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Senior Citizen's Eden by Jim Stanley Chapter 34

Chapter 34

Part 2


Jakob arrived in New York City in the fall of 1946. It was a time
of great change for America as servicemen began returning to civilian life
after World War II. Jobs were difficult to get; unemployment was rife. It
was into this mix and turmoil that Jakob fell, a condition not much
different from the chaos of 1939 and the occupation of Poland. In another
sense, the conditions were worse. He knew very little English and the
street sense that kept him alive in Poland during the occupation, his
language and his youth, were no longer viable in this new environment. He
had to learn quickly to survive. Ultimately, it was the passiveness that
he used as a survival technique in the streets and the camp that succeeded.
He had heard that a remnant of a Polish community still existed on New
York's lower East Side. After clearing customs, he managed to find his way
into the city and the lower East Side. This community was by no means as
large as the one that existed in the early 1900's when tenements were
filled to overflowing and shop and store signs were written in the Polish
language. Indeed, it was known as "Little Warsaw." There was also the
Polish Catholic parish where one could find the assistance of a priest who
spoke Polish and could direct him to sources of aid within the community.
Fortunately, for Jakob, there was still a Catholic Polish church. And to
it he ventured to ask for assistance in finding a job.

His first encounter with Father Mel was positive. He was an older priest,
in his 60's, who was familiar with enough of his Polish heritage and
language to identify with Jakob. After Jakob had told him the
circumstances of his life in Poland, Father Mel warmed to him even more.
In fact, within weeks, he had outlined something of a program for Jakob.
First, it was essential that he learn English. The parish happened to have
an ESL (English as a Second Language) program in progress in which he
enrolled Jakob. He also had him assist with grounds upkeep for which he
was given a minimum wage. While this wasn't much, it at least kept him in
pocket money to buy items of personal interest. His first week in the City
was spent in a cheap hotel in the area, mostly occupied by the many winos
and alcoholics that flowed into the area from the Bowery. In reality, it
wasn't much different from life at Sobidor. Even though he had his own
room, strange characters roamed the hallways, muttering to themselves,
disheveled, often, looking for a drink or the means of acquiring a drink.
So Jakob learned quickly to watch over his personal possessions, much as he
did at Sobidor. And then there was sex. One night, as he slept, he heard
someone at his door. He listened at the door and then asked, "Yes?"

A drunken voice responded, "Let me in. I need help."

In his naivete, Jakob cracked the door a bit and saw an older man
standing there, naked. He guessed his age at 70 or more.

"I can't find my room and lost my key," he added. Jakob let him in and
shut the door.

Before he could add anything else, the old man collapsed on the
bed, muttering something meaningless, and slept.

"What to do?" Jakob thought. "Should I go down to the desk and
tell them?"

