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Senior Citizen's Eden by Jim Stanley Chapter 33

Chapter 33

Part 1


A Pole by birth, Jakob entered Carter Court from a nursing home
where he recovered from a broken hip. Well again, he wondered about the
manner his life would take at age 74. His life, to this point, contained
the stuff of epic prose. He often thought of writing an autobiography but
could only manage a few scribbled pages of notes to which he would turn
every so often. This was one of those moments. He mused philosophically
about what he would change in his life if he could and concluded, "If I
could only get rid of the bad memories that continue to haunt me." And
haunt him they did as he often woke in the middle of the night in terror,
reacting to memories of his teens spent at Sobidor, a concentration camp as
infamous as Auschwitz. Unfortunately, for Jakob, the good memories went
along with the bad. These were the formative years of his sexuality. And
many of the formative sexual practices that he happily subscribes to, even
today, were rooted in the bad memories.
Jakob grew up an orphan. His mother and father were killed in the
German occupation of Poland. The only thing he thought of now was
survival. At age 14, this manifested itself in street living, eking a
living as best he could. Most of the time, because of his age, he was at
the mercy of events and his environment. He managed to get along for over
a year, but, somewhere in his 15th year, he was caught up in a Gestapo
street blockade and jailed. The blockades occurred randomly in the city.
The Gestapo would block off two ends of a street and take into custody
everyone caught in this trap. Jakob was unlucky this time. They were
searching for partisans, and his vagrancy and age, made him a likely
suspect for being a "runner" for the partisans. After several months of
being questioned and tortured at the local jail, they determined that he
would be sent to Sobidor. These were the early years of German occupation.
The "Final Solution" hadn't been codified as yet and, for Jakob, there was
still hope. His good looks and his youth were in his favor.
But he was unprepared for life in a concentration camp. Most of
the prisoners were older, dominant, and more assertive. Jakob had to cope
with that assertiveness and the year he spent living in the streets
assisted him in surviving. Everyone was assigned to barracks. The
barracks stood in rows, housing as many as 200 men who slept, six in one
bed, on wooden plank beds placed upon one another in three tiers. In
Jakob's barrack, one latrine at the end of the barracks was all the 200 men
had access to. So, often, throughout the night, a procession of men would
move endlessly toward the latrine and back. Since dysentery was common,
the line never ceased. And, indeed, one could hardly keep track of the
people, their comings and goings, their moans and groans. It was on one
such a night that the first of Jakob's bad memories occurred. As he slept
on his side, another body pressed close to him, forced a morsel of bread
with his left hand into his mouth to signal quiet, at the same time untying
the string holding his pants with his right hand, lowering them, and
forcing a large 7 inch hard cock into his asshole. Jakob flinched some,
but lay still, too afraid to call out, placated somewhat by the morsel of
bread in his mouth. Fortunately, for Jakob, the man lubed his cock with
something and it slid in deep but with little discomfort. The body pumped
his ass vigorously for several minutes until Jakob felt the warmth of his
hot cum spraying his asshole, along with low moans and sighs of relief.
Just as soon as it happened, it stopped. The man slid from the bunk and
disappeared into the night. It was then that he became aware of the eyes
of an older man across from him who apparently had viewed the whole
proceeding. They stared at one another in silence for a long time and then
The next night, the procedure began again. The body slid up to
Jakob, lowered his pants, and drove his hard cock into his asshole. This
time, however, Jakob was aware of the man across from him and their eyes
met again. He could detect some motion from beneath the covers and was
aware that the old man, aroused by his rape, masturbated. On the fourth
night, in the middle of being fucked, the old man rose from his pallet,
moved toward Jakob and stuck his hard cock into his mouth, cumming in that
same instant. Then it all stopped. The rapist was gone. The old man
across from him was gone. But that did not surprise Jakob for people came
and went. They were there one day and disappeared the next. For him, the
important thing was to survive.
