Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Late Night Experiences

He was wearing small, black satin boxers. They accentuated not only his
fit and hairless body, but also the bulge that was protruding from the
boxers. I would have a bulge, too, but nothing was restricting my member
any longer, it did stiffen, though "I would hate for you to step out of
them coverings, but it has to be done." He grinned, and then took them off,
revealing a nicely shaped cock. He was a regular Adonis, tall, fit, lean, I
wasn't nearly as fit but I packed some of my own heat as well. He jumped
into bed with me and we started pumping each other. As my hand moved up and
down his cock I couldn't help but wonder how we had ended up doing this,
even when we actually had girlfriends now. A month ago, out of lust, we had
pleased each other. I thought that was the end of that, but a week later
the same thing happened. So we settled to have our little `night' every
other week. I saw his toes curl as his sperm flew up and then back
down. Shortly after, I did the same as I exploded up. "You know what I
think we should do?" He said, turning to the bedside drawer. I placed my
hands on his butt and felt him around, he was so soft. "What?" I asked, as
my hands felt soft skin. "Eliza suggested that we try anal sex sometime.
We're still young, but hey, that's her idea. I want to know if it will hurt
when I enter her." "How do you propose to find out?" He came back up, a
clear plastic bottle in his hand. "Experimenting, of coure." He gave me a
peck on the lips and then splashed some clear liquid on his hands. He
handed me the bottle as he lathered my hardened penis with the liquid. Then
he turned around, face down on the bed, and placed a small pillow
underneath his crotch, so his cute little butt was slightly elevated. "You
know what to do." He said as he laid his head on his arms, facing away from
me. I put some of the liquid on my hand and then reached into his crack. It
was very clean, I could tell as I probed every inch of the crack. I pulled
my hand out and splashed a little more lubricant on my fingers. I held open
his butt cheeks and stuck my fingers down his hole. "Oh..." he said softly
as I lubricated him. I pulled out, and then placed the tip of my cock in
his expecting anus. "Ready?" I said, and he muttered a positive response. I
slowly made my way into the lubricated hole. It felt incredible. "Does it
hurt?" "Not too much that I want you to stop. Carry on." He said, and I
obeyed, and slowly slid in and out of him. I felt the orgasm build up in me
and then finally exploded in him. As I pulled out, he let a contented sigh
as I put my arms around me. "She'll enjoy it." He said, turning to face
me. "So will you." A door shut somewhere outside of the room. "Your
sister's here?" He nodded. "She decided not to go to her little trip. I'm
not sure she'll notice." "You could test out your anal rampage on her."

"Dude, on my sister?"

"Yeah, you know her, I think she'd enjoy the experience."

"How would we do it?"

"Just ask her if she'd mind a little pleasure."


So we threw on our boxers and a shirt and the headed to her room. She was
already in a nightie. She was 16 as well, was somewhat plump, but the most
beautiful eyes. We talked for awhile, as we had known each other for
years. Then Adam (my friend) brought up the subject of pleasure. "I'm not
doing anything for you guys."

We jokingly begged her, and then she took us seriously. "Alright. I'll take
off my nightie. But only if you guys do it first. Adam and I looked at each
other, trying our hardest not to grin as we nervously took off our clothes.
As we stood there, I couldn't help but grow hard. She looked at us, and
then almost grudgingly removed her nightie. She was beautiful, soft, fair
skin which matched perfectly with her eyes. I reached for her boob but she
slapped my hand away. "Na-a-a-ah. If you're so willing to touch me, I want
you to do something first. Touch my brother."

The way we were, the three of us were on the bed, sitting, with Adam next
to me and Kathy in front of us. I poked Adam innocently, then looked back
at her. "No, you know what I mean." And I did, I looked at Adam as if
asking for permission, then began stroking his dick. "Now, go down on him."
I didn't need to be told twice. Laid down and took his cock in my mouth.
"Wow, I didn't know you wanted me that bad." She said, as she stroked my
back with her toes. I kept on sucking, as if his cock was a candy cane.
"Looks like you're about to cum, brother." And he was. I pulled my head
slightly back as he ejaculated in my mouth, hot jizz hitting the back of my
throat. I coughed and then I swallowed. "That's a good boy. I think you
deserve a treat. Adam, go clean yourself off." Adam stood up, and then
walked to his sister's bathroom. I laid back down and she crawled down the
bed so she was kneeling down in front of my painfully hard cock. Without
asking anything, she went down on it and I let out a groan of pleasure. Her
tongue worked miracles, her long hair tickling my crotch everytime her head
went down. I saw Adam creep up behind her, and then without warning, he
slammed into her. She let out a scream and then looked up. "What the hell
are you doing?" I put my hand to her head and then forced her down on my
tool. She had a mouthful of cock, so she could only try and mutter
resistance, but after Adam thrust into her more times, her resistance
groans turned to coos of pleasure. She went back to sucking and getting
cock, and as we both thrust into her, she came, driving us to orgasm. As
she took her head up and pulled herself out of her brother with a `plop',
she looked disheveled, but happy. "Could have warned me." "I didn't think
you'd like it." Said Adam, his cock hardening again. "My pussy needs
servicing now, then. I want your shaft in me, Alex." She said, as she laid
down, her legs spread. Obediently, I went to her and stuck my dick in her
wet opening, she was so wet it went straight in without any problem. "Oh
yeah..." she said, as she put her legs around my back for better
access. "Adam, do your thing." I was going to resist, but Adam was too
quick, he placed his hands on my lower back and then thrust himself into
me, I let out a UNF as his cock invaded me. It was painful, but it didn't
feel bad. In and out his cock went, as my own penis went in and out of his
sister. "You're right, this does feel good." He said, as his thrusts
increased in pace. So did mine, and soon, I felt the all too familiar
feeling. I kissed Kathy's breasts and nipples, my hands and hers
intertwined as we reached a mind-numbing orgasm, all three at the same

As we pulled out of each other and laid down. Kathy said, "Now, we really
need some clean up." We hit the shower, and soon enough, we were all over
each other, lathering soap and water over our sweaty bodies. I ran my hands
through Kathy's body. She picked up the soap and then dropped it. "Oops."
She said, and then bent over to pick it up, which put her opening straight
in front of my cock. I grabbed her hips and slammed her into me. "Oh!" she
moaned, as she picked up the soap. She had to stand on my feet, in order
for my thrusts to enter better. Her head, on her way up, met her brother's
cock. Now it was his turn to receive fellatio. Each thrust sent her forward
and back, forward, and back. My cock, wrapped in a delicious warm covering,
soon felt the needs to release again, after five minutes. Then we all
exploded, a triorgasm. We finished showering and then went back to
bed....what more fun could we have.

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