He decided to let the man sleep and let events take their course.
He sat beside the naked old man and pondered his predicament. In order for
him to sleep, he had to move him toward the wall. He slid his inert body
toward the edge of the bed and lay down next to him. The circumstances
were not unlike the sleeping conditions at Sobidor. Bodies were packed
close to one another. The old man, too, reminded him of some of the
inmates. He was thin and fragile; his gray hair looked disheveled; his
feet seemed large and bony. But unlike Sobidor, the old man's size had
more to do with a lifetime of drinking and lack of eating. The cheeks of
his buttocks were hollow and thin. On the other hand, his cock loomed
large when contrasted to the fragileness of his entire body. He was
uncircumcised and the head shown clearly under the foreskin. Jakob felt a
tinge of passion in his cock as he surveyed the old man asleep. He
remembered some of his nightly experiences on his bunk. He moved his hand
toward the old man's cock and stroked it lightly, feeling the soft texture
of the skin. His other hand glided gently over the gray hairs of his head,
down to the gray hair that spilled from his chest and ended in a profusion
of gray surrounding his cock. The smell of maleness reached Jakob's
nostrils as he gently pulled the foreskin of the old man's cock back to
view the large head that it concealed. His cock was clean but pungent with
sweat and urine. Jakob's cock now stood rigid, pulsing with passion. As
he massaged the old man's cock and balls, the old man moved slightly and
raised his legs in a V as if to accommodate Jakob's hand movements. Jakob
admired the old man in his nude state and watched his cock grow to a full 7
inches as he continued the massage. With his legs in the raised V
position, the old man's asshole came into view. In his relaxed position,
it was clear that the sphincter was flaccid and viable and Jakob probed,
first, with one finger then two. The muscles received his fingers easily
and there was some movement in the hips of the old man in response to
Jakob's fingering of his moist and warm asshole. Jakob rose from the bed,
stripped, and lay next to the old man, pressing his aroused body close, his
cock sliding between his legs, rubbing the base of his asshole. He lay
still for a few moments in order to ascertain the old man's reaction.
Getting no response, Jakob pressed closer, moving the head of his hot cock
toward the entrance of his anus. Jakob's cock found an easy entrance into
the old man's warm, moist asshole. He rested there for several minutes,
letting his cock adjust to the warmth and sensuousness of the penetration.
Still getting no response from the old man, he moved his cock in and out
slowly and gently, enjoying the stimulation of the sphincter as it grasped
his cockhead and massaged it with each thrust. He continued for several
minutes in this mode until he was aware of the old man's asshole and hips
responding to his thrusts. With that, Jakob's passion increased and his
cock pressed deeper and deeper into the old man's hot and receptive hole.
Reaching around to the front of the old man, he grasped his hard and
throbbing cock and masturbated him as he drove his cock deep into the old
man, moving the foreskin back and forth, using the juices of his cock to
lubricate his hot cockhead. The intensity of the thrusting increased now,
not only on the part of Jakob but the old man as well, and, before long,
Jakob signaled his ecstasy in cumming with loud moans and deep thrusts,
shooting his hot juices deep into the asshole of the old man. He lay still
afterwards, continuously massaging the hard, throbbing cock of the old man.
Perhaps five or ten minutes had passed when Jakob turned the old man on his
back and took his cock deep into his mouth. He sucked him vigorously,
enjoying the saltiness of the sweat and urine of his cock. A few minutes
passed and the old man responded with moans of his own, signaling his own
passionate release. A muffled "Ohhhhhhh....ohhhhhh.....ohhhhhhhh," and a
violent thrusting of his hips, prepared Jakob for an onslaught of hot cum,
spurting deep into Jakob's mouth. They both feel asleep soon afterwards.

During the night, there were more encounters. Two hours into his sleep,
Jakob woke, feeling the tightness of the old man's ass riding his cock. A
lone beam of light shone through the transom above the door and illuminated
the gray hairs on the naked chest of the old man as he bounced up and down
on Jakob's hard cock. He kept beat with his being fucked with the rhythmic
movement of his own hand on his cock. For Jakob, it was a surrealist
scene, a naked, gaunt figure bouncing on his cock, his gray hair flowing
with the movement of his body, salivating, passion-filled to take all of
Jakob's cock and juices for a second time that night. Jakob responded
immediately and signaled his pleasure with deep upward thrusts into the old
man's asshole. As he came, the old man unleashed his own ecstasy, shooting
his cum in long hot spurts over Jakob's chest and face. After licking him
clean, they both slept once more.
Another two hours passed. This time, Jakob felt the pressure of
the old man's hard cock on his asshole. He acknowledged his presence by
moving into a fetal position, allowing the old man's hard and hot cock to
penetrate him deeply. The spontaneity of this new encounter as well as the
pressure of the old man's hardness on his prostate needed very little
encouragement for closure. He groaned his pleasure and came profusely into
his hand as the old man fucked him deep and shot his hot cum deep into his
asshole. Afterwards, they changed positions, Jakob offering his hand of
hot cum; the old man, the last drops of cum on the end of his still hard
and dripping cock.

When morning arrived, they spoke for the first time. Jakob offered the old
man some clothes to go down to the desk for another key. Accepting, the
old man left Jakob, but not before they embraced and vowed to meet later in
the day. This was to evolve into another deep relationship for Jakob that
would benefit him and the old man. The old man, for one, gave up his
drinking in order to lead a more settled life with Jakob as his only and
closest friend.

