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Senior Citizen's Eden by Jim Stanley Chapter 35

Chapter 35


Jeff had just turned 75 when he entered Carter Court. Unlike some
of the other men in the home, Jeff looked forward to his arrival because of
his penchant for sex with older men and women. He found this difficult to
explain to himself and others, but now, with lots of time on his hands, he
had long moments to reflect on his proclivity for seniors. Carter Court
offered him ample opportunities for experimentation and discussion and he
quickly got into the swing of things. In fact, on his first day, he met
old Charlie and his friend Jim and spent the day and night exploring his
and their sexuality. During the day, they wasted no time in getting into
bed and loving each other, each taking time to explore the most inner
recesses of their bodies. Jeff, in particular, liked to rest his head
between Jim's legs as Jim lay on his back, Jeff's cock lying near Jim's
mouth. Charlie lay in a similar position to Jeff's, his head between
Jeff's legs, where both Jim and Charlie could partake in this agape, this
feast of love. In the evening, after dinner, Jeff returned to Charlie and
Jim's apartment and discussed, long into the night, their sexual desires
and theorized on how they arrived there.

Jeff gave his version first. "I'm pretty sure that my sexual fantasies
derive from my youthful experiences at home as related to my mother and
father. I remember, in particular my mother's words, 'He's a love child,'
spoken to our next door neighbor's wife. I was nine at the time, just
coming into sexual awareness and I wondered what those words meant. I had
an inkling, but I wasn't sure. I sought out my older next-door neighbor
and asked him the meaning of those words. Red was quick with his
answer. 'It means,' he said, 'that your mother and father had sex at a late
date in their life and you were the result.' Thinking about it, my mother
was 48 when I was born and my father, 52. At age nine, my mother was 57
and my father 61."

Charlie interjected, "My experience was similar in that I used to
hear them fucking during the night, my bedroom being near theirs."

Jim nodded, "My experience was the same as Charlie's except that I
took it one step further and climbed out onto a flat roof and crawled
toward their bedroom window and watched. But I was more enamored with
their passion and the vision of my father's hard cock driving into my
mother's cunt always leading to violent and magnificent orgasms. But,
still, it was the fact that they were older that enchanted me."

