Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Daughter's Boyfriend

"Geoff is coming to stay this weekend."

It was a statement, not a question. My daughter Maddie was now over 16 and
took delight in telling me she was an adult and could do as she wished. I
did not really object as she stayed with me, by choice, at weekends and
lived with her mother during the week. An arrangement that had been going on
since Maddie was small.

My house is quite small, just 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. So there was not
question that Geoff shared with Maddie and we all shared a bathroom. I know
they were fucking, I could hear them; neither Maddie nor Geoff were quiet
and I think Maddie took delight in my knowing she was fucking.

More disturbing, to me, was that Geoff wandered round upstairs naked. I had
remonstrated with Maddie but she had laughed.

"Dad, don't be such a prude."

"Well, couldn't he at least wear underpants?"

Maddie laughed.

"Geoff doesn't wear underpants, ever. I don't think he owns any."

Even more disturbing - I started having fantasies about Geoff's cock hanging
loose under his trousers. Geoff was tall and slim, with shoulder length dark
hair and a goatee beard. But the rest of him was smooth, his long uncut cock
and pubes were shaved. I found this sexy, and could not help staring at his
cock when we passed in the corridor. I think he knew I was attracted to him
and enjoyed it.

Friday evening I was late home, Maddie and Geoff had already arrived and
they were upstairs in her bedroom. I stripped off and put on some shorts,
coming out of my bedroom I bumped into Maddie as she left the bathroom. She
was naked. Her pert young tits I had seen before when sun-bathing, but never
her pussy. It was shaved smooth and I could feel my cock stiffening; I
worried that she could see my hard-on.

We just said hi and then her bedroom door opened, Geoff stood there.

"Hurry up, baby".

He was naked and his cock was hard, he made no efforts to hide. It was
almost as big as my fantasies, long and thick, far bigger than my rather
average dick. Maddie grinned at me, moved over to him and started massaging
his cock with her hands. As they moved into her bedroom she knelt down and
sucked his cock, swallowing it whole. I watched, transfixed for some time
before Geoff winked at me and shut the door.

By rights, of course, I should have read the riot act to Maddie and sent her
off to her mother. Instead I returned to my room, stripped off my shorts and
wanked, all the time thinking of Maddie's shaved pussy and Geoff's cock.

Next morning I got up to prepare myself a coffee, the house was quiet. At
first I'd pulled on a pair of shorts but then thought what the hell. So
there I was making coffee naked when Geoff came down stairs. His cock was
semi-hard and he stroked it as came into the room. My cock sprang to
attention at the sight of his long, thick member, I imagined what it would
be like to lick his smooth balls. I realised that my cock was leaking
pre-cum but I didn't care. Maddie appeared, naked also, it made me harder
still that she was seeing me with a hard on.

She knelt down and took Geoff's cock in her mouth, taking it all, her lips
going down to his smooth pubes. With one hand she gripped the base of his
cock, with the other she massaged her pussy, bringing both herself and Geoff
off simultaneously. I wanked furiously, all 3 of us came at the same time,
Geoff and I covering Maddie with cum. Maddie smiled at me.

"There, that wasn't so bad was it Daddy. Perhaps I'll let you fuck me next

I was speechless as Maddie and Geoff returned upstairs.

Later that afternoon I was sitting reading, naked, it didn't seem worth
worrying about clothes after the incident that morning. Maddie and Geoff
came in; they'd been out to lunch. Maddie's skirt was ridiculously short and
she bent over to reveal her naked pussy, she wasn't wearing panties.

"You've not been out like that have you!", I couldn't help saying.

"O Daddy, don't be such a prude"

"The waiters in the restaurant appreciated it, they all fucked her"

I wasn't sure whether Geoff was being funny or not. They'd been to a local
Italian restaurant which I used a lot. I wasn't sure how I felt about all
the waiters having Maddie. Embarassed and not a little envious I thought. I
started imaging one or two of the waiters with naked cocks. My dick started
to get hard.

Maddie leaned over, revealing her pussy, Geoff knelt down and started
exploring it with his tongue. Then he stopped and motioned me to continue. A
little nervously I did so. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Geoff
stripping off. Then he I felt his tongue exploring my arse, I relaxed and
welcomed the warm moist sensation. I could barely concentrate on Maddie as I
felt Geoff's stubble rubbing my arse cheeks. Then he stopped and worried
that he'd finished but the head of his cock pressed my arse. I'd never been
fucked before and I must have been tight but after the pain of push I felt
Geoff's cock thrusting in side me. I came all too soon, cum spurting all
over Maddie. I then watched as Geoff fucked Maddie, his cum mingling with
mine on her body.

