Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Senior Citizen's Eden by Jim Stanley Chapter 24


Now 75, Ken devoted his life to law and retired from his law practice at
74. It wasn't that he wanted to retire. But several small strokes and the
urging of his son, prompted him to take leave of his profession and enter Carter
Manor. It wasn't that he was incapacitated. On the contrary, he still led an
active life physically and sexually. A small limp was all that was in evidence
after his strokes. In any case, he felt it was time to relax in the sun and
enjoy life.
In his lifetime, he had met many interesting persons. One, in particular,
was a German director of gay porno films who had studios in Hamburg and Berlin.
Hans and Ken hit it off immediately when they met at a cocktail party
celebrating the release of one of Han's new films. As they talked, Ken revealed
some of his sexual fantasies. Hans beamed approval and invited him to come to
Hamburg and Berlin and watch and participate in his film productions. Jokingly,
yet with a hint of seriousness, he added, "I'll even assign a cameraman to you
to film you in whatever state of excitement you might be in as you watch the
filming. That way, you can come away with a small memento of your passion if
only some close ups of you jerking off and shooting. Maybe we could even fit
you into whatever filming were shooting."
"You're joking," Ken replied. "But someday I might take you up on that."
"On the contrary," Hans replied. "I'm quite serious and you might find it
very interesting."
Ken thought about that conversation and thought, "Why not take a trip to
Germany and look up Hans. The change of scenery might do me some good." He
began to plan for this trip immediately. Finding Hans' telephone number, he
called Berlin to find a convenient time for traveling to Germany.
Hans was happy to hear from Ken and replied, "You couldn't have called at
a more appropriate time. I'm beginning production on 3 new films in another
week and you might find them interesting since the cast involves about 10 young
studs that seem boundless in their enthusiasm and ability to have sex. Why
don't you come and stay with me for a month. I've got plenty of room and you're
more than welcome. Besides, I can show you the sights."
Ken was overwhelmed. He agreed and said that he would make plans to leave
at the end of the week and would get back to Hans as to the time of departure
and arrival in Berlin.
Time passed quickly and Hans met Ken at the airport. They had lunch and
afterwards drove to his apartment.
"You must be tired, Ken! Why not take a nap and we'll plan something for
the evening. Tomorrow will be another day and we'll begin shooting some scenes
at the studio in the afternoon. Let me show you the bathroom," Hans added.
Ken was keen to napping but was equally keen on napping with Hans if that
would be possible. Hans was a handsome man, in his early 60's, gray at the
temples and evidencing the savoir-faire of a man of the world. What's more, his
tight pants demonstrated a nicely formed cock that Ken would have liked to
cuddle up to. Leaving those thoughts for later, he entered the shower and began
his bath. Several minutes into his shower, his cock hardened by the thoughts of
Hans' naked body in his presence. The fantasy was about to become a reality,
however. Hans opened the shower door and stepped in, his cock throbbing. He
embraced Ken with his right arm, kissed him deeply, their tongues entwining.
His left hand reached for Ken's cock. Grasping both hard cocks in one hand,
Hans began a slow massage. The soaped dicks felt warm in Hans' hand and the
proximity of cock on top of cock moving in a gentle and rhythmic massage sent
chills through Ken's body. Just before shooting his hot load, Hans bent over
and took Ken's hard and throbbing cock into his hot asshole. It wasn't long
before Ken's hot load flooded Hans' asshole, both moaning in assent to their
mutually shared passion. Afterwards, Hans leaned back against the wall, his
cock firmly in hand, and motioned to Ken to kneel before him. Ken knelt and
received Hans' hot cock and load into his mouth, gagging at the force of the
spurt as it hit the back of his throat. He then sucked him deeply, draining
every drop of cum from Ken. They finished showering and lay in the bed naked,
arms and legs entwined and slept.
They had dinner that night, during which Hans introduced Ken to his
directing technique. He worked in a large open warehouse in Berlin. The size
of the space allowed him to create sets in the warehouse within which the cast
worked in a free and open environment. This was important because erections,
even for the young were not spontaneous. By allowing the characters in the plot
to explore and play within the bounds of the script Hans set up, erections would
come and cameramen were always on hand to film the sexual responses. Hans would
later take these filmings, edit, and create the plot he wished. He could in
these circumstances have six films going simultaneously. Thus, for example, if
a plot required six actors, then the six actors would begin sexual play and
exploration in the setting. The cameramen, at least three to each set, were
constantly filming every aspect of the sexual play. Hans insisted on close-ups
in particular. And so he prompted Ken to be spontaneous in his reacting to the
filming. He exhorted him to move freely about, fantasize, undress, walk nude,
explore his own cock, and enter into the filming as he pleased. The only
admonition he gave Ken was to never look directly into the camera. He was to
act out his fantasies with himself and with others oblivious to the constant
presence of the cameraman that Hans would assign to him alone. It was the
cameraman's responsibility to search for angles, close-ups, and positions.
The next day couldn't come quick enough for Ken. He and Hans drove to the
warehouse early the next morning and, already, the cast was improvising scenes.
In all, four films were being shot, with as many as six cast involved in each of
the scripts. Ken couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the 24 naked, muscular
men already in action. Hard cocks, sweaty bodies, sensual stroking, deep-throat
sucking, and ass fucking were all in evidence. He noted that Hans worked naked
as he directed and it was Hans who urged Ken to get into the action whenever he
felt like it. As it was, Ken's cock stood semi-erect from the time he entered
the warehouse. He undressed, feeling comfortable naked, and gently stroked his
cock as he watched the actions on the four sets. He was almost unaware of the
sole cameraman who constantly filmed Ken, whether standing solo, whether
stroking his cock, whether massaging his prostate with his finger as he watched
actors being fucked. One of Ken's fantasies was to lie inside the circle of a
group of masturbating men and have them come simultaneously all over his body as
he masturbated to an orgasm himself. On one set, such a scene was in progress.
It amounted to a circle jerk, with eight men facing off and jerking their hard
cocks passionately. Ken moved into this circle and lay on the floor naked, his
cock now very hard, pulsing. Above him stood the eight men, their feet aligned
with his body. The idea of an older man in this circle of passion seemed to
stimulate the young men and the action grew in intensity. So did Ken's hand on
his cock in anticipation of the flood of warm sperm that would soon splatter
over his body, his face, his eyes, his nose, his mouth, his chin, his breasts,
his navel, his cock, his balls, his thighs, his feet. And then the flood came.
First one, then the others released the fluids from their pent up passions and
spurted their hot cum over Ken's writhing body. The sense of release was
electrifying for Ken. The first spurt of hot cum hit his cock and balls and his
body arched upward to meet the hot wetness of the fluids splattering over his
entire body. As his body arched to meet this ecstasy, his own cock shot high
into the air, accentuated by his screams of relief, "Ohhhh my Godddd!!! Ohhhhh
my Godddd! Aaaeeeeeiiiiiii baby!!!!!!! Two of the men in this moment of
intense passion, grabbed Ken's ankles and raise his ass high as the last of the
octet knelt between his legs and drove his hot cock into Ken's asshole, the
sperm gushing in torrents and seeping out onto the sheet on which Ken lay. But
there was still more to come. After the intensity of the release ebbed, they
all lay near or on Ken's sperm covered body and massaged him gently into a state
of nirvana. Ken's only response, other than a smile of repose, was a sigh that
eased into gentle and quiet breathing, the breathing of a body in peace with
itself and the world.

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