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Senior Citizen's Eden by Jim Stanley Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Frank and Family

After Frank returned from Woodstock, he felt calmed. The nostalgia
for that period had ebbed now and he had satisfied his curiosity about the
time and the era of the hippies. His life at Carter Court settled into a
period of mingling with the other occupants of Carter Court. He struck up
an acquaintance with Jim and Charlie who seemed to be always together and
he grew to like and enjoy the amiability of both. Ninety-year-old Charlie,
in particular, reminded Frank of his dad and the warm response of both was
mutual. Frank sensed that Charlie and Jim were lovers or had a very special
relationship and respected that. But they responded to Frank as well. And
the trio seemed fated for each other.
One evening, as the three sat over drinks in Frank's apartment, the
discussion came around to family influences and backgrounds. Frank happened
to mention that he came from a naturist family and that all their lives his
brothers, sisters, mother and father espoused the naturist philosophy and
practiced nudism at home and in camps. This immediately piqued Charlie and
Jim's interest since they never were in a position to talk with anyone
about naturism.
Charlie responded first. "Frank, that's interesting. You must have
some fascinating tales to relate about nudism and your family and how it
affected you."
"In fact, Charlie, we were a very close family, in every way,
because of our adherence to the naturist way of life. I grew up feeling the
warmth and love of my mother and father and often look back at the physical
closeness we shared," Frank responded.
"How was that," Charlie asked. "Did you touch one another
"Yes, we did, Charlie," Frank added, "but we didn't think of it in
terms of sexuality. I remember feeling very natural about touching my
mother and father, her breasts and his dick. One couldn't help it. As a
boy, I sat on my mother and father's lap and cuddled and touched and there
was no sense of sexuality. I remember sleeping in their bed while they
"That's incredible," Jim added. "I grew up under the influence of
sexual taboos and, as a result, everything I wasn't supposed to do, I
wanted to do. I remember peeking at my mother and father's nakedness and
being sexually excited by it. I would hear them fucking in the bedroom at
night and would tiptoe to the door to listen closely to their antics. I was
very aroused at these goings on."
Charlie jumped in, "Yes, I remember walking in on my father
masturbating one day. God did I get aroused. But I turned around and left
the room and, neither he nor I ever gave any indication that it ever
Jim responded to Charlie's remark with another. "Once, I walked
into the bedroom while my father and mother were fucking. I kept looking at
what they were doing and sensed some impropriety about it, which my father
simply reinforced by ordering me downstairs. In my mind, I sensed that what
they were doing was wrong and what I was doing was wrong. I think it was
that one act that made me think that sex was dirty for the rest of my
Frank smiled and addressed his remark to Charlie. "There's no
question that parents can fuck up our minds on matters of sex. But in our
family there were no censures. My father had hard-ons, my brother had
hard-ons, I had hard-ons, my sisters saw these same reactions, my parents
saw them, but there was no sense of that being wrong. Once, I remember
sitting on my father's lap while he was listening to the radio. I could
feel his dick harden under me, which intrigued me. I remember squirming
around on it and then reaching down and touching it and feeling it."
"Really," both Charlie and Jim chimed in. "And what did he do?"
"Nothing. I asked him why it was hard, and he responded that it was
natural and that I get hard and all men get hard and that it was alright to
get hard. That was it. That satisfied me for the moment. But I didn't come
away with negative feelings. Oh, I was attracted to his hard cock and I
wanted to fondle it some more, but I didn't. That happened to my sister
once, too. As she sat on his nude lap, she asked about his erection in
front of the rest of us, and he replied as matter of factly as he had to
Charlie commented, "Boy, I wish I had been raised like that."
"Me too," smiled Jim, adding, "but did sex ever come into the
picture at all?"
"Well, yes, it did. But I was in my fifties and my father was
living with me at the time. He was 80 at the time. In fact, he lived with
me for a number of years until he died at age 94," Frank replied.
"What happened?" Jim asked.
