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Senior Citizen's Eden by Jim Stanley Chapter 37

Chapter 37

Danny Revisited

Danny and Cynthia's love affair lasted several years. Their happiness was
there for all to see. People commented daily at the love each gave to one
another and still wondered at the incongruity of it all, Danny's large cock
and Cynthia's diminutiveness.

Unfortunately, for both, Cynthia had to move to another state with
her daughter and the relationship between Danny and Cynthia came to an end.
It was hard for both of them. But they talked it over and came to the same
conclusion, "What had to be, had to be." They would each make their
personal adjustments over time and life would go on.

For the many senior residents at Carter Court, it meant only that
Danny was back in circulation. For Danny, however, that meant he was back
to explaining to anyone interested in his cock, the enormity of it as well
as experiencing the frustration from the turn downs after seeing its
enormity. But a curious thing happened. One afternoon, while browsing
through the local book store, Danny came across a gay newspaper. His eye
took in an ad for the opening of a new bath. Flex, a national franchise,
announced its gala opening and Danny, wanting to experience something new,
decided to give it a try. Actually, public baths were not new to Danny.
In the 20' 30's and 40's, the city sponsored a number of public baths.
Being a blue collar city, Cleveland had ample room for such an
establishment, given that the steel mills dominated the city. It was in
the early days that Danny took to the baths often, mostly for bathing. But
he was keenly aware, too, that his 12" cock caught a lot of attention.
Straight men would often come up to him and openly admit their admiration
of his huge cock with utterances such as, "God, if my wife could see that
on me, she'd love me forever." Some would even ask to touch it in
admiration of its size. It was in these baths, too, that Danny had his
first homosexual encounter. An admirer of his begged him to let him suck
his cock to which Danny acquiesced. So, in a sense, a return to the baths
would be a return to old memories of his youth. What he would find at this
new bath, however, would change Danny's life forever.

On a chosen weekday, Danny took the bus down to the bath. Somewhat
nervously, he requested a locker and was surprised at the friendliness of
the attendant. "Is this your first time, here?" he asked.

To which Danny replied, "Yes."

"Well, make yourself at home and, if you have any questions, feel
free to ask. Meanwhile, enjoy yourself. Your $3 locker fee and $5
membership fee entitle you to an 8 hour use of our facilities. If you like
it, you may want to consider a club membership on a yearly basis. Frequent
use would bring you considerable savings. It also entitles you to in and
out privileges should you want to go out for a drink or a bite to eat."

"Is there anything about the layout I need to know?" Danny

"To begin with," the attendant went on, "there are 5 floors to the
layout. Take your time and explore each of the floors. You'll find
showers and bathrooms on each of the floors. In the basement area, you'll
find the steam and dry saunas as well as a large hot tub. There are some
private rooms there, as well. Away from the steam rooms, at the other end
of the floor, is the Dungeon. The floor you're on now, is really the first
floor. On this floor, there are double rooms and a TV room with a snack
area. On all the floors, you'll find little nooks and crannies with TV
monitors where you can enjoy sexually explicit films. There is a mezzanine
floor, too, which has additional rooms and a dry sauna. The third floor
has more lockers and a workout gym. The fifth floor has additional rooms
and another TV lounge and sitting area. Other than that, all I can say is
watch what's going on and go with the flow. I might add that the expected
dress is with or without a towel. No clothing is allowed. Everyone is
expected to be in or out of a towel after the first 30 minutes of entry.
Tonight, by the way, is black out night. All lights are turned off, except
for stairs. Be sure to check out the Dungeon. It will be completely

Danny's locker was on the basement level. He had to pass through a
TV viewing area on his way and was quick to note several naked bodies
sitting in a tiered, darkened lounge, in assorted modes of activity, some
just sitting, covered by their towels, some openly naked, some openly naked
and massaging their cocks and balls. He found his locker and disrobed and
headed back through the TV room to the showers with his towel slung over
his right shoulder, his huge cock and balls swinging freely between his
legs. Once in the shower, he decided upon a strategy. After showering and
some time in the hot tub, he'd try the steam room and then explore. But no
sooner than he turned on the shower, three of the men from the TV room
followed him into the shower, obviously eyeing Danny's huge cock.
Nonchalantly, he showered, giving a lot of attention to his large cock.
With his cock now slightly engorged, he stepped into the hot tub and sat to
watch the passing scene. He noted that everyone passed the hot tub and
that it was a good location for viewing the occupants of the bath as they
headed for the steam room, a short ten feet from the hot tub. The same
three that followed him to the shower, now entered the hot tub with Danny.
Two sat on either side of him, and within seconds, hands reached across his
thighs seeking out Danny's cock. Neither startled nor surprised, Danny
rested his grayed head on the wall behind him, closed his eyes and allowed
his admirers to fondle his cock into rock hard rigidity. For several
minutes, he just lay back and enjoyed the attentions. But he realized,
too, that he still had 7 hours to go and that he'd better pace himself if
he were to survive in what was becoming a highly sensual and sexual day.

