I jerked off he kept the hat over his face and
just kinda ran his fingers up and down the indentions in my checks from
sucking down on his cock. He said I love listening to you suck cock. You
make the best sucking sounds. But he said he has had enough for now and
pulled his cock from my mouth with his hand. His cock was now half hard and
half limp. That's when I like it the most. he had to take it from me and he
did with a loud vacuum noise when his cock left my mouth. He saw I was
jerking off and I said hey man suck me. he just laughed and said no, that
he wanted to see me jerk off. I was disappointed but I shot cum to the
other end of the boat about 10 seconds later.

He cranked the boat and drove us to the boat launch were we loaded the
boat and headed for home.

At the trailer we noticed right away the curtains were closed so Jack said
I wonder what up in there.

We didn't knock or give any advance warning that we were coming in. what we
saw will stay in my mind as the sexiest scene a man could ever witness.

trailer sex 5

This is kinda off the beaten path of where trailer sex is headed but I
thought it worthy of mention.

The park that this FEMA trailer (our home) is parked in is a camping
ground. Or at least that's what it was. There is a community shower about
50 yards from where our trailer is parked. Jack told me last night he went
in there because we were out of hot water to shower. With 3 girls in this
trailer hot water is always in demand. Jack told me he witnessed and even
participated in some really hot guy on guy sex in the community shower. So
I decided I wanted to at least see what was going on.

I went in during the day about 3:45 pm. I didn't see anything out of the
ordinary except I did see what Jack told me was called a glory hole. A hole
in the partition that divides toilet stalls. I leaned down and I could see
all the way to the showers every partition had a hole in it. I was getting
a hard on thinking of putting my cock through one of the holes and not
being able to see a anonymous mouth suck my cock. It didn't seem as if
today was going to be my lucky day.

So I decided I would take a shower anyway. I got undressed and went to the
shower stall closest to the glory hole partition. There was actually a hole
in the shower. I was bathing I had just started to was my hair and rinse it
when I opened my eyes there was a thin long hard cock just poking through
the wall. It caught my eye immediately; however I acted like I didn't see
it. However I think my cock gave me away because as soon as I saw this cock
I went from completely flaccid to sporting a serious hard on!! I turned so
who ever ws on the other side would not be able to see my cock and how hard
I was. The water was running down my body it felt good but I could not get
my mind off the cock coming through the wall. I looked back and the cock
was replaced by a mouth. I was so fucking hard!!! Then I heard "he Mr. let
me suck you?" I cleared my throat and said excuse me. The voice sounded
like a teenage boy. He said again but this time he almost begged he said
please let me suck your cock, I saw your hard and you have a an awesome
looking cock. I didn't say anything I just walked to the hole and put my
cock in it. my cock never felt air on the other side. He engulfed my cock
his mouth was wet, warm, and he used just enough suction to make me feel it
when he would suck me into his mouth. I felt like I was about to shoot
right then. I started staring at the ceiling thinking about baseball
anything to stop me from cumming this soon. I look down just as he took all
my cock in his mouth I could see his lip on my side of the wall and my cock
was down his throat.

I was there with a complete stranger sucking my cock through a hole in a
wall and I was loving it. I was close to cumming in his mouth. I felt my
cock head swell. He started to moan his willingness for what was about to
happen. He started to jack my cock and suck my cock. I was fucking this
person's mouth from the other side of the wall!! I pulled back until just
the head of my cock was in his mouth and shot my first stream of cum. I
watched his lips try and suck me back in but I kept pumping shot after shot
into his mouth with just my head in his mouth. When I was almost finished
cumming I let his have the rest of my cock. And fuck did it feel good to
fell his suck me into his mouth!!

When I was spent I eased my cock from his mouth and was about to go about
my business when he put his long thin cock through the hole. I grabbed it
and wanted so fucking bad to suck this strange cock but just continued to
jack him off the best I could.

Here I was thinking I was making sure I was protecting myself from disease,
and when I felt his get ready to cum I engulfed his cock and sucked the cum
out of his cock. I can not explain why I did this I just went to my knees
and sucked his cock until there was nothing left for him to give me it was
so freaking awesome to have someone I could not see or did not know
shooting cum in my mouth. He pulled his cock from my mouth and immediately
it was replaced by a fatter but shorter cock. I sucked it for let then a
minute and it was shooting in my throat! Then another cock came through the
hole I serviced it too. When I finished him he told me to turn around and
put my ass to the hole. I did and was rewarded with a tongue that wasn't
playing at all!!! The tongue was pushing its way inside me. Then I felt a
cock head a HUGE cock head penetrate me!! He didn't give me a chance to
adjust or anything he went from zero to 100 in one second. And he lasted
about that long. He shot in me. I was in a lot of pain from the size of
this guys cock. So when he pulled out I turned and decided I had enough I
started to leave the shower and when I turned the corner I saw a bunch of
teenage boy standing around and one finishing jerking off with a cock that
had to be 12 inches and fat as a cock can. This was the cock that was just
in me. I went to the trailer and later that night I told jack about all
this and he got so worked up he had to fuck me.

trailer sex 4

Kim looked back at me and said she has never been this horny! I could feel
how wet her little pussy was it was almost unnatural. She was pushing my
cock inside her and I wasn't even hard. She pushed a finger inside her
pussy and brought it to my mouth. I tasted her pussy for the first
time. She was so sweet tasting, so clean! She whispered fuck me in my
ear. I looked at her dad and he just kinda turned his back and rolled over
facing away from us. Kim was keeping my limp cock forced in her tight
little pussy. I got hard inside her she was squeezing my cock with here
pussy and grinding herself into me. I could feel my cock start to swell and
she was saying ohhhhh yeah give me that hard cock!!! When my cock was hard
I gave her a thrust of pure I want to make this pussy know im here
passion. She moaned and even kinda whimpered out loud. I could feel
something pointed in her pussy when I would go all the way in I could feel
my cock head bang into it. This turned me on. I started to fuck her hard
from behind. She started to make a lot of noise telling me she was cumming
and telling me her pussy was stretched to the limit. I told her she was
going to wake everyone to be a little more quiet. She refused with ever
thrust she made more noise. I started to not thrust so hard into her to
quiet her down but she just made up for it and thrust back on me and told
me she was cumming again harder this time. I put my hand over her mouth and
tried to quiet her down but this just turned her on more. She pushed back
into my cock hard and said she was cumming again!! I covered her mouth and
started to fuck her hard she was going crazy. I looked down and watched my
cock going in and out of this tight perfectly pink teenage pussy! I watched
as my cock would come out all glistening from her pussy juices and when I
would push back in her pussy lips would follow my cock inside her. I could
watch my cock come out and I could see the pink of her pussy, as I thrust
back in her pinkness would be pushed inside her, I could feel the pointed
thing banging into my cock head with every thrust. She was slobbering all
over my hand she was making so much noise, and pushing her pussy back on to
my fat cock, she started to shake again and she took a real deep breath and
kinda held it. she then drove her pussy into me and kept it there she would
not allow me to withdrawal and started to grinding her pussy back and forth
on my cock. She shook all over and bit down kinda hard on my hand. I could
feel the pointy thing inside her as she was grinding her pussy into me. I
forced her to allow me to pump her pussy! It felt so fucking good. She
looked me right in the eyes and said force your whole fat cock in my ass
with one thrust and the fuck me harder then you have ever fucked anyone. I
took my cock out of this perfect pussy I could see her pussy hole was still
open when I pulled out of her. I put it at her ass and started to thrust,
and she stopped me. She grabbed a bed sheet and wiped all her pussy juices
from my cock and said now give it to me hard!