Jeff continued with his story. "My sexual awareness was beginning
to manifest itself at 9. This new bit of information piqued my interest
even more. I began to observe my mother and father. I began to listen in
the long nights to the whispers and moans emanating from their bedroom.
Once, feeling ill, I walked into their bedroom and saw my father atop my
mother. He dismounted hurriedly, but I was able to convince them of my need
to sleep with them and, snuggled in the middle of their warm bodies, I
became aware of the smells and sensations of warm bodies. I felt the
outline of my mother's body pressed against me. I looked beneath the
covers for signs of sexuality, noting, for example, the outline of my
father's cock pressed hard in his underwear. Sometimes I was rewarded with
a view of his cockhead oozing from the leg portion of his boxer shorts.
Once, his boxer shorts were open and I visited with his hard cock, watching
it stand upright, throbbing. My mother's nightie was another temptation.
Often, in the restlessness of sleep, she would raise her legs, forcing the
bottom of the nightie above her hips, exposing her vagina. I watched
intently as her breathing moved her vaginal walls and exposed the wetness
of the inner labia. Once, startled by a dream, I crawled into their bed on
my father's side and slept. During the night, movement woke me and I lay,
hardly breathing, sensing the movement of my father's hips towards my
mother. I was aware that he had his hard cock in her but could not see the
action of its movement in and out. My stillness paid off. At one point, I
heard him whisper that I was in a deep sleep and that they could proceed
with abandon. I watched him remove his boxer shorts and, she, her nightie.
For a 62 year old, he was physically fit and, from my vantage point, had a
6 to 7 inch cock, well formed and uncut. He rose over her and inserted his
cock into her mouth. The silhouette of his hard, wet cock sliding in and
out of her mouth was plainly evident. Several minutes passed. While he
fucked her mouth with his hard cock, I could see her right index finger
probing her cunt, her legs raised in a V, her toes curled sensuously
upward. More whispers and then they reversed their positions. His head
now turned to her vagina while his cock still fucked her mouth. I could
see his tongue flicker in and out of her cunt while the rest of his body
kept its rhythmic fucking of her mouth. I sensed their passions
increasing. His and her tongue searched each other's assholes and their
passions increased, almost with abandon, ignoring the fact that I was in
bed with them. At one point I heard my mother ask if I were asleep or not.
My father's reply was muffled but I understood him to say, "Don't worry.
He's deep asleep. And even if he isn't, he might learn something from
watching us." It satisfied her and back they went to their lovemaking. I
sensed that my father might even get some enjoyment out of knowing that I
was awake and watching. Their anal lovemaking took over now. He had her
kneel on the side of the bed in a doggie position. He slipped out of bed
and stood behind her and gently tongued her asshole. Her muffled moans
increased in volume, giving way to her passion, neither paying any
attention to my presence. Several minutes passed and he stood upright. I
could only see my mother in a doggie position, her tits swaying before my
face, her ass elevated. I caught a momentary glimpse of Dad's cock as he
positioned himself to drive his hard cock into her asshole. They moaned in
unison at the penetration. He fucked her this way for several minutes,
alternating between deep strokes with his hard cock and withdrawing and
sucking her asshole deeply. Their passions intensified. He climbed back
into the bed. She lay on her back, her legs upraised. His hard wet cock
glistened in the darkness as it penetrated her wet and hot cunt. She
begged him to fuck her. He accommodated her wishes by driving his shaft
deep into her cunt. The entire bed shook. My head, just one foot from his
penetration, watched his hard cock driving into her wet hot cunt. Her
moans came first. "Oh my God!!! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me hard." It was
a moan and a whisper. Then he came. His cock pounded furiously and deeply
now. I could see his face above me, grimacing as if in pain, saliva
dripping from his mouth, the sound of "Jesus, God, I'm cumming." Then a
muffled, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, baby," and silence. Their bodies collapsed
atop one another. My cock throughout this viewing was hard and wet and
tingling. I heard their erratic snores and boldly moved my hand toward
their union of cock and cunt and felt the wetness of their lovemaking. I
grasped at it, feeling my father's limp cock still penetrating my mother's
cunt. Skimming their love juices, I applied it to my cock and balls. I
began the slow up and down movement and within seconds, my hot cock spurt
its juices high into the air, soaking my belly, my chest and my face. I
tasted my cum. I moved my hand once more toward my father's and mother's
love juices and tasted even more. That's all I remember. I slept the rest
of the night and woke the next morning to the voice of my mother calling,
'Jeff, come down for breakfast.'"

Charlie and Jim, in one voice, cried out laughingly, "Jesus, Jeff,
that's hot. You'll have both of us coming in our pants any minute! But go
on! Go on!"

Taking mental note of the bulges in Charlie and Jim's crotches,
Jeff continued. "I began to notice other things in my parent's behavior.
My father, in particular, expressed sensuality. At least, that is what it
seemed to me. I was in grade school at the time, perhaps 10 or 11 years of
age. One day, for whatever reason, I stayed home from school. My father,
too, hadn't gone to work and my mother was away. It seems she went to the
store or shopping. I remember being occupied with some things in my room.
Suddenly, I was aware of a quiet in the house, a quiet that was strange. I
left my room, came down the steps to the kitchen and sensed that my father
wasn't anywhere to be found. I came to the pantry and noticed the door to
the family room closed. That seemed unusual and I gave it no thought and
opened it. There, before me, sat my 62-year-old father naked, sitting in a
chair facing the door, legs outstretched, muscles taut in his legs,
masturbating. His strong body, the graying hair between his nipples, the
gray on his head, and his 6 or 7-inch cock burned itself into my memory. I
remember a smile from him; I remember my own arousal; I remember closing
the door and returning to my bedroom. I was so excited by this image of my
father masturbating that I lay on the bed and, without touching my cock,
only envisioning the scene, shot a load into my pants. I remember taking
my clothes off, cleaning off and rerunning my recollection of the scene,
this time with my cock in hand. I must have come 8 times that morning.