After several months, Jakob settled into a routine of avoiding
attention, doing his work, and confiding in no one. Fear controlled his
every waking moment. But his greatest fears came from his jailers. One
never knew whether a guard could be trusted or not. On one particular day,
that fear became a reality. A guard motioned to Jakob and indicated that
he follow him. This could mean anything and he hesitated momentarily. The
guard took his arm firmly and led him to a shed and locked the door. A
potbellied stove stood in the middle of the large shed and the guard
instructed him to put some wood into the stove. He sat in a chair near the
stove and opened his pants to reveal a large, bulbous, uncut cock that
throbbed with passion. He motioned to Jakob to kneel between his legs,
and, with his right hand, pressed his head down on his throbbing cock.
Momentarily gagging, Jakob drew a deep breath, and, after applying a gentle
pressure on the guard's balls, resumed sucking the hard cock deeply,
encircling the bulbous head with his tongue, moving the foreskin of the
hard cock up and down as he did. Several minutes passed until the guard's
passion mounted as evidenced by his heavy breathing. "Mein Gott. Gott in
Himmel," he cried as he came deep into Jakob's mouth, pressing his head
until every last drop of cum shot from his hard cock. Afterwards, he
notified Jakob that his new assignment was to keep the shed clean and the
stove burning throughout the day. This was the guards' shack, where they
retreated to keep warm and relax.
While this might have been a moment for Jakob to let his guard
down, fear told him to be careful. For now, he was completely in contact
with the men he should fear the most. And he would find this out shortly.
In the intervening weeks, numerous guards came and went. Some eyed him
suspiciously; some insulted him; some ordered him around angrily; most took
advantage of him sexually. One guard, in particular, took off his muddied
boots and ordered Jakob to clean them. Unhappy with the results, the guard
slapped Jakob across the face and threatened acts of reprisals.
Fortunately, another of the guards, sensing Jakob's plight, brought in some
boot polish the next day and urged him to use the polish, along with a
special soap, to clean boots. A week had passed and the angered guard
returned from leave. Alone with Jakob, he ordered him to clean his boots.
Fearful, Jakob proceed to clean them using the new procedure. But as he
cleaned, he watched closely out of the corner of his eye, for some
reaction. What he saw, instead, was the guard's hand massaging the outline
of his crotch and cock. When he finished the cleaning, the guard motioned
for him to feel the bulge in his crotch.
"Take your clothes off. I'm going to repay you for your hard
work," he growled. Jakob stripped naked. With that the guard unleashed
his 8-inch hard cock, dripping with precum, laid Jakob on the cot near the
window, and drove it deep into his ass.
"How do you like this for a reward my Polish slave? Every time you
do a good job, you'll get more and more of this," he blurted into his ear,
breathing heavily. The cot creaked loudly under the weight and force of
each thrust of his hot cock into Jakob's ass and, before long, the
breathing led to several deeper thrusts and an explosion of hot cum that
ran down Jakob's legs, oozing from his hot ass.
With that he left. This then became Jakob's job for several
months. Guards came and went. Prisoners came and went. And Jakob's fear
continued as he strove to survive in this hostile environment where one
misstep might mean death. One day, the first guard told Jakob that he was
sending a friend to the shack and that he was to do whatever he asked.
That afternoon, a high ranked, well-dressed officer appeared in the shack.
The officer moved toward Jakob and embraced him, kissing his brow, his
eyes, his nose, his lips. One hand reached into his pants and fondled
Jakob's ample cock of 7 inches. He told Jakob to stand still as he
undressed him. First he took his cotton stripped prison shirt off. He
fondled his breasts, sucked his nipples and licked the armpits vigorously.
Then he untied the string to his cotton pants and dropped them to the
floor. He undid his shoes and had Jakob stand totally naked before him.
He proceeded to lick every part of his body, his tongue flickering into
every crevice, tasting, teasing, touching, and feeling. By this time,
Jakob's 7-inch cock throbbed painfully, seeking some release.
The officer stepped back and ordered Jakob to stand still and
quietly massage his breasts, cock, and balls. As he did so, the officer
stripped naked and sat in the chair before Jakob.
"I want you to walk around in front of me as if I'm not here.
Massage yourself passionately as you do so," he ordered.
As Jakob walked, the officer slowly massaged his stiff cock.
