Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pro Bono 2

Chapter 2.

It's a late Summer day, I was booked in at one o'clock in the afternoon, no
legal visit after three that place. It shoud give me a couple of hours to
go through his side of the story. He'd been in Long Bay, a maximum
security jail for almost two months, just for waiting trial, wasn't even
convicted of any crime yet, justice for the ordinary people. Law and
justice, not the same thing.

I read his background, quite a sad story. Left Croatia during the war with
Serbia, all his family members perished during the conflicts. He escaped
from Zagreb to Verazdin, then crossed border into Hungary, land tracked to
Austria, into Germany. Arrived Australia as a stowaway on a German
freighter from the Port of Hamburg in 1994, he turned 17 then. He was kept
behind barbed wire in Villawood Detention for almost 3 years before he was
granted protection visa. He was earning his living as a kitchen hand, he
was granted bail for $10,000, but without friends and relatives, to ask a
kitchen hand to put up ten grands? No money Ancic? Well.

No raw onions with my sandwiches next time, it gave me heartburn. Looking
at the facade of that building, I immediately got a creepy chill down my
spine, dark, weathered, morbid, depressing, a reflection of century old
miseries. Violence, drug, rape, injustice, explosive mix, no wonder more
than half of the released inmates returned as re-offenders. The sound of
metal gates clanking gave me headache. After going through all the
barriers, showed my I.D., mycredential, I was left alone in a room with
bars on the window and two chairs and a small table. I'd rather die than
lived my life in this hole. You came in as a human being, and released as
an animal, the system was designed to be that way. Crime and retribution,
retribution won hands down.

The door opened, shit, tall fellow, must be over 6ft 5, muscular, better
looking, younger, than the mug shot in his police file, in dark green
shorts and dirty green T-shirt, showing strong hairy legs and big hairy
arms. "James Menzie, you new solicitor" I shaked his hand, strong
grip. "That lady, no working?" Bad English. "No, she went into hospital
for labor, baby" I gestured a big round bulging belly. He smiled, "Oh,
yes, baby". Nice teeth, wide thick lips, eyes color of aqua, hairs brown,
thick eyebrows, it's a worry, young pretty boy, in this wild den, survival
of the fittest, even the unglies got rape here, I was his only hope, so
much responsibility. One chair each, we faced each other.

"How are you keeping, you're OK here?"

"Yes, no worry, mate" He showed me his huge knuckles, a bit red, and a few
minor cuts on his arms, and gestured fist fights. Felt sorry for the guys
at the receiving end.

"Could you tell me the full story again, about this rape?"

"No rape, Mr. James, sex only. You want to know everything? Again? All?"

"Yes, please, Tomas"

"I meet Shar, Sharlin? Friday, Friday night 2 months ago, in a bar, we
dance, she take me home. We kiss and dance in her home. We drink beer,
she want me make love to her. We fuck" Too precise, I wanted all the
glorious details.

"Go through with me slowly, tell me everything, Tomas"

"Everything, and this also?" He made a symbol of hole with his left hand
and finger of his right poked through it. International language. Dirty

"Yes please" I pulled a straight face, this kid was fun.

So, the full story unfolded. Tomas went out with some work mates to one of
the local bar that Friday night, where Sharlene was there with a group of
sheilas. They eyed each other off from the start, "Nice breast, that girl
Sharlin" he weighted with both his hands under his tits, then around
midnight, those two took off. Since Tomas was sharing with a Croatian
family in a small flat, it was not possible to go there. The went back to
Sharlene's flat in Redfern.

The had more beer, hot kisses, he said. They danced a bit, then Sharlene
took the initiative, undressed Tomas, then kelt and gave a most enjoyable
blow job. "Me, very big cock, she suck, no problem" He put a space between
his palms, rough guess, 9 inches? Shit, I was getting hot under my colar,
my pants getting tight. Tomas then returned the favor, undressed her, and
went down on her. "Pussy wet, hairs wet, my tongue work hard". Where did
that kid learn all that? from a bloody good teacher, no doubt.

After half an hour of foreplay, she put a condom on for him, very tight, he
said, then got right into the main game, started fucking like mad, bed
stands banging against the wall behind it, she was vocal, "She shout fuck
me fuck me fuck me, no stop, and people next door bang the wall, say keep
quiet", Tomas was giggling. You idiot, that fuck me fuck me bitch was
trying to put you behind bars for the next 5 to 10 years. I made a note,
those walls were thin, the neighbors could be my flies on the wall, so to
speak. It was getting warm in that cell, hot hot hot, last days of Summer.
"I shoot, she come too, we rest 30 minute, more beer, she play my cock, it
hard again" This time, she wanted it up her arse. That Sharlene got some
very accommodating talent. I wished Marrion would let me, my trousers now
at bursting point. "She love me fucking her arse, she tell me, she shout
more fuck me fuck me fuck me, next door bang wall, say keep quiet", more

I noticed Tomas was squirming in his chair, his eyes all glassy, his hands
disappeared, shit, he was not fucking jerking off on his own story? right
in front of my eyes?

