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Senior Citizen's Eden by Jim Stanley Chapter 49

Chapter 49
George, Nora, and Tom

The end came rather quickly for Dad. His health had been stable
and we were prepared for several more years of happiness, caring for him.
A stroke intervened, however, and, in a second, he was taken away from us.
Needless to say, Mom and I mourned him greatly. I, in particular, mourned
for the greater intimacy he allowed me to share in his last days. Mom,
too, mourned his passing although she kept her private feelings to herself.
She confided to me later that she and Dad had an agreement. If either of
them passed first, the other would carry on normally, limiting their
bereavement to the briefest of moments, dwelling mainly on the happiness
they shared throughout their lives.
Needless to say, our sexual responsiveness changed in this period
of mourning. I found myself less prone to tempestuous sex with Mom.
Instead, I gave in to cuddling and loving for extended moments. When we
lay together, it was as before, naked. But I found myself straddling her
hips, my cock barely touching her cunt, tenderly kissing her face, her
eyes, her nose, her mouth, my body grazing hers as I slid lower and lower
until I had bathed her entirely with tender and warm kisses. And after
reaching her feet with this oral massage, I would begin anew, working my
way upward to her face and eyes and mouth. It was nothing for me to
continue in this mode of lovemaking for hours, sometimes 2 or 3 hours at a
time. Throughout these sessions, Mom would whisper into the air, "Love me,
Hon. Love me. It's so nice to feel your hot breath and sensuous tongue
bathe me."
Another favorite lovemaking position during this period was a 69
position, she on her back and I on my right side, with my head resting
between her legs, her left leg being my support. My cock was always in the
vicinity of her hand as I showered her warm, wet cunt with kisses,
penetrating deeply into her hot vagina with my tongue. The aromas of
sexuality pervaded my nostrils as my tongue, mouth and nose massaged the
inner lining of her aroused labia. As before, this loving and teasing went
on for hours. She related to me shortly after we adopted this position
that this was her favorite. Often, so completely relaxed, she would doze
and sleep. Sometimes, her agitated and sensuous clitoris would succumb to
its own pleasure and shower my face with her hot orgasms, as her hot cunt
pressed deep into my mouth and tongue. She liked it, too, because my hard
cock was always at her disposal, for touching and caressing. And often in
those moments when she came into my hot mouth, my cock would release its
own pleasures, bathing her face and mouth with an abundance of hot cum that
she relished with reckless abandon. At these times, we would both fall
into a deep sleep, my head still positioned between her legs, only to wake
hours later and begin our lovemaking anew.
This was an unhurried period of our lives. I had taken time off
from work to be with Mom and so the days were our own; the minutes and
seconds ticked off, not as climaxes, but as preludes to more loving, more
touching, more tenderness.
We fucked during this period, too. But it, like all our other
sensual activities, was unhurried, an outcome of passionate loving, an
outgrowth of sensuous kissing and massaging, a fulfillment of tenderness.
The quality and not the quantity of our sexual acts increased. It often
happened during our tongue bath sessions, that, my cock, sliding back and
forth over her lithe, supple, and extended body, would occasionally dip
gently into the folds of her vagina and afterwards into her mouth so that
she could taste her own passion, the passion of her hot cunt seeking
fulfillment. The reaction was always spontaneous, never planned. After
hours of this kind of foreplay, my cock dipping into her hot cunt would be
met by a passionate thrust of her hips, the muscles of her vagina
tightening, squeezing until my cock flooded her passion filled cunt with my
hot cum, unleashing her own passionate juices, as cock and cunt swirled
with rivers of cum.
Months passed and Dad's passing became a blur except in those
moments when Mom and I would visit his grave. That, too, lessened, our
grave visits diminishing from monthly to twice yearly, to yearly. Life
began to take on new overtones. At first we traveled a great deal. The
early trips were overnight's. Then they blossomed into longer drives to
destinations involving several days of vacation and relaxation. The summer
overnight trips were, perhaps, the most interesting. Usually our
destination was a state or national park area characterized by quiet,
isolation and idyllic settings. We took to camping as well. This activity
brought on another phase of sexuality. We both found that we enjoyed the
freedom of being nude in the open, in forests, in fields, in secluded
areas. We spontaneously responded to open air sex, often dropping on the
ground in a grassy area, fucking wildly. Mom would lie on the ground
naked, her legs raised high above her head, beckoning me to penetrate her
hot, moist cunt savagely. There was something about the isolation and the
outdoors that cried out for fulfilling our most bizarre fantasies. It was
during this time that Mom had experienced some problems with constipation.
