Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Party

This story is true and happened to me a number of years ago. Please bear
with me while I give some background information. I had gotten married
really young, I was 18 and she was 17, and we had been married several
years and our sex life had gone down the tubes. (For those of you who have
read my other true stories, you know that I had a vast number of
experiences with guys prior to getting married.) I had been surfing the
internet and doing all those things such as masturbating to porn, chatting,
setting up discrete emails, etc. I felt that we had both grown apart, but
a divorce for me was financially out of the question. So I had sought
relief elsewhere.

My wife, Lily, had taken to spending more time with her friend Dee. They
both worked together and we spent a great deal of time with her and her
husband in our spare time. I wasn't really fond of Dee's husband but I
dutifully pretended to be friends with him. I had met Dee's 50 year old
mother a couple of times when she had come up from Florida to visit and I
also knew that Dee's mom had divorced her father a couple of years after
Dee was born, deciding that she was a lesbian. She had set up house in
Florida with her lesbian lover and was quite open about her sexuality. I
really liked Dee's mother and enjoyed being over when she visited.

Recently, Dee had asked my wife to accompany her to visit her mother in
Florida. Dee's husband had had to back out because of work and she didn't
want to make the trip alone. I was actually glad to get the time alone and
had a grand time going to the local bookstore to feast on some cock. There
was this young black stud with a 12" cock that found guts I didn't know
went that far up. OOPS Sorry, I digress, and that story is for another
time. By the time the week was over I was spent. I had cum more time than
in any other week and my asshole had a constant twitch that I still
remember today. At this point I was sure that my wife was too dumb to know
what I had been up to and, quite frankly, didn't care.

For a number of years Lily and I had taken a 2-week vacation in September
and had been going to Daytona Beach to the same hotel. We had made friends
with a number of people who went the same time every year. This made
vacations bearable because she could spend time with the girls and I could
spend time with the guys and basically could spend very little time
together. This year Lily had suggested cutting our time at the beach short
and spending a couple of nights with Dee's mother for a visit. I liked
Dee's mom (Kelly) so I readily agreed that the visit would be nice.

So we left Daytona and drove inland to visit Kelly and her partner Jackie.
We were welcomed whole heartedly by both women. I had not realized that
Jackie was much younger (36) than Kelly. Both women were attractive for
their ages and both had their hair cut in the classic lesbian short style.
They informed us that the next night was their turn to host a get together
with their friends. It seems that every Saturday four or five couples of
their lesbian friends would get together for a cookout and beers, and this
party rotated from each couple every week and our visit so happened to
occur on their weekend. I was asked if I minded being the only man around
a whole group of lesbians and jokingly responded, "Not unless you're afraid
I'll convert some back to being straight." Everyone laughed and so the
party was still on.

The party started with a cookout and I was assigned cooking duties. We had
steak, chicken, potatoes, and all the normal cookout fare and the beer and
wine were going down quickly in the hot and steamy Florida evening. As it
got dark the party moved inside. Kelly and Jackie had converted the garage
into a really nice playroom with a pool table occupying the center. There
was a stereo and refrigerator and the beer and wine kept flowing while
everyone chatted and listened to music. I kept noticing that every once in
a while a butt got patted and even a nipple or two were getting pinched.
Generally the booze was starting to loosen everyone's inhibitions and soon
the groping and hugging became more obvious. I had also noticed that this
was not going on between the couples that had arrived together. All of a
sudden I see one girl unbutton the blouse of the girl she had been
obviously coming on to and exposed her braless tits for everyone to see.
She latched her mouth onto one of her nipples and she grasped her behind
the head with an obvious look of lust on her face. I couldn't help myself;
I stared open mouthed and I might have actually been drooling. This was
better than any lesbian porno; it was live, and in person, and the smell of
a room full of wet pussy could never be duplicated on film. I had a raging
hard on and had to keep adjusting myself in my jeans to keep comfortable.
Lily had not seemed to notice and seeming to be in deep conversation with

I hadn't realized that Jackie had slid up next to me and had noticed my
obvious pleasure at watching her friends make out. She leaned in and
whispered into my ear, "Like what you see, don't you?" I was shaken out of
my trance and responded not too convincingly, "Doesn't bother me."
"Right", she chided and grasped my cock through my jeans and gave it a
quick squeeze, "He's telling a different story." I thought to myself, man
what have I gotten myself in for? Just then Jackie walked over to the
stereo and switched it off getting everyone's attention.

