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Senior Citizen's Eden by Jim Stanley Chapters 13, 14, & 15

Chapter 13


Danny just turned 79 when he arrived at Carter Court. He was a tall
six-footer, pleasant and affable, qualities the women at Carter Court
cherished. He had also earned the nickname of Moose from the ladies, not
because of his height but because of the bulge in his pants. They all
agreed in the privacy of conversation that he was "hung" or "well endowed."
Marie was the first to confirm this. She struck up a friendship with Danny
in the early weeks of his arrival. Danny was agreeable and eager for
friendship as he was lonely for companionship. He invited Marie in for a
cocktail one evening, and as the evening progressed, so did the
intimacies. Marie felt the huge bulge in Danny's pants and anticipated a
large swollen cock that would delight her. What she saw and got, however,
was beyond belief. Danny was more than endowed. She unbuckled his pants and
slid off his shorts to find a huge twelve-inch cock with a two and a half
inch radius. She couldn't believe her eyes. Danny, sensitive to her plight,
told her the story of his life. His wife of many years could never take his
Once, when they tried it, it drew blood from the pressure of the
attempted entry. They immediately recognized a problem for their
marriage. Counseling was their only recourse and, since they loved one
another, they compromised in their sexual acts. There was always a lot of
foreplay, his wife massaging his abundant testicles and huge cock, he
sucking her cunt with another one of his endowments, a large bulbous
tongue. At first, their marriage suffered and they even talked of a
friendly divorce. They also talked of sexual compromise, Danny suggesting
that she have another man, she suggesting that Danny have another
woman. For his wife, this might have worked. For Danny, however, his large
cock was a problem to any woman. Danny even tried it with another man
once. But having his cock sucked posed problems since it was difficult to
get it into anyone's mouth. In the end, Danny settled into a life of
masturbation and fondling. He learned early to warn women of his size and
hope that they would understand and settle into a loving posture, excluding
Strange as it may seem, Danny fell into a comfortable role of
exhibitionism, brought on at Carter Court by Marie's recounting of the
story of Danny's cock. After that, every woman in Carter Court sought out
Danny for viewing. The strangest of all these encounters was with
Cynthia. Danny saw Cynthia and loved her, and Cynthia saw Danny and loved
him. Sex had nothing to do with it. They sensed an immediate rapport and it
wasn't long before they were together most of the day. The size of Danny's
bulge did not go unnoticed by Cynthia, but, oddly, she wasn't fearful of
her smallness. She sensed some new beginning. Danny, too, recognized
Cynthia's smallness. And oddly enough, his thoughts were elsewhere, as if,
he, too, sensed a new beginning. Smiles were rife at Carter Court when
their relationship began, everyone agreeing that, once Cynthia saw Danny's
cock, it would end. When, to everyone's surprise it didn't end, in fact,
strengthened, a bewildered Carter Court conjured wildly disparate theories
of their relationship. One gal suggested that Cynthia had had an operation
and that her cunt was big enough to, literally, take a horse's
cock. Another suggested that Cynthia's ass was the focus of Danny's
attention, she being very sure that sphincter muscles expand to such a
degree as to take sizes twice that of Danny's. There was also the celibate
explanation. Someone decided that each agreed to remain celibate for the
rest of his/her days. And, of course, whatever the explanations, none had
hit the mark. The explanation was simple. It was ironic that Cynthia's
smallness had prepared her for a life of creative sex and Danny's hugeness
and frustration was to become fertile ground for creative exploration for
two persons who meant a lot to one another and felt comfortable in each
other's psyche and presence.