He reached down into the water and stayed the hands that massaged
him and whispered a pleasant, "Thanks, fellows. But I just got here and
have to take it easy. Maybe later."

He excused himself and stepped out of the hot tub and headed for
the nearby steam room, his throbbing hard cock leading the way. In the
heavy density of the steam, Danny noted several persons occupied in some
form of sexual activity. Two sat on their towels in the higher rows of the
sauna massaging their hard cocks. Their attention was riveted on a
threesome standing in the corner. One of the threesome stood bent over as
another fucked his ass rhythmically. The third sat on the floor between
his legs, sucking his obviously hard cock. Into this mix stepped Danny,
his hard cock still throbbing from his hot tub preoccupations. An audible
gasp was heard from the "lookers," enough to draw the attention of the
threesome, and, in particular, the one being fucked. He motioned for Danny
to enter him. The fucker withdrew his cock and invited Danny to take over.
In one motion, Danny's throbbing, hard, 12 inch cock moved in and
disappeared deep into the man's hot asshole. The ease of the penetration
delighted Danny. For the first time in a long time, he didn't feel any
necessity for explaining his size. His cock sank deeply into the man's
asshole and a moan of delight greeted Danny's ears. He proceeded to fuck
his lover with a calm and rhythm that delighted his host. The others, too,
stood around, enamored at the view of Danny's hard 12 inches moving in and
out of his hot asshole. There was something new for Danny in this
experience. In his mind's eye, he began to analyze his feelings and
decided that he was enjoying the exhibitionism of which he was a part. His
lover, too, reached between his legs to feel the pulse of Danny's balls as
they hit and massaged his testicles. This added to Danny's pleasure,
feeling the warmth and gentle kneading of his lover's hand. He fucked him
slowly, allowing for his cock to sink deeply into his asshole, then
withdrawing so that only his enormous, bulbous cockhead teased at the
opening of the anal canal, stretching and tweaking the sphincter muscle,
massaging it until paroxysms of delight drove his lover into a sexual
frenzy. His asshole now met Danny's thrusts with his own, exacting deep
and sensual penetration. He massaged his own rigid cock in rhythm with
Danny's slow fuck, and, within a short space of time, felt the rush of his
own orgasm approaching. Instinct took over now. He screamed, "Jesus, God,
fuck me, baby!!! Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuuuuucccckkk me!!!!" As he did so,
Danny's right hand reached around to catch the hot stream of cum that shot
forcefully from his hard cock. It poured out of his hot cock into Danny's
hand. As he continued to fuck him deeply, he tasted, then ate the fruit of
his lover's ecstasy and shivered with the delight of the man's hot asshole
as it squeezed his rigid cock in the remaining moments of this
unforgettable orgasm. But Danny still had 6 or 7 hours to go and he
withdrew his rigid cock at his lover's request to feel anew a luxury of the
man's warm mouth take over and suck the cock that delighted him into his
euphoric orgasm. He stood before his lover, accepting the overtures of his
lovemaking. The others, entranced with the scene as it unfolded before
them, stirred from their voyeurism into the act, massaging Danny's stomach,
nibbling on his nipples, kissing his mouth deeply. It was the moment of
truth for Danny, and realizing this, he stayed his lovers and pleaded for
respite from this sensual delirium. He withdrew to the hot tub once more
to recollect and assuage his passion.

Minutes passed. Danny decided to head for the TV room where he saw
some quiet sexual activity as well as relaxation. When he arrived, two sat
covered, watching the hard core movies unfold before them. Two others sat
exposed, playing with their cock and balls. Danny chose to move to the
upper platform where he could spread out his towel and relax, at the same
time viewing the video. Lying naked on his towel, his fat cock lying
flaccid on his thigh, he dozed. In fact, he fell into a deep sleep and
slept soundly, unaware of his surroundings. Perhaps a half hour passed and
he woke to the awareness that someone sat on his hard cock which throbbed
with renewed excitement as the tight asshole of the man moved rhythmically
and deeply up and down Danny's 12 inch hardness. As before, he felt his
passion growing in his loins and moved to free himself of the tight asshole
that enveloped his dripping cock. He halted his lover gently, allowing him
to lay between his legs and lovingly caress his testicles and asshole.
Intermittently, he accepted the man's long tongue strokes of his cock as it
lay in a semi flaccid state. So it went until darkness fell and the black
out session began.

