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Senior Citizen's Eden by Jim Stanley Chapter 23

Chapter 23


George had just turned 72. On his 72nd birthday, after being feted by the
staff and friends at Carter Court, he returned to his room happy that his
friends remembered him. His elation brought on a tinge of arousal at his
well-being. He went to his usual stroking of his cock, but decided, after a
bit, that something else was needed in his sex life. He stopped his
stroking momentarily to check the newspaper where he had seen an
advertisement that day for an adult theatre with special rates for
seniors. He remembered going to one some twenty five years ago and thought
that it might be appropriate to test this institution in light of 25 years
of change in attitudes and sexuality. He made note of the location and went
back to stroking his now hard cock. It wasn't long before his arousal led
to an orgasm, an orgasm based on the anticipation of what he might find in
tomorrow's exploration of an adult theatre.
The next day arrived quickly. George ate a leisurely breakfast at
8:00, toileted, showered, dressed casually for the trip to the theatre on
the far west side of town. The doors opened early and he was eager to make
a day of it, if for no other reason than to reassess its role in his
life. He firmly believed in the philosophy, "Use it or lose it." And he
firmly believed in researching ways of "using it," the adult theatre now
being his focal point. He drove to the area, found a parking place, and
walked the short distance to the theatre. On approaching it, he noted some
other senior types ahead of him buying tickets openly. He compared this new
openness to the furtive, self-conscious trips to these theatres 25 years
ago. He purchased his ticket for $6.00 and entered a semi-dark lobby where
he stood momentarily to adjust his eyes to the dimness. As he entered,
several men stood in the lobby eyeing George, assessing his intent, his
availability, his physical stature. George presented a pleasant image to
his viewers. He was 6 foot tall and weighed a comfortable 175 pounds. His
hair was abundant and the steel gray shone nicely in the dimness of the
theatre light. His glasses sparkled in the dim light and projected a
slightly professorial mien. He couldn't help but notice that the men and
ladies' restrooms on opposite sides of the lobby were being used by men
only, a testament to the fact that there were no women present in the
theatre. Once his eyes grew accustomed to the slight darkness, he moved to
the curtained aisle entrances of the theatre. He pulled the curtain on the
right slightly to look into the main body of the theatre. On the screen, he
could plainly see a woman with her legs raised high and a young man with a
sizable dick fucking her as he held her ankles high. Her moans were loud
and insistent, and George immediately felt a surge of desire in his
cock. But the darkness in the theatre was total. He was unable to see the
seats at all and was but dimly aware of anyone's presence in the
theatre. He entered the curtained aisle and stood at the edge of the last
row intending to let his eyes adjust to the new and near total darkness
before he proceeded to a seat. Perhaps a minute passed, and, suddenly, he
felt the slight touch of a hand on his crotch. It startled him momentarily
and he jumped back. Looking down to his left, he could make out the figure
of an older man sitting in the seat next to him. His composure returned and
he leaned slightly on the partition near the seat and the hand returned,
insistent, massaging the outer part of his crotch, his belly, and his
testicles. The surprise and spontaneity of this act caused an instant
erection and the hand continued to massage his now hard dick until George
thought he would come at any given moment. He reached down and held the
hand of his tempter, signaling that he was not ready for a climax. The hand
withdrew and George's eyes began to see more of the theatre and its
It was a fairly large theatre. He now saw other bodies in the last
row, seated close to the older man who had massaged his cock. To his right,
in the shorter row seats against the wall, others sat. He could dimly
detect a head on someone's lap, the head moving up and down. It was clear
what was going on and he decided to take a seat nearby so that he could
continue to monitor the persons in the theatre as well as watch the
movie. He slipped into a seat on the right, just in front of the bobbing
head. From this position, he could view the entire theatre. He sat at an
angle so that he could see the bobbing head and the cock being sucked. It
was an older man, hard, naked, his pants on the floor. A middle-aged man
sucked his hard dick gently, massaging his balls as he did so. The older
man, sensing that George was watching, began to moan. It was evident that
he was about to come. The moans grew louder and steadier until George heard
him say, "Oh! Baby are you going to get a hot load. Here it comes." A
muffled scream, a violent thrusting of the pelvis were all that George
heard and saw. But he could sense the old man's passion and lust as he shot
hard into the mouth of his lover. This aroused George greatly. His cock
strained in his pant leg wanting closure, but George held back. His eyes
now completely adjusted to the darkness of the theatre. The two behind him
rose and went into the lobby and the men's room, probably to clean up. His
eyes searched the rest of the theatre and, for the first time, he saw a lot
of activity. For one, there were people walking up and down the aisles. On
the far side, he could detect a swarm of men, perhaps 5 or more, standing
around two figures, one being sucked while at the same time being
fucked. The others participated by massaging the nipples and ass of the one
being fucked and sucked; they also played with one another in this standing
orgy. About the theatre, others sat in pairs or alone, just watching or
enjoying the movie. Down in the front rows, he detected others. He decided
to explore. He rose and walked slowly down his aisle, eyeing the occupants
on both sides of the aisle. From what he could detect, most sat rubbing
their crotches, most sitting with their cocks fully exposed. When he
reached the front seats, another orgy was in progress. A gray haired man
lay naked across the lap of another, while two others massaged his body and
sucked his cock. He beckoned to George to come nearer. As he did, the gray
haired man reached out to George's crotch and began to massage. He opened
George's zipper and gently fondled George's hot and wet cock, swiping the