As they walked upstairs, Maddie turned to me, cum dripping from her, and

"There you are Dad, I said you needed to relax a bit."

A short while later a went upstairs to have a shower. Maddie came out of her
bedroom, fresh and showered, still naked. My cock stirred as a looked at her
shaved pussy. She smiled at me and ran her hands through my pubes.

"If you want to fuck me properly, you'll need to get rid of this. All of it.
I'd like to see you nice and smooth."

With that she was gone. I went into the bathroom and thought. I'm quite
stocky and not particularly hairy on my body, but my pubes have always been
ample and I'm rather proud of them. I got out the trimmer and carefully
removed the hair from the base of my cock, my balls and my pubes. It wasn't
perfectly smooth but it looked strange, without the hair, and rather sexy.
My cock started to get hard. I continued, trimming the excess hair from the
crack in my arse.

Then I got out the razor and shaved everything, nice and smooth. I didn't
stop at my pubes, there didn't seem much point in leaving what little chest
hair I had. So I shaved off my treasure trail and the hair round my nipples,
as a final though I did under my arms as well. My arms and legs aren't
hairy, so I looked as if my entire body was shaved. Before I finished, I
slipped my finger up my arse, now it was nicely soaped, and wanked whilst I
fingered myself. The bathroom door was open, but I didn't care now; I liked
the idea that someone might see me.

I was still naked that evening. Maddie came downstairs first and ran her
hands over my smooth belly, cock and balls. She smiled.

"Nice. I'll have to reward you"

She knelt down and took my cock into her mouth. Geoff appeared, his cock
already erect. I bent over and took his cock into my mouth. We both fucked
Maddie but Geof finished by fucking me.

We spent the evening watching TV, but Maddie sat on Geoff's lap, his cock in
her pussy.

Things seemed a little quiet that week, after Maddie and Geoff had gone. I
continued shaving and grew to enjoy it. I also made another decision and
stopped wearing underpants. I enjoyed the feel of my cock being free in my
trousers at all times. I also liked the idea that guys could see my shaved
cock when I went for a piss. But I didn't have the courage to try and take
it any further, yet.

Next weekend Maddie announced that all of us were going to the Italian
restaurant. We went quite late in the evening and were shown to a table at
the back, in a booth. We were pretty hidden from most of the restaurant; we
could just see 1 table plus the serving area where the waiters lurked, out
of site of the majority of the diners.

All the waiters seemed to come to our table at some point and were very
friendly. Almost all were cute and attractive. I realised why our table was
so popular when I leaned over the table and saw that Maddie was sitting with
her legs wide apart, her pussy on show for all to see. She grinned at me and
Geoff pushed his chair back. He's undone his shirt revealing his chest and
now he unbuttoned his trousers and eased them down, his cock proudly erect.
I looked round nervously but no-one seemed to be bothered. On of the waiters
stood in the serving area, hidden from view to all but our table. He undid
his flies and took out his cock, it was erect, long and slim; he grinned at
us and massaged it with his hand for a little before slipping it back into
his trousers.

Gingerly I undid my shirt and loosened my trousers; my erect cock sprang out
with relief. I'd never had my erect cock on such public view and I could
barely contain my excitement. I daren't touch my cock otherwise I'd cum
immediately. The restaurant started to close and I understood why we'd
arrived late.

Maddie walked over to the serving area and leaned on the counter, then she
undid the buttons of her dress and suddenly she was naked. A waiter started
massaging her pussy with his hand then slipped his huge cock out and started
fucking her, taking her from behind. She leaned back and fumbled with her
hands, undoing his shirt and trousers; suddenly he was naked revealing a
mass of hair on his chest and an impressive bush round his massive cock.
Geoff walked over and soon he was fucking her face as well.

I sat back and massaged my cock, watching the action. One of the younger
waiters came over, he'd taken his shirt off revealing a smooth, brown body
and a dark treasure trail leading into his open trousers. He eased his
trousers off and pushed down his white briefs revealing a substantial, uncut
cock; making up in girth what it lacked in length. I leaned over and took it
in my mouth, bury my nose in his pubes. I explored his hairy balls and moved
my tongue up the hairy crack in his arse. Then he leant his head over.

"I'm Nicolai, I fuck you"

It was a statement, not a question and I had to agree, I couldn't wait to
feel that fat cock in my arse. Pretty soon he was going at it like a piston
hammer; I leaned back on the table, someone had climbed on and I soon found
myself with Nicolai's cock pumping my hole and my tongue up the hairy,
smelly crack of someone else's arse.

I think I was fucked by 2 of the other waiters besides Nicolai, but I don't
really remember. We didn't clean up and both Maddie and I returned home with
cum dripping from our holes.

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