A year had passed and things went smoothly for Jakob. His English classes
at the church were moving along nicely. Not only did he learn English, but
also he added new friends made from contacts in his class. Father Mel,
too, helped him along. Often, he would invite Jakob for dinner at the
rectory and they would spend pleasant evenings together, talking,
discussing current events, watching television. All of this contributed
greatly to his rapid assimilation into this new culture, this new way of
life. It was also at this time that Father Mel offered Jakob a room in the
basement of the church. He could have free room and board until such time
that he would find a permanent job or career. Jakob was quick to accept
this offer since it would allow him to save most of the income derived from
his minimum wage. This new arrangement also brought him in closer
proximity to Father Mel. Often, in the evening, Father Mel would visit
with Jakob and they would spend time discussing the events of the day. It
was clear, too, that a reciprocal fondness for one another was growing.
This fondness manifested itself in a variety of ways. Most often, it would
be Father Mel's hand on Jakob's shoulder as they walked or talked. In the
quiet of Jakob or Father Mel's room, it often expressed itself in a hand on
Jakob's thigh, a gentle squeeze, a hug when greeting one another. From
Jakob's viewpoint, it was clear where these manifestations of affection
were leading. He had seen too much of the world to expect anything other.
And, so, it came as no surprise to Jakob when that day came. He heard the
faint tap on his door around midnight and found Father Mel.

"May I come in," he asked almost in a whisper. "I couldn't sleep and
wondered if you were still up."

"By all means, come in Father," Jakob responded. "I am always more
than happy to be with you."

Jakob's response had the ring of sincerity. And, indeed, it did.
For regardless of the night's outcome, a genuine love had developed between
the two. Jakob felt it from his first meeting with Father Mel.

Jakob, still in his underwear, offered Father Mel a chair next to
his and he was quick to note Father Mel's eyes move downward towards his
crotch. The conversation was electric. The dryness in Father Mel's mouth
attested to his sexual agitation. His speech slurred but Jakob eased him
from his anxiousness by putting his hot hand on Father Mel's thigh and
asking, "Is there anything wrong? Are you ill? Are you feeling alright?"

Father Mel's response was instantaneous. He took Jakob's hand in
his and stammered, "I don't know how to say this. But I love you." The
last words were whispered and Jakob rose to meet this difficult but loving
display of affection with tenderness and love. He raised Father Mel from
his chair by the elbows, embraced him tenderly, and whispered in his ear,
"Yes, I know you love me. I love you, too."

Dropping his underwear to the floor, now fully naked before Father
Mel, he gently kissed Father Mel on the mouth, and moved him towards his
bed. He removed his shirt, his pants, his underwear, his shoes and socks
and laid him gently on the bed. With Father Mel now naked on the bed,
Jakob knelt over his waist. His hard cock throbbed as he bent over and
kissed Father Mel lovingly on the forehead and eyes. Jakob's head and
tongue moved lower, showering his warm lips with a profusion of tender
kisses. As he moved lower still, his lips encircled Father Mel's nipples
and sucked and tweaked them gently and passionately, while his hands moved
lightly and lovingly over his face. The downward movement continued, his
lips and tongue searching his armpits and his navel. As Jakob's body slid
over Father Mel's body, he could feel the hardness of Father Mel's cock
teasing his hot asshole. He continued downward, his lips and tongue now
searching the inside of Father Mel's groin, savoring the maleness of his
testicles and asshole. His tongue probed the inner recesses of his asshole
and then moved upward, once more, his hot mouth now enveloping Father Mel's
hard, throbbing and dripping cock. He lingered here for a long time, his
mouth tasting, teasing; his hands massaging his face and tweaking his
nipples. Not a word was spoken. Occasional moans from Father Mel signaled
his ecstasy. But it was Jakob who took charge. And it was Jakob who
noted, that, for the first time in his life, he was no longer passive but
active. So he continued to love Father Mel, moving to the inside of his
groin, his calves, and his feet, loving them tenderly, taking each of his
toes into his mouth and sucking them gently, massaging the insoles of his
feet with long strokes of his tongue and lips. This lovemaking went on for
hours, still with no words spoken. When it seemed that Father Mel was
about to utter something, Jakob's fingers would settle gently on his lips
as if to say, "Not now. Enjoy the moment. Say nothing. Just love." And
when it seemed that neither could stand it any longer, Jakob moved between
Father Mel's legs, lifted them high, resting his calves on his shoulders,
and gently drove his 7-inch cock into his ass. Father Mel's only reaction
was a sigh of ecstasy. Jakob fucked him shallow and deep, but slowly, for
what seemed like hours. But it was the fuck of fucks for Father Mel's
virgin ass. He moaned aloud as Jakob's hot cock drove deep into his hot
asshole and massaged his now sensitive prostate into a state of
excruciating pleasure. The moment of truth neared. Jakob's cock was
delirious with passion. He felt it in his balls and his asshole as he
drove deeper and deeper into Father Mel's hot and accepting ass. Father
Mel sensed a denouement and moved his hips to meet Jakob's hard thrusts
into his asshole. Then he exploded. Jakob's hot juices spilled into
Father Mel's hole and seeped out and ran down the cheeks of his hot ass
onto the sheets. With that, Jakob turned and reversed his position,
kneeling over Father Mel's face, driving the last of his hot spurts into
Father Mel's mouth. Simultaneously, he took Father Mel's agonizingly
sensitive cock into his mouth and sucked hard and deep. It was all that
Father Mel could take. With Jakob's cock in his mouth and Jakob's mouth on
his cock, the ecstatic moment had come. He screamed, "Oh my God! Oh My
God! Oh.....My......God. Here it comes. Take me Jakob. Take me.
T....A........K........E Meee!" A profusion of cum shot deep into Jakob's
mouth, an unexpected profusion. He gagged momentarily but recovered
quickly to take Father Mel's 6-inch cock deep into his throat. They lay
this way for a long time, Jakob sucking Father Mel's cock until it was dry
of the juices of his passion; Father Mel, sucking, licking, kissing the
source of his love, Jakob's 7-inch cock.

