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Chapter 29 - Wally - Senior Citizen's Eden

Chapter 29


Wally had just turned 73 when his world of normalcy caved in. His
doctor had ordered an angiogram, and, upon waking, he heard the words: "I'm
afraid you can't go home. You're going to have triple by-pass surgery at
6:00 A. M. tomorrow. You have 95% blockage in one artery, 85% in another,
and 75% in another. But the prognosis is good. You're healthy and
everything looks favorable. There is about a 2% chance of any
He remembers the shock as well as the acquiescence. "So be it," he
recalls saying and the doctor left. Months later and, years later, in
fact, the unspoken questions raised by this dilemma still remained vivid in
Wally's mind. His thoughts raced back to his home and his garden. All
these years, he prided himself on his independence and suddenly that
independence was threatened. "Who would take care of the house and the
garden," he thought. "Will I need assistance in the aftermath of the
operation?" was another question. "Whom could I call on?" he wondered. In
years past, it was Wally who came through in the clinch for others. He
never called on anyone to help him. In fact, he considered it a weakness
to ask for help in any circumstances. His life motto was, "Stand on your
own two feet. Don't whimper. Handle it yourself if you want it done
right." There were other questions: "Will I be the exception in that 2%
failure rate? If I am, what will I have to do? Will I need a nurse? Will
I need a nursing home? Who will take care of the house? Who will handle
the real estate transactions if I need to sell? What if I get senile and
can't cope with these decisions?" The questions went on and on and,
fortunately, he had only 18 hours to think about them. Otherwise, it may
have driven him crazy. Oddly enough, he wondered about his sex life, too.
Up to that point, his libido served him well and daily masturbation was as
normal as brushing his teeth.
Now, a year later, he looks back on these trying days in
bemusement. First, he was not one of the 2%. His operation was successful
and, though suffering some discomfort in his chest when he coughed or
sneezed because of the severed rib cage, his return to normalcy was quick.
His hospital stay lasted 3 days; he walked a slow mile the first day home;
he showered alone although with a little discomfort from bending over.
Most of all, with a Cheshire cat grin on his face, he remembers his doctor
saying on the tenth day visit after the operation, "Well, you're in good
shape. I want you to get into an exercise program immediately and I want
you to masturbate as soon as you get home. It may not feel as good as it
did before, but in time, that will change. Meanwhile, you're good for
another 19 1/2 years. Any questions?"
Wally remembers his reply, "No, no questions. And I'm not worried
about the next 19 years. But I am worried about that 1/2 year." They
shook hands and Wally left.
A year had passed and the specifics of the operation and the pain
receded from his memory. He volunteered for a program at the hospital that
sent persons like himself to visit heart patients on the eve of their
surgery to allay any fears they might have about the outcomes. Its
philosophy was, "See, I made it! You'll make it too." Those quiet
assurances not only helped patients but helped Wally as well. He benefited
from the good feeling of helping others through their trauma. He got into
an exercise program that was strenuous at first, but which gave him
strength in the long run. Soon, he was back to his gardening, his house
cares, and his daily sex routines. But now he decided to relax and enjoy
life and, with a friend, launched into a vigorous plan of traveling
throughout the world. That's when he decided to sell the house and move
into Carter Court, a decision which would relieve him of the obligations of
caring for the house and allow him to enjoy life to its ultimate.
Since entering Carter Court, it seems his libido had increased
ten-fold. He dreamt sex; he tasted sex; he smelt sex; he felt sex; and, he
heard sex. The hearing came in the form of noises emanating from the
apartment next to his in which old Charley and Jim dwelt. Charley and Jim
were lovers and, thanks to strong libidos and Viagra, carried on their
sexual Olympiads daily. The walls of Wally's bedroom and theirs were back
to back and the nights and days were filled with groans of sexual release
and love. He admired Charlie and Jim immensely and, often, wished he could
participate in their sexual escapades. He dreamt sex. When he heard the
loud groans of his neighbors' lovemaking, Wally would always strip naked,
take out the Vaseline, and mentally join in their loving with a slow but
firm movement of his hand on his cock. His left hand massaged his balls,
his thighs, and his belly. But in his fantasy, it was the hands of Charlie
and Jim massaging and their orgasms were almost always simultaneous. He
tasted sex. Across the street from the senior apartments was a large park
and from the window of his apartment, he witnessed the coming and goings of
apartment dwellers and strangers at a rest room just off the street.