"Girls, we have problem", she called out! "I told everyone that we were
going to have to keep this party clean tonight because we have guests and I
didn't know how they would react. Well it seems you girls can't keep your
wet cunts in your pants to save your lives. Luckily for you it seems that
our male guest is quite the horndog and has been enjoying the show quite
immensely." I felt my self turn a deep shade of crimson and was
speechless. I turned to look at Lily who was grinning from ear to ear and
was obviously pleased with my predicament. Jackie then walked over to a
cabinet and flung open the doors revealing an array of toys. There were
double headed dildos, strapons, vibrators, butt plugs, etc. She quickly
reached in and took out a set of hospital restraints and walked back over
to me. "I think if we are to let this party continue, we need to insure
that our guest here keeps his hands to himself. Don't you agree girls",
she chided as she gave the restraints a twirl? All the girls started
clapping and making assertions that this was quite necessary. Jackie then
turned to me and asked if I was willing to let the party go on under
condition that I was restrained to the pool table. I gave a quick look to
Lily who was still grinning and mouthing yes to me. I said, "Let me go
take a piss first, okay? Then I will let you tie me up for the show as
long as someone gives me a drink every once in awhile." "You might get
more than that", Jackie laughed. I ran off to the bathroom and had to do
one of those lean and press jobs to try to make my engorged cock relax
enough to piss. When I came back, Jackie had tied off the restraints to
eyehooks under each side of one end of the pool table that had also been
covered with its plastic cover along with a sheet. The eyehooks had
obviously been used before and thoughts of what did happen rushed through
my already oversexed brain. I sort of numbly walked over to the grinning
Jackie and stuck out my arms. She quickly buckled the restraints around my
wrists, but leaving them long enough for me to keep standing. "Party on,
girls", Jackie yelled!

And, party on it was; clothes started flying everywhere, mouths were
pressing together, fingers were fondling pussies. It was obvious that this
was a weekly orgy waiting to happen and they had been holding back on my
and Lily's account. But, now the doors had been opened up and the dam
burst. "HOLY SHIT", I thought. I looked for Lily and found her sitting on
a couch with Kelly. Both of them had remained clothed but were watching
the show. About that time Jackie pressed a cute blond down on the table in
front of me and began to devour her obviously soaking wet cunt. The blond
kept looking at me and winking and soon had her first orgasm of the night.
My cock was about to burst from the sights of the lesbian orgy happening
all over the room. My jeans had become quite uncomfortable and I had begun
to twitch around trying to make my cock somehow get in a good positoin.

Lily noticed my discomfort and walked over with a glass of wine. She gave
me sip and laughed, "What's wrong? Is your dicky poo all hard?" "What do
you think, I snapped back? Jackie quickly stepped in to the rescue, "Now,
now, let's not get huffy. It's obvious that the only answer is to make you
more comfortable." "What do you mean", Lily and I said in unison. "Why
take off his clothes, of course. He's restrained he can't do any harm or
get in any trouble Lily. The least we can do is let him enjoy the show
without breaking his cock off in his pants." "Sure", Lily quirked, "let's
see the horny bastard naked!" Jackie and she began to undress me,
loosening each restraint just long enough to get my shirt off. All the
girls had stopped to cheer them on and gave a great whoop when my 8" cock
sprang out of my jeans. There was a long strand of precum hanging from the
end that Lily reached down and removed with her finger. She raised it up
for everyone to see, "See, he's really enjoying this!" Jackie grabbed
Lily's hand and brought the end of the strand to her mouth and proceeded to
suck it in like a strand of spaghetti, ending by sucking seductively on
Lily's finger. She then reached down and pressed my cock down so it
snapped back up and hit my stomach. Everyone laughed and very soon got
back to their own enjoyment.

After a few more minutes of the orgy and a few more orgasms, I noticed that
Lily was enjoying the show as much as I was. She had her shirt unbuttoned
and her hand down her pants playing with her pussy. Kelly was rubbing her
shoulder and whispering in her ear. All of sudden she snaked her hand
inside Lily's shirt and began to play with one of her tits. Lily's head
rolled back and she obviously came right then. Kelly took this as the go
ahead and quickly had her out of clothes and her legs spread. "Holy Fuck",
I thought, "My wife is being fucked by her best friend's mom! Lily looked
ever at me with lust hooded eyes and gave me a little shrug to say, oh
well, when in Rome.