Occasionally, she would become impacted and found relief only by having me
extract the hardened fecal matter by hand. The preparation for this
extraction always involved manipulation of the anal sphincter, massaging it
to relax the tension. Usually, the impaction would release easily after
the massage. Mom confided to me that she enjoyed the manipulation of the
sphincter and we began experimenting. Often, as I fucked her in a forest,
or field, she would cry out for me to alternate between her cunt and
asshole, a technique we both grew fond of as time went on. Over time, her
sphincter relaxed completely, and the compactions were no longer a problem.
She often joked about the size of her sphincter being as large as her
Our experimentations with anal sex persisted. Our favorite
position, my head between her legs, my tongue bathing her clitoris and
thighs was enhanced with my rimming her hot asshole. As she lay sensuously
on her back, her legs extended high over her head, my mouth and tongue
sought out her clitoris and anus in one synchronous movement. She moaned
her delight to me in these instances and often rewarded my lovemaking
efforts with a fountain of cum. She took a particular delight in anal
sessions after a bowel movement. The bowel cavity, cleansed and clean,
would relax at its utmost and stir cravings for penetration of my hard cock
deep into her asshole. In our experimentation, we both found that our
nipples were particularly sensitive during these sensual/sexual
manipulations. Mom's nipples, in particular, enlarged a quarter of an inch
or more and their sensitivity drove us to heightened orgasms.
Another favorite position of ours was a 69. Normally, it would
begin with her kneeling over my face. In this mode, I could suck her
vagina and asshole deeply which drove her to heightened excitement, her
pelvis gyrating convulsively, loud moans of pleasure being most
characteristic of these anal/vaginal manipulations. We would spend long
minutes this way, my tongue bathing her hot cunt and asshole deeply and
vigorously as her hot mouth sucked my throbbing cock pulsating before her.
Often, when passion took over, Mom would move forward and impale her hot
cunt on my throbbing, hot dick and ride it to an ecstatic orgasm. The
beauty of this position was its reversibility. I would position my balls,
cock and asshole over her face and suck deeply the crevices of her hot wet
cunt and asshole. She could reciprocate with her own passionate oral
massage of my asshole, cock and balls. Screaming orgasms on both our parts
was the natural outcome of this delightful position
Further experimentation led us to sexual toys. On a visit to a
nudist resort, we came upon a leather sling and she wondered how that could
enhance our lovemaking. The sling's usefulness became obvious to us after
we purchased one and installed it in our bedroom. Almost immediately, our
experiments began. Mom mounted the sling, entwining her legs in the
leather straps that attached to the ceiling. Viewing her cunt and asshole
from a kneeling vantage point led to indescribable sensations that flooded
my groin, my balls tightening, my cock pulsating uncontrollably. But it
was my mouth that drove me forward. I knelt before this smorgasbord of hot
dripping cunt and asshole and sucked deliriously in synch with the screams
and moans emanating from Mom. She screamed uncontrollably as my mouth,
tongue, and nose dove deep into the sweet juices that dripped from her hot
cunt. The minutes ticked by quickly in this sucking orgy and neither Mom
nor I could stand it for very long. As we hit a peak in this position, I
would rise from my knees and drive my steely hard pulsating and dripping
cock deep into her hot cunt, fucking her deeply, as deep as any cock could
explore, my balls slapping loudly on her exposed asshole, hot with passion.
"Fuck my ass," she would cry as I alternated wildly between her dripping
red clitoris and her welcoming asshole, puckered and punctuating its
receptivity. The juices would flow uncontrollably from her engorged cunt,
filled to repletion by my throbbing prostate and cockhead. In seconds, we
showered each others organs with milky spasms of cum that poured from her
cunt onto the carpet beneath the sling. The splatter bathed my toes with
these juices of love and we continued to milk each other for what seemed
like hours. The forcefulness of our pelvic thrusts, heightened our
pleasures. These sessions would invariably end with my collapse upon her
sweating body, kissing her deeply on the mouth, my cock reinforcing the
deep kisses with deeper and slower exploratory thrusts of its own.