Another time, summer, I played and worked in the yard. We had a Victory
Garden at the time and my job was to keep the weeds from growing. My Dad
was in the yard, too, weaving some baskets. He had on some shorts but,
otherwise, was barefooted and bare-chested. My mother was somewhere in the
house attending to things of the house. At one point, I caught a glimpse
of my father going into the old chicken house that had been turned into a
shed. It wasn't more than 20 feet from me. He closed the door. I thought
that was odd. Inquisitive, I walked over and opened the door. There sat
my father with his shorts down to his ankles, legs outstretched once again,
his 6 to 7 inch cock hard, his right hand moving rhythmically up and down
his hard cock, his left hand, rubbing his belly and balls. Once again, I
closed the door and returned to the yard and the work at hand. I stayed
but moments and went to my room and masturbated for the rest of the
afternoon. I remember only that my cock was red and sore afterwards. But
the intensity of the image remained for the rest of the day and remaining
days and years of my life. I fell in love with his cock and body."

Charlie and Jim's cocks, by this time, cried for relief. Jeff
paused in his story telling, knelt before them and sucked them hard until
they shot deep into his throat.

"Oh! God! Jeff, that was good! What a story!" exclaimed old

"Don't stop now, Jeff. Let's hear some more," added Jim.

Jeff continued. "Once, when I was about 14, I came home around
11:30 P.M. I used the back door, entered the pantry and put on the light
in the kitchen. Just off the kitchen was a family room with a sofa. The
kitchen light illuminated the room slightly and I noticed that my father
was asleep on the sofa. I moved closer and, since it was summer, he slept
only with his boxer shorts. My mother was asleep upstairs. A closer look
revealed his boxer shorts opened and his flaccid cock in full view. I was
fascinated. I devoured that scene of almost total nudity, his gray hair on
his head, chest and pubic area. I crept closer and knelt beside him. I
drew closer still savoring the manly smells of his body, his crotch, his
legs, his feet. Since his snoring was continuous, I assumed he was asleep.
I reached out and gently touched his cock and getting no response, I took
it in my hand. Flaccid as it was, it felt warm to the touch. His cock
twitched a little at my touch, but there was still no movement from my
father. So I got still more brazen, wondering what it would feel like if I
could put his cock in my mouth. I bent over him and let my tongue slide
across the glans. The odor of clean sweat teased my senses. I remember
assuming that he jerked off and fell asleep. Emboldened, I took his entire
cockhead into my mouth and gently sucked. With that, he woke. I darted up
the stairs to my room and stayed quiet for about a half an hour. Then, on
the pretext of using the downstairs bathroom, I descended the stairs, went
to the bathroom, looked in on my father to note that he had closed his
boxer shorts and, I assume, pretended sleep. Nothing was ever said about
this episode.
About 6 months later, another situation aroused my curiosity with
my father's body even more. I remember it well. I came home from school
at 3:00 and, as most kids at this age, I moved quickly to the icebox for a
bite to eat. My mother stood menacingly between the pantry and the
kitchen, which led to the front room. It was an unusual pose, one that I
sensed was filled with tension. Her comment was, "Don't go into the front
room!" It wasn't a comment; it was an order. But as kids are quick and
nimble, I was by her in a moment and into the front room. There on a sofa
lay my father and my first cousin, another 60 year old who had just lost
his wife, passed out. It was obvious that they had been drinking. Their
heads rested on the wall, their legs outstretched and their pants open with
their cocks lying softly on their inner thighs. Their naked postures
mesmerized me. The gray hairs surrounding my father's cock and balls as
well as the gray surrounding my cousins excited me. I remember, in
particular, my cousin's enormous cock. Flaccid, it looked to be at least 8
inches long. I heard my mother moan. I realized that I had moved too
quickly and that it was an embarrassment for her. I don't remember any
repercussions from this and, it seems, all was forgotten. But what
remained for me was the ever-present infatuation with my father, his body
and his cock. In this latter case, I wondered at what had transpired
between the two, my father and my cousin. I wondered what role my mother
played in it since she had to be aware of what had occurred. My
imagination ran wild from this point on. These scenes would become the raw
material for all my future fantasies of sex, which, to this day, I