Droplets of precum oozed freely from his hard cockhead as he stroked his
cock and balls. The charade continued for more than a half hour until
Jakob wasn't sure whether he could hold out any longer. Then the officer
rose and lay on the floor in front of Jakob and ordered him to stand over
him and piss all over his body. After he did that, he ordered him to
masturbate and shoot his hot load onto his face, his eyes, his nose, his
mouth. Jakob stroked slowly, concentrating on pissing, and, within a few
minutes, released a geyser of golden urine over the officer's entire body,
taking special aim for his face and mouth and cock and balls. His passion
was so intense that his cum mingled with his urine and the milky golden
stream poured deep into the officer's mouth and throat as he swallowed.
"Lick my body, now!" he ordered. Jakob's mouth and tongue stroked his
entire body. The officer turned on his belly now and ordered Jakob to fuck
him deeply and unmercifully. The novelty of this new sexuality drove Jakob
to another arousal and, after fucking the officer vigorously and forcefully
for another 3 minutes, shot another hot load into his receptive asshole.
The officer moaned in ecstasy as Jakob drove deeper and deeper, spending
all of his hot cum, falling limply on the officer's body momentarily.
The officer rose, dried himself with a towel he produced from his
briefcase, bowed to Jakob and silently left.
The nights in the barracks were never the same and he never knew
what to expect. Once, for example, he felt the hand of one of his
bunkmates groping for his cock and balls. He let him have his will until
he shot into the man's hand. Another time, as he lay on his side, another
bunkmate pressed his ass close to Jakob. Not knowing how to react, Jakob
lay still. The press of the man's warm body felt good to Jakob and his
cock rose to the occasion. Some time into this foreplay, he felt the man's
hand untie the strings of his pants and fondle his cock, backing into the
hardness. Jakob felt the warmth of the man's asshole envelope his cock and
he responded with slow and deep thrusts of his waist, driving his cock
deeper and deeper into the man's hot and moist asshole. He came in a
torrent. The man held him close as he shot and masturbated, shooting his
own cum into his hand. Both fell asleep with Jakob's cock still deep in the
man's asshole. Still another time, as Jakob slept on his back, he felt the
warmth of a bunkmate's mouth on his cock. He lay still, thrusting his hips
to meet the down thrust of the man's mouth. He came quickly. The man
turned in a 69 position and fucked Jakob's mouth vehemently until he shot
his hot cum deep into Jakob's throat.
And so it continued into Jakob's 16th year. About a week after his
16th birthday, the first guard came into the barracks and called Jakob's
name. Never had he done this and the fear he had for his condition
magnified. But his passivity took over, and he appeared before the guard.
"Follow me," he commanded.
The trail led to the commandant's office and Jakob trailed along
silently, fearful, not knowing what to expect. When they arrived, he was
escorted into a small room and told to sit. The guard left and Jakob sat,
shaking and fearful of his prospects. Several minutes passed and the
high-ranking officer with whom Jakob had had an affair appeared. He had
Jakob follow him down a hallway, which ended in the officer's quarters.
"I have some good news for you, Jakob," saying his name for the
first time. It was as if he acknowledged him as a person. "I'm sending
you to a farm a distance from here where you will become the ward of an
elderly couple. You will be under their jurisdiction from now on." He
drew Jakob toward him in an affectionate embrace and spoke, "This could
mean your salvation, Jakob. Embrace it and make the best of it. Before I
turn you over to them, however, I want you to clean up. I have drawn hot
water in the tub. Bathe now."
Jakob could hardly believe what he had just heard. But there was
still some fear.
"Who were these new wards? What were they like? Were they cruel?
Were they kind? What will be my fate?"

The officer helped Jakob undress and into the tub. Affectionately,
he bathed him, taking pains to stimulate his cock, balls, and asshole. The
officer undressed, as well, and climbed into the tub, his cock hard and
throbbing. As Jakob lay on his back, the officer knelt before him and
inserted his hard cock into Jakob's mouth, fucking it slowly and
passionately. It wasn't long before he shot deep into Jakob's throat.