Their relationship began slowly with simple adoration of one
another. This led to the quiet of physical touch and nudity. There was
never a mad rush to fulfillment and orgasm. It was as if every act of their
life was an interlude, foreplay. It began with the simple act of adoration
of Danny's cock. Cynthia would lie with her head on Danny's stomach and
fondle and kiss his testicles and cock. She would blow the warm air on the
head of Danny's cock, kiss it, her tongue roving gently under the glans,
her lips tasting the sweet emanations dripping from the fat and thick head
of his cock. Her hands moved lovingly over the gray hairs of Danny's
stomach and thighs. At other times, Cynthia would let her lithe frame
massage Danny's body. Her smallness was like a hand massaging his six foot
four body. She would massage his feet, thighs, stomach, chest, and head
with her stomach. When her cunt would arrived at Danny's face, it would be
greeted by Danny's bulbous tongue on which she would gyrate with her small
but sensitive cunt.
Danny loved this playfulness, the warmth of Cynthia's body sending
a shiver through his own. Cynthia was so small in stature that Danny could,
in reality, pick her up in the palm of one hand and move her at will. He
did just that in these playful moments. She would lie still on his stomach
and he would grasp her hips and slide her up and over his entire body as
one would with a towel after taking a shower. Cynthia delighted in Danny's
strength and stiffened on these manipulations so that Danny could feel her
body pressing on his.
Cynthia's adoration of Danny was total. She spent hours just lying
at his feet, kissing his feet, toes, and ankles. In these moments, she
would go no higher than his knee. But the sensuality of this foot fetish
brought ecstasy to Danny. When it was not his feet, she would have him lie
on his stomach and give full attention to his ass, asshole, and
testicles. As with his feet, she would linger here for hours, probing with
her tongue, her lips, and her hands. She grew so adept at penetrating his
asshole with her tongue that he would not infrequently have an orgasm. At
these moments, she would catch the cum in the palm of her hand, raise up to
have their heads and mouths meet, offer her hand of cum, in which they
would both partake, eating and tasting and kissing each other deeply. There
was never any revulsion in their sexuality. Instead, there was total
commitment to each other in ways each had never experienced.
Danny's love of Cynthia was equally intense. He would return these
favors. He would lie with his outstretched body between Cynthia's legs, his
face and tongue exploring the region of her stomach and her vagina. His
big, bulbous tongue would roam freely between her legs, around her vagina
and stomach, into her cunt. His gentle hands would massage her breasts and
face simultaneously. With Cynthia in a fetal position, Danny would probe
her cunt and her asshole for hours. He always coupled this with his big
cock massaging the exterior of her vagina and vulva, never penetrating,
just massaging. At these moments, Cynthia could watch and admire the
fullness of Danny's big cock sliding, tickling, massaging her wet and
sensitive clitoris.
Danny loved these moments, too. It's not that he hadn't done this
before. He had, with his wife. But with Cynthia, it was different. Her
smallness, her petiteness, her frailty, the hugeness of his cock combined
to create a tension he never experienced before with anyone, including his
wife. Danny came at these moments, too. And, as before, Cynthia's hand
would gather his cum which they would share in a loving embrace. They tried
other techniques. Danny would kneel over Cynthia's stomach and, after
massaging her breasts with Vaseline, insert his dick between her
tits. Cynthia would press them together tightly. Danny, then, would fuck
her tits. Cynthia liked this position because the nipples of her breast
came to life, excruciatingly sensitive to Danny's thrusts. Watching his
cock move in and out allowed her to fantasize its movement in and out of
her cunt as if he were fucking her. Above all, Danny's size allowed her to
suck his cock as it went in and out of her tits. She enjoyed the spurt of
Danny's cum as he shot into her mouth and face. It would hit with ferocity
and splatter over her lips and chin, after which they would embrace and
kiss, both enjoying the taste of his cum. Every part of Cynthia's anatomy
got fucked. Her armpits got fucked. Her feet could cradle Danny's cock and
bring him to orgasms.
