Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Trailer Sex 7

Sitting on the dining table of the trailer which is small about 3 ft long
and 2.5 feet wide with a bench seat on either side of it, was Stacy the
hottest chick in the trailer park she is 16 but with a body of not just a
grown woman but the perfect woman. She has long blonde hair about half way
down her back green eyes perfect complexion perfectly white teeth almost
florescent white teeth. About 5'9 perfect b cup breast with nipples that
are always erect. I don't think she even knows what a bra is. Legs that
seem to never end! She has an ass that only a teenage girl can have
perfectly tight but with the definition of a supermodel. She never misses
an opportunity to show it off, weather in a bikini or in a short skirt.
Every man/guy/boy in the FEMA trailer park has tried to hit on her
including myself and Jack. Here she is sitting on our dinning table in a
tiny mini skirt with her legs up on the table her legs spread wide apart
leaning back with one arm locked our straight behind her supporting her
weight, her head thrown back and her other hand in the hair of Kim who
sitting on a bench seat with her beautiful face buried in-between Stacy's
legs and in her pussy. Stacy leaned forward and looked at me when I entered
and smiled and said ohhhhh yeah that feel so fuck good. Kim's head was
doing tiny circles or her clit. Kim looked up long enough to acknowledge
our presents. When she did I could see Stacy's pussy it was so wet and
glistening Jack was as surprised as I was. He said damn Kim!!! That's my
girl!!!!!!!! He walked over to them. Before he got there Stacy pulled Kim's
mouth back to her tiny pussy and moaned real deep not loud but deep. Stacy
was staring directly at Jacks Crotch while he walked over to them he wasted
no time at all he unzipped his pants pulled out his cock and put it to
Stacy's open mouth. She sucked him in she looked awesome with Jacks fat
cock in her mouth. She took her mouth off his fat cock and looked at my
cock which I had out and was stroking. She stared at my cock and kinda
licked her lips. I went straight for her mouth I didn't even think I just
put my cock in her waiting mouth. If I thought Jacks cock looked good in
her mouth mine looked even better. She sucked me in until I felt the back
of her throat I watched Kim work her magic on Stacy's pussy. Stacy was
sucking for all she was worth it felt good but her teeth were kinda rough
but she was sucking cock. She pulled her mouth off cock and put her hand
back on Kim's head and was pushing her pussy up into Kim's face. Stacy told
me to sit beside Kim, I was like hell yeah im gonna get to taste that
pussy!!! I sat next to Kim eye level with Stacy's pussy! I started to kiss
the underside of the thighs and run my tongue as close to her pussy and ass
as I could with Kim in my way she was humping Kim's face and told Jack to
fuck my mouth. She said she has never seen a guy suck a guy off in person
before and she wanted to see him cum in my mouth. Jack had his cock in my
mouth in less then a second. Stacy said Damn!! That's so fucking hot. His
whole cock is disappearing in your mouth! She was telling Jack to cum in
my mouth!! Saying ohhh yeah fuck his mouth!!! He started to fuck my mouth
and I was really sucking his cock. She commented again how it was awesome I
could take all of his huge long cock in my mouth until it was all gone. She
started to really hump her pussy up into Kim's face and I could see her
head thrown back in ecstasy Kim was moaning real loud and had her hand in
her own pussy. Jack asked Kim " how does her pussy juice taste baby girl"?
Kim just moaned louder!!! Stacy was convulsing I could see her stomach
muscles contract then relax then contract again over and over. Stacy
finally fell limp almost like a rag doll.

She looked at Jack fucking my mouth and told me she wanted to see Jack
shoot his cum into my open mouth. He said it would be his pleasure, and
with that I felt his cock head swell and I know all two well what is come
next. He pulled his cock out of my mouth his cock head only about 3 inches
from my mouth. Started to jerk his huge cock he said her it comes I opened
my mouth as wide as I could I didn't want to miss a single drop of his
cum. The first shot came and shot into my mouth so hard it seemed as if his
cock was still in my mouth. Stacy moaned her approval and to my surprise
the so did Kim. I had forgotten all about her. Kim fell underneath the
table and I felt the warn wet suction of her mouth replace my hand on my
cock. Just then the second shot came from jack and was placed perfectly in
my mouth Stacy said not to swallow she said to keep it all in my mouth. So
I did jack shot volley after volley into my mouth. I had so much in my
mouth it was running down the side of my mouth. Jack announced he was
finished Stacy told me to show her his cum I turned to her so she could see
perfectly into my mouth she said OMG that's soooooooo fucking hot!!! some
of the cum was running down my chin she very seductively licked it off my
chin then placed her mouth on mine and pushed her tongue into my mouth.
She was moaning while she used her tongue to take Jacks cum into her own
mouth Kim was bobbing like a girl possessed on my cock. I pulled from
Stacy's kiss long enough to say I'm cumming!!! She said do it baby!! cum in
her mouth!! and I did! I came for what seemed like an hour!! Stacy
continued to kiss me with the passion of a woman in love. She kept saying
she wished it was her mouth being flooded with my cum!! She sucked my
tongue out of my mouth. Just then Kim popped her head out from underneath
the table and opened her mouth to reveal a mouth full of my cum.