Afterwards, he knelt at the edge of the tub and had Jakob fuck his
accepting ass vigorously.
"Fuck me hard, Jakob. Fuck me. Come into me. Give me all of your
hot cum," he commanded. It wasn't long before Jakob's passion took over
and drove his cock deeply into the officer's hot asshole. He moaned his
delight as Jakob groaned his pleasure, crying, "Take it! Take it! Take it
all! Here it comes!" thrusting violently as he shot deep into his asshole.
Spent, they both washed off and dried. Afterwards, the officer led him to
his bedroom and had him slip into a clean set of working clothes. It was
the first time in three years that he was without his prison stripes. The
clothes were simple but clean. He smelled their freshness and, for the
first time in these same three years, was tempted to let down his guard.
The most he could muster was a gentle kiss of the officer's cheek and a
"Perhaps I will see you in days to come," the officer whispered.
"Since I know this elderly couple, I may come for a visit," he added.
With that he led Jakob outside of the compound to a waiting room
outside the prison grounds. There, for the first time, he spotted the
elderly couple.
He approached them gingerly, almost haltingly, still fearful of the
unknown. But in the ensuing embrace, Jakob felt a warmth and tenderness.
They walked toward the horse driven wagon that stood outside the waiting
area, and, waving goodbye to the officer, they departed. A new life began
for Jakob.
The ride through the countryside on this horse driven wagon was
exhilarating for Jakob. The weather was cool, but he did not mind,
enjoying the freedom from his captors for the first time in three hellish
years. A pleasant banter occupied most of his time on this drive to a new
destination and future. The elderly couple mentioned that they often saw
Jakob in the compound when they delivered vegetables from the farm for the
army garrison. The officer, they acknowledged, was a friend of theirs and
often spoke of Jakob to them. He suggested that some good might come of
his liberation from the camp, at the same time, providing some assistance
to them in their elderly years.
The farm was extensive and Jakob worked hard to earn his favor with
his newly acquired wards. They treated him affectionately, insisting that
he live in their modest home to which a barn was attached. Karol, the
husband, insisted that he be called "Grandpa." Marya, the wife, became
"Grandma." Later, he would learn, that they had lost their son at the
outset of the war. Jakob afforded them a modicum of relief from the pain
they felt at their loss, and, indeed, showered him with the same affection
they would a son.
Months passed and Grandpa and Grandma were to become the two most
lovable people on earth for Jakob. Grandpa Karol was a big burly man, gray
haired, red faced, large bodied, and loving. Grandma, too, was large and
as affectionate as she was large. They were both in their 70's, still
active and buoyant with personality, warmth, and love. Grandpa, Jakob
noted from the beginning, seemed well endowed. A large bulge was the first
thing he noticed when he wore his usual blue denim work coveralls. Jakob
verified this soon after arriving. Daily, after a hard day's work in the
fields and the barn, he would come in and ask grandma to get the water
ready for his bath. She would fill the portable tub which stood in the
warm kitchen with the hot water, add cold to get it to a comfortable
temperature and have Grandpa get in. Neither, from the outset, considered
Jakob's presence during these occasions as an intrusion. On the contrary,
from the beginning, grandma announced that, after grandpa's bath, she would
be preparing the bath for him as well.
Jakob also noticed that there existed an open and loving sensuality
between the two, even in his presence. Grandma would always perform the
ablutions and it was not difficult for Jakob to notice that she spent a lot
of time around his genitals. This invariably led to the comment, "Watch
out, it's going to bite you in a minute." She would laugh a guttural and
sensual, "Yes, we know all about that," as if, Jakob was somehow implicated
in the goings on. Once, the playfulness carried over into a demonstration
of male prowess. Grandpa stood up in the tub and laughed, "See what she
does to me, Jakob. Be careful, you're next."
Jakob looked on in amazement, excited. Grandpa's cock stood a good
12 inches long with a girth of about 7 or 8 inches. It was buried in a
forest of gray hair that flowed from his chest and belly down to his
asshole. Jakob's stupefaction was broken by the comment, "This is how
Grandma likes it best!"