One position they both liked because it brought them into close
proximity to one another was the "between the legs" technique. Danny would
lie on his back while Cynthia would accept his hard cock between her
legs. Her lightness allowed her to move freely, her legs wrapped tightly
around his hard, throbbing cock. She moved in such a way that Danny's hard
cock massaged her cunt and asshole in the same movement a violinist used in
stroking his bow. This seesaw motion of Danny's cock over her cunt and
asshole led to exquisite orgasms. One alternate of this technique was to
have Danny kneel behind Cynthia's slightly elevated ass, and stroke her
asshole and cunt in a downward motion. Her sphincter and her clitoris could
be massaged into an incredible sensitivity that brought intense orgasms to
Cynthia. The one crucible in all this experimentation, however, was Danny's
enormous, bulbous, and flexible tongue. He could constrict it and narrow it
to enter Cynthia's small cunt with ease. He could fatten it to massage the
labia and clitoris. He could alternate between these two.
As time went on, they both began to notice a slight but important
change in Cynthia's vaginal opening. It began to relax; it began to
enlarge. And as they continued their probing, Danny's fat two and half-inch
cock began to sink deeper into Cynthia's labia. It was minuscule, at first,
but exciting. They so loved one another that they wanted that oneness, that
union that came from penetration. At first, only the head of Danny's cock
entered Cynthia. But its width stretched Cynthia's cunt wide and, more
importantly, rubbed tight over the clitoris. The tightness, the
penetration, the rhythmic movement of their hips excited each in
indescribable ways. And each orgasm in this way became more intense. Danny
remained, above all, sensitive to his size and let Cynthia's hips and
movement control the depth of the penetration. After the head of Danny's
hard cock found a home in Cynthia's hot cunt, subsequent encounters had
Cynthia probing further. It was an inch-by-inch progression and an
inch-by-inch ecstasy, each inch indicating a new plateau of orgasmic
After six months of this experimentation, both sensed an apotheosis
occurring. Then it happened. In the heat of a lengthy afternoon of loving,
Cynthia moved toward the ultimate union of Danny's long, hard cock and her
hot, wet cunt. She wrapped her legs around Danny's waist and pressed his
hips into her. His hard cock sensed the excitement and plunged deeper and
deeper into Cynthia's small, tight, and, now, hot cunt. And then came the
climax. Cynthia's tight cunt accepted all of Danny's hard twelve-inch cock
and the rhythm began. It was a slow fuck, the fullness of Danny's twelve
inches dipping totally into Cynthia, withdrawing, dipping, withdrawing, and
dipping. That slow and deliberate fuck sent shivers through Cynthia's
entire body. She felt Danny inside her and that oneness she had always
craved. Danny, too, was in control of the fuck of his life. Cynthia's tight
cunt milked his hard cock for all its juices. He could feel the excitement
building in his enormous testicles as they hit Cynthia's asshole in the
downward thrust of his cock. It seemed like an hour of ecstasy. But it was
only minutes before both Cynthia and Danny felt their muscles tightening,
readying for the final thrust and the final ecstasy. They exploded
together. Danny shot with a new intensity, bathing the inside of Cynthia's
cunt with his hot, milky cum. Cynthia felt the walls of her vagina
contracting and spilling its own juices. It was as if two giant rivers met,
intermingling and spewing from Cynthia's cunt. Their screams intensified
the drama of this moment, each pressing the other to come again and again.
Drained, they lay entangled, Cynthia tightening her legs around
Danny's hips, her vaginal muscles contracting to milk Danny's cock, to
savor long this happy and ecstatic moment. They lay this way a long time,
both Cynthia's cunt and Danny's cock locked in unity. After a half hour of
silent meditation over this fuck of fucks, both made a feeble attempt to
speak. But they could only sigh in unison, and kiss, a long deep kiss that
seemed to punctuate this memorable event in their lives. Then they fell
into a deep sleep, still entwined but side by side.

Chapter 14

John and John, Jr.

John's son loved his father deeply. When he suggested earlier that his Dad
enter Carter Court after the death of his mother, it hurt him severely. For
he knew that his Dad was alive, both mentally and physically. But because
of a faltering marriage, he couldn't take his father in, a choice he
preferred for a number of reasons. He indirectly knew that his Dad and
mother had a vibrant sex life for he walked in on them on several occasions
while they were in an act of sex. Once, when he came home from school
early, he found them having intercourse on the sofa in the living room.
