Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Senior Citizen's Eden

Chapter 1: John

John Curtis had just turned 72 when his wife Marcie passed away. It had
been a close and sensual relationship throughout their fifty years of
marriage. For that reason, when his son suggested that he might be better
off in a senior home, he felt like his life had come to an end, an end he
didn't want to accept just yet. For right up until his wife's death, sex
was a vital part of his life. The stress was on the vital. While the actual
count of orgasms declined, the quality and length of them increased. John
and Marcie slept in the buff. There was an understanding between them that
when arousal occurred, each would respond. They learned early in life that,
when one of them began sexual play, even if the other felt disinterested,
frequently the urge would be upon both in no time. Marcie, too, never wore
panties so that free play was invited.
Often, John would wake hard, slip the tip of his dick into her warm
cunt and gently, not deeply, massage her dormant clitoris. If she were with
her back to him, he would insert it from the rear, his other hands
massaging her breasts. Often she would not even wake. John would continue
his probing until he shot his load. She, too, would have her moments. While
John slept, Marcie would massage his penis and testicles until arousal.
When it was hard, she would draw back the covers and admire John's shaft as
it throbbed. Then she would run her tongue up and down, tasting the glans
and the testicles. She could take one whole testicle into her mouth and
suck it tenderly as John slept. More often, she would suck his cock gently
until he came into her mouth. She loved the warmth and taste of the cum as
it spurted to the back of her throat. At other times, she would kneel over
his hard dick and, sitting, insert it deep into her cunt. She could feel
the deep penetration and the excitement of being in control as John slept.
She enjoyed the sight of his wet cock sliding in and out of her vagina. It
glistened in the bedroom light. She particularly took pleasure in seeing
the intermingling of their pubic hair as his hard and wet cock drove deeply
into her now agonizingly sensitive cunt. Sometimes John would wake but
pretend sleep, enjoying her excitement as he came to explosive orgasms.
This playfulness continued throughout the day. Often, the kitchen
sink was the scene of intense lovemaking. John, while watching television,
often massaged his penis into hardness. Marcie, on the other hand, might be
in the kitchen washing the breakfast or dinner dishes. Aroused, John would
walk up behind her at the sink, raise her dress, and playfully rub her anus
and her clitoris with his hard cock. Marcie loved the surprise and
spontaneity of this lovemaking. She would rest her elbows on the sink,
extend her legs wide, and offer the fullness of her cunt and asshole. John
would slowly move his hard, wet cock into her warm and moist vagina. His
hands would massage her breasts while Marcie would reach between her legs
with one hand and feel the hardened shaft as it moved in and out. Their
wetness was something Marcie enjoyed. She could feel and taste the wetness
with her hand, continually going back for more.
These remembrances of their relationship made it difficult for John
to settle into his new environment with ease. The administration, however,
was sensitive to senior needs and helped in the transition. They staged
activities that invited fraternization and mingling. Teas, cocktail
parties, and overnight trips were scheduled often. Because of this, John
began to make friends and observe that friendship and intimacy existed at
Carter Court and that, ultimately, it was up to him to take advantage of
its offerings.

Chapter 2: Grace

It took a couple of months for John to settle in to his new environment.
Then he began to notice things that had otherwise slipped his attention.
Late in the evening, he often sat with his lights out, looking out at the
courtyard and the windows of his L-shaped building. Since he was on the 6th
floor of a six-story building, he could peer into other apartments. He took
particular notice of an apartment on the 5th floor. As darkness fell, he
noticed its occupant disrobing in the dimness of her bedroom lights. On the
first night, she disrobed completely and paced the floor near the window.
Since the light was behind her, only a silhouette of her body showed. But
it showed nicely formed breasts, and, depending on how the light fell when
she pivoted, one could make out the darkness of her pubic hairs. It seemed
to John that she moved in such a way as to get his attention. As far as he
could tell, judging from the distance she stood from her window, other
apartment dwellers could not see her. The angles favored his viewing and
his alone. On the second night, he noticed her again. This time, however,
the lamp beside her bed was lit. After her usual parade before the window,
she turned to the bed and lay naked at an angle that allowed John to
observe her breasts and vagina in the brightness of the lamp. It was a
swivel lamp, the kind that allowed for reading in bed, but it was so
positioned that her face, breasts, slightly formed stomach, and vagina
showed clearly. Her legs were raised in a V position, her thighs widely
spread. Her left hand massaged her breasts gently, giving special attention
to her nipples. The massaging extended downward to the stomach and the
inner thighs. Her right hand, with index finger extended, probed the outer
and inner recesses of her vagina. It was a gentle stroke and John could
sense that she was giving her full attention to her clitoris. At times, her
buttocks rose to meet her finger and the penetration was deep. This went
on for at least an hour. Then she raised and bent over to her bedside
dresser and pulled from the drawer what looked like a dildo. John's eyes
adjusted to the light and, after a few seconds, he could see that it was,
in fact, a vibrator shaped like a dildo. The dildo took the place of her
index finger and probed the outer region of the labia. It was also clear
now that she was excited and wet, for the plastic of the dildo reflected
the wetness of her vagina. Her movements became more vigorous and excited.
The dildo penetrated her vagina deeply and her stomach, buttocks, and
breasts heaved in this new excitement. Her mouth smiled the pleasure she
was experiencing and words began to form on her lips as the excitement
grew. And then, her entire body spasmed, her tongue tasting her lips, her
lips shouting an Ode of Joy.