Jakob's thoughts took another turn now. He began to fantasize over
Grandma's cunt and size, wondering how anyone could receive such a large
cock and in his dreams each night, he began to fantasize over the sexual
antics he might become a part of if ever their playfulness turned serious.
At first, when Grandma prepared the water for Jakob's bath, she
demurred to a corner of the kitchen while Jakob bathed, often with Grandpa
Karol standing over him, making small talk. But as time went on, the small
talk took the shape of innuendo, with Grandpa Karol shouting out, "Look,
Grandma, at Jakob's cock. You would love to have that in you, I'm sure."
Embarrassed, Jakob would blush and blurt out in a childish way,
"OK, Grandpa. Stop. You're embarrassing me and Grandma."
It wasn't long before these playful interludes became a little more
serious. One day, after Jakob and Grandpa had finished their bath, Grandma
proceeded to prepare the water for her own bath, announcing, "It's my turn
for a bath. Karol, get over here and bathe me." In a wink, she removed
her dress, revealing nothing underneath. Two large breasts, wide hips, a
slight paunch, and gray pubic hairs met Jakob's eyes and he felt his cock
"Would you look at that Jakob?" Grandpa shouted. "Venus appears
before our very eyes." He moved quickly to her side as she sat in the tub.
He lathered her copiously, toyed with her breasts, lavishing a great deal
of attention on her nipples both manually and orally. Jakob was by this
time greatly aroused but still unsure and begged to excuse himself and went
to his room. His arousal was such that he could not contain himself. He
stripped and grasped his hard 7-inch cock and with a few strokes, shot high
onto his chest and face and dozed. An hour or so into his dozing, he woke
to the sounds of bedsprings squeaking in Karol and Marya's bedroom that
stood next to his. He lay quietly, absorbing the sounds of joy emanating
from the room. He could not resist sliding from his bed and crawling along
the floor into the hall toward their room. A light was lit beside the bed
and on it he could clearly see Karol's huge cock driving deep into Marya's
hot and wet cunt. He knelt by the door entranced by the passion and
intensity of their lovemaking, massaging his own cock as he watched. The
fucking alternated with withdrawal from Marya's cunt and inserting it into
her mouth that she swallowed lustily and with no difficulty. After they
collapsed in a heap, Karol atop Marya, Jakob withdrew to his bed and
masturbated once again and then slept till morning.
Morning came and Jakob was greeted at breakfast with Karol's
laughing comment, "You should have stayed around, Jakob. You missed a good
Marya added smilingly, "It's as he says, Jakob."
It was obvious to Jakob that neither was in the slightest put off
by the happenings of the preceding evening and he made a mental note to do
something about that passivity into which he had fallen after those
terrible years of incarceration.
The natural sexuality that existed between Karol and Marya
intrigued Jakob. He wanted to become a part of it and waited for an
opportunity. Meanwhile, the sexual antics continued in a variety of ways.
One afternoon, Jakob had lost track of Grandpa's doings as he worked in the
field adjacent to the barn. The barn was built on three levels and
attached to the house. The lower level acted as a sub-basement in which
were stalls for the smaller calves. The upstairs and loft were for the
larger animals and the hay and feed. Jakob heard the sound of a calf
bleating and decided to check, entering the barn at the main level and
heading for the sound of the bleating calf. Just above the sound, he
stopped and peered through the cracks in the floor and watched Grandpa
lying naked with a calf in the hay. He lay with the calf on its side, his
huge cock pumping away at the calf's asshole. His cock, wet with his own
and the calves juices, glistened in the sunlight-bathed stall and accented
the hugeness of its dimensions. Jakob watched him shoot his hot load into
the calf and stand to dry himself from his sweat and passion with a towel
that lay by his side. As he stood, drying himself, Jakob realized what a
huge man Grandpa was. His gray body hair sparkled in the sunlight and his
cock, even though wilting after his cumming, still throbbed from his
passion. His thoughts turned back to that time when he watched them fuck
in their bedroom and he continued to wonder how Grandma could ever take his
cock. And so, Jakob continued to fantasize over Grandma's hot cunt.