Life really began anew for Jakob now. Jakob and Father Mel's lives
became as one, each caring for the other in innumerable ways. In the early
days, it was Father Mel who cared for Jakob and saw to it that he succeeded
in life. Eventually, Jakob mastered English, received an Associate of Arts
Degree in Science, and landed a responsible position with a large medical
industry in the New York area. In later years, it was Jakob who cared for
Father Mel. As he aged, Jakob became his eyes and ears. Upon retirement,
Father Mel settled into Carter Court where he had the freedom to move and
be himself as well as to minister to the residents. He was able to
continue saying Mass at a nearby Catholic Church. But most of all, he had
Jakob. They spent all of their free time together, loving and sharing.

Life for Jakob was a series of changes. He mused philosophically
once: "Life is a series of beginnings." Certainly, for Jakob, this was
true. And after Father Mel's passing, Jakob's life took new forms. For a
while, that meant promiscuous sex. He found the baths and one bath, in
particular. It was the Penn Post to which he'd repair on weekends,
generally Friday night, and spend the weekend. The Penn Post had the
unique advantage of renting a room for a weekend and spending some or all
of your time in the bath. And whatever your proclivities, sexually, you
could find it there. So if you were a sadist and wanted a masochist, that
could be found. If you liked anal sex, that could be had. If you just
liked to suck cock, that was available in abundance. In other words,
anything one wanted, sexually, could be had. But what became important for
Jakob in this period was his transformation to the active role in sex.
Passivity ruled in that period before Father Mel. Passivity was his pass
to survival. Now, with personal security at hand, the active role in sex
took dominance. Thus it was not the quality of sex that mattered but the
quantity. So he began to measure the success of his weekends at the Penn
Post, not by the quality of the people he met but by how many he could get
on any given weekend. Certainly, there was excitement attached to this
kind of living. But at the end of the day or the end of the week, there
was always a void. Something was lacking. The peace that resulted from
that relationship with Grandpa and Grandma in Poland was missing; the calm
and love that existed in his relationship with Father Mel went begging.

After Father Mel's death, Jakob continued a relationship with
Carter Court. He volunteered his time for helping at events and became
active in promoting social activities for the occupants. It was here that
he met Bill and Marie. Bill worked as a CPA for a large corporation and
was bisexual. Marie was aware of his bisexuality and encouraged him to
explore that side of his personality. In this context, Bill invited Jakob
to meet his wife. Marie and Jakob became friends instantaneously and the
bond between the three was sealed. After that, Jakob became part of the
family, so to speak. For Bill and Jakob, this was the perfect
relationship. They could continue their loving and still maintain the
semblance of propriety. Jakob could not help but see the similarity of his
relationship with Grandpa and Grandma in Poland. And this new relationship
thrived. They did everything together; they traveled together; they ate
together; they attended family reunions together; they loved together.
Often, Jakob would visit their apartment and, invariably, find them in
different states of dress. Marie would spend the day in her nighty, the
outline of her pubic hair shining through when she walked. More often,
when she sat across from Jakob, the pubic hairs of her cunt would stare
tantalizingly at Jakob from beneath. In the early days of their meeting,
Bill would appear from another room, naked, his cock dangling and seductive
while Marie sat nonplussed over his nudity. Jakob delighted in these
moments and, as a result, he became less cautious and more open.