I did, I put it to her ass hole and spread her cheeks she took her cheeks
from me and pulled them apart and I watched as my cock head passed her
opening and then I thrust it all the way!!! I felt her gasp for breath and
then I put my hand back over her mouth from behind. She continued to pull
her cheeks apart and I took my cock all the way until I saw the rim of my
cock head just outside the ring of her asshole and pushed it all the way
back in as hard as I could then I did it again!!! She was biting my hand!!

She started to push back on me! She had to be in a lot of pain but she
seemed to love it. I new Jack was up and watching but I wasn't paying him
any attention. I was so close to cumming in his daughters ass I could not
think about him. I pumped and I pushed into her and kept it there all the
way in her tight ass I could feel my heart beating in the vien in my cock
in her tight ass! I shot a long shot of cum ion her ass and she started to
suck my fingers not bite them then I shot again and again I kept shooting
she was wiggling her ass on my cock saying yeah baby that's what I want!!
She was squeezing me with her asshole and damn it felt good. She kept
saying yeah shoot again inside me and then she would squeeze me. I watched
my cock just sitting inside this beautiful teen girl who knew exactly how
to please herself and give a man more pleasure with her body then I ever
thought possible. She wanted me to keep my cock inside her. So I did. She
looked back at me and smiled and said look at that. I turned and I was
mouth level with Jacks big fat cock with his stroking the hell out of it. I
don't know why, but I opened my mouth and sucked the head of his cock
while he jacked his fat cock off. Kim said OMG that's so hot!! I was still
in her ass. I had Jacks cock head in my mouth for about 10 seconds when he
almost blew the back of my head off with his first shot of cum!! He kept
jacking off and then the next shot came. I don't know how to describe the
feeling I get when I have his cock in my mouth shooting long think ropes of
cum into my mouth. I never would have ever even considered this before now
I crave it!!! when I finished sucking all the cum from his cock I sucked
his balls one at a time into my mouth. This was new for me to I knew how I
liked mine sucked so I figured I could suck his good. He loved it!

Kim finally released me from her perfect little ass while I was sucking her
dads balls. I wish I could have seen the flood of cum come running out but
like I said I had her dads balls in my mouth. After about 5 minutes of
sucking jacks balls I was kinda tired and he was too and Kim was already
asleep with cum running out of her. I laid down and so did jack and we were
all fast asleep.

trailer sex 3

I was so embarrassed!! Here I was with my legs pulled up and my knees along
side my head, and this hot 17 year old chick watching me get cum sucked out
of my ass. She looked at me and just went on her marry way. It seemed
almost like it was no big deal to her. I heard her in the bathroom going
pee. I scrambled to compose myself before she returned. Jack laughed at me
and said "it's all good"!

When Kimberly (kim for short) came out of the bathroom, I noticed she was
wearing pink little panties, and a white tee-shirt, and no bra. I could see
her breast outline perfectly and her nipples were erect, to the point of
almost poking a hole in her tee-shirt. She looked at me and kinda very
lazily ran her hand threw my hair, and walked away to her bed. I watched
her climb into bed. She first bent over just a bit, and I could see her
panty covered pussy perfectly. She opened her legs just enough to gain
access to the bed and I could see the perfect hollow at the tops of her
thighs. When she settled she turned her head towards me, and looked right
in my eyes. I watched as her hand went between her legs underneath a thin
white sheet. She closed her eyes a second and arranged her hips with a
slight moan, I could see the motion of her hand under the sheet, she was
making fast circles, and then about every 5 seconds she would push inside
herself and push her hips out towards her hand. She started to bite her
bottom lip just a bit, and she took her hand out from underneath the sheet
and licked her fingers. then she went straight back underneath and started
fast circles on her clit again. She arched her back and started to move her
hand faster. She looked right into my eyes, as I watched her face turn a
little red, and witnessed her body start to shake I heard her moaning and
gasping for air. Then she was perfectly still. She looked at me with a look
of perfect satisfaction on her face. She kept looking directly at me, I
guess it slipped my mind that I was stroking my cock in front of her. I
watched her eyelids get heavy. Then an arm stretched out over her and her
mother or sister kinda pulled her into them. She continued to watch me
until I shot my load. When I did she smiled, and blew me a kiss, closed her
eyes and fell off to sleep. At that moment I remembered Jack, and thought
Holy Shit!! he just saw me watch his daughter get off, and watched me get
off looking at her, but to my relief and surprise he was sound asleep.

I soon fell asleep too. The next thing I remember is feeling an awesome,
warm, wet mouth on my cock. I knew exactly who it was sucking my cock
without even opening my eyes. Jack woke me like this once before, and true
to form he got better at sucking my cock every time he does it. I was kinda
in a twilight not completely asleep, but not awake either. I remember
feeling the vibration run through my cock of someone moaning as they sucked
my cock. I felt Jack pulling my ass cheeks apart and touching my asshole
with wet fingers. Then it dawned on me that this was impossible from this
angle, if he had my cock in his mouth. I opened my eyes and saw the most
awesome sight I have ever seen. Kim was just taking my cock from her mouth
and sucking my left ball gently into her mouth. She was looking straight
into my eyes while she ever so gently sucked my balls. She stopped just
long enough to smile up at me and say Good Morning. I said hey, she took my
ball back into her mouth gently and sucked on it. I heard Jack say morning
baby, and morning to me. He was watching his 17 year old daughter suck my
balls. He gave his cock a little push and I could feel his hard fat cock
poke me in the small of my back. I know in the back of my mind that this
isn't right, I'm not gay!! But I don't know how to explain how turned on
this whole situation was making me. It was new and like I have never been
turned on before. Jack licked his fingers again, and massaged my asshole. I
pushed back on his fingers and in less then a second I felt his fat cock
head at my hole. Kim seemed to be turned on by this too because she sucked
my cock down her throat when she realized her daddy was about to fuck me. I
didn't know how I felt about this hot chick watching me take it up the ass,
but any thoughts of stopping or removing myself from this position I was in
right now; was just not realistic. People would fight to the death and some
would pay any price to be in my position right this second. I felt her
hand go between my legs from the fron, and she grabbed her fathers cock, I
watched her suck the fat head into her mouth for just a second and then
align it with my asshole and give it a little push. She looked me right in
the eyes and said, relax let us do everything for you. I did! I relaxed
while Jack drove his huge cock into my ass and while Kim swallowed my
cock. Jack was really fucking me hard. At times Kim would be bottomed out
with my pubes in her face right when Jack gave a powerful pump and bottomed
out himself. This made my cock bang into kims throat several times. She was
doing everything she could to keep her teeth of my cock, but when her daddy
hit me with a hard pump my cock was forced further in her mouth, and her
teeth would make contact with the base of my cock. It did not bother me at
all!! I was so into watching my cock get forced into this hot teenage
chicks mouth. It was such a turn on to see her doing everything she could
to avoid being almost assaulted in her mouth. She looked up at me and I
just said suck my cock, and it was like that's what she wanted to hear,
because she put that talented mouth to work. I was no longer just sliding
in and out of her mouth she was sucking me, working her tongue down my
cock, and making slurping noises. I was in more pleasure then I ever
thought possible. Kim stopped for a second and lowered her head and said
that looks so freaking HOT!!! I said what does? and she said my daddies fat
cock fucking your tight little ass!! I could not see his cock in my ass
from behind but I could sure feel it. He started to pump me really fast and
hitting me hard with his cock. Kim went back to sucking my cock. I felt
Jacks cock swell inside me, and I knew he was about to shoot inside
me. This made me ready to cum I told Kim I was close she just sucked me
down her throat she kept moaning, and making slurping sounds she was
begging me to cum in her mouth. Jack gave me a powerful thrust and kept his
huge cock pushed all the way inside me. I felt his cock head swell and then
I felt the shot of cum. It felt like it had 100lbs of pressure behind
it. This drove me over the edge and I shot in Kim's mouth. she started to
swallow, and kept swallowing as I shot volley after volley of thick, long
shots of cum into her mouth. she was moaning, and slurping, some of the
cock juice ran out the side of her mouth, just then her daddy withdrew, and
pushed back in hard into my ass he was moaning real loud, and talking dirty
saying he wanted to empty his ball inside me. I can not explain the feeling
of a huge cock in my ass with a beautiful sexy teen sucking my cock at the
same time. Words do not do the feeling or experience justice!