Mother found another sexual toy that suited my goals. It was a
strap on dildo, about 8 inches long with a molded reverse dildo that fit
into her vagina. Now she could fuck my ass vigorously and, at the same
time, feel the penetration of a cock in her hot cunt. Sheer animal lust
drove us. Philosophically, we were in agreement in our love for one
another and felt secure. The sexual tangents were meant to enhance the
sexuality which we defined as animal lust, the lust that pursues sexual
ends in itself but doesn't interfere with our caring for one another. In
my entire sexual life, I rarely thought of my asshole as a sex object until
this time. At most, I knew I enjoyed a finger in my ass or a small dildo
or object in my ass while masturbating, this only to heighten the pleasure
of the orgasm by massaging the prostate. But by raising the ante, so to
speak, being fucked by a large cock simulation with a partner that cared
only to pleasure me was something new. With my legs wrapped in the leather
thongs, my ass raised high, the pleasure of being fucked was without
comparison. Mom's large tubular breasts swung before me as she drove the
dildo deep into my hot asshole. The sensuality was apparent in Mom's face
as the reverse dildo massaged her clitoris with each forceful thrust deep
into my asshole. As she fucked me deep, she kept her right hand on my
cockhead and stroked it fondly and firmly, each stroke bringing me closer
and closer to a violent orgasm that engaged my cock, my balls, and my
prostate. Mom signaled her release of sexual passion with groans and
grunts acknowledging her at the threshold of orgasm. My hips met her
downward movement of her fist as it milked my engorged hot cock and soon
the release we both sought came in profusion. My hot sperm shot high into
the air, bathing her breasts and my stomach with hot cum. I watched from
afar the streams of hot cum draining her hot cunt as she continued to
wildly pound the 8 inch dildo into my hot and receptive asshole. As always
after these synchronous orgasms, we both collapsed, she, on my stomach, her
hips still thrusting the 8 inch dildo deep into my asshole.
Seasonal trips south brought new adventures. On one of our trips
to Florida, after passing through Charlotte, North Carolina on our way to
Columbia, South Carolina, we passed through a piney region, with miles and
miles of pine forests and little else. Some 70 miles into the piney
region, Mom suggested we take a break and pull off the road for a rest.
"Drive until I tell you to slow down, Hon. Dad and I had a favorite
resting place. I hope I can find it.
Several more miles passed when Mom told me to slow down at the next
clearing, a semblance of a road that veered off to the right. Locking the
car, we got out and clambered up the small embankment into the pine forest.
"This is it, Hon. See the abandoned shed on the right? Your dad and I
stopped here for a short respite many years ago. It hasn't changed much
except that the forest has gotten a little older and larger. Follow me.
We wandered away from the old shed deep into the pine forest. A deep hush
overtook us as the soft pine needles absorbed our foot falls. About 10
minutes passed when we came into a small clearing where the blue sky peeked
through the soft green of the trees that overshadowed our resting place.
Just beyond the trees was a valley of green that stretched off into the
distance attesting to the vastness of this magnificent forest.
"Isn't this lovely, Hon! Your dad and I rested here many, many
years ago. In fact, we made love on these very pine needles. Oh! I'm sure
they are not the same ones," she added as if correcting herself. "But it
was here. I remember the scene before us, the valley of green and the
restfulness, the hush, the quiet that surrounded us then as it does now.
Don't you feel it, Hon?"
Everything she said rang true and I knew, from the expression on
her face, that this was a very special moment, for her, for both of us. I
reached around her from the back and held her close, closer than I have
ever. We slowly sank to the ground to take in the grandeur of the moment.
There was no room for words in this idyllic context. I could only hold her
and kiss her gently on the neck and hands, whispering, "I love you. I love
you. I love you, Mom." I kissed the tears that shone at the corner of her
eyes and we lay back and held each other tightly, my right hand massaging
her temple, her face, her eyes, her breasts.
"Love me, Hon. Love me," she whispered in my ear.