Stacy kissed her immediately this was so fucking hot to see these Hot as
fuck teen girls swapping my cum in there mouths with a very passionate
kiss. Both of them were moaning and touching the others pussy.

This went on for a while Jack and I sat back and watched them kiss and
finger each other.

I said to Jack ( does it get an better then this) the girls heard me say
this and Stacy looked right at me and says its about too!!

I looked at Jack and just smiled.

Kim got down on all fours Stacy moved behind her and started to eat her out
from behind Kim rested her chest on the floor of the trailer her ass and
perfectly pink little teenage fuck hole up in the air. Stacy was eating her
pussy from behind the she pushed two fingers inside her and started to lick
her ass hole! I was so fucking hard by now! Stacy was bent down in a way
where her pussy and ass were completely exposed. She still had her skirt
on. Jack reached out and pulled her skirt down her legs and off her
feet. Then her took her shirt off her. They started to kiss. Kims's perfect
little teenage ass and pussy were still up in the air. I moved over to her
put my face to her pussy and tasted the sweetest little pussy I have every
tasted again. I licked her ass and she moaned and said I want your cock. I
didn't say a word. I took my cock placed it at her pussy and slid in balls
deep! She was so fucking tight but so wet I slid into her with one motion,
she kinda jumped a little bit and whimpered, but pushed back on my cock,
she said I can feel you balls on my clit. My balls were swinging underneath
her everytime I trust deep into her.

She pushed back onto my cock grabbed my balls and gently ribbed her clit
with them while keeping her pussy impaled on my cock. She let go and I
started to fuck her again I had a perfect view of her tight little pussy
while I was fucking it. When I would push in her pink folds and pussy lips
would almost disappear inside her. She was slapping a hand on the floor
saying Fuck!!!!!! Your cock is so fucking huge!!! Stacy came over slid
underneath Kim told jack to hand her a pillow and he did then I felt her
warm mouth suck my left ball. She twirled her tongue on my ball so gently
and applied just the perfect amount of suction. The she left my balls and
went to work on Kim's clit. I watched as her tongue worked Kim's clit! Then
she would let her tongue hit the shaft of my cock it was the most awesome
feeling my cock has ever had! I could look down and see Stacy's mouth and
kims pussy it almost seemed it was Stacy's mouth I was fucking but no mouth
can give the pleasure that this tight little teenage pussy is giving. The
Stacy started to be jolted forward over and over it was obvious she was
being fucked and fucked hard! I looked back and saw Jack holding Stacy's
bent up knees I watched as jack pounded her little pussy. Stacy has just a
little hair on her pussy about 1 inch wide and about 2 inches tall of thick
hair aligned perfectly with her clit. I could see Jacks huge cock going
into her little pussy and when he would bottom out inside her I could feel
her being jolted forward. Kim's was going nuts on my cock and Stacy's
face!! She was cumin hard!

Shaking and convulsing like I have never seen any women do. When she
finished I was close I started to really fuck her little fuck hole. I said
I was cumming , Stacy grabbed my cock and shoved it into her mouth for the
first shot then put my cock back into Kim's tight little pussy for me to
finish my orgasm!! I fucked her pussy until I thought my balls were going
to come out of my cock head. I then pulled out of her Stacy help Kim's
pussy too her mouth and was pushing her tongue inside her retrieving my
cum. It was so fucking hot looking I was hard again already!!! I could tell
my Jacks grunts he was close to cumming and by the way he was really
stabbing Stacy's pussy. I have been on the receiving end of the stabbing
long enough to recognize when Jack is about to shoot his load. He stabbed
her tight little 16 year old pussy deep and held it there. I knew from
experience she just received one hell of a powerful shot of cum. She
wiggled her pussy around on his cock and grabbed my hair and pulled it hard
forcing my mouth to her clit. I went straight to sucking her little clit
and flicking it with my tongue. Jack stabbed her deep again she was
grinding herself into his cock and my mouth. Her stomach was convulsing,
she started to whimper and told me to eat her pussy and jack to fuck her
hard!! We both did as we were instructed!! When she finished cumming Jack
was obviously spent but still pumping her a little I was licking her clit
she told me to stop. She said she was to sensitive now. I pulled Jacks cock
from her 16 year old pussy and cleaned all of her pussy juice and the last
of his cum with my mouth. She was almost asleep but managed to say "I told
you it was about to get better didn't I?" I sucked Jacks cum out of her and
watched her fall asleep with a look of complete satisfaction. The girls
were both fast asleep on the floor of the trailer naked as the day they
were born Jack winked at me and feel asleep. I was hard as fuck so I slid
my cock into Stacy's wet pussy and kinda very slowly pumped her, she never
opened her eyes but she pushed her pussy back on to me. I fucked her slow
for over and hour I came inside her very powerfully but I still pumped her
slowly. She smiled in her sleep and pushed her pussy back on to my cock. I
fell asleep inside her pussy

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