Kim was sucking my cock head hard like she was begging it for more
cum. Then her mouth was gone. I felt her hand reach between my legs and her
dads 9.5 inch cock was in her mouth her dad said ewww yeah baby get the
last of my ball juice. And she moaned and did just that. She was jacking
his cock and sucking his cock head. She then went back to my cock and took
the whole thing.

After a few minutes of recuperating Kim leaned back into me kinda spooning
with her pussy aligned perfectly with my now soft cock. She grabbed it and
ran it over her pussy. her pussy was so freaking wet it almost seemed

trailer sex 2

The following morning rolled around and I was kinda startled awake by
an AWESOME wet warm feeling with a little suction on my cock, I looked
down and Jack had my cock all the way in his mouth his tongue was
swirling around my cock real fast and he was moaning ever so slightly. I
looked into his eyes and he winked at me and put his hand on my chest and
gently eased me back into the lying down position. On his way up my
cock he would suck just a little bit but made sure my cock stayed in full
contact with his tongue and lips. I remember thinking why don't I feel
his teeth. He was sucking my cock long and slow. and each time he went
back up my cock he would suck just a little more. as he reaches the
head of my cock then he would always let me see his tongue swirl around
and underneath the head of my cock. I started to fuck his mouth and he
really sucked down on my cock. I grabbed his head and started fucking up
into his mouth. He stopped, just long enough to whisper when you cum
look directly into my eyes the whole time you are shooting. that was fine
with me and I was real close, he took me all the way in and swallowed
my cock head, and kept it there and continued to swallow. that was
fucking awesome he sucked his way back up my cock and then back down. I
my whole body tense up and my toes curl up as he sucked back up my cock
I looked directly into his eyes and let out what felt like a hell of a
shot of cum, he returned my stare and sucked on my cock head while he
jacked my cock. I could see him swallowing every time I shot in his
mouth. Then he went all the way to the base of my cock and sucked real
and kept sucking, it was like he was jacking me off with his mouth. I
contunied to cum until I felt as if I was straining my balls. He
continued to swallow everything I had to offer. When he finished giving
what was now for the second time in as many days the best blow job of my
life he looked up at me and smiled and thanked ME. He
thanked me, I was the one who should be thanking him! He came up to me
asked me if I had ever tasted another mans cum and I told him I haven't.
he didn't try and forse me to suck him or anything he just smiled at me

I looked to the other end of the trailer and I could see that all the
girls were still asleep.
They keep the radio on just a little bit I guess to block out the noise
of the near by highway. The highway noise never bothers me. Jack said
to me "my cock is so fucking hard" then he gently took my hand and
placed it on his cock. It was hard and it was fucking huge. I could not
believe that thing had been in me and how hard he had fucked me with it.
didn't know what to do with his cock but I guess nature took over and I
was gently rubbing his cock he started to nibble on my ear and sucked
my ear lobe, he reached for my cock and it was hard as a rock again. He
was behind me and we were kinda spooning I arched my back for him and
was giving him my ass. I never would have thought I would ever be
looking so forward with such enthusiasm to being fucked in the ass and
especially not by my fishing buddy. He rubbed my ass and he licked his
fingers and touched my ass hole I moaned a little when he did this and he
stopped and put his hand under my knee and pulled it up and handed it to
me, he said hold this. So I did. I have done something similar with
chicks. He then went back down on me sucking my cock briefly and then I
felt it! His toungue was on my ass hole. It felt so freaking good!!
He handed me my other leg and I pulled it up to my chest along with the
other leg and he just started to lick me in a way I had never
imagined!!!! I could not believe how exposed I was to my fishing buddy or
exposed I would be if one of the girls woke up to go to the bathroom or
something. Jack kept telling me to relax and after about 5 minutes of
him eating my ass I started too he then slid one finger in me and sucked
me just under my balls then the removed his finger and started to eat
me again. This time he was gitting his tongue inside my ass hole and I
do not have words to describe the feeling of being tongue fucked!! He
tongue fucked me for a while and when he stopped I thought I would die I
want it again and now. But this was were he wanted me. He pushed on the
soles of my feet raising my ass hole a little and in one thrust, his
cock was balls deep in me. It fucking hurt worse then last night I
almost verbalized my pain. He stayed there and said I would adjust soon
he kept looking at me. He told me he wanted to kiss me. I was so horny
I think I would have done any and everything he asked me so I just
looked at his lips and he kissed me. He was an awesome kisser too. He
gently rubbed my tongue with his and then the first withdraw and forward
thrust came and It hurt but I still loved it. he did it again and asked
if I was ok. I told him yes with my kiss. He then started to fuck me as
if it was a pussy he was fucking. He was kissing me and asking me to
tell him how big his cock was, so I did. In my opinion his cock is huge
its bigger then mine and he was fucking me hard with it. Once again I
found myself praying that he would fuck me all morning but he was getting
close, I could tell because he was really pounding me now and
Asked if I wanted him to cum, before I could answer his tongue was back
in my mouth
He sucked my tongue out of my mouth and kinda sucked my tongue while he
shot volley after volley of hot cum inside me. He fucks so good. I can
see why people would prefer to be gay over straight now. He gave me one
more very powerful thrust and kept it pushed all the way in for a while
and then withdrew. Immediately he went down and started to suck his own
cum from me. I look up out of the corner of my eye I saw jacks 17 year
old daughter watching us and she saw me see her and she said to either
her mother or sister or both that "daddy just fucked John in the ass
and now hes licking Johns ass"

Trailer sex

I'm a gulf coast resident and have been displaced hurricane Katrina. I have
always considered myself 100% straight. A real mans man. 6'2 195 and I work
hard to stay in good shape.

My home was destroyed in the storm. I was given a trailer to live in while
my home is being rebuilt. I was one of the lucky ones who got emergency
shelter right after the storm.

I have a friend who worked with me who wasn't as lucky. He and his family
needed a place to stay. His wife is HOT he has two teen age daughters who
are also Hot as fuck. Kimberly is 17 Angel is 19 both are drop dead
beautiful. When they moved in the trailer with me that had little more then
the close on there backs. I didn't have much either but we did all we could
to make due.