I raised her gently and removed her blouse. I kissed the nipples
that protruded through her bra, at the same time unclasping it from the
rear, revealing her two beautiful breasts, heaving with quiet
passion. Taking time to suckle at the fount of my love, I moved tenderly to
her lips, then back to her breasts. She lay back on the sheet of her
blouse and sighed deeply. Next, I removed her shoes and socks, revealing
her warm tender feet. I kissed them gently and with one motion, slid her
slacks and panties off. She now lay before me, naked, bathed in the soft
glow of the sun screened through the small pin points of light that seeped
through the pine needles. A cool breeze bathed us in this quietude of
nature, as I stripped naked, my cock aching with passion as my eyes feasted
upon the loveliness of her body the lay before me. My kissing grew more
passionate as my tongue bathed her innermost love crevices, the folds of
her groin, the innermost parts of her vagina and clitoris, salty from our
hike from the car. She moaned her acceptance of my tongue and pressed to
receive my sweaty cock, balls and asshole as I rose up over her mouth and
face. We feasted on each other's pleasure points until our love juices
began their ascendancy.
"Take me Hon. Take me. I'm all yours."
I rose between her legs and drove my hard cock into her accepting,
pulsing cunt and fucked her with abandon, my tongue searching hers as they
entwined sensuously in this ballet of love. Her thrusts met mine violently
as she screamed her release of passion, "Fuck me, Hon. Fuck me. Fuck me."
The words receded to heavy breathing as her cum released itself into her
engorged cunt and, seeking an outlet, ran down her groin onto the soft pine
needles that formed her bed of passion. Our passion continued for another
15 to 20 minutes, subsiding gradually with miniscule thrusts of hip and
muscle until, spent, we lay and rested, punctuating our breathing with
words that came out as sentences: beautiful, wonderful, eternal, spiritual,
sensuous, love and loving.
We lay quietly for a long time as the sun faded to the west, ruing
in some special way that we were unable to spend the night here and love
until morning. Back at the car, we decided to drive on until Columbia,
South Carolina and spend the night. But the rest of that eventful
afternoon we spent touching, feeling, tasting the fruits of our lovemaking.
There were many such trysts as time went by, each having to do with
some special moment of life with Dad. It was as if she were trying to
relive those moments vicariously and have Dad included in all our
activities. For me, it couldn't have gotten any better.
Some months passed. Life was as idyllic for both of us as it was
from the beginning. One morning, in passing, Mom brought up the subject of
Uncle Roy, her brother. I hadn't seen Uncle Roy in twenty years or more.
"We've got to visit Roy one of these days. I have always had a
special relationship with him and I miss him deeply. Your father was fond
of Roy, too. But there's something you need to know about that special
relationship. We both grew up on the farm in Indiana. As children, we
were very close. Roy was 3 years my elder, so I doted over him in
everything. Moreover, he was my protector, my father and my mother and
watched over me through my entire childhood. What I learned about life and
sexuality I learned from Roy. Neither of us could or wanted to confide in
Ma and Pa in such matters so we trusted in each other."
The trust started early. Ma and Pa and the two of us slept in the
same large room that is still a part of the farmhouse. At night, when
things grew quiet, Ma and Pa, thinking that we were asleep, frequently had
intercourse. I remember the first time this happened. I was a little
frightened by the noises coming from their bed and held on to Roy, fearing
the worst. He urged me to be quiet and observe and explained that, later,
he'd tell me more about what was happening. Most importantly, he calmed me
and reassured me that there was nothing wrong.
The next day, he excused both of us after breakfast, explaining to
Ma and Pa that we were going to walk down to the river. Puzzled, I went
along with his story and off we went. He called me "Nor."
"Nor," he said, "let's take a walk. I need to begin explaining
some things to you, especially about last night. I'm taking you to my
special hideout where I go when I want to think. But you gotta promise not
to tell anyone where it is."
"OK," I agreed. "Cross my heart and hope to die. I won't tell
"About an hour passed before we got to his hideout. It was in a
stand of trees, high on a knoll overlooking an abandoned orchard. We
crawled into a small space hewn out of this stand into what would become my
classroom, teaching me all the facts of life. I so trusted Roy that there
was nothing that I wouldn't or couldn't ask him."
Roy began. Now about last night.
"Yes," I urged.
