Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Water Leak II

I woke up a few hours later from the ringing of the phone. I knew who it
was, this was planned. Mark, the downstairs neighbor and certified hottie
with a body and a dick, was right on time. I slid out from under Roger
and Pete and answered the phone. In his sultry voice, Mark said he
couldn't wait any longer. I told him give me five minutes. I unlocked the
door and went to the boys, I took their cocks, and put them in my mouth
one at a time. I licked their shafts alternating between the two and
playing with their balls. They were up and at attention. I moved my body
close to their faces and kissed each of them in a sensuous passionate
kiss, I thanked them for the night before. I had that look on my face,
and Pete knew that I was up to something. He slid his fingers
tantalizingly around my pussy, and asked me what i was up to. I told him,
"who is the second hottest guy that lives in the building?" without
batting an eyelash he replied, "Mark, the sexy guy downstairs." I
giggled and he said, "no freaking way." Roger had no clue what we were
talking about and tried asking us. Finally after a few minutes of teasing
them, I called out loud, "baby come in here and see what we're up to."
Mark walked in, in all his naked glory. His hard body smooth and
hairless, his member standingup at attention, smiling like a sly fox.
"Pete, man you were so loud last night, i couldnt sleep." Pete looked all
shocked, and shyly apologized. Mark looked at him like he was crazy and
said, " are you nuts, that was the best jack-off session i have ever
had." Mark came close to the bed and sat on the edge. Petes fingers were
still inside me, moving ever so slightly turning me on and making me
squirm. Roger, though was holding me in place not letting me move as he
tickled my nipples with his tongue. Mark spoke to Roger, "so this is the
hot pizza delivery guy, everyone has ben talking about. In the flesh, and
when i say flesh i mean hard body." Roger's face turned red, he knew
people thought he was hot, but somehow he couldnt imagine how someone who
looked like that, would fantasize about him. I decided something needed
to be done, and took charge of the situation. "Boys, stop flirting and
lets play. Pete, if I dont get fucked in the next three minutes I'm going
to have to fuck myself with your fingers. and Mark let Roger here suck
you off, Pete can vouch that he gives the best head. You said I was
thebest head you've got, I can bet you he will be better. Roger, honey
grab the lube so when you're done with Mark he can give some to Pete for
being so loud." The three of them looked stunned as I made my requests.
Within seconds though they were on it, Roger, grabbed the lube and passed
it to Pete, who lubed up, with one hand while continuing with his finger
inside of me. Mark sat on the bed, and Roger on his knees, as he played
with Mark's shaft. Finally Pete entered me, he slowly moved in and out,
and pulled my legs onto his shoulders. Mark and i were making out with
eachother kissing as he touched my breasts. We moaned into eachothers
mouths from the orgasmic ectasy we were both feeling. I couldnt take it
anymore and contracted onto Pete's cock, he screamed and winced as he
shot his load into me, I loved feeling him fill the condom, i felt the
vibrations of his juices. He lay on top of me, and Mark's lips met his,
they kissed. Mark pulled away and screamed loudly, "oooooohhhhhhhhh, im
cumming in your mouth." Roger's lips held his cock and load after load
shot into it. Finally, Mark had finished and Roger came onto the bed, his
cock was hard and i knew he needed some lovin'. I moved my head onto his
cock and began licking his shaft, I felt stuble on my face, as I looked
up, Mark was helping me lick and suck and play with Roger. I took Roger's
dick in my mouth as Mark took his balls, it didnt take long for Roger to
come, and he shot four loads in my mouth. I swallowed the first, and
shared the rest with Mark and Pete. We lay there breathing heavily for a
little while, until Pete spoke up. "Guys, I think we owe Issie a thank
you, she has pleasured us intesly and the least we can do is help her,
dont you think?" Mark and Roger looked knowing at eachother. They moved
me to the center of the bed, and played with my nipples, fingered my ass
my vagina. I was squirming, and taking in the pleasure. All of a sudden,
Mark took my legs onto his shoulders, he pushed his pulsating cock into
my ass, and Pete, sat almost on his lap, and stuffed his cock into my
pussy. Both my wholes were being filled, and they thrust in and out in
rhythmic motions together. Rogers licked and bit and sucked on my
breasts, I felt his bulge on my side. After a few minutes of the
simultaneous thrusts, I screamed out in orgasm, Pete and Mark filled my
wholes with their juices. When they pulled out, Roger went down there and
drank the mixture of our juices. Roger was hard, and Pete turned over,
and Roger fucked his ass. Mark and I went at it again, eventually we all
fell back asleep, naked sweaty and come everywhere. The smell of sex and
sweat permeated the room, and the sound of our rhythmic breathing
replaced our moans.

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