It was a small trailer the kind people go camping in. the living
arrangement were stressed from the very beginning. Jack is my friends name
he is a great guy we not only work together but were hunting and fishing
buddies. I have always thought his wife Samantha (Sam for short) was hot as
fuck. His girls are the beautiful kind of people that words can not do
justice. they had no choice but to walk around the trailer in panties and
sometime not even that.

There were 2 beds in the trailer both were small. The sleeping arrangements
were worked out by Sam the girls would all sleep in the smallest bed and
Jack and I would sleep in the big bed up front.

I could not help getting an erection when the girls would walk around in
there underwear.

It was kinda a joke everyone would say put some clothes on before John gets
a boner.

The third night Jack and Sam were outside for a while and it was obvious
they were both Sexually frustrated. I just turned over and faced the wall
and went to sleep. I remember Jack getting into bed and him kinda wakening
me then I remember filling his hard cock in my back and he was kinda
pushing it into me. I was kinda freaked out, but relaxed and went back to
sleep. Sometime later I felt a hand working into my boxers and I realized
there was a hand in my hair kinda playing with my hair. I said hey dude I'm
not your wife. He chuckled and said he knew and he asked if I was
comfortable I said I was not and he said if I let him just touch me a a few
minutes he and his wife would disappear and leave the girls alone with me
for the day tomorrow. I said thanks dude but that's sick.

He now had my cock in his hand and was caressing it in a way that if he
kept it up I would have a raging hard on. He begged me to just relax and
that noone would ever know. I told him to chill out he said to let him live
his "fantasy" I said what ever dude. He then started running his hand down
my back and kissing me on the ear from behind kinda sucked my right earlobe
into his mouth, litely sucking on it and massageing it with his tongue.
This was getting me really hard and I don't know what made me do it but I
kinda arched my back and pushed my ass back into him he whispered in my
ear, I'm gonna fuck you. My only response was to do nothing. I felt
powerful hands separate my ass cheeks and for the first time it hit me I
was about to be fucked in the ass by my fishing buddy, yet still I did
nothing. He touched me right on my ass hole and it sent chills threw
me. The next touch was wet he must has licked his fingers or something
because it was wet and kinda silky feeling. I pushed back on him and felt
his finger enter me and it hurt but it was good. The very next thing was
his cock at my hole and he pushed and didn't have much success I kind
aligned myself with him better and pushed onto him and I felt his cock head
pop inside me. Man it hurt but for a reason I can not explain I wanted more
and pushed back on him until I felt his pubes on my ass I was in more pain
then I ever experienced but I was taking it. He whispered in my ear that he
was fucking his hunting buddy in the ass and I didn't say anything. The
next thing I knew he started to fuck me it hurt like hell at first and I
was praying he would cum fast, then it started to feel good then amazing
then freaking wonderful then I was praying he could fuck me all-night. He
whispered in my ear he was going to cum and man did he. I could fill his
cock spasm and it was like someone put oil in me or something his cock slid
so easy in and out of me after he came in me. I could not believe how much
I enjoyed hi fucking me. He then withdrew his cock and asked me to face him
so I did he didn't say anything he simply went down on my cock and gave me
by far the best blowjob I have ever experienced and to my amazement he
sucked my balls dry while fingering my ass.

I think I'm hooked.

Old Buddies -- Life With Yvette 3

Zach began meeting us regularly for threesome play. He would fuck Yvette, or
eat her pussy, or she or I would suck his cock. He would even sometimes come
over when he knew Yvette wasn't around, just so I would suck him off. I
liked that, but I was frustrated that he wouldn't go much further with me.
Once in a while, I could talk him into giving me a handjob, or fingering my
ass while I jacked off. I used to beg him to suck my nipples while I
masturbated, but he wasn't willing. Yvette could talk him into anything,
though. She told me not to worry; she would take care of things.

One evening, she teased him until he was so horny that he let herfuck his
ass with a strap-on. It was a delicious sight! There was this cute college
guy belly-down on our bed, moaning, while my lovely wife pegged his behind.
She caught my eye and winked. After he left, she and I enjoyed a long slow
fuck, while she talked in my ear about how she was going to prime his ass
for my cock, and how she couldn't wait to see me buttfuck him.

She started pegging him on a regular basis, and sometimes making him wear a
buttplug while we all played. One night, Zach was over, and we had an
exceptionally long playtime. I blew him, and he ate Yvette's sweet black
cunt, and then she lay on her back and asked him to fuck her. He crawled on
top of her and thrust his cock in. She signalled me. I lubed my dick and
mounted him from behind while he was in my wife. He yelped...and then
moaned. We pumped together. I was the first to cum, Zach soon after, and
Yvette seconds later. WE lay there in a heap. My cock softened and flopped
out of him. "That was great," he said. "Tomorrow, let's trade places!"

Old Buddies -- Life With Yvette 2

Poor horny Yvette allowed me to continue seeing Alan. She even encouraged
it, and afterward we'd fuck, or she'd masturbate while I told her how I
sucked that alpha male's cock, or how he'd fucked my ass. She really wanted
to join in, or at least watch it in person, and Alan wasn't interested.

Yvette wanted to lose her baby weight, and one thing she did was start
running. One afternoon, she told me about a guy she met a few days before.
He was a cute college guy who had an apartment nearby. They'd started
running together. She had her eye on him as a possible lover for us both.
She said he was shy around her, and she thought he hadn't had much sexual
experience, so he was probably horny enough to try some things. Every day
she would tell me about the run, about how he always got a hard-on around
her. One day she came in, sweaty and horny, and kissed me. I could taste a
man's cum. She laughed and told me she had sucked off her new friend, Zach
was his name. We started planning.

Yvette's folks took our daughter for a couple of days, so she called Zach
and invited him over, telling him I was out of town. When he arrived, I hid
in the baby's room, and waited. I heard Yvette's moans of passion, and
stripped and sneaked down the hall. I peeked in our bedroom and saw this
young stud flat on his back, and my sexy wife riding his stiff cock. She
would turn her head now and then, looking for me. When she saw me, she
winked and raised herself off his pole and lowered her black bush over his
face. He grabbed her dark buttcheeks and proceeded to tongue her pussy. His
cock waved in the air, hard and pink. I moved in quietly and begin licking
his dick. I heard his muffled noises of surprise.

"Just enjoy it, baby," Yvette told him. "Doesn't it feel good?"

He made a noise to the affirmative.

"Don't stop licking!" she commanded him.

I took his balls in my mouth, tonguing one, then the other, while jacking
his cock. Yvette was moaning from his frenzied licking. I knew she was
getting close. I left his balls and put his cock in my mouth. He started
pumping his hips, driving into my mouth. Yvette squealed and came, rolling
off Zach's face. He raised his head. His smile turned to a look of shock
when he saw me. Yvette kissed him, and again told him to just enjoy it. She
kissed down his body, mouthing his balls and cock base, while I worked the
head. Her fingers teased his asshole. He groaned. I felt his fingers in my
hair pushing me down further on his prick, and then he shot a sweet load
into my mouth. Yvette and I kissed lovingly before crawling up and giving a
Zach a taste.