I accidentally? pushed my biro over the edge of the table, bent down to
pick it up, and looked across under the table. His hands were trying to
adjust a gigantic erection in his shorts, without much success, the tip of
his cock now poking out of his green shorts, 9 inches, give and take
another inch more, the piss hole grinning at me, greeting me, that baby arm
wanted to shake hands with me. Bigger than some porn stars, what did they
feed that guy with? I thought I was above average, based on my observation
at the shower after Uni soccer matches. I took a deep breath, picked up my
biro, prentending not noticing anything. I had to adjust my own modest
erection now, no, it's OK, I could use my briefcase to hide it.

His story continued. Apparently Sharlene loved a bit of rough play, she
scratched Tomas' back with her sharp long finger nails, left all those red
tiger stripes on his back, "A little pain, me strong, tough, I take it"
They didn't go to sleep until four that morning. "Three hour sleep, sex sex
sex all night" Tomas had to leave around 8 am on that morning, busy day,
Saturday, at the restaurant. She actually cooked him some bacon and eggs
for breakfast, and talked a bit, then demanded a good-bye fuck. Tomas
declined, "She look not pretty in morning, old" Well, my greatest respect
to older women, I learned awful lot from them during my years of "junior

Tomas said good-bye to Sharlene and wanted to leave. That's when things
got ugly. She wanted to have his phone No., but because Tomas was sharing
with another family, he didn't want too many girls ringing up all hours and
upset the arrangement, and his employers didn't like staffs to take private
calls at work, and he couldn't afford a mobile phone. When Tomas tried to
explain to her, she took it as rejection and started sreaming, calling him
not very nice names, "cunt, prick, shit, arse hole, she mouth dirty". Not
too dirty for a blow job though. She then grabbed his wallet and found his
medicard, she said she would report to the police that he raped her, he
pleaded with her, saying "I want no trouble, we have good sex, no police
please". Tomas snatched his wallet back and rushed out of her door. 2
hours later, the police turned up at his flat, arrested him, finger printed
him, photoed him, medical staff checked him up, took blood sample from him,
he was behind bars. Legal aid was provided, and during the hearing before
the Magistrate, he was actually granted bail, set at $10,000. "Me,
$10,000? I have only $500 in bank". The rest was history, poor sod.

"Did she tell you anything about herself?"

"No much, she born Queensland" I noted that down. We stood up, me with my
briefcase in front, him with both of his hands, faces all red. "No sex
here many days, me horny all day, sorry" I hoped the duty officer didn't
think we were having it off together, shit! "Sit down for one minute" I
told him. I banged on the door and asked the officer for a glass of water.
After he finished it, we waited another 10 minutes until it went down,
still a very sizable lump.

After I returned to my car, I felt like jerking off right there and then,
hadn't felt so fucking horny since school days. Shit, Marrion, the
dentist, couldn't have picked a worst time going overseas. She had to
attend one dental conference in Bangkok and another in Les Vegas, since she
had never been to those 2 cities, she arranged extra time off for sight
seeings, all in all 4 bloody weeks, and I couldn't afford time and money to
join her, thus, one long month of self abuse. Better waited until I got
home tonight.

I went back to my office, thinking about the way to defend Ancic. Two ways
to handle this, I thought. The dirty way and the clean way. The dirty
way, was to ask Ancic to allow me to make a life-size mold of his erected
baby arm, and presented it to the members of the jury "If the members of
the jury will have a good look and feel of the dimension, the length, this
life-size mold of penis, of the accused, could anyone of you imagine
getting raped by this monster, forcibly, will it not inflict some form of
damages to the person on the receiving end?" "please pass around to the
other jury members", this female juror won't let go of the dildo, "and yet,
the result of the medical exmination on Miss Brook showed no sign of forced
entry, no tear, no bruise, mouth, virgina, and anus all in good working
order!" Good fucking order. The envy on the male jurors' and the desire on
the female jurors' faces were palpable.

When I told Angela, another junior associate at the firm of my brilliant
tactic, she laughed so hard, bent over in half, said "you dirty dirty
bugger, I'll tell your boss, Oh shit, I'm going to die"

But, being a law abiding, God fearing citizen, I adopted the good way. I
checked my computer to see if Miss Brook had any previous contacts with
police, nothing on the New South Wales court record, better tried
Queensland. Bingo, she was in another rape case 5 years back in Brisbane,
and it was thrown out of court. I noted the name and details of the

When I got home that night, I went straight to the shower for that urgent
wank, thinking of Marrion, then some big tits porn stars, then Tomas
entered the picture, with his 10 inces baby arm sticking up the girl's
backside, my ejeculation splashed against the bathroom wall, spunk runing
down towards the drain. I really needed that. I ordered pizza for dinner.

That night, I dreamt of Tomas's 10 inches baby arm wanted to shake hand
with me. Shit, had I turned queer?

(To be continued.)

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