Suspecting trysting of one sort or another, he explored and often enjoyed
the salty taste of a hot cock and warm cum of some of his senior neighbors
from Carter Court. He smelt sex, too. His traveling companion, JK, and
he, would often spend an entire day in bed, loving, caressing, cumming,
resting and cumming again. In their prolonged and extended sexual
exploits, they came to enjoy the masculine and clean sweat of their orgies.
They lay for hours feeling, touching, and loving, their heads in one
another's crotches, licking, tasting, sucking, smelling each other's
manhood until sleep took over. Often, waking, they would begin again and
continue for a good part of any day. They were compatible in the extreme,
and, as Wally often remarked to anyone wishing to hear it, the sex since
meeting JK had never been better.
JK and Wally's first trip was a gay cruise to Panama. Neither had
experienced a cruise, let alone a gay cruise, at this juncture in their
lives. And it was with some fear and trepidation that they embarked on
this venture, the fears stemming from their ageism biases, thinking it
would be a cruise emphatically geared to the young and the effeminate.
What they found, on the other hand, was the exact opposite. They came to
appreciate the normalcy of the curve in the gay world. They began to
realize that gays came from all walks of life. At their table sat a
retired cardiologist and his lover, a retired teacher. Also seated at
their table was an MIT professor and his lover, and an apartment owner from
Boston. There were men and women from all walks of life and ages 17
through 85. It was the first time in JK's and Wally's lives that they felt
a sense of family and community. And this heightened their sexual
appetites. On board, they felt free to demonstrate their love and
affection for each other. Small signs of affection were everywhere and in
good taste. The rampant sex they expected to see was nowhere to be found.
At least, it was never overt. And so it was with them. Their freedom to
show affection on deck without censure led to tender lovemaking in their
cabin during the day and the night. Late at night, on deck, in the
darkness of the night sea, they found time to love in a dark recess of the
deck, lovingly and without fear. They even found time to fulfill some of
their wildest fantasies. On a secluded beach in Costa Rica, they stripped
and swam in the warm ocean, feeling each other's body beneath the surf as
well as the penetration of Wally's hard cock in JK's hot ass as his legs
straddled his waist and they kissed. They both enjoyed the feeling of the
deep penetration in the warm waters of the Caribbean as well as the spasms
of Wally's cock as he shot warm cum into JK's ass. They even mimicked the
famous Burt Lancaster love scene in the warm surf before returning to their
bus and the shuttle boat to return to the ship. They experienced marital
bliss on this 14-day venture to Panama, Costa Rica and Mexico.
There were other trips with new experiences. Their Cuban adventure
was memorable for two reasons. First, it appealed to their sense of
renegadeness. Cuba being off limits for Americans, they flew to it from
Canada. Second, they stayed at a resort that was designated as clothing
optional. They experienced nudity first hand and found it exciting. Their
days and nights were fed with the fantasies of naked men and women and they
would often replay these scenes in the quiet of their beach front cabin,
sharing with each other the feelings of their fantasies. JK, for example,
envisioned being taken by a group of men, fucked hard, sucking each cock
after it had shot its hot load into his ass. The parading nude men of the
resort fed this fantasy in their lovemaking. JK would come ecstatically as
Wally fucked him hard, JK screaming, "Fuck me," entertaining visions of
five or six men standing about to take their turns at his hot ass. Wally,
too, had his moments and fantasies. He envisioned a group of men standing
around him, masturbating and cumming all over his body. In a finale that
might seem bizarre, he saw those same tanned, sweaty bodies urinating over
his cum covered body, his own cum spurting high into the air as the warm
piss rolled into the crevices of his groin and asshole. What was important
to both Wally and JK was that they shared these fantasies openly and
without inhibition, adding to the sensual and intense outcomes of their
lovemaking. Cuba, itself, helped their sexual dimension. The easy-going
and relaxed sensuality of the Cuban could be seen everywhere: in the
jineteros (hustlers) and prostitutes on the streets; in the music of the
cafes and clubs; in the sensuality of their dress and movements.