Life With Yvette

I'm a bi white male, married to a pretty black woman. Yvette found out about
my teenage dabblings in male to male sex, and we ended up having a threesome
with my old lover, Tom. Tom's visit ended, and he left town. Our daughter
was born a couple months later (Yvette was very pregnant at the time of the

Yvette kept dwelling on the incident. The thought of men fucking or sucking
cock aroused her, and she asked me for all the details of my teenage
experiments. She asked if I'd consider more bi sessions. I was thrilled that
she was so into it, because after our play with Tom, I'd begun to think
about guys a lot. Now the thing to do was to meet someone interested.

One evening, I went to a gay bar. I thought it might be easier to meet a bi
man there, than among a straight crowd. I hadn't been there long when a guy
approached me. He introduced himself as Alan. We chatted a little, then I
told him what I was looking for. He smiled, and told me that I wasn't likely
to have much luck, that most of the men here were looking only for other
men. My face fell. We talked some more, and soon he was inviting me to his
place. "You'll enjoy it," he said, "You don't need a woman to have a good
time." I already knew that, of course, but I didn't need to give him my life
history. I went with him. As soon as we got in the door, he was kissing and
fondling me. We were naked in seconds. I sprawled on the sofa while he knelt
and blew me. His warm, wet mouth massaged my aching cock. He rolled my balls
between his fingers. I came hard, shooting in his mouth. He came up kissed
me, with his mouth full of jism, forcing it into my mouth. He wouldn't let
up until I swallowed it. I guzzled down my own cum that he was snowballing
to me.

"Good boy," he whispered. He lifted my legs and rested my calves on his
shoulders. His lube-covered finger entered my asshole, smearing the goo
around and relaxing my sphincterthen he rubbed more lube on his cock and
eased into me. God, my rectum was full! he pumped me, gently but firmly. I
moaned and whimpered as he fucked me. he held me down, his mouth on mine,
his cock in my ass. he groaned and came, plowing deep in me. he lay on me
for while, then withdrew and cuddled me.

I left there later, promising to call him. I went home and told Yvette about
the evening. She was disappointed that I wasn't able to bring someone home
to share with her, but she got really excited at the story I told her. We
lay in bed and made out. She masturbated while I told everything that
happened. I held her as she came.

"I need to do that with two guys again," she said. "I'll find someone for
us, just wait and see."

Old Buddies

When I was a kid I used to hang out with a neighbor, Tom. We didn't
consider ourselves best friends; we were buddies. We got to stealing girlie
magazines from our dads' collection and hiding them in the woods, where we
could go and look at them. It wasn't long before before we started jacking
off together while we looked at the pictures. That was one of our favorite
pastimes. Then one day, I was 17, and Tom must have been 14, we were
stroking away, and our eyes met. There was so much desire in Tom's eyes,
he was horny, and without thinking I stopped pulling my rod, and knelt
beside him. I slid my mouth over his dick, and started sucking. He gasped,
and then started moaning and pumping his hips. Seconds later, he was
cumming in my mouth. I swallowed all I could, but some ran out. "

He said, "Fuck, that was great!"

I noticed for the first time what a cute guy Tom was. I tried to kiss him,
but he dodged. "I'm not queer," he said. I started to jack my cock again,
and he moved my hand away, replacing it with his own.

"Please, Tom....suck it...come on, buddy...I need it...." I whimpered. He
bent and sucked me in. The sensations were exquisite. I'd never felt
anything so good. I groaned and came. He sat up, grinning, a little semen
running out of his mouth, and watch me spurt. I shot all over one of the

"Shit, now the pages'll be stuck together," he teased.

After that first time, we'd sneak away whenever we had a chance, to blow
each other, or have a mutual jerk. A couple of nerdy boys in a redneck
town, there were no girlfriends to distract us.

I lost touch with Tom after I went away to college. I graduated and started
a job. I dated a little, but nothing serious. I pursued a few experiences
with men, too, but nothing long-term there either; I just didn't meet any
guys who attracted me the way Tom had.

Yvette worked in the same building I did. We both used to retreat to a
little courtyard to eat lunch. It was secluded, and it seemed that nobody
else ever used it. We got to exchanging civil greetings, then friendly
greetings, then "Hey, whatcha reading today?" Eventually we moved to
calling each other of a morning to schedule lunch times. Yvette was a
pretty black woman, my age, slim and graceful. We started dating, then
moved in together, then got engaged, and finally married. The sex was
wonderful. Yvette loved sex; she was willing to try anything, it seemed.
She would even do anal, which I'd never done before, and discovered that I
loved. I adored the taste of her pussy, and her rich dark nipples. And she
gave wonderful head; she could suck cock better than anyone I'd ever
met....except Tom.

We'd been married for three years when Yvette got pregnant. Pregnancy
suited her; her breasts got bigger, her body got curvier, and she was horny
all the time. When Yvette was six months pregnant when I got a phone call
from Tom, out of the blue. We talked for a long time, and he said he'd be
passing through in a few weeks. I invited him to stay with us, and take
some vacation time.

Tom and Yvette really hit it off. I'd been concerned since he would be
staying for several days. I didn't need to worry; they were joking around
like old buddies. Yvette got a kick out of hearing stories about us growing
up as geeky boys in a small town. Of course, we didn't tell her everything.

On the second night of Tom's visit, I woke up in the middle night. I was
thirsty and went to the kitchen to get a drink. Tom was sitting there in
the dark. "Couldn't sleep," he told me. We sat and talked a while in
whispers. I got up to set my empty glass on the counter. I turned and Tom
was standing next to me. "I couldn't sleep, because I've been thinking
about the old days," he said. His hand darted to my crotch, fondling me
through my shorts. I got hard instantly. Tom shoved me back against the
counter. He dropped to his knees, yanked my shorts down, and popped my dick
in his mouth. I leaned back against the counter, reveling in the sensation.
Oh God, it felt so good, but what if Yvette walked in? I couldn't hold
back; I came in his mouth, struggling to stay quiet. Tom skinned down his
shorts, and grabbed my arms, pulling me as he backed toward a chair. He
sat, and guided me to the floor. Unbelieveable! Here I was, happily married
to beautiful woman, blowing my old buddy in my kitchen! I couldn't have
stopped if I'd wanted to. I sucked him with all the fervor that I used
to. I cradled his balls in my hand and coaxed him into cumming. He smiled,
pulled up his shorts, and said "G'night, buddy." He went to the guest room
and closed the door.

The next day, I had to go into work for a little while. Yvette said she'd
keep tom entertained, hinting that they might drive around town. I was able
to leave work earlier than planned and drove home. I walked in the door and
the bedroom TV was blaring. With her added horniness from pregnancy, Yvette
often watched pornos in the bedroom and masturbated. So I wasn't surprised.
Tom must be off joyriding on his own. I stripped in the living room,
tiptoed down the hall and jumped into the bedroom, yelling, "Ha! Caught
you!" There was my wife on all fours, naked, with my buddy behind her
fucking her doggy-style. I was floored. I was about to leave, when they
both motioned me over. I walked to the bed in a daze, and Yvette put her
mouth over my cock. Tom began sucking my nipples, which I loved, but I
thought only Yvette knew about that. Their oral attentions diminished as
the both neared orgasm. Tom came in Yvette's pussy. He kept pumping her
with his softening cock. She reached up with one hand and rubbed her
clit. She squealed as she came.

They grabbed me, and pulled me onto the bed. Yvette was murmuring, "Tom and
I have been talking. He told me things about the old days that you never
mentioned. It really turned me on. I love you, and I want to share you with
Tom today."

