Wednesday, April 29, 2009

trailer sex 2

The following morning rolled around and I was kinda startled awake by
an AWESOME wet warm feeling with a little suction on my cock, I looked
down and Jack had my cock all the way in his mouth his tongue was
swirling around my cock real fast and he was moaning ever so slightly. I
looked into his eyes and he winked at me and put his hand on my chest and
gently eased me back into the lying down position. On his way up my
cock he would suck just a little bit but made sure my cock stayed in full
contact with his tongue and lips. I remember thinking why don't I feel
his teeth. He was sucking my cock long and slow. and each time he went
back up my cock he would suck just a little more. as he reaches the
head of my cock then he would always let me see his tongue swirl around
and underneath the head of my cock. I started to fuck his mouth and he
really sucked down on my cock. I grabbed his head and started fucking up
into his mouth. He stopped, just long enough to whisper when you cum
look directly into my eyes the whole time you are shooting. that was fine
with me and I was real close, he took me all the way in and swallowed
my cock head, and kept it there and continued to swallow. that was
fucking awesome he sucked his way back up my cock and then back down. I
my whole body tense up and my toes curl up as he sucked back up my cock
I looked directly into his eyes and let out what felt like a hell of a
shot of cum, he returned my stare and sucked on my cock head while he
jacked my cock. I could see him swallowing every time I shot in his
mouth. Then he went all the way to the base of my cock and sucked real
and kept sucking, it was like he was jacking me off with his mouth. I
contunied to cum until I felt as if I was straining my balls. He
continued to swallow everything I had to offer. When he finished giving
what was now for the second time in as many days the best blow job of my
life he looked up at me and smiled and thanked ME. He
thanked me, I was the one who should be thanking him! He came up to me
asked me if I had ever tasted another mans cum and I told him I haven't.
he didn't try and forse me to suck him or anything he just smiled at me

I looked to the other end of the trailer and I could see that all the
girls were still asleep.
They keep the radio on just a little bit I guess to block out the noise
of the near by highway. The highway noise never bothers me. Jack said
to me "my cock is so fucking hard" then he gently took my hand and
placed it on his cock. It was hard and it was fucking huge. I could not
believe that thing had been in me and how hard he had fucked me with it.
didn't know what to do with his cock but I guess nature took over and I
was gently rubbing his cock he started to nibble on my ear and sucked
my ear lobe, he reached for my cock and it was hard as a rock again. He
was behind me and we were kinda spooning I arched my back for him and
was giving him my ass. I never would have thought I would ever be
looking so forward with such enthusiasm to being fucked in the ass and
especially not by my fishing buddy. He rubbed my ass and he licked his
fingers and touched my ass hole I moaned a little when he did this and he
stopped and put his hand under my knee and pulled it up and handed it to
me, he said hold this. So I did. I have done something similar with
chicks. He then went back down on me sucking my cock briefly and then I
felt it! His toungue was on my ass hole. It felt so freaking good!!
He handed me my other leg and I pulled it up to my chest along with the
other leg and he just started to lick me in a way I had never
imagined!!!! I could not believe how exposed I was to my fishing buddy or
exposed I would be if one of the girls woke up to go to the bathroom or
something. Jack kept telling me to relax and after about 5 minutes of
him eating my ass I started too he then slid one finger in me and sucked
me just under my balls then the removed his finger and started to eat
me again. This time he was gitting his tongue inside my ass hole and I
do not have words to describe the feeling of being tongue fucked!! He
tongue fucked me for a while and when he stopped I thought I would die I
want it again and now. But this was were he wanted me. He pushed on the
soles of my feet raising my ass hole a little and in one thrust, his
cock was balls deep in me. It fucking hurt worse then last night I
almost verbalized my pain. He stayed there and said I would adjust soon
he kept looking at me. He told me he wanted to kiss me. I was so horny
I think I would have done any and everything he asked me so I just
looked at his lips and he kissed me. He was an awesome kisser too. He
gently rubbed my tongue with his and then the first withdraw and forward
thrust came and It hurt but I still loved it. he did it again and asked
if I was ok. I told him yes with my kiss. He then started to fuck me as
if it was a pussy he was fucking. He was kissing me and asking me to
tell him how big his cock was, so I did. In my opinion his cock is huge
its bigger then mine and he was fucking me hard with it. Once again I
found myself praying that he would fuck me all morning but he was getting
close, I could tell because he was really pounding me now and
Asked if I wanted him to cum, before I could answer his tongue was back
in my mouth
He sucked my tongue out of my mouth and kinda sucked my tongue while he
shot volley after volley of hot cum inside me. He fucks so good. I can
see why people would prefer to be gay over straight now. He gave me one
more very powerful thrust and kept it pushed all the way in for a while
and then withdrew. Immediately he went down and started to suck his own
cum from me. I look up out of the corner of my eye I saw jacks 17 year
old daughter watching us and she saw me see her and she said to either
her mother or sister or both that "daddy just fucked John in the ass
and now hes licking Johns ass"

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