Ma and Pa were having sex. Do you know about sex?
That's when a man and woman have babies, isn't it?
Yep. But they can have sex and not have babies, too, Nor. Do you
know the difference between a boy and girl?
Well, sorta. I've seen how you pee and how I pee. I saw Pa doing
something to Ma last night, too.
I want to show you some differences between us. Do you promise not
to tell anyone?
I promise.
With that, Roy took down his pants and underwear and had me do the
same. I was shocked but rapt in Roy's lesson. Now sex is about having fun
and having babies. But you have to be careful. Sex means that I put my
pee pee in your little hole. When my pee pee gets excited, it puts some
white fluid into your hole. After that, you have a baby. He added quickly
that we're not going to do that because we were brother and sister. He was
just going to show me how it's done so that I wouldn't be afraid.
Nor, when a man wants to feel good, he rubs his pee pee and it gets
hard. If he rubs it some more, it spurts out that white liquid that I was
talking about. Also, if a girl like you rubs a spot near your pee pee, she
also feels good and, when she gets older, she spurts out some fluid, too.
Have you ever rubbed yourself there?
Here, I'll show you. He took my hand and rubbed it around where I
peed. How does that feel?
OK, I guess.
Keep rubbing for a bit.
Meanwhile, he began massaging his pee pee until it got very big and
Now, you can see what I was talking about. If a man put his pee
pee in your hole and put the white liquid into it, you would have a baby.
I'm going to show you the white liquid. Do you want to see?
"Yes," I gasped, continuing to rub my pee pee because it began to
feel good. But, also, I wanted to pee.
Do you want to feel it, my pee pee?
"Yes," I managed with difficulty. I grasped his pee pee with one
hand and then both and gasped at the hardness of it as well as the
stickiness of the fluid that seemed to pour from it.
He took it into his own hands once again, and, after a couple of
quick jerks up and down, out came a spigot full of the white liquid he was
talking about. It shot high into the air and landed all over his stomach,
chest, and face.
I couldn't believe what I saw. "Can I touch it?" I asked.
I felt the thick white milky wetness and couldn't believe what
happened. In a way, I was frightened that Roy hurt himself.
"Are you OK?
I'm just fine. How are you feeling? Keep rubbing. Does it feel
It feels good, Roy, but it feels like I have to pee.
Keep going. It may feel like pee but something else will come.
Stubbornly, I persisted. As Roy predicted, something did happen.
A most wonderful feeling of warmth welled up where I was rubbing and a
sticky fluid began to pour out. The more I rubbed, the greater the
feeling. The pee feeling went away and a feeling that I can't describe
took over. My whole body began to shake and quiver as the feeling
continued on and on and the fluid as well. Some fifteen minutes passed
before I calmed down. Doug, meanwhile, while this went on, continued
moving his hand up and down his penis and, at the end of my session, spurt
out some new white fluid, aiming it at my small breasts and massaging it
I wanted Roy to put his pee pee in me but he refused, repeating
what he said earlier, "Nor, we can't do that. We're brother and sister.
You can touch me if you want. But that's all."

The lesson continued.
"Nor, now that you know how good it feels when you come, that's the
noises that you hear from Ma and Pa. It seems like he's hurting her. But,
in fact, his pee pee is rubbing that spot where your finger was rubbing and
Ma is in ecstasy, heaven. She and Pa are so completely excited that they
can't control their yells and screams. Those are the moans you hear. But
they're moans of good feeling. The moans you were making when you were
After that, we had numerous sessions together in his hideout and in
the house when no one was around. Sleeping in the same bed made things
easier especially when we watched Ma and Pa having sex. Once, I watched Ma
put Pa's pee pee in her mouth. Afterwards, when Roy and I were alone
together, I asked him if I could do the same to him.
That would be OK, Nor. That's when he introduced me to what he
called a 69 position, with him on his back and I kneeling over his face.
His warm tongue and mouth nearly drove me insane. He sucked me deep and
drove his tongue deep, taking lots of time to massage my clitoris with
flickering movements of his tongue. It was a wonderful feeling and,
invariably, after only a few minutes in this position, I shot my fluid all
over his face, most of which he sucked up and swallowed. I did the same to
him, taking all of his hot white milky fluid.