Tom was already sucking my cock, just like the other night, just like the
old days. I felt Yvette's mouth on my nipples, then down my stomach,
drilling her tongue in my navel, and then my balls were in her warm
mouth. I grunted, and started cumming. They started pushing each other,
trying to get my cum. I lay there, sated. Yvette kissed me with cum-covered
lips. I flipped her on her back and start licking her pussy, nuzzling the
wiry black hairs. I licked feverishly, tasting her fluids mixed with
Tom's. I was hard again, and crawled up, slipping my cock inside her.
Missionary was difficult with her expanded belly, but it was still our
favorite position. I thrust into her, gazing into her soft brown eyes. I
could feel Tom's hand on my ass and balls, fondling. He parted my cheeks
and rubbed something slick on my rosebud. Then his finger entered and
rubbed my prostate. I screamed and came. I flopped back on the bed. Yvete
held me and kissed me. "I love you, baby," she said.

Yvette and Tom rolled me onto my belly, with a pillow stuck under my hips,
lifting my ass. "" I mumbled. "C'mon, baby, I wanna see this.
please. For me?" Yvette coaxed. Tom was fingering my ass, adding more
fingers, and I have to admit it felt good, but I was scared. I felt his
cock at my backdoor, and then with an oozing pop, he was in me! It hurt, at
first, but the pain faded, and it felt fucking great. He was fucking me for
all he was worth, and I was loving it. I was hard again, and his thrusts
were causing my cock to fuck the pillow. Tom groaned and filled my ass with
his seed, and the pillow was wet with my own cum. I maust cum while he was
fucking me. Yvette kissed me again. Tom pulled out of my ass, and rolled
onto my back. For the first time, he kissed me. "I love you, buddy."

the dog house

I'm 30 years old 6'2 190lbs I work hard to stay in good shape, dark brown
hair and blue eyes. I have never been married, but I do have a long term
girlfriend. Her name is Kim. We have been together off and on for almost
two years and I think the world of her. She is the sexiest thing I have
ever seen, but also at times the meanest thing I have ever seen. We live
together, and I hate the fact that the place we live in technically belongs
to her. She uses this fact every time we get into an argument, and tells me
to get out of HER house. I usually go stay with a friend that I work with.
His name is Mike and he is a work/fishing/hunting/basketball buddy. I guess
you could say we are best friends, if there is such a thing. He is not
married either but he seems to always have a hot chick over when I get sent
to "the dog house". He leaves a pillow, and blanket on his couch because
Kim kicks me out pretty regularly. This was a Friday afternoon when she
kicked me out this time. I went to Mikes went inside, and he had this
awesome -- I mean awesome -- chick naked on her knees sucking his cock
while he watched TV. He didn't see me nor did she so I kinda just hung out,
and being the pervert that I am I watched my best friend getting his cock
sucked. I have never seen mikes cock and still couldn't see it. I tried to
get where I could see the girl with a cock in her mouth. I love the way a
chick looks with a cock in her mouth. When I got to the side, and a better
vantage point, I was shocked to see how fat Mikes cock was. damn he has a
fat one then I noticed how hot the chick looked with that fat piece of meat
in her mouth it was obvious she was straining to keep her teeth off his
cock. Then she stated to ascend up his cock and more and more of his cock
was appearing. I remember thinking damn! She kept pulling up, and it was
like one of those sword sallowers at the circus. His cock just kept
emerging from her mouth. At that moment I had a new found respect for Mike,
and even more respect for the chick that was taking that things down her
throat. She sucked her way back down mikes cock, and had her nose buried in
his pubes in short order. I did not even realize I had my cock out and was
stroking the fuck out of it. I guess the movement caught Mikes eye because
he looked right at me. He was startled for a nano second then, realizing it
was me smiled, and winked at me, and grabbed each side of her face and
started to slide this beautiful mouth up and down his long fat cock, I
could see the slobber running down his cock, and I could hear the slurping
sounds of a woman doing everything she could to please the cock in her
mouth. Mike started to fuck up into her mouth his whole cock disappearing
this girl has some kind of talent. Then I could tell by the look on his
face and her reaction that he had just that second shot his first shot into
her mouth. He looked at me and rolled his eyes back and it was obvious he
was in pure ecstasy! He then pulled his cock out until just the head of his
fat cock was in the cock sucking goddess mouth. Then he started to jerk the
shaft of his cock, and moan as he shot volley after volley of cum in this
hot chicks mouth. I could see her throat swallow every time mike would
moan she was swallowing a huge load. Mike looked at me, and smiled. he
pulled his fat cock from the chicks mouth and she kinda leaned back on her
haunches and relaxed. Mike pointed my way she turned and looked. there I
was with my cock in my hand, and forgot all about it. I had come all over
the glass door that was in between us, and it was obvious I had a hell of
an orgasm based on all the stuff on the glass. She smiled at me and then
went to the bath room. I felt so freaking embarrassed I left. Mike tried
right away to call my cell but I ignored it.

I went to a hotel. I was there about 20 minutes, and the phone rang again
it was Mike. I decided to play it off, make a joke or something. I answered
and said hey this Is John your friendly neighborhood pervert. Mike laughed
and said to get my ass back over there. I told him I had already paid for
this room and I was going to get my money out of it.

He asked what hotel and I told him. He said "hold tight" that's like his
favorite thing to say he says it 50 times and hour it seems like sometimes.
I said why he said he was coming over. I told him to forget it I was going
to go to sleep and dream about the sword swallower. He laughed again and
said fuck you im coming over be there in 10 minutes.

Mike knocked on the door and said let me in asshole. I said its open. I was
pretending I was on the phone talking to Kim. He said tell her I said hey.
I pretended to tell kim that Mike said hey. Mike made himself comfy on the
only bed in the room, and started watching TV. I got of the phone I figured
I had avoided all the uncomfortable shit Mike was going to say. To his
credit the only mention of the ordeal was that he said "dude you should
have hung around, and let her do you! She is an awesome cock sucker" I said
well that was obvious. And nothing more was said about it. we watched a
show about deep sea fishing and both kinda got into it. they were catching
redfish and Mike and I had been before. I guess I fell asleep first. I woke
up around 2:30 am and Mike was sleeping next to me. I have always been 100%
straight I have never had any kinda sex with a guy. When I woke up I could
not help but notice Mike had a raging hard on. There was no way to miss it!
his cock was sticking out of the top of his boxers. I have never admired a
mans penis before but I noticed myself looking at Mikes cock. It was HUGE!
I would guess 12 inches or more, and the head of this awesome cock was the
size of a coke can. the shaft was not as fat as the head but it was still
awesome. His cock was so hard that when his heart would beat his cock would
twitch. I looked at his eyes to make sure he was sound asleep so I would
not be caught admiring his cock. He was sleeping like a baby.

The next thing I did completely shocked me. I noticed Mike had a awesome
body, not just a nice cock but a true washboard stomach a tight chest his
pecs are very well developed he has large veins in each of his biceps. I
noticed I was getting a hard on.

I said to myself fuck this I'm not even close to being gay!