In Scandinavia, they found totally new experiences. Through the
Internet, they came in contact with a Seniors group in Stockholm that
invited them to one of the weekly dinners and meetings. One of the men,
Nisi, invited Wally and JK back to his apartment in the Old City, and,
after a few drinks, proceeded to massage their cocks into hardness. They
moved to the bedroom, where Wally begged for Nisi to fuck him, doggie
style, as JK lay beneath and sucked his hard, throbbing cock. The
lovemaking went slowly and deliberately, Nisi fucking Wally's hot ass,
withdrawing and allowing JK to suck his wet cock. After what seemed like
hours, Nisi roared, "I'm coming. I'm coming. Take it baby. Take it,"
shooting his hot load into Wally's ass, as JK sucked hard and fast on
Wally's cock until he shouted his hot cum into JK's mouth, "Oh! Baby, take
it." Meanwhile, Nisi moved to JK's cock and sucked him hard and dry, JK's
own screams bringing this orgy to a climax. "Oh! God. Suck it dry. Suck
it. Suck it. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," he continued and they rested in a sweaty
heap on a Swedish bed in Old Stockholm. It was in Stockholm, too, that
Wally experienced the rush of sex in an open public urinal. He came to the
public urinal quite accidentally. But as he stood, pissing, he grew
conscious of another mature looking man standing nearby. Naturally, he
glanced to his right and saw the man stand back from the urinal, his hard
cock pissing a golden stream. Wally felt his face grow hot and the head of
his cock tingle at the sight of this hard cock. He stood mesmerized and
watched the man turn slowly toward Wally, smile, and move to a closed
stall. The suddenness of this encounter, the sense of culture difference
gave Wally pause. But the man's civility and sexuality took hold and Wally
followed him into the stall. The man stood on the toilet, his pants down
to his ankles, his cock hard and throbbing as Wally entered the stall. It
was almost as if cock and head were made for one another and Wally's hot
mouth moved onto the hard cock and sucked deeply. His left hand massaged
the Swede's inner thighs and in seconds he felt the Swedes deep thrust of
his cock into his mouth as a torrent of hot cum spattered the back of his
throat. He gulped it down and continued to deep throat his lover,
massaging his hard cock as he did so. He came soon after, his hot load
hitting the seat of the toilet and the floor.
From Stockholm, they took the overnight boat to Helsinki. The
night started quietly, but, in the bar, a party had just started and the
merriment grew in relation to the number of drinks. Before they knew it,
the Americans, as they were called, were drawn into the circle of festive
Finns and bombarded with affectionate hugs and squeezes until everyone,
including Wally and JK were quite drunk. The next morning, after
disembarking and taking refuge in their Helsinki hotel, Wally and JK
attempted to reconstruct the events of the preceding evening. It seems,
two of the Finns had a cabin and, after loudly proclaiming that Finns love
their senior citizens, drew Wally and JK to their cabin and bed and, after
disrobing Wally and JK, proceeded to show them just how much they, in fact,
did love them. They stripped Wally and JK and proceeded with a Finnish
massage, massaging every crevice of their bodies. Their tongues found
their bodies, too, licking and sucking every crevice. Wally came first.