He taught me the terms he used. His and my fluid was cum. I
learned that the feeling we shared was called an orgasm. I learned other
terms for my pee pee like vagina, cunt, pussy. His pee pee became a cock,
a dick, a penis.
I began to feel free around Roy. When we slept, I would often
reach over and feel his hard cock. I don't ever remember it being soft
while we were in bed. Sometimes I could get him to come and he would rise
up and put it in my mouth. I found him doing the same. Often I would wake
to a wonderful feeling and it was usually Roy sucking on my cunt, thrusting
his thick tongue deep inside me.
And so it went through the years. He always watched over me,
warning me about the boys I was dating. But by this time, I felt sure that
I would do nothing without Roy's approval until that time when I would meet
the man I wanted to marry. That's when I met your Father, Tom. George was
the most loving, tender man I had ever been with and I had the feeling that
it is with him that I would like to have my first baby. George never
pushed sex like the other boys did and that made me surer than ever. Roy
agreed that this might just be the man in my life. After that, things
proceeded rapidly and we were married with Roy's blessing.
The sexual closeness with Roy that existed before my marriage
continued after our marriage with one difference. Our sex, if there was
sex, was solitary. I had no recollection of seeing Roy naked after that.
It wouldn't have made much difference if we had. We still loved one
another and cared for one another immensely. But we entered into a new
period, a sort of unwritten agreement period. Our sexuality had taken on a
new dimension, one in which George became the centerpiece.
I worried about Roy a lot after that. He never married and stayed
on the farm, working hard until this day. George and I had many contacts
with Roy over these years and only once did Roy say something that touched
me deeply. "Nor, I live each day cherishing that love that we had between
us when growing up. That hasn't diminished at all. I want you to know
that. I know you worry about me. But know, too, that I'm never alone.
I'm always with you."
Several weeks passed and there was no mention of Roy. One day
after I had returned from the doctor's, Mom said, "I talked to Roy today.
He's fine and sends his love. I told him that we'd try to get down to see
him at the end of the month and spend a week or so with him. By that time,
the crops will be in and he'll be free to gad about with little or no work
to do. How does that sound?"
"Sounds great Mom. I'm looking forward to it. I haven't seen
Uncle Roy in 25 years. I remember how much he cared for me when I was a
kid and I want to recapture some of those times with him on the farm. If
you recall, he taught me how to run the tractor."
The weeks passed quickly and soon we were on the way to the farm to
see Uncle Roy. Our arrival was an emotional time for all of us, but, in
particular for Mom and Roy. They walked arm and arm everywhere. They
embraced as old lovers with feelings and emotions that were unchanged.
There were plenty of tears to go around, Mom crying after seeing Roy, my
crying over the resumption of old times and memories, Roy, not crying, but
tearing over this happy reunion of family. I was happy, too, that we were
in no hurry to go anywhere. I felt deeply, after what Mom confided to me
about her relationship with Uncle Roy, that she needed time to bring some
closure to their relationship, even if it meant sexual closure at a time
when no one was hurt or could be hurt. With that mind set, therefore, I
did everything in the weeks that we were there to promote their happiness.
After several days of small talk and traveling about the farm and
countryside, I began finding excuses to be alone. Mom knew I was a great
hiker and one of my favorite excuses was to take morning and evening hikes
over the farm, leaving Mom and Roy to themselves. I would set some time
limits and say, "I'm off to the races. I'll be back in about 3 hours." I
spent most of that time wandering over the farm, looking over the acreage,
and as an aside, looking for the hideout of Roy's. Amazingly, I found what
I'm sure was and still is his hideout. It had the smell of being lived in,
a haven from strife and tension that a young man might need. It was a
place to go and jerk off, free from prying eyes and ears. When I wasn't
wandering around the farm, I took time to take trips around the
countryside, exploring the neighboring towns and villages, fulfilling a
major need that Mom and I acquired of picking up antiques at house and yard
sales. Only now, there were farm sales, multitudes of them, as the small
farm was on its way out, being swallowed up by the big enterprises from the
big city. Our conversations grew serious at some point. Roy pointed out
that his age, 78, was beginning to catch up with him and that he had to
consider doing something with the farm. He proposed that he change the
deed to encompass Mom and me and that we come to live with him permanently.