By now I'm really fucked up and need some relief but all I'm getting is the
occasional slap on the ass or quick taunting squeeze from the girls who are
truly enjoying my discomfort. One girl gives me a really good smack and
says, "Looks like Lily's going to be batting for our side now, huh?" I
looked over at my wife who was now laid back on the couch, Kelly was
licking her clit while shoving a dildo in and out of her cunt, but, the
most surprising part was that another girl was straddling her face and Lily
was eating her for all she was worth. I was surprised but turned on as
well. I turned around to beg the girl to just give me a couple of strokes;
that was all I needed to get off and finally get some relief. But, much to
my chagrin, she was off to the cabinet where she extracted a harness and
strapped herself in. It was one of those that the dildo can be changed to
whatever size was needed. She turned around after attaching a 10" monster
to it and shouted, "Strapon time, who's first?" All the girls stopped and
began to cheer. One petite red-head ran up and fell to her knees and began
to give her a blowjob. The rest of the girls, including my wife, started
to gather around to watch. The girl with the strapon looked over my way
and came up with a devious idea, "I think our guest should be the first to
experience Fido here." "What", I stammered? Not me!" All the girls
screamed that she should let me know how it feels. Just then my wife
volunteered, "Oh, let me tell you girls; he already likes a good sized
dildo up his ass. He has one at home he uses on himself quite regularly."
I was stunned, how did she find out? Lily walked over to me, "Yes, my
dear, I found your dildo and KY stash a long time ago and I've been dying
to see you take one up the ass." I turned an even deeper shade of red than
I had previously. Of course, my cock was even harder than before and
leaking copious amounts of precum. Deb, the strapon girl walked over to
the table and got one of the girls to help her up on top. She walked over
to me with this monster swinging from side to side and began hitting me in
the face with it. "Come on, open up", she taunted. Lily leaned in and
pushed the back of my head, "Come on love, and show me how good you can
suck dick." I had no choice; I was being forced, wasn't I? I parted my
lips and immediately Deb shoved the monster to the back of my throat where
I instantly gagged. She withdrew leaving a stream of saliva running out of
mouth and hanging off the dildo. I had all kinds of fears and emotions
coursing through my brain concerning my marriage and then, suddenly it hit
me. Your wife is standing her naked, you've just seen her in torrid
lesbian sex scene, what are you worried about? So I decided to turn the
tables and enjoy the experience.

I looked up into Deb's face and grinned, "Yea baby, feed me that big cock
of yours." All the girls whooped it up as the dildo was returned to my
mouth. This time though, I showed them what a real blowjob looked like. I
worked the rubber dong like a pro each time taking it deeper in my throat
as it relaxed. Finally, I had the whole thing deep in my throat and most
of the girls said that they believed that I had done this before. I felt
fingers probing my crack and then someone smearing lube on my hole. I
pulled off and looked back to find my wife and Kelly lubing up my hole.
Kelly slipped one finger, then two, and finally three fingers in my man
cunt. She was surprised at how quickly I got used to them and said,
"Girls, this boy's ass has done this before too." When I turned around Deb
was getting down from the table and my wife was lubing her cock in
preparation for my ass fucking. She placed the head of the dildo at my
hole and without much fanfare slipped the head past my sphincter and then
drove the entire length right up my chute. I gasped and moaned as I came
up on my toes from the force of the entry. Someone gave me a real swat on
the ass and yelled, "Yea take it faggot!" Deb withdrew her cock and left
just the head in and then slammed once more to the hilt. I looked over my
shoulder and with a grimace said, "That the best you've got?" That set her
off and she really started plowing my ass, raking that dildo across my
prostrate on each thrust. I was already a bundle of sexed up nerves but, I
couldn't believe I was going to cum without someone even touching me. Sure
enough I came like a fountain and hit myself under the chin. My knees
buckled from the intensity of my orgasm and the girls were all screaming
that I had cum. One of the girls scooped up a bunch of my spunk and put it
up to my mouth. I just stuck out my tongue and lapped it all up.

All this had gotten a number of the girls worked up and fingers were flying
in and out of a number of pussies. Pretty soon there were moans of
pleasure and orgasms coming from most of them. I said, "Okay girls, you
can untie me now." Just then Jackie came into the room and yelled, "Don't
you dare; we're not done yet!" In all my lust and depravity I had failed
to notice that Jackie had left the room. She walked up to me and grabbed
my cock, looked me in the eye, and said, "We're about to find out just how
big a faggot you really are. I just called a couple of friends of mine and
they are on the way over. In the meantime you're going to show me how good
you eat pussy. Whereupon she laid back on the table and spread her legs.
I looked around for Lily to see how she felt about this development and
soon realized that she could care less; Kelly was laid back on the couch
and my wife's face was buried in her cunt and Deb was plowing her pussy
with my recent ass plunderer. Jackie reached up and grabbed the back of my
head, "Get to work faggot."

Now I pride myself on my pussy eating abilities and decided to give her a
hell of a ride. I soon had her writhing in ecstasy on the end of my
tongue. She raised my head up and said, "Damn boy, are you part lesbian or
something?" I just grinned and replied, "Yes Maim, I sure am!" She
grinned back and shoved my head back into her cunt. I worked her up slowly
and had her begging me to make her cum. Her pussy was so worked up it was
spitting juice at me and when I let her cum she spouted a gusher and I
lapped up every drop. I kept eating her but she squirmed away, "Fuck me, I
haven't cum that hard ever. Damn girls, he could give you all lessons. If
I could find a man that could eat pussy like he does, I'd go straight." I
jokingly replied, "Told you I would convert one of you tonight."

About this time the doorbell rang. Jackie jumped up, "That will be Tim and
Germaine, I'll be right back, don't go anywhere." "I'm still tied up,
where the fuck am I going", I quirked? I then remembered what she had
said; Germaine, does that mean what I think it does? Just as that thought
had run its course, Jackie walked back in following by first, a gorgeous
white guy and second, by this huge muscular black stud. They looked around
the room at all the naked bodies and then came to rest on me all tied up
and defenseless. They both looked at each other and grinned.

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