Even though John could not hear her moans of delight, he could feel the
ecstasy. By now, he was equally aroused. His hard penis pressed
uncomfortably against the leg of his trousers. He needed relief and dropped
his pants and underwear. His hardness throbbed in the darkness. He took off
his shirt and shoes as well so that he could feel the freedom of his body's
lust. And in order to share his excitement with his distant mistress, he
stood on a chair to the side of the window with only a table lamp
illuminating the room. This position allowed her to see him and still block
the view of the other tenants in the complex. In fact, Grace saw John's
tensed silhouette in the window, his hand moving back and forth excitedly.
She felt his sensuality in the expression of utter delight that came across
his face as he came to an orgasm. She stayed with him throughout his
excitement, then lay on her bed to finish her night with some reading and
pleasant dreams. John, too, felt the ecstasy of relief. The night passed
quickly. At six, John awoke feeling exhilarated by the soundness of his
rest. He showered, read the paper, and, towards eight, went down to the
common breakfast the home sponsored for the residents. He looked for his
distant lover to see if he could get a glimpse of her in normal attire. She
sat with a group of ladies in the far corner of the dining room, and upon
seeing John, responded with a knowing and warm smile. John countered with a
warm smile of his own and sat at a table with some of the men he had come
to know.

Chapter 3: Charlie

After a short breakfast, John left and stood around outside the building
with his tablemates. It was a nice day, sunny and warm, and the banter
suited the day. There was the usual, "Isn't it a nice day?" exchange. Fred,
a young 80 year old, had a comment about the "nice boobs" of one of the
residents. Ernie, another 80 year old, acknowledged that the same person
wouldn't be hard to take in bed. Charlie, who had just turned 90, offered a
wishful, "If only it would get hard at the right times!" Charlie, in fact,
had become John's closest friend since entering Carter Court and they
frequently sat around watching television in each other's apartment. Their
conversations often got around to sex and masturbation to which Charlie
admitted, "If it weren't for masturbation, I'd be dead." He admitted to
masturbating at least three times a week. John, of course, heartily agreed
with Charlie and urged him to keep it up. "Use it or lose it," John
Since they met, their friendship had become a close one and
visiting freely back and forth was one manifestation of that friendship.
Both Charlie and John left their doors open and felt free to visit at any
time of the night or day. Several times, John opened the door to Charlie's
room on visits and found Charlie sitting naked and masturbating, his back
partly turned to the door. The first time it happened, it caught John by
surprise. He muttered a lame, "Oh! Excuse me!" startling Charlie.
Charlie's response was casual and unhurried, however. He covered himself
with a bathrobe that lay close by and told John to come in. He excused
himself saying, "Sorry, John. But I was making hay while the sun shined."
They both laughed and sat around chatting for an hour or so. This happened
more and more often when John came down to Charlie's apartment. John
suspected that the exposures excited Charlie since they always occurred at
a predictable moment, when Charlie expected John's coming.