JK followed soon after. But it continued. As Wally and JK watched, the
two Finns took turns fucking each other's hot assholes. Each came quickly
and returned to Wally and JK, who renewed by the exhibitionism of the
Finns, fisted their hard cocks. The Finns reacted quickly to this new
prospect and knelt on the side of the beds while Wally and JK took turns
fucking their hot asses. Wally and JK came simultaneously, shooting
another load into the Finns assholes, all collapsing in a heap afterwards
until their arrival in Helsinki the next morning.
Nothing in Helsinki is officially gay, with the exception of a few
openly gay bars. But since Wally and JK were in Finland, they wanted to
experience the uniqueness of the Finnish sauna. After checking their
guidebooks and asking discreetly at some of the gay bars, they decided on
the Kaivokatu, a sauna that was not gay but where, as the locals put it,
"events" happen. They set aside an entire afternoon for this experiment
and were not disappointed. In the center of the bathhouse, there was a
swimming pool where men swam naked. The only clothing of the bath was a
towel that some chose not to wear. The crowd was decidedly older, it being
an afternoon in the middle of the week. It was Wally who noticed it first.
There seemed to be a steady movement of men towards the rear of the
bathhouse and they decided to check it out. They found two saunas: a dry
and a wet. It was to the wet sauna that all seemed to be heading. The dry
sauna was empty, the glass of its windows being completely visible. As
Wally and JK stepped into the wet sauna, the steam hit them with force,
making it difficult to see. Someone standing next to JK said in broken
English, "Don't worry. Your eyes will soon adjust." And adjust they did.
The sauna was large and, after moving around, there were about twenty men
present. Better yet, all were engaged in some kind of sex. On one of the
lower ledges, lay an older man on his belly, his legs spread wide. A
middle-aged man lay on top with his long 9-inch cock moving slowly in and
out of his ass. Two men stood nearby, feeling the movement of the long,
wet cock as it penetrated the old man's ass. The old man's mouth was busy
as well. He sucked a hard six-inch cock while his right arm massaged the
man's balls and thighs. On the upper ledge, two others sucked each other
in a 69 position, one kneeling over the other's head. On another side of
the sauna, on a lower ledge, a younger man lay on his back with his legs
raised high while a very old man fucked him hard and deep. As they
adjusted to the dimness of the sauna, Wally felt a hand move to his crotch
and then felt the warmth of a hot mouth on his cock. The sensuality of the
sauna brought instant arousal to Wally and he relaxed by thrusting his now
hard cock into his new lover's mouth. This was not a hurried fuck. He
slowly moved his cock in and out, feeling the expert tongue flick its
textured form over the head of his dripping cock. JK succumbed to another
mouth that moved over his body from the arch of his feet, up his leg, into
the crevices of his groin, on to his breasts where it lingered lovingly on
his sensitive tits, and into his mouth. As their mouths met, their cocks
touched and engaged in his lover's hand and he felt the gentle stroke of
two cocks masturbating on top of each other. The other hand pressed his
head hard so that their mouths and tongues entwined in lust and
abandonment. He could hardly breathe and eased off, but his lover was
undaunted. He bent over, grasping his ankles and offered his hot ass to
JK, who now entered into the excitement of the bath. Behind him, pressed
close to him, was Wally's back and ass. Using Wally as leverage, he drove
his hard cock into the man's wide asshole and fucked vigorously. He came
in moments, groaning uncontrollably. Wally took JK's cue and fucked his
lover's mouth passionately shooting his hot load deep into his unknown
lover's mouth. Afterwards, they left the sauna and headed for the swimming
pool that cooled them down and relaxed them for the moment. The afternoon
continued this way, Wally and JK returning to the sauna at least twice
more, one to cum, another to take in the energy of the sexuality of a
Finnish sauna.
Back home, once again, Wally and JK continued their daily
lovemaking, often beginning early in the morning, sometimes, lasting until
early afternoon. Then they would shower, eat, and spend the day together
doing whatever caught their fancy. For Wally and JK, life could get no

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