After that, he tended to be a little more cautious when
entering. That one experience taught him to peek through a window, whether
kitchen, living room, or bedroom, to see if there was any unusual
activity. It was on one of these occasions that he saw Marcie, his mother,
sucking his Dad's cock. He had seen his Dad's cock flaccid on a number of
occasions, but this was the first time he'd ever seen it erect. It was
every bit of 8 inches in length and 2 inches in width. He guessed its girth
to be around 5 1/2 to 6 inches. He remembered thinking how beautiful and
stately it looked as it emerged from his mother's mouth, wet and shiny.
Another time, he watched his Dad suck his mother's cunt while she
sat in an old rocker inherited from his grandmother. She was naked, her
bare feet resting on a coffee table, his Dad between her legs. There were
other encounters. But the one encounter that changed John Jr.'s attitude
toward sex happened while he was masturbating; his Dad walked in on
him. His embarrassment was total, as total as it could be for a teenager to
be caught in this compromising situation. But he always remembered his
Dad's reaction. He came into the bedroom, hesitated, but sat down next to
him. Instead of the expected parental reprimand, his Dad said, "Son, this
might be a good opportunity for me to speak to you about sex. I won't say
much and I'll get out so you can finish what you're doing. What you're
doing is good and normal. Never be ashamed or feel guilty." With that, he
stood and left. John Jr. remembered the deflation that occurred
afterward. His hard on went from super hard to limp in only a few
seconds. But upon reflection in the days following that episode, he would
smile the smile of manhood and the smile of relief that came from ridding
himself of the guilt that accompanied his previous masturbatory
activities. He didn't realize it until years later that this brief sexual
lesson endeared him deeply to his Dad. He saw that he and his Dad were
kindred humans in their sexuality and that they were bound together by
their mutual sexuality. This was the human condition.
John Jr. was now a grown man in his early 50's. His marriage had
gone through some rough spots and, ultimately, it led to a divorce. It was
at this time that John Jr.'s visits to his father at Carter Court became
more and more frequent. He needed someone to talk to and his father offered
the comfort and advice that he needed in this trying period. Often, he
would stay overnight with his father. The bonding of father and son grew in
intensity at these times, each sharing his joys, anxieties and
fears. Inevitably, the subject of masturbation would come up since John had
fantasized, over the years, his father's one-time lesson in sexuality.
His fantasies, in fact, brought closure to that instruction on
guilt. While masturbating, John Jr. would often relive that instructional
moment in a variety of fantasies. In one fantasy, after delivering the
instruction, his father would take out his dick, sit next to John Jr. and
masturbate with him. In another, he and his father would share
techniques. They would experiment with Vaseline and other lubricants. They
would experiment with hand positions and movements. In another, they would
strip naked and his father would place John Jr.'s hand on his dick and ask
him to explore its hardness. In yet another, his father would tell his son
to lie back and relax while he tenderly massaged the shaft, its tender head
gorged with blood, until he came. The mutations and permutations of these
fantasies were endless. But they were only that, fantasies. John Jr. wanted
a closure that brought him closer to his Dad based on that earlier
realization that they were human in their sexuality.
One night, after an early dinner at his Dad's apartment, John
Jr. and his father relaxed. An aperitif eased them into this relaxed
mood. John Jr. moved the direction of the discussion around to that moment
when his Dad walked in on him masturbating.
"Dad," he said nervously, "do you remember the time you walked in
on me."
John Sr. looked over the top of his glasses directly into his
son's eyes and replied, "Yes, son, I do. I often wondered how that
instruction helped or hindered you in later years. I often reflected on the
inadequacy of words. I often felt I should have said more. How did it
affect you?"
John Jr. laughed. "At that given moment, my penis went soft!" He
continued in a more serious vein, "Days, weeks, months, and years later,
however, I came to realize that it was the greatest advice you could have
given me. I felt closer to you after that than I ever did in my entire
life, save now."