The lights dimmed in the entire building except for some dim lights
on the stairways leading to each of the floors. He took this as a sign to
move to the dungeon to sample the activity there, if any. The dungeon was,
in fact, three small rooms, separated only by a protruding one foot
partition that indicated separation. He entered the room and felt his way
through the darkness. It was an all encompassing darkness. Nothing and no
one was visible. His sight came through his hands as he felt along the
walls. It soon became evident that the room was filled with naked bodies
in different states of sexual preparedness. Groping through the crowd, he
encountered a variety of cocks, some hard, some flaccid. Often, the
silence was broken by sighs of passion or cries of joy. Danny moved
through this warmth of pressing bodies, feeling, caressing, and, at times,
enjoying the feel of hardness that broke through the darkness into Danny's
hand. More often than not, bodies attached themselves to Danny's, feeling
his cock which fell into the mood of the room and stood hard and throbbing
as he groped his way through the maze of hot, passionate bodies. Mouths
continuously sought out his engorged cock and sucked deliriously. Often,
an asshole backed onto his hot cock and Danny probed its inner recesses
joyously. As the minutes ticked by, a swarm of bodies gathered around
Danny's cock, each striving to connect with Danny's pulsating hardness.
One of those bodies spoke.

"I am with a friend in a suite on the 4th floor. Would you like to
come up there where we can enjoy each other for the rest of the evening?
We're in suite 401."

Danny was beginning to feel the oppressive heat of the dungeon and
readily agreed. "Give me 15 minutes or so. I want to shower." He added,
"I'm nearing the end of my time and have to get going in another couple of

In the shower, Danny washed off, taking special measures to wash
his cock, balls, and asshole. Naturally, his cock stood slightly engorged,
enticing those around him to move in and feel the partially throbbing cock.
He allowed the play to go on for a few minutes before excusing himself. He
headed directly for suite 401 where he found his suitor and his friend,
both in their 60's. The friend, he was glad to note, had a respectable
sized cock, 8 inches or so. He wanted to experience a cock in him for a
change and made a mental note to assure that happening in the course of the

"Hi Danny. This is Jim, my friend. Do us the favor of lying on
the bed and let us massage your body. It's the kind of foreplay that
assists us in getting hard, as hard as your cock is now."

Danny lay on his back, his head slightly raised on the pillow where
he watched his throbbing cock bounce eagerly for attention. Some precum
shone on the head which did not go unnoticed to Jim. His mouth moved to
his cock and licked the droplet from the head, letting his warm lips and
mouth envelope the engorged head, taking Danny's hot cock deep into his
throat. Eight of the twelve inches disappeared into Jim's throat. Danny
signaled his pleasure with a moan. Harry, Jim's friend, lay with his head
between Danny's legs, sucking and teasing Danny's balls and asshole. The
excitement intensified as Jim raised himself over Danny's hard and
throbbing cock and lowered his ass onto his massive 12 inch cock and rode
it up and down as Danny massaged Jim's now hard 8 inch cock as it bounced
before him. Harry watched from behind as he sucked Danny's balls and
asshole. Danny's cock appeared and disappeared before him as it dove deep
into Jim's hot asshole. The excitement was too much for Harry. He
beckoned to Jim to let him feel Danny's hardness in him. Jim relinquished
his position and moved his hard cock into Danny's warm mouth where his hot
tongue sucked his cockhead sensuously. It was Danny's turn to react. He
motioned to Jim to move between his upraised legs as he lay on his back and
fuck him deep. As he did so, Harry lay to the side, sucking Danny's cock
as Jim thrust his hard 8 inch cock deep into Danny's ass.

The sexual tension grew for Danny and Jim and Danny growled his passion to
Jim, "Fuck me Jim. Come in me. Let me have your hot cum." Jim responded
with even deeper thrusts into Danny's hot asshole until he could stand it
no longer.

"Here it comes, baby! Here it comes. Heeerrree itttt comes!," screaming
as he shot his hot load deep into Danny's asshole. He kept pumping deep
for another minute or so and backed out and knelt, doggie style, on the
side of the bed, begging for Danny to fuck him deeply and fill him with his
hot load. Danny stood behind Jim's raised asshole and drove his throbbing
and dripping 12 inch cock into Jim's asshole and fucked vigorously with
deep thrusts. Harry, meanwhile, lay under Jim's belly and watched in
amazement and passionately the deep thrusting of Danny's cock into Jim's
ass. Jim sucked Harry's cock simultaneously. It didn't take long.
Danny's moans grew more and more passionate until he exploded his hot cum
from his pulsating cock into Jim's asshole, drenching the inside of his
asshole, some of it oozing from the side into Harry's mouth which lay
beneath Danny's hard cock. With that, Harry, too, exploded his hot cum
into Jim's warm and expecting mouth. All three then collapsed on the bed
and fell into each others arms and dozed. Minutes passed. Danny woke
first and announced that it was time for him to get back to his apartment.
With that, they exchanged phone numbers and, to a man, spoke hopefully of
another session in the near future.

Danny showered, dressed and left for home. It was a new beginning for
Danny. After sleeping soundly for several hours, he woke to a throbbing
hard on and relived the memories of his first day at the baths.

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