"Well, to begin with we slept together. We always slept in the
nude, so our bodies were always exposed to one another. My father had
erections; I had erections. That was it. On my part, I was always intrigued
by his body and his sexuality. One night, as I slept, or partially dozed, I
sensed something touching my right hand. I always started off sleeping on
my back with my hands resting beside me, my palms up. I moved my hand
slightly and sensed, immediately, that it was my father's cock. In the
dark, I could see that he lay on his left side with his dick towards me. I
kept my hand there, slowly inching it towards it. Gradually, my entire palm
lay beneath his hard cock, its throbbing 9 inches nestled in the palm of my
hand. I didn't resist. I encased the hardness with my hand, forming a fist
around it. It was very hard and he began to respond to the warmth of my
hand and my touch. He moved with a fucking motion and his cock began to
fuck my palm. I let his motion set the precedent and he fucked and fucked
until he shot a hot load into my palm, onto my leg, and onto the
sheet. With that, he slept. I, on the other hand, could not rest. My hard
cock throbbed in the darkness. I moved my hand away from my father's now
flaccid cock and tasted the fruit of his passion. I sucked the cum from my
hand and my leg and proceeded to masturbate. I sensed a movement from my
father. He changed his position in the bed, turning so that his ass now
faced my hot and hard cock. I probed gently, for fear of waking him. I slid
it over his asshole lightly, massaging his hole. My precum was abundant and
soaked it. I could feel him respond lightly, pressing his asshole towards
my hot cock. It began a slight entry. I could feel the sphincter relaxing
and I gently encouraged my cock to enter slowly. My father's body continued
to respond, moving back and forth, allowing for the reception of my hot
cock. With a sudden thrust, my father shoved his ass onto my hot, dripping
cock and began a slow cyclical movement of his pelvis, massaging my cock
into total hardness. It didn't take long for me to shoot. In that exquisite
moment of orgasm, I thrust my cock deep into his asshole. He responded with
a thrust of his own and I spattered his insides with my hot cum. I screamed
my ecstasy internally and rested. He rested, too, and we both fell
asleep. I awoke much later, my cock flaccid, but still lying next to my
father's asshole. In fact, we were lying in a spoon position, our bodies
touching, my father snoring but in a deep sleep."
Charlie responded first. "Wow, then what happened?"
Jim added, "Did either of you say anything the next morning?"
"As a matter of fact, no. I woke first and showered. About 30
minutes later, I woke Dad and asked him what he'd like for breakfast. He
looked up, smiled, gave his breakfast order and said, "What a delightful
sleep I had."
Charlie quickly added, "What about the next night, the night after
that, and the night after that?"
Frank smiled a happy smile and said, "That's the best part. We
continued this charade for a month or so, almost every night. After one
particularly hot session of sucking and fucking, however, my father
spoke. He said, 'Son, we don't need to pretend anymore that we need one
another. Let's be open and share our love for one another from now
on. OK?'" I nodded my approval, hugged him, and fell fast asleep. From that
time on, until his death, we had the most loving relationship one could
find. I still miss him terribly and will always.
There were tears in Charlie's eyes now, but there were also bulges
in Charlie and Jim's crotches. Frank noticed the bulges, rose, and knelt
before them on the sofa and groped gently. "It looks like these things need
some tender love and affection," he commented. He stood and unzipped his
fly and pulled out his semi hard cock, presenting it to Charlie and Jim's
faces as they sat on the sofa. He leaned forward a little, and Charlie and
Jim's mouth took turns sucking Frank's cock into rigidity. Frank made the
first move. "Let's strip and get on the bed and have a nice threesome," he
suggested. With that, they all rose and went into the bedroom. Charlie was
the first on the bed. Jim and Frank concentrated on him. After they
stripped naked, they began to peel Charlie's clothes off piece by
piece. They started with his shoes and socks. Once off, they massaged his
feet with their tongues and hands, Charlie basking in the pleasure of these
attentions. Then they took off his shirt, Jim sucking on one of Charlie's
nipples, Frank on the other. Next came the pants and underwear. Charlie's
90-year-old cock stood at half-mast until Frank's warm mouth and hot tongue
began exploring his shaft, wet with precum. Jim eased his head between
Charlie's legs and sucked his balls and asshole. Both massaged the rest of
Charlie's body with their hands, paying close attention to Charlie's hard
and sensitive nipples. It wasn't long before the hot juices began to well
in Charlie's balls and groin and his moans of orgasm and release began. He
pushed Frank's head down hard on his hot cock, extending the foreskin to
its maximum, at the same time thrusting his hips and his cock deep into
Frank's hot mouth. Frank's tongue simultaneously massaged the rim and the
underside of the glans, bringing exquisite joy to Charlie's face.
He groaned and exploded his hot cum into Frank's mouth, crying out
in his ecstasy, "Oh God, it's so beautiful. Don't stop Frank. Keep sucking
hard. Take all of my juice sweetheart. Take it all. Take it. Take it." Then
he lay still in the afterglow of his joy as Frank and Jim exchanged
Charlie's cum in a deep kiss. Their cocks, too, cried out for release and,
after long moments of kissing, they moved to a 69 position and began in
earnest their mutual pleasuring. Their cocks were already abundantly wet
with precum, and the stories as well as Charlie's hot orgasm, prepared them
for the passion of this mutual suck. Their timing was perfect. Playing with
each other's balls while sucking each other's cock deeply, it didn't take
long for each to simultaneously spurt their hot cum into each other's
mouths. At this, Charlie revived enough to lay with Jim, his lover, and
kiss and drink Frank's hot cum. It was an agape, a dinner of love and
affection. Afterwards, all three embraced and slept until morning in a
oneness that can only be described as tender.

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