"I was in my teens, about 12 or so," Charlie interjected. "My
mother was away and I was home alone with my father. I had been paging
through a magazine that, while not pornographic by today's standards, was
suggestive. My father sat in the chair next to mine and said, 'Son, have
you learned how to masturbate yet? I'm going to show you how.'" With
that, he took out his cock, a full seven inches when hard, and began to
stroke it up and down. 'Take yours out and do the same.' We both began to
stroke, faster and faster, and the excitement of it all had me shoot first.
I let it spurt all over my stomach and chest and greeted the cum with loud
and uncontrollable groans. My father shot next. His load shot straight up
into the air, landing on his cock and balls and thigh. We never did it
again together, but the impression it made on me lasts to this day. I
never cum but that I don't think of the hot load spurting from his hard 7
inch cock."

Jim broke in with his story of fascination for an old man next
door. "There was a neighbor, an old man, who would sit in his backyard in
the summer with his shirt off, either sunning or in the shade. I used to
sit in my bedroom window, naked, and lust after his body. He was thin, but
well built, except for a slight protrusion of his stomach. His hair was
gray and his back and chest matted with the same gray hair which ran into
his shorts and down his legs to feet that were wide but well formed. A
twinkle in his eyes drew attention to the deep blue of his eyes and a thin
nose that suggested nobility. I'm sure he caught me watching and, often,
he'd stroke his crotch until his hardness showed as a huge bulge in his
pants. He would go further once he was sure I was watching. He'd sit in
shorts, massage his crotch until his cock pressed hard and I could see the
head of his hard cock slide out from the side of his shorts. I could tell
when he got real hot. He'd stand, face my window, the huge bulge in his
pants throbbing, and walk slowly to the shed in the back yard. It took me
a while to guess at what he was up to, but, one day, he nodded toward the
shed and I took that to signify following him. I tore down the stairs from
my room, raced through our yard toward an opening in the hedge that led
into his yard and the shed. I peered through the smoky glass of the shed
and could see him lying naked on an old sofa, hard cock in hand, throbbing
and glistening with the wetness of his precum. I entered, stripped, and
walked toward him. He motioned for me to kneel over his head and stick my
hard cock into his mouth and suck his throbbing 8 inch cock. That first
time was quick and passionate. No sooner did my mouth envelop his hard
cock, he spurted an enormous load into it, moaning uncontrollably, his hips
gyrating and thrusting deep into my throat. I came, too. My cum came in
quick spurts, hitting the back of his throat and filling his mouth with my
hot jism, some of it running down the side of his chin onto his chest. He
scooped it into his hand and massaged my ass as it moved rhythmically in
and out of his warm and accepting mouth. His passion had only begun. He
raised up, lay me on my back, and adding spit to the cum, rammed his hard
cock into my passion filled asshole and pumped hard, sweat running down his
forehead onto my chest. A few more passionate pumps and he shot again,
this time crying aloud, 'Take it Jimmie. It's all yours. Taaakkkkee it!
Taaakkkkeee it!' Afterwards, he lay on his back, sweating profusely,
breathing hard. I lay with him, my mouth on his hot and throbbing cock,
sucking the remaining drops of his passion. We fell asleep this way until
I heard my mother call, 'Jimmie! Jimmie! Where are you? Come on home.
It's time for dinner.' That first encounter was just the beginning of a
deep and wonderful friendship that lasted fifteen years until his death.
Today, when I masturbate, I think of that first encounter over and over.
It always puts me over the edge for a real hot orgasm."

For Jeff, Charlie and Jim, the night had just begun. After another
passionate orgy, they slept together until the next morning.

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