I went to the bathroom took a leak and went back to bed. I fell back

Sometime after I fell asleep I remember feeling an arm on my upper body
kinda pulling me towards the person behind me. I didn't pay any attention
because I was kinda asleep but just a little awake. I went right back to
sleep. Sometime later I was woke up by someone behind me spooning with me
and poking me in the small of my back with a really hard cock. At first I
thought it was a cock but then I convinced myself I was dreaming and tried
to go back to sleep. Then I felt the cock poke me in the back and I could
feel the movement of Mike behind me, kinda very gently pushing his cock
into my back. I figured FORSURE mike was asleep and had mistaken me for one
of his many girlfriend. I kinda whispered Mike he gave an immediate
response, he said yeah man? Like he was asking a question. And he continued
to gently grind his hard cock into my back. I said dude wake up he said man
im wide awake. I said dude im not one of your girlfriends he said I know
you're my best friend. He then said just let it happen. At first I was in
shock that my coworker/fishing buddy who fucks every hot chick he meets was
doing some unnatural stuff to me right now. I said Mike im not gay!!! He
started to wisper real soft in my ear and said I know man I'm not gay
either but I'm gonna fuck you. I was speechless. He then said just relax
I'll be easy! I said noway dude! But for some reason I was not trying to
get away from him I ever kinda pushed myself back into his cock. He moaned
in my ear, then I felt him start to suck my neck just like a chick would
do. And it felt fucking awesome! I felt gentle but strong hands running the
length of my back then massaging my ass. he moaned again, and said that I
had a perfect ass. I don't know why but I pushed my ass back at him. I said
Mike I have never done anything like this, and then the thought hit me of
how big his cock was, and I got scared. I said I cant do this!! he started
kissing me on my back I felt him arrange himself, and then I felt his lips
on the small of my back. He was getting me more turned on then any chick
had ever done including kim. He reached for my cock and noticed I had a
raging hard on he then kinda smirked and said he was going to fuck me. I
said no but pushed my ass to him giving it to him. I felt his powerful
hands pull my ass checks apart I felt his fingers on my asshole he moaned!
Next he spit in his hand and told me to spit on his fingers I did and he
rubbed the spit into my asshole. He never fingered me. Within seconds his
fat cock head was at my asshole he said to relax. It hit me right then that
my best friend my fishing buddy was about to fuck me. My fishing buddy was
about to be inside my body and use my body like I was a girl for his
pleasure. I tried to relax and then felt more pain then I have ever felt in
my whole fucking life!!!!! He moaned and said awwww man your so fucking
tight you feel so fucking good. I wanted him out of me! I thought he was
all the way in me. But I was wrong he said to relax. Again I tried and felt
him pushing his long fat cock into me. It hurt so bad. I tired to get away
but he just pulled me back to him. He kept telling me to relax. Easy for
him to say. He didn't have a small baseball bat in his ass. I said fuck it
and pushed my ass back into him and felt his pubes on my ass. He went wild
when I pushed back into him. He said ewww yeah man your so fucking hot. He
whispered in my ear, im about to fuck my fishing buddies asshole. I didn't
say a word I just tried to will the pain out of my head. I felt both hands
on my ass checks he pulled them far apart and said man my cock looks so
fucking hot in your ass!! This comment for some strange reason turned me on
even more and I heard the words fuck me come out of my mouth. And damn if
he didn't!! I could feel the veins of his cock in my ass I could feel his
heart beating in my ass he started to long fuck me. He was pulling his
whole cock almost out of me and then stabbing me with it. it hurt so
fucking bad and good at the same time. We were still spooning and he told
me to get on my knees and lie my upper body on the bed and reach back and
pull my cheeks apart. I didn't miss a beat and did exactly as he told
me. He got behind me and pushed everything he had into me and it hurt so
good!!! He started to really fuck me fast and hard with his whole cock. I
remember thinking hes about to cum because I could feel his fat cock head
swell. I should have been happy he was almost finished. However I wanted
him to fuck me all night. When he removed his cock to get behind me I felt
so empty. He leaned down and sucked my ear into his mouth and kinda bite it
a little bit. He was moaning loudly and saying ohh yeah ohh yeah!! I
started to kinda fuck him with my ass while he pounded me from behind. This
must be what a chick feel like when she is getting it doggie style and
starts to gyrate her hips and ass. Mike was saying her it comes and man oh
man he pumped shot after shot of hot thick cum into me. He kept fucking me
hard and stabbing real deep when he would shoot hold for a second then pump
me a few times then stab me deep again and hold while he shot volley after
volley of cum inside me. I didn't know what I was doing but Mike seemed to
like it! he finally stabbed me real deep, and said oh man!!! Then he kinda
laid over top of me from behind with his massive cock still inside me and
he started to chuckle a little and said man why haven't we done this

I said I don't know. He then said "dude I just fucked the hell out of you,
my cock is still inside you!!" I said well get it out and he did. He smiled
at me and thanked me and said I want you to know I aint gay! I was thinking
though an asshole is an asshole. just like a mouth is a mouth, does it
matter if it's a chick's ass or mouth or a guys?

I said I don't know I enjoyed this a lot more then I should have and you
might have a little different perspective if it was your ass with a cock
the size of yours fucking the hell out of it. he said the only thing left
is to teach you to suck cock. I laughed and said there is a lot more left
then teaching me to suck cock. I asked him how many guys he had fucked and
he said he had never fucked any guys but has let countless guys suck his

Its probably bullshit Mike will tell a chick anything they want to hear and
he is probably do the same with me. He asked me if I had ever sucked a cock
and I told him no and that the truth. He then said now that he had fucked
me he wanted to fuck me an kim. I told him noway! He said ohh yeah~ she is
going to watch me drive this~ and he grabs his huge cock strait into your
ass, and then your going to watch me stretched her pussy hole further then
its ever been stretched. I just laughed!

My Daughter's Boyfriend

"Geoff is coming to stay this weekend."

It was a statement, not a question. My daughter Maddie was now over 16 and
took delight in telling me she was an adult and could do as she wished. I
did not really object as she stayed with me, by choice, at weekends and
lived with her mother during the week. An arrangement that had been going on
since Maddie was small.

My house is quite small, just 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. So there was not
question that Geoff shared with Maddie and we all shared a bathroom. I know
they were fucking, I could hear them; neither Maddie nor Geoff were quiet
and I think Maddie took delight in my knowing she was fucking.

More disturbing, to me, was that Geoff wandered round upstairs naked. I had
remonstrated with Maddie but she had laughed.

"Dad, don't be such a prude."

"Well, couldn't he at least wear underpants?"

Maddie laughed.

"Geoff doesn't wear underpants, ever. I don't think he owns any."

Even more disturbing - I started having fantasies about Geoff's cock hanging
loose under his trousers. Geoff was tall and slim, with shoulder length dark
hair and a goatee beard. But the rest of him was smooth, his long uncut cock
and pubes were shaved. I found this sexy, and could not help staring at his
cock when we passed in the corridor. I think he knew I was attracted to him
and enjoyed it.

Friday evening I was late home, Maddie and Geoff had already arrived and
they were upstairs in her bedroom. I stripped off and put on some shorts,
coming out of my bedroom I bumped into Maddie as she left the bathroom. She
was naked. Her pert young tits I had seen before when sun-bathing, but never
her pussy. It was shaved smooth and I could feel my cock stiffening; I
worried that she could see my hard-on.

We just said hi and then her bedroom door opened, Geoff stood there.

"Hurry up, baby".

He was naked and his cock was hard, he made no efforts to hide. It was
almost as big as my fantasies, long and thick, far bigger than my rather
average dick. Maddie grinned at me, moved over to him and started massaging
his cock with her hands. As they moved into her bedroom she knelt down and
sucked his cock, swallowing it whole. I watched, transfixed for some time
before Geoff winked at me and shut the door.