"Save now? How do you feel now?" John Sr. asked.
"I'm a little embarrassed to say it, Dad," he stammered, "but I
feel like that little boy again, but, now, I want to hold you in my
arms. Is that wrong?"
"Here we are back to the inadequacy of words again," John
Sr. replied. "No son, that is a perfectly normal and human reaction. In
fact, over the years, I've wanted to do just that, hold you tight and not
let you go. Come here, sit next to me."
Feeling like the little boy of those years, he eased into the warm
embrace of his father's arms. They said nothing for the next 30
minutes. But there were tears in their eyes as each relived this moment in
time in his own way. And it was inevitable in their thoughts, that this
night would be an epiphany.
John Jr. spoke first. "Dad, let's go to bed and continue this
embrace. I want you to feel my love for you." His Dad moved slowly, as if
in a trance. He kissed his son's brow tenderly, stood, helped by his son's
firm grip, and moved to the bedroom where he sat on the edge of the
bed. His son whispered, "Dad, sit still and let me undress you." First, he
untied his shoes and removed his socks. He felt his father's feet,
caressing them with his hands and face. Then he stood before his father and
kissed his eyes and brow and gray hair, pressing his head to his
breast. Next, he removed his shirt. His 72 years still showed the firmness
of youth except for the dense silvery gray hair on his chest. But this
enhanced his beauty and the love his son felt for his father. He lingered
here, massaging his father's chest and neck tenderly.
By this time, John Sr. had succumbed to this love his son showered
on him and basked in it. He lay upon the bed and let him unbuckle his
pants. He raised his hips slightly to let John Jr. removed his pants and
his underwear. He lay still, eyes closed reliving a fantasy of his own, the
fantasy of having loved his son the day he walked in on him
masturbating. John Jr., too, disrobed and stood naked before his
father. John looked at his son and saw his own youth and pulled him to his
bosom. John Jr. now lay atop his father, naked, in a kneeling position,
feeling the warmth of his body, the beat of his heart, the aspiration of
his breath.
But there were other feelings. Both their dicks felt the onrush of
their physical closeness. John Jr.'s dick, hard and throbbing, met his
Dad's semi-erect cock in this embrace. The sensation of their touching
cocks sent shivers of excitement through their bodies. John Jr. pushed this
feeling even further. In a slow to and fro movement of his body, still in
this kneeling position, he rubbed their cocks into a new firmness,
experiencing a new sensuality. It was a communion of sorts, a sharing of
warmth and sensations that defied definition. It was sexual and yet it
wasn't. It was erotic, yet it wasn't.
Later, each would describe it as an almost spiritual and mystical
sharing of affections, heightened by the fact that they were father and
son. This rubbing continued many minutes, accented by John Jr.'s tender and
affectionate kissing of his Dad's eyes, brow, and face. The bonding of son
and father was sublime and the juices flowing from their cocks, mingling,
gave each a new sensation. It led to the rush of an orgasm. John
Jr. ,sensing this, rose from his father and lay beside him, his feet
extended toward the headboard. He grasped his father's now rigid cock and
began that slow and deliberate up and down movement leading to an
orgasm. The foreskin, wet with cock juices, retracted and contracted over
the swollen head, massaging the pulsing cock into heightened excitement. In
the dim light of the bedroom, his Dad's cock stood hard and majestic as it
disappeared and reappeared in John Jr.'s hand. And then it came, a
profusion of orgasmic fluids, accompanied by a loud exclamation of love and
affection. The orgasm spurted high into the air reaching John Jr.'s face
and mouth of which he partook. It was too much for him, as well. His rigid
and wet cock exploded its cum in the direction of his father's accepting
head and mouth. Then came peace and love. Each embraced the other and lay
together for the rest of that night, relishing the security of each other's

Chapter 15


Tom just turned 72 when he entered Carter Manor. Most who choose a senior
home at a late stage in life view this change as a setback. Tom, however,
was different. In his youth, he always admired older persons and sought
them out. He felt comfortable with them. Even in his marriage of 50
years, the pattern remained the same. So his entrance here was one of
anticipation. He decided early in his marriage that he was bisexual and,
if he could, sought out extramarital liaisons that held to this pattern,
older. His recent memories of sexual exploits involved older men and women
and, now, he felt he would have free reign to seek out and love those
persons he liked.
