Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pro Bono 6

Chapter 6.

I didn't sleep well that night, Tomas was talking in his dream all night in
a foreign language, most likely his mother tongue. A couple of times he
kicked me in his sleep. Must try to find him a place to stay as soon as

I was thinking in the darkness, thoughts went through my mind, asking
myself questions, trying to interpret my feelings for Marrion, and coming
to the realization why I was not willing to commit myself to marrying
Marrion, even though she hinted often that's what she wanted.

Sex with Marrion was adequate, but something was amiss, which I couldn't
put my finger on what it was. I often blamed it on our inexperience with
sex, I met her in the last year of my Uni, and she was my first and only
girlfriend, she was a virgin, and so was I. My only sexual experience
limited to that one night with Ben, and my almost daily masturbation. The
bulk of my sex education came from watching porns. The curious thing was
that I couldn't get myself to apply any of the techniques they showed in
the porns on Marrion, I feared that she might be grossed out, you dirty
bastard, where did you learn that from.

I comprehended my feelings for Marrion was not love, our relationship was
more like companionship, the sex was just part of the routine in dating
game, perhaps the way I described it was a bit crude, but I just couldn't
pretend any longer. Not after what happened between me and Tomas, and the
memory of that night after I left Ben.

When I walked away from Ben that night, a heavy sense of regret blanketed
me, tears blinded me, I had this great pain in my chest, felt like my heart
being cut open. I wished I could take back all those ugly words I said to
him. I wanted to tell him he was still my best friend, but I didn't, I
didn't want to hurt him, but I did, I wanted to say sorry, but I didn't, I
didn't want to leave him, but I did, I should love him back, but I didn't.
Why? Because I was a young fool, I was a coward, that's why.

I walked away, away from friendship, happiness, and love. I walked home.
I was a wreck the next morning, hang over and sadness was not a good mix.
Mother asked me where Ben was as he was supposed to stay over at our place,
our home was Ben's second home, he stayed at our place during many Summer
holidays, and mother treated him as part of the family. I gave some lame
excuses. Somehow I knew mother sensed something wasn't quite right between
me and Ben, but she didn't pursue any further, she just put her arms around
me, I started sobbing, I found shelter in her love, my pain eased just a
little bit. She never asked me what actually happened, and I never
mentioned Ben's name since. I never wanted to experience that pain ever
again, my way of coping with the loss was to wipe Ben off my memory, I was
doing OK, until now, the pain started to creep back, just a little bit.
Then I dozed off.

I woke up to the sound of distant car honks, and felt the heavy weight of
Tomas's arm over my chest. I looked at the clock, it's already 9 a.m. I
could hear him snoring gently, I snuggled up closer to him, felt his
morning hard on poking at my side. Slowly I freed up one of my hand and
with my thumb and index finger formed a ring around his knob, using the
foreskin to slide gently up and down over it, then tentatively grabbed the
whole trunk, explored it, measuring it, marveled at its thickness and
length, until my palm reached the base and felt his coarse pubic hairs. I
moved my palm further down, found his balls, amazed at their size, their
weightiness. With my other hand I stroked his forearm, feeling the layer
of thick hairs over it, running my fingers over the hairy knuckles, those
long thick fingers, remembering the penetration, and the pleasure.
Silently I thanked Tomas for showing me the way, helping me to understand
my desires, my true feelings, and revealed to me what I'd missed, enough of
lost time, much catching up to do, but how?

I noticed the snoring stopped, I turned my head and looked into a pair of
bluish green eyes, and a smiling face showing a row of white teeth. The
room filled with the masculin smell emitted from us, reminded me of our
locker room after soccer matches, the sweats, the steam, the odor, where so
many lost opportunities of showering together with Ben.