By rights, of course, I should have read the riot act to Maddie and sent her
off to her mother. Instead I returned to my room, stripped off my shorts and
wanked, all the time thinking of Maddie's shaved pussy and Geoff's cock.

Next morning I got up to prepare myself a coffee, the house was quiet. At
first I'd pulled on a pair of shorts but then thought what the hell. So
there I was making coffee naked when Geoff came down stairs. His cock was
semi-hard and he stroked it as came into the room. My cock sprang to
attention at the sight of his long, thick member, I imagined what it would
be like to lick his smooth balls. I realised that my cock was leaking
pre-cum but I didn't care. Maddie appeared, naked also, it made me harder
still that she was seeing me with a hard on.

She knelt down and took Geoff's cock in her mouth, taking it all, her lips
going down to his smooth pubes. With one hand she gripped the base of his
cock, with the other she massaged her pussy, bringing both herself and Geoff
off simultaneously. I wanked furiously, all 3 of us came at the same time,
Geoff and I covering Maddie with cum. Maddie smiled at me.

"There, that wasn't so bad was it Daddy. Perhaps I'll let you fuck me next

I was speechless as Maddie and Geoff returned upstairs.

Later that afternoon I was sitting reading, naked, it didn't seem worth
worrying about clothes after the incident that morning. Maddie and Geoff
came in; they'd been out to lunch. Maddie's skirt was ridiculously short and
she bent over to reveal her naked pussy, she wasn't wearing panties.

"You've not been out like that have you!", I couldn't help saying.

"O Daddy, don't be such a prude"

"The waiters in the restaurant appreciated it, they all fucked her"

I wasn't sure whether Geoff was being funny or not. They'd been to a local
Italian restaurant which I used a lot. I wasn't sure how I felt about all
the waiters having Maddie. Embarassed and not a little envious I thought. I
started imaging one or two of the waiters with naked cocks. My dick started
to get hard.

Maddie leaned over, revealing her pussy, Geoff knelt down and started
exploring it with his tongue. Then he stopped and motioned me to continue. A
little nervously I did so. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Geoff
stripping off. Then he I felt his tongue exploring my arse, I relaxed and
welcomed the warm moist sensation. I could barely concentrate on Maddie as I
felt Geoff's stubble rubbing my arse cheeks. Then he stopped and worried
that he'd finished but the head of his cock pressed my arse. I'd never been
fucked before and I must have been tight but after the pain of push I felt
Geoff's cock thrusting in side me. I came all too soon, cum spurting all
over Maddie. I then watched as Geoff fucked Maddie, his cum mingling with
mine on her body.

As they walked upstairs, Maddie turned to me, cum dripping from her, and

"There you are Dad, I said you needed to relax a bit."

A short while later a went upstairs to have a shower. Maddie came out of her
bedroom, fresh and showered, still naked. My cock stirred as a looked at her
shaved pussy. She smiled at me and ran her hands through my pubes.

"If you want to fuck me properly, you'll need to get rid of this. All of it.
I'd like to see you nice and smooth."

With that she was gone. I went into the bathroom and thought. I'm quite
stocky and not particularly hairy on my body, but my pubes have always been
ample and I'm rather proud of them. I got out the trimmer and carefully
removed the hair from the base of my cock, my balls and my pubes. It wasn't
perfectly smooth but it looked strange, without the hair, and rather sexy.
My cock started to get hard. I continued, trimming the excess hair from the
crack in my arse.

Then I got out the razor and shaved everything, nice and smooth. I didn't
stop at my pubes, there didn't seem much point in leaving what little chest
hair I had. So I shaved off my treasure trail and the hair round my nipples,
as a final though I did under my arms as well. My arms and legs aren't
hairy, so I looked as if my entire body was shaved. Before I finished, I
slipped my finger up my arse, now it was nicely soaped, and wanked whilst I
fingered myself. The bathroom door was open, but I didn't care now; I liked
the idea that someone might see me.

I was still naked that evening. Maddie came downstairs first and ran her
hands over my smooth belly, cock and balls. She smiled.

"Nice. I'll have to reward you"

She knelt down and took my cock into her mouth. Geoff appeared, his cock
already erect. I bent over and took his cock into my mouth. We both fucked
Maddie but Geof finished by fucking me.

We spent the evening watching TV, but Maddie sat on Geoff's lap, his cock in
her pussy.

Things seemed a little quiet that week, after Maddie and Geoff had gone. I
continued shaving and grew to enjoy it. I also made another decision and
stopped wearing underpants. I enjoyed the feel of my cock being free in my
trousers at all times. I also liked the idea that guys could see my shaved
cock when I went for a piss. But I didn't have the courage to try and take
it any further, yet.

Next weekend Maddie announced that all of us were going to the Italian
restaurant. We went quite late in the evening and were shown to a table at
the back, in a booth. We were pretty hidden from most of the restaurant; we
could just see 1 table plus the serving area where the waiters lurked, out
of site of the majority of the diners.

All the waiters seemed to come to our table at some point and were very
friendly. Almost all were cute and attractive. I realised why our table was
so popular when I leaned over the table and saw that Maddie was sitting with
her legs wide apart, her pussy on show for all to see. She grinned at me and
Geoff pushed his chair back. He's undone his shirt revealing his chest and
now he unbuttoned his trousers and eased them down, his cock proudly erect.
I looked round nervously but no-one seemed to be bothered. On of the waiters
stood in the serving area, hidden from view to all but our table. He undid
his flies and took out his cock, it was erect, long and slim; he grinned at
us and massaged it with his hand for a little before slipping it back into
his trousers.

Gingerly I undid my shirt and loosened my trousers; my erect cock sprang out
with relief. I'd never had my erect cock on such public view and I could
barely contain my excitement. I daren't touch my cock otherwise I'd cum
immediately. The restaurant started to close and I understood why we'd
arrived late.

Maddie walked over to the serving area and leaned on the counter, then she
undid the buttons of her dress and suddenly she was naked. A waiter started
massaging her pussy with his hand then slipped his huge cock out and started
fucking her, taking her from behind. She leaned back and fumbled with her
hands, undoing his shirt and trousers; suddenly he was naked revealing a
mass of hair on his chest and an impressive bush round his massive cock.
Geoff walked over and soon he was fucking her face as well.

I sat back and massaged my cock, watching the action. One of the younger
waiters came over, he'd taken his shirt off revealing a smooth, brown body
and a dark treasure trail leading into his open trousers. He eased his
trousers off and pushed down his white briefs revealing a substantial, uncut
cock; making up in girth what it lacked in length. I leaned over and took it
in my mouth, bury my nose in his pubes. I explored his hairy balls and moved
my tongue up the hairy crack in his arse. Then he leant his head over.

"I'm Nicolai, I fuck you"

It was a statement, not a question and I had to agree, I couldn't wait to
feel that fat cock in my arse. Pretty soon he was going at it like a piston
hammer; I leaned back on the table, someone had climbed on and I soon found
myself with Nicolai's cock pumping my hole and my tongue up the hairy,
smelly crack of someone else's arse.

I think I was fucked by 2 of the other waiters besides Nicolai, but I don't
really remember. We didn't clean up and both Maddie and I returned home with
cum dripping from our holes.