It was natural, therefore, after he arrived, to migrate towards
those persons who seemed friendly and amicable, and, in particular, sought
out the friendship of seventy-year-old Jim and 90-year-old Charlie who
seemed to have bonded well together. It was a happy choice for Tom. Jim
and Charlie immediately took Tom under their wing to introduce him to the
other members of the community and to assist him in his transition to this
new life. Tom also sensed that there existed a sexual relationship between
Jim and Charlie and early in their visits to one another's apartments, the
subject of sex was quickly broached and amicably settled. Jim and Charlie,
not only acknowledged their sexual preferences, but also drew Tom into the
mix. On one of their first apartment visits to Tom, they moved the subject
around to masturbation and all three ended up on the bed mutually
masturbating each other.
This was fine for Tom. He made a friendship, a friendship with
which he could feel comfortable and relate to. But there was a problem.
He wanted more. He wanted someone to whom he could directly relate and
love that celebrated his repressed desires for sex. Tom, in his fifty
years of marriage, harbored latent desires that he could never act on or
fulfill. Certainly, he could never act out these desires with his wife
although, in the case of rimming, he did manage, successfully, to rim a
female friend and decided that he enjoyed it. But in this mix of desires,
he also felt a need for enjoying a man's cock in his mouth and in his ass.
He knew no way, however, of achieving these goals because his life had been
so deeply closeted because of his marriage and family. Once, while away at
a meeting in another city, he managed to meet another man and attempted to
satisfy his needs. It ended in failure since it was clandestine and
hurried. He managed to suck that cock but gagged in doing so. His need of
experiencing a cock in his ass was also hurried and ended unsatisfactorily.
It hurt. The experience left him disconsolate and unsatisfied, concluding
that, although it was still his desire to suck and be fucked, the chances
of it happening were impossible. He had almost convinced himself of that
even though a gnawing feeling inside told him that it might be different or
it could be different in another set of circumstances.
Now, at Carter Manor, the desires resurfaced. His imagination ran
full riot over the possibilities before him. He saw many men that he found
desirable, and, for the first time in many years, plotted to explore his
latent desires. He started in little ways. When he masturbated, he also
began to manipulate his asshole. Vaseline, lots of it, seemed to ease the
penetration. But it was not the penetration that he focused on. He tried
tickling his anus with the pad of his finger, not deep, but surface
relaxation. It was a pleasant feeling. Next, he tried other insertions,
small cucumbers, candles, small squash as well as other vegetables. What
he found in this exploration was that his asshole began to relax.
Eventually, he arrived at a point where he could insert small objects,
which were large enough to massage his prostate as he masturbated. After a
visit to a local sex shop, he bought a small butt plug that felt
comfortable and he began to use it regularly. The sensation from this
massage lifted his masturbatory sessions to new heights. His orgasms
reached new levels of pleasure. In addition, he began to think less of the
penetration and viewed these acts as requisites to pleasure.
One day when Tom was with Jim and Charlie, the mention of a Prime
Timers Convention in Orlando piqued his interest. Tom asked, "What's Prime
Jim spoke first, "It's an organization for older men that meets all
over the world, with chapters in major cities. Its purpose is to enable
older men to share their desires and thoughts on a variety of subjects, one
of which is sex. Membership also included admirers of older men, younger
men. But its primary end was to engage older men in sharing these goals."
