Friday, April 24, 2009

An Evening's Entertainment

It was early evening and my wife and I were sitting on our back
porch having a drink. Trisha, my wife, is what I like to refer to as
pleasantly plump. Soft and curvy in all the right places with a 44DD chest
and an ass that just begs to be grabbed. She's 35, two years younger than
me, but she has a naturally youthful face and still gets carded at the bar.
I stopped having that problem when my hair and beard turned gray.
We were discussing what to do for the rest of the night when our
new neighbor, Allie, and her ex-boyfriend, Rick, wandered over. Allie is a
knockout. Just 23 years old, a thin, hourglass figure, short blonde hair
and full, sexy lips that always make me think of blowjobs. Rick's not bad
to look at, either. A year younger than Allie with an athlete's body and
surfer hair. Not the brightest guy around, but still, not bad to look at.
They asked what we were up to and I offered them a beer. They
pulled up chairs and we sat around and talked awhile, getting to know each
other. We went through the normal stuff, what we all did for a living,
people that we know in common, things we like to do, where we hang
out. Eventually, as the evening and the beer wore on, the topic turned to
sex. Allie was fascinated to learn that Trish and I were swingers, and
startled that we were both bisexual.
"I don't think I've ever met a bi guy," She said. I've known plenty
of gay guys, but they were strictly gay, no interest in women at all."
"There's more of us out there than you think," I answered.
"Really? That's really cool. So, do you lean more one way or the
"Oh, I lean more towards women, hence my lovely wife here. But
every now and then I like to suck a dick."
Allie blushed. "Wow."
Rick seemed a little uncomfortable and kept looking down at his
beer. Trish was just relaxing but I could tell she was enjoying the
conversation and her eyes were glued to Allie's pert little tits.
"Wow," Allie said again. "I can't tell you how much this is getting
to me."
"What's getting to you?" I asked.
"The thought of you sucking some guy's dick."
"Does it excite you?"
"Incredibly. I'd do just about anything to see that."
I smiled. "That sounds promising."
"I think just about everybody is bisexual," Trish said. "It's just
a matter of degree and openness."
"You think?" Allie said. She turned to Rick. "You ever have a
"No," he said hastily.
"Ever thought about it?"
He was silent for a moment, then said, "well, yeah, I guess so."
She leaned over and whispered something in his ear. He quickly
shook his head, but she kept whispering. After a minute, something she said
hit home. His face flushed and he hurriedly nodded agreement.
She stood up and said, "Maybe we all should go inside."
I had a pretty good idea where this was going and from the smile on
her face, so did Trish. We agreed and we all picked up our beers and went
inside. Allie and Rick took seats on the couch and Trish sat in an armchair
across from it, where she'd have a good view of the proceedings. That was a
clue for me. Sometimes Trish was eager to dive into the sack but sometimes
she liked to just watch and when she took that chair I knew she wasn't
going to be an active participant in whatever happened.
Everybody sat quietly and sipped their beers. I knew the problem,
Allie wasn't sure how to start things happening. I broke the ice by saying,
"Is there something you wanted to ask me?" I grinned so she'd know the
answer before she asked.
"Yes, Tom, there is. Would you like to suck Rick's dick for me, so
I can watch?"
"As long as you understand the night isn't ending there. I've
wanted to get into your pants since we met last week."
She blushed again. "I'm sure we can work something out."
"Okay." I started to undress. "Take off your clothes, cutie. You
too, Rick."
"Why me?" Allie asked.
"Because I want a good view of you playing with yourself while I
suck on your boyfriend's cock."
"Ex-boyfriend," she corrected as she pulled her shirt over her
head. Her little tits looked firm and hard. I walked over to her and
lightly squeezed one, then bent down and flicked my tongue over her
nipple. She let out a little moan and bit her lower lip. Her hand reached
down and gripped my hardening cock.
"Hey," Rick interrupted, "did everyone forget about me?"
I looked over at him, standing naked in front of the couch. His
cock was rock hard and looked delicious. It was a little longer than my
