Wednesday, April 29, 2009

trailer sex 3

I was so embarrassed!! Here I was with my legs pulled up and my knees along
side my head, and this hot 17 year old chick watching me get cum sucked out
of my ass. She looked at me and just went on her marry way. It seemed
almost like it was no big deal to her. I heard her in the bathroom going
pee. I scrambled to compose myself before she returned. Jack laughed at me
and said "it's all good"!

When Kimberly (kim for short) came out of the bathroom, I noticed she was
wearing pink little panties, and a white tee-shirt, and no bra. I could see
her breast outline perfectly and her nipples were erect, to the point of
almost poking a hole in her tee-shirt. She looked at me and kinda very
lazily ran her hand threw my hair, and walked away to her bed. I watched
her climb into bed. She first bent over just a bit, and I could see her
panty covered pussy perfectly. She opened her legs just enough to gain
access to the bed and I could see the perfect hollow at the tops of her
thighs. When she settled she turned her head towards me, and looked right
in my eyes. I watched as her hand went between her legs underneath a thin
white sheet. She closed her eyes a second and arranged her hips with a
slight moan, I could see the motion of her hand under the sheet, she was
making fast circles, and then about every 5 seconds she would push inside
herself and push her hips out towards her hand. She started to bite her
bottom lip just a bit, and she took her hand out from underneath the sheet
and licked her fingers. then she went straight back underneath and started
fast circles on her clit again. She arched her back and started to move her
hand faster. She looked right into my eyes, as I watched her face turn a
little red, and witnessed her body start to shake I heard her moaning and
gasping for air. Then she was perfectly still. She looked at me with a look
of perfect satisfaction on her face. She kept looking directly at me, I
guess it slipped my mind that I was stroking my cock in front of her. I
watched her eyelids get heavy. Then an arm stretched out over her and her
mother or sister kinda pulled her into them. She continued to watch me
until I shot my load. When I did she smiled, and blew me a kiss, closed her
eyes and fell off to sleep. At that moment I remembered Jack, and thought
Holy Shit!! he just saw me watch his daughter get off, and watched me get
off looking at her, but to my relief and surprise he was sound asleep.

I soon fell asleep too. The next thing I remember is feeling an awesome,
warm, wet mouth on my cock. I knew exactly who it was sucking my cock
without even opening my eyes. Jack woke me like this once before, and true
to form he got better at sucking my cock every time he does it. I was kinda
in a twilight not completely asleep, but not awake either. I remember
feeling the vibration run through my cock of someone moaning as they sucked
my cock. I felt Jack pulling my ass cheeks apart and touching my asshole
with wet fingers. Then it dawned on me that this was impossible from this
angle, if he had my cock in his mouth. I opened my eyes and saw the most
awesome sight I have ever seen. Kim was just taking my cock from her mouth
and sucking my left ball gently into her mouth. She was looking straight
into my eyes while she ever so gently sucked my balls. She stopped just
long enough to smile up at me and say Good Morning. I said hey, she took my
ball back into her mouth gently and sucked on it. I heard Jack say morning
baby, and morning to me. He was watching his 17 year old daughter suck my
balls. He gave his cock a little push and I could feel his hard fat cock
poke me in the small of my back. I know in the back of my mind that this
isn't right, I'm not gay!! But I don't know how to explain how turned on
this whole situation was making me. It was new and like I have never been
turned on before. Jack licked his fingers again, and massaged my asshole. I
pushed back on his fingers and in less then a second I felt his fat cock
head at my hole. Kim seemed to be turned on by this too because she sucked
my cock down her throat when she realized her daddy was about to fuck me. I
didn't know how I felt about this hot chick watching me take it up the ass,
but any thoughts of stopping or removing myself from this position I was in
right now; was just not realistic. People would fight to the death and some
would pay any price to be in my position right this second. I felt her
hand go between my legs from the fron, and she grabbed her fathers cock, I
watched her suck the fat head into her mouth for just a second and then
align it with my asshole and give it a little push. She looked me right in
the eyes and said, relax let us do everything for you. I did! I relaxed
while Jack drove his huge cock into my ass and while Kim swallowed my
cock. Jack was really fucking me hard. At times Kim would be bottomed out
with my pubes in her face right when Jack gave a powerful pump and bottomed
out himself. This made my cock bang into kims throat several times. She was
doing everything she could to keep her teeth of my cock, but when her daddy
hit me with a hard pump my cock was forced further in her mouth, and her
teeth would make contact with the base of my cock. It did not bother me at
all!! I was so into watching my cock get forced into this hot teenage
chicks mouth. It was such a turn on to see her doing everything she could
to avoid being almost assaulted in her mouth. She looked up at me and I
just said suck my cock, and it was like that's what she wanted to hear,
because she put that talented mouth to work. I was no longer just sliding
in and out of her mouth she was sucking me, working her tongue down my
cock, and making slurping noises. I was in more pleasure then I ever
thought possible. Kim stopped for a second and lowered her head and said
that looks so freaking HOT!!! I said what does? and she said my daddies fat
cock fucking your tight little ass!! I could not see his cock in my ass
from behind but I could sure feel it. He started to pump me really fast and
hitting me hard with his cock. Kim went back to sucking my cock. I felt
Jacks cock swell inside me, and I knew he was about to shoot inside
me. This made me ready to cum I told Kim I was close she just sucked me
down her throat she kept moaning, and making slurping sounds she was
begging me to cum in her mouth. Jack gave me a powerful thrust and kept his
huge cock pushed all the way inside me. I felt his cock head swell and then
I felt the shot of cum. It felt like it had 100lbs of pressure behind
it. This drove me over the edge and I shot in Kim's mouth. she started to
swallow, and kept swallowing as I shot volley after volley of thick, long
shots of cum into her mouth. she was moaning, and slurping, some of the
cock juice ran out the side of her mouth, just then her daddy withdrew, and
pushed back in hard into my ass he was moaning real loud, and talking dirty
saying he wanted to empty his ball inside me. I can not explain the feeling
of a huge cock in my ass with a beautiful sexy teen sucking my cock at the
same time. Words do not do the feeling or experience justice!

Kim was sucking my cock head hard like she was begging it for more
cum. Then her mouth was gone. I felt her hand reach between my legs and her
dads 9.5 inch cock was in her mouth her dad said ewww yeah baby get the
last of my ball juice. And she moaned and did just that. She was jacking
his cock and sucking his cock head. She then went back to my cock and took
the whole thing.

After a few minutes of recuperating Kim leaned back into me kinda spooning
with her pussy aligned perfectly with my now soft cock. She grabbed it and
ran it over her pussy. her pussy was so freaking wet it almost seemed

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