Often, John would quietly open Charlie's door slightly to see if he were
masturbating. Invariably, he would be. Frequently, John would simply stand
and watch Charlie come in his presence. John couldn't help but notice a
mirror on the wall, which was positioned to view the door in which he was
standing. John came to suspect that the mirror was calculated for Charlie's
viewing of John watching him masturbate. John conjectured that Charlie knew
he was there, expected him to be there, all of which excited him to an
orgasm. And it was at these times that Charlie would shoot his load
quickly. Most often, John went along with this unspoken charade, thoroughly
enjoying Charlie's joyful encounters. It was more than a charade after a
while. John felt that excitement too. He enjoyed seeing Charlie's naked
body. He admired his outstretched legs and hard penis. He enjoyed the
stroking and attention Charlie gave to his own testicles, stomach, and
thighs. Most of all, he enjoyed the spurt of his orgasm onto his belly and
thighs. Once, John's excitement became too much. John entered one day
unabashedly and said, "I do that, too." Charlie pretended to be startled
and covered his penis haphazardly with a bathrobe that lay nearby. John
continued, "Why don't I come back later after you've enjoyed yourself."
Charlie was quick to respond. "No, John, have a seat. It was just a little
momentary hand encounter, something that can wait. I'm glad to hear that
you do that too. Often, we think we're the only ones doing it, despite the
fact that we know the rest of the world is doing it too." They talked a
lot. Charlie's bathrobe partially covered his penis and John could not help
but notice it was wet with drops of fluid from his prostate. To his
surprise, it excited him. It reminded him of those days in his youth when
friends would sit around and masturbate, betting on who would come first
and would shoot the furthest. There was a new feeling, however. His
friendship with Charlie brought on arousal. He could not help notice that
he had a slight erection watching Charlie in his near state of nudity. In
fact, he wanted to move closer to Charlie and touch the wetness on the tip
of his penis. He began to wonder how it would taste, never having had a
penis in his mouth. Charlie sensed a sexual tension and steered the
conversation around to sex and masturbation, apologizing to John again for
the display, hoping that John would counter with sympathy. His wish was
granted and John replied, "No need to apologize, Charlie. My usual morning
routine, along with my coffee, is to give some loving attention to my
dick. I don't always come, but I enjoy the stimulation and the fantasies I
can indulge in while doing so. Like yourself, I prefer these manipulations
while I'm sitting totally naked as you were. That way, I can enjoy my dick,
my balls, and my body. I find a lot of excitement in looking at myself.
Often, I set up a mirror so as to watch myself masturbate." This confidence
of John's began to arouse Charlie. John could see Charlie's dick moving
slightly and beginning to swell. Charlie came back with, "Did you enjoy
yourself yet today?" John understood the question as an invitation to a
mutual masturbation party, and, even though he had played a little that
morning, he felt a heightened excitement at this prospect. John shot back
with, "As a matter of fact, no." He extended his legs before Charlie to
reveal a large bulge in his crotch. Grabbing his crotch, he said, "You can
see from this that it needs a little love and attention." "Take your
clothes off and join me John," Charlie replied. Charlie stood, took off his
bathrobe and moved to the sofa, his penis erect and throbbing. John, too,
began to disrobe. First, he took off his shoes and socks, all the time
admiring Charlie's hardness. The gray hairs on his chest and pubic area
resembled his own. As John removed his shirt, trousers, and underwear, he
watched Charlie stroking his penis. The veins of his shaft stood out as did
the muscles of his thighs as he stretched his legs outward. His testicles
got as much attention as his shaft. His technique of masturbating involved
a slow and long stroke of the penis and testicles. His left hand massaged
his belly, testicles, thighs, and breasts. It was one synchronous movement
intended to delight. John now stood before Charlie, naked and excited.
Charlie motioned to John to sit next to him on the sofa, and, as he did,
Charlie moved his hand over to grasp John's penis and began a gentle
massage. John responded in kind and held Charlie's hard penis, feeling and
then tasting the wetness of Charlie's dick by sliding his finger over the
prostate fluid emanating from Charlie's penis. John said, "Charlie, I've
always wanted to taste those fluids. How about you?" With that, Charlie
leaned over and took John's penis into his mouth, sucking excitedly and
gently. The sensation was indescribable. John, wanting to reciprocate
whispered, "Let's go to the bed where we can both enjoy one another." It
was their first encounter and the excitement overwhelmed them. Each tried
to outdo the other in the sixty-nine position. And they both came quickly,
spurting the warm cum into each other's mouth, moaning with delight. Then
they rested and dozed for another hour or so.

It was much later in their relationship that they could look back and laugh
at the almost hysterical grabbing and fondling of this first encounter.
Both now had settled into a calmer routine of giving each other lots of
pleasure without the franticness of the first encounter.

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