Charlie added, "Once a year, they hold a convention in a major
city, usually a city in a warm climate, where older men can come together,
talk, discuss an agenda, and, in passing, engage in unmitigated sexual
exploits and pleasures. It's quite the thing, Tom. This year, Jim and I
are planning to attend. Why don't you think about coming along? You might
even meet someone there who is compatible. You'd have free rein to do what
you want since we will be occupied ourselves."
That's all Tom wanted to hear. "When is this meeting," he asked.
"I think I'd like to go along."
The dates suited Tom fine. He agreed to go along as long as they
could share the costs of travel. Jim and Charlie had no problem with that.
The day came and they drove to Orlando and got adjoining rooms at
the convention hotel. No sooner did they arrive, than they began to
circulate. Better yet, Tom was accosted several times on stairways and at
the bar for good reason. His physical demeanor made him very desirable.
At one point during the convention, however, Jim and Charlie heard of an
orgy room and an orgy locale at an estate outside Orlando. They told Tom
and the three drove out to the site. Indeed, it was an estate, isolated
and serene. Old timers roamed the grounds and sexual orgies were in
evidence everywhere. They entered the house and Jim said to Tom, "Roam
around. See what's going on. We'll meet here 5 hours from now and compare
Tom drifted off into the house and, more or less, followed the
crowd. An attractive 74 year old struck up a conversation and they went
off into the garden to talk more. The 74 year old had experienced Prime
Timer conventions in previous years and took Tom under his wing.
Inevitably, things got around to intimacies and Tom, for the first time in
his life, felt comfortable to relate his fantasies to Stan, the 74 year
old. Stan was sympathetic. He encouraged Tom to explore these fantasies
and suggested that they move into an orgy room where lots of action
The room to which Stan led Tom was a large bedroom from which the
furniture had been removed. Blankets and mattresses lay everywhere and
groups of men congregated in cliques fulfilling whatever fantasies they
wished. Stan and Tom moved between these groups and observed. In one
group, an older 80 year old was being fucked. Several others surrounded
the 70 year old fucking him, Tom counted 6, in various forms of engagement.
Two massaged the 70 year olds cock as it drove in and out of the 80 year
olds hot asshole. Another 60 year old knelt between and under the 70 year
old's legs and sucked his balls as the cock drove in and out. Two men
played with his cock, one sucking, the other massaging his balls. Tom's
wish at this point was that he could be the center of attention. Stan
unwittingly helped Tom move into this mode. As they watched, Stan fondled
Tom's hard cock and, eventually, knelt before Tom and took his hard cock
full into his mouth. Tom went limp. Others, seeing Stan suck, moved in.
As Stan sucked Tom's cock, one older gent moved behind Stan and began to
rim his hot ass. Another moved to Tom's rear and drove his tongue deep
into Tom's asshole. Tom's moans signaled the others to his passion and
they surrounded Tom, some kissing his neck and face, others massaging his
tits into ecstasy. Stan's rimming had relaxed Tom's asshole to such a
degree and heightened his sexuality beyond control that Tom dropped to his
knees and pled for Stan to take him. Stan moved forward and gently
inserted his cock into Tom's relaxed asshole and began a slow fuck, at the
same time massaging Tom's tits. For the first time in his life, Tom's ass
relaxed and accepted Stan's cock with passion. In this moment of ecstasy,
everything changed. An older man, cock hard moved to Tom's mouth as Stan
fucked him and massaged his face with his cock. Passion took over. Tom
took the old man's cock full in his mouth now and sucked deliriously. It
wasn't long before the old man shot his hot load into Tom's mouth along
with Stan's simultaneous hot spurts emptying into Tom's asshole. Tom, as
this point, completely taken by the crowd, fell on his back, his hard cock
erect. Stan moved in and took his cock deep into his mouth and sucked. It
didn't take long. Tom shot his load deep into Stan's throat. Stan
lingered long over his cock, his head resting on Tom's crotch and they
dozed. The others moved on. When Tom and Stan woke, they wrapped their
arms around each other and kissed deep and tenderly. It was the beginning
of a new relationship.

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