Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Starting bi

I had a flirtatious relationship with Martha. We were friends, but we used
to flirt a lot, and even made out heavily once. It never went further than
that, although I wanted it too. She was cute, sexy, and I wanted her, but I
didn't want to risk our friendship.

One night, when we were drinking, I admitted to her that I was bi-curious,
but had never tried it. That seemed to excite her, and the flirting after
that got heavier.

She called me one day. Her folks had a fishing cabin on a lake, out of a
town a way. I'd been there before with her a few times. She asked me if I
wanted to meet her out there on Saturday. She giggled, "And my parents are
on vacation, so we don't have to worry about them showing up."

Saturday came, and I drove out there. She met me, wearing a bikini that
terrific on her. I changed into swim trunks and we walked out to the little
boat dock. There was a guy laying on a blanket, tanning. He introduced
himself as Keith, and said he worked with Martha. We all lay there, soaking
up the sun. Martha took my hand, and then kissed me. The kiss got longer and
hotter. I felt myself getting hard. I cupped her tit, ignoring the fact that
Keith was just a few feet a way. She worked my trunks down and played with
my dick. I untied her top, tweaking her nipples.

Then I felt a mouth over my cock. Martha broke our kiss long enough to say,
"Did I forget to tell you that Keith is bisexual?" I pushed deeper into his
mouth, and she laughed. We kissed and fondled as he blew me. She kissed down
my neck, to my nipples, and on down, taking my cock from him. He kissed his
way up, until I was kissing a man for the first time. This was so hot!

"I want you to fuck me," he whispered.

He got on all fours. Martha guided my cock into his ass. Soon I was
buttfucking him. We were both moaning. Martha was cheering us on, kissing
us, licking my nipple, fingering herself. I thrust deep and came in him. I
withdrew my softening cock.

Keith rolled on his back and Martha pounced, sucking his throbbing prick. He
shot his load. She swallowed some, but more went on her face and in her
hair. I crawled over to her and licked some off of her face. Keith joined us
for a three-way kiss.

"Thank you both, " I said.

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