eight inches but not so thick around. I gave Allie a quick kiss and told
her to sit down and enjoy the show. Then I had Rick sit back down and I
knelt down before him.
I winked at my wife, who had slipped out of her clothes as well and
was slowly massaging her pussy. Then I made eye contact with Allie and held
it as I lowered my mouth onto Rick's waiting cock. They both gasped as he
slid into my mouth. I took him in slowly, until the tip of his cock was
against the back of my throat, then back out, just as slow. In and out,
working his shaft with my tongue, I started to move a little faster.
Allie looked like she was going to burst with excitement. She was
finger fucking herself with one hand and rubbing her nipples with the
other. I heard my wife suggest that she move in for a closer look. Allie
got up, walked around the coffee table and knelt beside me. I took her hand
and guided it to my cock. She stroked my eagerly as she watched, her face
just inches from mine.
Rick was getting close to the edge. He was breathing rapidly and he
had grabbed the back of my head and started thrusting deeper into mouth. I
reached up and fondled his balls for a minute and he exploded in my mouth,
hot streams of cum slamming the back of my throat. I milked him until he
was dry, not swallowing it all, then let him fall from my lips. I grabbed
Allie by the face and pulled her in for a kiss, letting Rick's cum flood
into her mouth. She swallowed every drop and then pushed me back on the
floor and dived onto my cock, licking and sucking like her life depended on
it. I pulled her off and brought her up for another kiss. "Remember when
you said anything?" I whispered to her. "Yes." "I want your ass." She
flinched and looked uncertain. "I've never done that."
I smiled. "First time for everything, darling." I glanced over at
my wife. She had called Rick over to her and was gently massaging his cock
while he played with her huge tits. "Just trying to get him ready for you
again, love." She said. I grinned and asked her to pull the lube from the
desk drawer. She tossed it over to me and I laid Allie over my lap. "Trust
me," I said. She was breathing hard as I spread her legs and her ass cheeks
and ran my finger over her hole. I squeezed a liberal amount of lube out
and coated her ass. She gasped as I slid a finger inside to loosen her up,
but as she relaxed she moaned softly. I spent a few minutes working her
hole, going from one finger to three inside of her. When I was sure she was
ready I looked over at Trish. "Is he ready yet?" I asked. She showed me
his cock, hard as steel, and said, "What's it look like to you?"
"It looks perfect. Come on over here, Rick."
I made him lie on his back on the floor and told Allie to climb
on. As his cock slide easily into her sopping wet pussy, I bent her forward
and pushed my cock into her ass.
"Oh, god," she moaned.
She rocked back and forth on Rick and I pushed in and out of her
asshole, hard and fast. Allie was moaning louder and louder, muttering "oh
god, yes, fuck me, fuck me harder, fill my ass.."
Trish came over and sat beside us on the floor. She took Allie's
face in her hands and kissed her hard and long. Then she shifted and kissed
Rick the same way. We were all making noise now, panting and moaning. Rick
cried out and I knew he had just filled Allie's pussy. Allie trembled and
came violently, almost collapsing as she screamed, "Yes, Yes, Yes.."
I slid out of her ass, not quite ready to cum myself. I laid her on
her back and buried my face between her thighs. The taste of her juices
mingled with Rick's cum and lapped it all up. She squirmed and moaned as I
ate her pussy and sucked on her clit.
I felt a mouth close around my cock and thought it was Trish, but
when I glanced down I saw Rick carefully sucking away. He was clumsy but
good and I could feel the cum welling up inside me. Allie was going wild
under me and I felt her body shudder as she came again, just seconds before
I flooded Rick's mouth.
We all collapsed in a heap on the floor and just lay there.
After a few minutes of silence, Trish said, "Okay, now who's going
to take care of me?"
We all looked at her, but it was Allie who said, "Why don't we take
this into the bedroom, where it's more comfortable. I haven't eaten pussy
since I got out of college."
We all headed for the bedroom, but that's a story for next time.

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