I pushed Tomas onto his back, leaned over on my elbow, looking down at him.
I wanted to show him what I learned last night, and the techniques I dare
not practised on Marrion. I kissed his eyelids lightly, brushed his lips
with mine, tongued his earlobe, his neck, clockwise, anti-clockwise, he was
moaning, I must be doing alright. I pushed his arm over his head, exposing
a dense brown turf under his armpit, I covered it with my mouth, sucked the
gland under it, he moaned louder, Ah, the smell of locker room. I
alternated between each side of his armpits, I attacked his nipples with my
fingers, I pinched them a little, rolled them a little, wetted them with my
tongue, sucked on them gently, then hard. I had to ignore the belly
button, because it was covered over by the red knob of his cock, I sniffed
at it a little, licked off the drop of pre-cum from the tip, wetted it with
my tongue, spread my spit over the spongy head, different kind of smell,
not as strong as his armpits. I tasted the trunk like a ice bar, sucking
inch by inch on its side. His pubic hairs were long and thick, the smell
of his crotch not unlike his armpits, I had difficulty putting both of his
balls into my mouth, eventually I managed to squeezed them in, I tried to
get a look at his face, but my view was blocked by that column of flesh. I
let go of his balls, lifted his legs over my shoulders, used my hand to
lift the sac and exposed that little bud, hidden under a layer of fine
curly dark hairs, I hesitated, no, no retreat, must soldier on. I pulled
the hairs a bit with my teeth, probed the way his probed mine, circled the
rim with the tip of my tongue, I heard a hoarse cry, followed by some
muffled sound, grunting and snorting, with every swirl of my tongue I was
rewarded with a groan, he was tight, but I pushed as far as my tongue could
reach, crotch like smell, andfunky. I rubbed my cheeks and chin, with the
overnight growth of beard, against the inside of his thighs and the flesh
around the bud, he convulsed like someone received an electric shock, no no
no he pleaded, no mercy from me.

I let his legs down, shifted my body on top of one of his leg, riding it,
rubbing my cock against it, getting friction from his hairs. I took hold
of his cock, opened my mouth wide, barely managed to take in the spongy
knob, and masturbated the trunk simultaneously. With my other hand, I
found the tight little opening, slowly I pushed my finger in, wiggling
around the rim, it was hot, it was tight. I found a little hard roundish
lump inside, I massaged it with my finger tip, he was now yelling in
Croatian, punctuated with my name in between. He was shaking, trying to
expel my finger, trying to escape fom me, too fucking late, his battle was
lost. The pulse started from the base of his cock, vibrated all the way
upwards, when it reached the tip of his cock, I was rewarded with a massive
ejeculaton in my mouth, coming thick and fast, I couldn't swallow all of
them, some of it forced its way out of my mouth and dribbled down his cock.
I was aware of my own imminent orgasm, I rode his leg with increased speed,
when it arrived, I buried my face into his pubic hairs, the smells of musk
and spunk filled my nostril, my body humping his leg like a dog on heat,
pumping and humping, I let loose. No more pretense, no more feeling of
shame, no more walking away. Many thanks, Tomas, for helping me finding
James Menzie.

After cleaning up, we went out to the local cafe for breakfast. When I
reached page 5 of the Saturday morning paper, I was surprised to see the
nude photo of Miss Sharlene the Cat Woman with her legs and arms stretched
out facing the camera. The only modifications were the usual blank strip
covering her breast and virgina. Next to her photo, was a picture of Tomas
in his white T-shirt, with yours truly stood next to him. Headlined :
Young stud escaped the clutch of Cat Woman. Text read like a self promo
put out by Loin & Loin, a team of professional criminal lawyers from Long &
Long headed by the brilliant James Menzie put the accuser and the
prosecutor through the grinder, with their well researched evidences, the
jury was so impressed that the acquittal verdict was reached within world
record time, etc.etc.etc. Mmm, I must cut it out and start my scrapbook.
I bet Johann had a hand in all this, but I wasn't complaining, on top of
the Olympic ticket, perhaps a promotion might be on the way, or an generous
adjustment of my remuneration package? I showed Tomas his picture and
explained to him what was reported. He grinned from ear to ear, "Me look
good, Mr. James, you good laywer" You forgot to mention "Mr. James you good
cock sucker Me Tomas good teacher"

Then something came to my mind, I had a solution for Tomas' living
arrangement. I made a call on my mobile, all done. Next, Tomas' old job.
We drove to Oxford St., parked my car outside Cafe J.O., Tomas went in and
disappeared behind the kitchen door. I waited in my car and he reappeared
15 minutes later, he was all smiles and looked happy.

"You got the job back?"

"No, no job, boss say another man work now, maybe come back few week ask
again, but all kitchen workers and boss shake hand, my picture in
newspaper" That's why he looked happy, like a movie star, appeared in a
porn flick featuring Tomas Baby Arm and Brilliant James Menzie the Bi

Plan B.

(To be continued.......)

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