Around noon, of each day, Grandma prepared a pail dinner for
Grandpa and Jakob, whether they worked in the field or in the barn. On one
particular day, Jakob had gone off to tend to the sheep. Having forgotten
about the pail lunch, he returned to the barn earlier. He could hear some
jumbled sounds to the rear of the barn, coming from the loose haystack. He
climbed a ladder to the loft and crept along until he stood just above the
hay. There lay Grandpa and Grandma naked in the hay, she, on her back with
her legs raised in a V, he on top of her, driving his hot, fat 12 inches
into her cunt. From the sounds, it was evident that they were enjoying the
moment immensely. The thought occurred to Jakob that he would like to try
Grandpa's cock in his ass sometimes and he began to plan for just that from
that point on. He had also begun to plan on an encounter with Grandma, an
encounter that would enable him to fixate more vividly on her cunt, a cunt
that now entranced him.
Grandpa and Jakob were almost inseparable now. And with the
exception of working the farm, Grandpa, Marya, and Jakob were inseparable.
They both openly praised Jakob's importance to them and Jakob reciprocated
his affection openly, now. Working with Grandpa, familiarity knew no
bounds. If he had to defecate or urinate in the fields, he did so without
hesitancy or shame. Jakob followed suit. Once when Jakob and Grandpa were
clearing a ravine behind the barns, their bodies drenched with sweat,
Grandpa took pause to sit down and take out a jug of water. They drank and
rested. During one of their pauses in conversation, Grandpa remarked,
"Wish Grandma were here right now," and patted the bulge in his coveralls
which was massive. Jakob's breathing stopped, so excited did he get from
staring at his crotch. "Want to see it?" he asked. With that, he opened
the front of his coveralls, revealing his naked belly, cock and balls, all
bathed in sweat. Jakob thought back to his formulation of a plan of
getting Grandpa's cock in him. He took hold of his massive cock and dared
to add, "Grandpa, maybe you could put it in me."
"Do you think you'd like to take it?" he asked.
"Give it a try Grandpa. I'll let you know if it hurts or not," he
added, thinking back to those days when he was fucked by the many guards in
the camp. With that, Jakob stripped naked, shoes and all, and stood before
him, sweating and breathing hard. Grandpa did the same. He dropped his
coveralls, took off his shoes, and, standing naked, began to work Jakob's
asshole with his fingers and spit. Jakob craved for the penetration and
exclaimed, "Grandpa, please; I'm so hot; put it in me; fuck me.
Jakob bent over a fallen tree trunk and Grandpa gently began his
insertion. First the head went in and he asked, "How does it feel?'
Jakob urged him to go on. More went in and, even though he felt a
tinge of pain, he urged him to go on, thinking back to that day of his rape
in the barracks. As his asshole relaxed, Grandpa's entire cock slid in to
its hilt and he began a slow fuck. "How does it feel now, Jakob?" he half
"It's beginning to feel really good now Grandpa. Please fuck me
hard!" Jakob explained.
The rhythm increased, as did Grandpa's moans. His thrust grew
stronger and all Jakob could think of was Grandpa fucking the calf,
thinking how much the calf must have enjoyed it. His big ball sack began
thumping against Jakob's balls and its cadence increased his passion.
What's more, Grandpa's strong hands on his shoulders and the hot sweat they
shared threw them into a sexual frenzy until Jakob cried aloud, "Oh
Grandpa, fuck me hard. Shoot your hot load into my ass!"
With that, Jakob felt a strong surge of warmth fill his hole.
Grandpa cried, "Oh God. I'm cumming. Take it all Jakob. Aaiiegghhhh!"
He collapsed atop Jakob as he lay across the tree trunk and shuddered as
his cum continued to spurt deep inside Jakob's drenched ass. Afterwards,
they both fell atop their clothes strewn on the ground and rested,
Grandpa's cock still inside him, throbbing, his cum still oozing into his
hot asshole. Jakob shot his load at the same time as Grandpa, catching it
in his hand, sharing it with him as they lay on the ground, gasping,
moaning, loving.