He proposed, further, that he would teach me the fine points of caring for
the farm and deriving an income from it.
Mom and I talked this over and agreed that we should take Roy's
recommendation to heart and we began to pursue matters accordingly. While
Roy and Mom would handle matters on the farm, I suggested going back to
Ohio for a couple of days to close out our residence and move everything to
the farm. I thought, to myself, that this would also be a good time for
Mom and Roy to have some privacy together. Everyone agreed and I left for
What transpired afterwards with Mom and Roy was revealed to me by
Mom after I returned, some 3 days later. What follows is her description
of events.
"After you left, Tom, things happened quickly. On the day you
left, I cooked some pies while Roy tended to affairs on the farm. Early in
the afternoon, he returned and showered and lay on his bed, naked. To me
it was an indication of old times and, after he lay there for a while, I
undressed and entered the bedroom and, without either of us saying a word,
I knelt between his legs and loved him as I've never done before. I licked
his flaccid cock and his balls until arousal. His cock tensed and pulsed,
and beads of precum appeared on the head. I sucked it gently for several
minutes and still kneeling between his legs, moved forward, bathing his
stomach and nipples with gentle kisses, my tongue and mouth massaging his
body sensuously. Our mouths met and our tongues entwined and we sucked
deeply as Roy's hard, pulsing cock entered my hot wet cunt. At last, the
moment of closure had arrived. We both sighed openly at this virginal
encounter of cock and cunt and the dance of love began. Our hips engaged
one another as his cock drove deep into my hot cunt, lubricated by the
abundance of precum that was very much in evidence now. We fucked and
kissed deliciously, but slowly, for the next 20 minutes or more, time being
of little importance now. We each savored the warmth that derived from
Roy's hot cock as it drove deeper and deeper into my hot cunt. The outcome
was predictable. My orgasms began simultaneous with Roy's cock entering my
hot vagina and the 20 minutes or more of slow fucking accelerated the
intensity of those orgasms, reaching its peak when Roy gave notice of
cumming. It was a muted scream, awkwardly worded.
`Nor, sweetheart, take me. Take all of me. Here it comes. It's
all yours.'
Our bodies shuddered from the intensity of our orgasms. The
muscles of my hot cunt tightened around Roy's pulsing cock and milked it
with deep thrusts from my hips. My asshole, my groin, my stomach groaned
under the pressure of my pubic muscles as they contracted over and over to
spill its hot juices into and out of my cunt, mingling with Roy's, oozing
into our crotches and onto the sheets of our passion.
After another twenty minutes of tender loving, our bodies still
entwined, I collapsed on Roy who turned on his side, his leg pulling us
tight to one another. We dozed and slept for another hour.
After a shower together, we returned to our bed of passion, and
with renewed vigor Roy entered my hot cunt from the front, my legs high in
the air over his shoulders, his cock driving deep into my love hole. Our
faces searched for meaning and found it in the years of monastic self
control we exercised in making love to one another. Finding meaning and
closure heightened our passions. Driven by a need to make up for lost
time, Roy's cock spurted its hot cum ever more deeply into my hot cunt,
still orgasmic from the first encounter. I met each of his thrusts with
hip thrusts of my own as if trying to absorb his cock and balls and whole
body into my hot cunt. We screamed anew at the continuance of intensity of
our orgasms, and once more collapsed onto our bed of passion.
The rest of the night continued in the same manner. The next day,
early, we walked to his `hideout' and resumed our lovemaking in the straw
that became our bed of passion. He took me from the rear, fucking both my
cunt and ass, spewing his cum equally into my cunt and onto my ass, licking
the remants of his hot passion and sharing it with me in deep kisses of
Roy commented, `Nor, there have been thousands of hot orgasms on
this hallowed ground, orgasms that anticipated this moment. Daily I came
here to shower you with love, looking to that time when the consequences of
our loving would make no difference. Our love would be pure and committed,
meant for each other, absent of fears of impregnation and social
condemnation. Our only wrong now is an intense love for one another. And
if that is wrong, so be it. Here, too, we spent most of the day, loving,
unconcerned for the earthiness of the environment, reveling in its bucolic
After Tom's return, we three settled into a life of love and

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