precum juices with his fingers and tasting them passionately. George, while
enjoying this foursome, apologized and stammered to the older man that he
wasn't ready yet and he wanted to look around. George proceeded along the
front of the old stage to the other side of the theater. Here, two men were
in the act of loving, one, naked from the chest down, the other sucking his
hard cock. They were completely oblivious to George's presence. He
continued up the aisle at the opposite side of the theater towards the spot
where the swarm occurred.
A new swarm materialized just as he got there but the center of
attraction was a new couple. He stood at the edge of this swarm and feasted
his eyes on the activities. Like before, a man stood with his back to the
wall. His cock was deep in the other man's asshole. In front of the man
being fucked knelt a middle-aged man, sucking his cock. The trio was in
sync throughout. The four other participants, George being the fifth, stood
in this melange, touching one another, watching the fucking and sucking,
kissing and massaging one another's dicks. One of the onlookers brought
George into the swarm by reaching out and rubbing George's cock, motioning
him to open his fly. But George just stood there, enjoying the voyeur in
him, feasting on the fucking and sucking motions of the principals up
close. He had never seen such close up action and stood mesmerized at the
passion and sensuousness of the acts. In this reverie of sorts, he suddenly
realized that his fly was open and a hot mouth sucked his balls and cock
feverishly. He gave in to the moment, enjoying the sensation, holding and
massaging the head that sucked his hot cock. The thrill was exquisite, but
he still wanted to explore the other avenues of the theatre and its
patrons. He gently moved his cock lover away, whispering to him that he
wasn't ready to come. He backed away a few steps, but continued to enjoy
the swarm's activities. It wasn't long before he heard the principals
moaning, signaling their finale. The fucking and sucking pace increased and
within seconds each shot his load, one into the ass of his lover, the other
into the mouth. The swarm moved closer to the principals, hands moving in
to massage the face, belly, and nipples while the afterglow of the orgasms
enveloped the two. George could feel their warmth, their peace, their
serenity and longed to experience it himself. With that, he moved to a seat
in the last row of the theatre, to take in what was happening and to bring
a calm to his very hot cock and balls. His attention moved to the screen. A
scenario of men and women in an orgy took his attention and he focused on
the close ups of cocks moving in and out of hot cunts, the participants in
obvious ecstasy as they fucked and sucked. He watched intently on their
doings and was hardly aware of a man sitting down next to him. He looked to
his left and saw that it was the elderly man who groped him when he entered
the theatre. His knee moved close to George's and they touched. Then his
hand moved to George's thigh. The warmth and gentleness of the old man's
hand surprised George and he felt a new surge of sensuality in his
groin. George reciprocated. He moved his hand to the old man's crotch and
found his cock and balls, the old man having slipped his pants off and down
to his knees. He whispered to the old man, "Wait a minute until I get my
pants down," and with a quick motion, unbuckled his belt and slipped his
pants and underwear down to his knees. They sat naked, exploring one
another's cocks and balls for a long time. Then the old man leaned over and
kissed George's neck and nipples. His head lay on George's gray hairy
chest, sucking at his nipples, his hand exploring George's groin, cock, and
balls. A tenderness overtook George and he moved the old man's head towards
his and kissed him full on the mouth, their tongues entwining, sucking,
tasting deeply.
The old man spoke. "Let's go down to the front row where we can be
freer and spread our legs. It won't be as cramped." George nodded, pulled
up his pants and underwear and followed the man to the front. There they
opened their shirts to bare their grayed chests and lowered their pants to
their knees and began their explorations anew. Their tongues entwined
again, resuming the passionate kissing of the back row. Now they were freer
to move about and their kissing was coupled with their hands feeling and
loving their backs, their nipples, their bellies, their swollen cocks,
their balls, the inner part of their groin. In all, nothing was
overlooked. Their passion grew in intensity and the old man knelt between
George's legs and proceeded to deep suck his hot cock, at the same time
massaging his prostate with his finger deep in his ass. George's body rose
to the occasion. His hips moved quickly now and fucked the old man's mouth
with a vigorous intensity. The old man responded in kind. He wrapped his
tongue around George's hot cockhead each time it thrust deep into his mouth
and sucked hard. His left hand massaged his nipples and his groin while his
right finger probed his asshole and his prostate. George began to feel the
surge of his orgasm deep in his testicles now. He signaled the old man with
his moans that his orgasm was approaching. His hands pressed hard on the
old man's head now, pushing it down, stretching the foreskin tight,
accenting the imminent orgasm. The moans grew stronger. "Oh Baby," George
cried, "take it deep. You're gonna get my hot load now Baby. God! Here it
comes sweetheart. Take it. Take it. Take it. It's yours. Ohhhhhhhh! Don't
stop. Suck it dry. Love it! It's still coming.
Take it all. Yesssss. More. Take it." The old man sucked gently
now, his head resting on George's crotch, his hands massaging George's
balls, belly and face. A few moments passed and George whispered to the old
man, "Sit and let me take you now. The old man smiled, sat, and kissed
George, exchanging some of the cum he had received in his loving. George
grew passionate at this and began to suck the old man deeply. It wasn't
long before the old man screamed his passion and shot hotly and deeply into
George's receptive mouth. The excitement of the old man's passion excited
George intensely and he sucked deeply and lovingly until the old man spent
his entire load, drop by drop into George's hot mouth. They both rested
afterwards. Later, they exchanged phone numbers and left contently, looking
forward to future encounters of even greater intensity.

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