It was Grandpa that spoke first. "You know that we both love you
very much, Jakob. Marya feels that love as much as I do. I would like you
to share that love with both of us. Feel free to give Marya some attention
in front of me. I would enjoy watching you love her. She's a very sexual
person, and loving."
Jakob cocked twitched at the thought of making love to Marya in
front of Grandpa and resolved to begin making those advances that night at
bath time.
When evening came and bath time commenced, a new sense of
excitement filled the kitchen. Jakob sensed that Grandpa shared their
conversation that afternoon with Grandma. While bathing Grandpa, Jakob
moved to Grandma's side, offering to assist in the bath. They knelt side
by side as they bathed Grandpa, with Jakob taking great pains to lean close
to Grandma, their thighs touching. Sensing her excitement, using the
pretext that it was hot, he took off his clothes, except for his shorts and
crossed his left leg over her right as they knelt beside the tub. The heel
of his left leg, situated between her legs, felt the slight pressure of her
cunt as she, half kneeling, half crouching, massaged Karol's back and
breasts. Jakob's hand, meanwhile, dipped beneath the water to feel Karol's
cock. It throbbed in excitement and lust. He took Marya's hand in his own
and dipped below the water to share in that rigid delight together. Karol
simply lay back and focused on the delight of the moment and the
anticipation of the delights that were to come. With a slight movement of
hand, then, Marya slipped off her dress, removed Jakob's shorts and pressed
her naked body to Jakob.
It was Jakob's turn. Without a change of water, Jakob dipped into
the tub and the loving continued, with Jakob and Marya as the masseurs.
Then it was Marya's turn and Jakob and Karol took turns bathing her. After
drying off, Marya led them to a sofa in a sitting room and had them sit
side by side as she knelt between them and took their cocks deep into her
mouth, alternating between sucking their cocks and their balls. The
intensity of the passion reached a climax and Karol had everyone move to
the bed. He motioned to Jakob to fuck Marya on the edge of the bed, her
legs raised in a V position while he positioned himself over her face,
kneeling, but facing Jakob. As Jakob fucked Marya's hot, wet cunt
vigorously, Marya sucked Karol's cock, balls and asshole while Jakob and
Karol exchanged kisses in this face off to a climax. Marya began climaxing
the moment Jakob began fucking her and it continued long after he withdrew
and Karol began fucking her. Her climaxes were continuous even after Jakob
and Karol came and began sucking their intermingled cum from her hot cunt.
And it continued far into the night. Jakob's youth manifested itself over
and over. Even as Karol slept, Jakob continued to fuck Marya. And when he
wasn't fucking her, he slept with his head between her legs, basking in the
sensuous smells of lovemaking emanating from her cunt and pores. When
Jakob slept, he felt the pressure of Jakob's cock on his asshole and the
lovemaking began anew, this time with Jakob's legs raised in a V on the
side of the bed as Karol's hot 12-inch cock massaged his hot asshole into
ecstasy. And then it was Marya's wish or turn to suck the juices from
Karol's hot cock as they oozed from Jakob's ass.
After this, everything changed. Sleeping with Grandma and Grandpa
became the rule. Reciprocity reigned. Since all three slept naked, when
lovemaking began, regardless of the initiator, everyone participated. For
Jakob, sleeping in the same bed and bound on two sides by their warm
bodies, he found, not only love, but also additional warmth and security
from basking in the smells of lovemaking. He got to play with Grandpa's
cock whenever he wanted; he got to fuck Grandpa at will; he got to fuck and
suck Grandma equally; he got to be fucked by Grandpa's cock in the middle
of the night as Grandma sucked his cock; he got to suck Grandma's cunt as
Karol fucked her ass; he got to fuck her ass as Karol fucked or sucked her
cunt. Reciprocity ruled.
Finally, the war came to an end and normalcy tried to return.
Grandma passed away and Grandpa and Jakob were alone in their loving but
true to each other to the end. Eventually, Jakob had to give up the farm
to the new forces of the Communist state and petitioned, in the early days
of nation building to migrate to the United States. Here, he began anew.
But he had a war of his own to wage. The demons of the concentration camp

To be continued in Chapter 34

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