Wednesday, April 29, 2009

trailer sex 5

This is kinda off the beaten path of where trailer sex is headed but I
thought it worthy of mention.

The park that this FEMA trailer (our home) is parked in is a camping
ground. Or at least that's what it was. There is a community shower about
50 yards from where our trailer is parked. Jack told me last night he went
in there because we were out of hot water to shower. With 3 girls in this
trailer hot water is always in demand. Jack told me he witnessed and even
participated in some really hot guy on guy sex in the community shower. So
I decided I wanted to at least see what was going on.

I went in during the day about 3:45 pm. I didn't see anything out of the
ordinary except I did see what Jack told me was called a glory hole. A hole
in the partition that divides toilet stalls. I leaned down and I could see
all the way to the showers every partition had a hole in it. I was getting
a hard on thinking of putting my cock through one of the holes and not
being able to see a anonymous mouth suck my cock. It didn't seem as if
today was going to be my lucky day.

So I decided I would take a shower anyway. I got undressed and went to the
shower stall closest to the glory hole partition. There was actually a hole
in the shower. I was bathing I had just started to was my hair and rinse it
when I opened my eyes there was a thin long hard cock just poking through
the wall. It caught my eye immediately; however I acted like I didn't see
it. However I think my cock gave me away because as soon as I saw this cock
I went from completely flaccid to sporting a serious hard on!! I turned so
who ever ws on the other side would not be able to see my cock and how hard
I was. The water was running down my body it felt good but I could not get
my mind off the cock coming through the wall. I looked back and the cock
was replaced by a mouth. I was so fucking hard!!! Then I heard "he Mr. let
me suck you?" I cleared my throat and said excuse me. The voice sounded
like a teenage boy. He said again but this time he almost begged he said
please let me suck your cock, I saw your hard and you have a an awesome
looking cock. I didn't say anything I just walked to the hole and put my
cock in it. my cock never felt air on the other side. He engulfed my cock
his mouth was wet, warm, and he used just enough suction to make me feel it
when he would suck me into his mouth. I felt like I was about to shoot
right then. I started staring at the ceiling thinking about baseball
anything to stop me from cumming this soon. I look down just as he took all
my cock in his mouth I could see his lip on my side of the wall and my cock
was down his throat.

I was there with a complete stranger sucking my cock through a hole in a
wall and I was loving it. I was close to cumming in his mouth. I felt my
cock head swell. He started to moan his willingness for what was about to
happen. He started to jack my cock and suck my cock. I was fucking this
person's mouth from the other side of the wall!! I pulled back until just
the head of my cock was in his mouth and shot my first stream of cum. I
watched his lips try and suck me back in but I kept pumping shot after shot
into his mouth with just my head in his mouth. When I was almost finished
cumming I let his have the rest of my cock. And fuck did it feel good to
fell his suck me into his mouth!!

When I was spent I eased my cock from his mouth and was about to go about
my business when he put his long thin cock through the hole. I grabbed it
and wanted so fucking bad to suck this strange cock but just continued to
jack him off the best I could.

Here I was thinking I was making sure I was protecting myself from disease,
and when I felt his get ready to cum I engulfed his cock and sucked the cum
out of his cock. I can not explain why I did this I just went to my knees
and sucked his cock until there was nothing left for him to give me it was
so freaking awesome to have someone I could not see or did not know
shooting cum in my mouth. He pulled his cock from my mouth and immediately
it was replaced by a fatter but shorter cock. I sucked it for let then a
minute and it was shooting in my throat! Then another cock came through the
hole I serviced it too. When I finished him he told me to turn around and
put my ass to the hole. I did and was rewarded with a tongue that wasn't
playing at all!!! The tongue was pushing its way inside me. Then I felt a
cock head a HUGE cock head penetrate me!! He didn't give me a chance to
adjust or anything he went from zero to 100 in one second. And he lasted
about that long. He shot in me. I was in a lot of pain from the size of
this guys cock. So when he pulled out I turned and decided I had enough I
started to leave the shower and when I turned the corner I saw a bunch of
teenage boy standing around and one finishing jerking off with a cock that
had to be 12 inches and fat as a cock can. This was the cock that was just
in me. I went to the trailer and later that night I told jack about all
this and he got so worked up he had to fuck me.

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