One day, while Bill was out, Marie asked Jakob, "What do you know about
medicine? I have this itch in my groin and I'm not sure what it is or
what's causing it."

"Want me to take a look?" he offered.

Without hesitation, she stood, removed her nighty and walked toward
him, naked. She pointed to a red area to the left of her vagina and said,
"That's it. And it always itches."

Jakob's hand moved toward the rash, touching around it, examining
it closely. "It looks like some medicated talc might help. It doesn't
look serious to me." He fondled the base of her vagina gently and inserted
his finger deep into her wet cunt, saying, "This is the taste test." He
licked his finger and added, "It tastes like it's alright to me."

Since her cunt was directly in front of him, he grabbed her
buttocks and pressed her cunt into his tongue and tasted the sweetness of
her excitement.

"Why don't we go into the bedroom where we'll be more comfortable?"
she suggested.

He stripped naked and moved toward her as she lay with her legs in
a V. Before he could move to her cunt with his head, she motioned for him
to kneel over her face and fuck her mouth. As she did so, her fingers
penetrated his asshole. Jakob's cock ached with passion, and, fearing a
premature ejaculation, he withdrew and resumed sucking her cunt in a 69
position. She moaned loudly, expressing her fondness of being sucked. His
finger found her asshole, as well. It became obvious that he had found the
magic spots.

She interrupted his ecstasy with this remark: "If Bill comes in,
just keep on doing whatever we're doing. He'll join in."

He mumbled his agreement as he continued fucking her hot and moist
cunt with his tongue.

Jakob heard the key in the door and assumed it was Bill. Marie
called, "We're in the bedroom, Bill."

Bill entered and expressed his joy at the view. "Oh how beautiful
you two look."

He stripped quickly and moved to the bed, his hard 8-inch cock
bouncing before him. Jakob continued to penetrate Marie's cunt with his
tongue as Bill knelt above Marie and inserted his throbbing cock into her
mouth. He fucked her mouth vigorously an action she always enjoyed.
Jakob, meanwhile, lying on his side, moved beneath her upturned legs and
inserted his hard cock into her hot, moist cunt. The combined effect of
sucking Bill's cock and being fucked by Jakob was overwhelming. Marie's
orgasms began in a low cadence and increased in intensity as Jakob's hard,
wet cock drove deep into her cunt, and, because of the angle, massaged her
clitoris into excruciating delight. She came in torrents, over and over, a
seeming endless flow of hot juices flowing out and down Jakob's hot cock
onto the sheets. As she lay, spent and happy, Bill and Jakob lay beside
her in a 69 and sucked each other deeply. Bill came first, inspired by the
wetness and the taste of the juices of Marie's cunt on Jakob's cock. Jakob
felt the intensity of his passion as the cum hit the back of his throat in
wave after wave of delight. With that, Jakob flipped Bill on his back and
drove his agonizingly hot cock deep into his throat and shot. The cum
filled Bill's mouth. Swallowing some, he rose up, grasped Jakob's head and
kissed him deeply, sharing the fruit of Jakob's passion with him. The glow
of their loving was still intense as each moved to either side of Marie and
embraced her and slept.

There were other favorite positions for the three. As Bill made
love to Marie, Jakob would lie next to them and admire their lovemaking as
he toyed with his hard cock. Bill, too, would sit in his favorite chair
near the bed and watch as Jakob and Marie fucked and sucked. Marie, too,
found this to be a delight. She would sit with her back on the bed board,
her legs spread wide, massaging her clitoris as she watched Bill and Jakob
bring each other to satisfying orgasms. Both Bill and Jakob, while in
their voyeuristic mode, often enjoyed coming on Marie's cunt when orgasm
was imminent and then sucking her dry. Often, this was a heightened moment
for Marie to orgasm again and again as their mouths licked her every

For Jakob, Bill and Marie, their life together spelled harmony. It
was that rare combination of personalities that had merged into a
serendipitous oneness. They cherished each moment that they spent together
and looked forward to each day and what it might bring.

Jakob, too, was the first to realize that he had come a long way
since his youth and internment at Sobidor. Life had been good to him and
as he reflected on all these past events, he saw that life meant new
beginnings. The dreams of terror had diminished notably. The vision of
the future looked bright as his recovery from his hip surgery continued to
improve. At the moment, life couldn't be better for Jakob.

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