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Senior Citizen's Eden - Chapter 27

Chapter 27


Lloyd was a newcomer to Carter Court. He had been married over 50
years when his wife passed away. His four children had since married and
moved away and Lloyd settled into a life of active loneliness,
contradictions in terms, it seems, but for Lloyd, it was just that. He was
active in his sexuality even though he preferred to go it alone in his

The pattern began as a child. Often, from the age of 10 on, he watched his
father masturbate in the old barn on the farm where they lived. Fully
expecting him to jerk off, Lloyd would hide in the loft above the hay
enclosure and lay waiting, massaging his cock into hardness in
anticipation. It was almost always the same. His dad would come in, take
off his coveralls and lay naked in the hay, his hard cock throbbing, his
right hand moving in a slow and full rhythm, his left hand massaging his
balls, his inner thighs, his belly, and his nipples. With his eyes closed,
he would masturbate slowly, sometimes taking as long as an hour before
spurting his hot cum into the air and onto his belly. Occasionally, he
would insert something into his asshole. At these times, he would groan
loudly and his entire body would spasm as he came. Lloyd admired his
father's strong masculine body, the hair on his chest and legs, the
tautness of his stomach and leg muscles, the ever-present stubble of beard
on his chin and face, the gray hairs accenting his nipples and his pointed
jaw. When Lloyd sensed his father's orgasm, his own hand would move in
unison with his father's and their climaxes were almost always
simultaneous. Their moans always intermingled as one sound of passion in
the stillness of the barn. Late at night, he would continue his
voyeuristic mode, watching his parents fuck in their bedroom that sat
adjacent to his. There were no doors on these rooms so it enabled him to
crawl quietly into the doorway and take a position near the wardrobe,
where, in the darkness of the night, he could watch and hear the sounds of
passion and love. From this vantage point, he had a close side view of
their bodies silhouetted against the white walls of the bedroom. His
mother's legs spread wide, he watched as the long throbbing shaft of his
father's cock sank deeply into his mother's hot cunt. There were always
moans and whispers. It was mostly his mother's whispers that were audible
and the patterns seemed always the same.

"Go slow John. Don't cum yet. Let me feel you deep. Drive your cock
deeper. Don't stop. Oh! God I love this. Fuck me John. Fuck me," she
would exclaim over and over.

The springs of the bed sang their own symphony, squeaking in abandon,
oblivious to whether anyone could hear. And at the moment of orgasm, they
sang even more gloriously. At first, Lloyd was sure that the bed would
break, but over the years, he grew accustomed to the gyrations and heavings
on his parent's bed of love and masturbated himself into oblivion those
nights. These solo acts of masturbation grew in intensity as he watched.

These voyeuristic trysts were also accompanied by Lloyd's passive sexual
encounters. In the small town near their farm was a candy store that he
often frequented. The owner, an old man, would often give him some candy
and invite him behind the counter as he waited on other customers. Lloyd
stood passively while the owner fondled his cock into hardness, and, in
moments of idleness, would kneel and suck Lloyd's hard little cock.
Sometimes, he would turn the store over to his brother and take Lloyd to
his apartment above the store and undress him and press his body to his as
he masturbated. He would always climax on Lloyd's body and crotch.
Lloyd's passivity remained throughout as the old man licked his crotch dry
of the cum and invariably brought Lloyd to a climax, sucking him dry,
licking his balls and asshole in one action. Afterwards, they would return
to the store, and, sometimes, if there were nothing to do, Lloyd would
stand by the rest of the day and accept the old man's candy and gropes. It
was not uncommon, on these days, for Lloyd to come four or five times in
the old man's mouth, often sitting in the backroom of the store on some
soda cases.

When Lloyd entered his teens, new horizons opened up for him and his
sexuality. Once, on a trip to a large city, Lloyd took leave of his
parents to explore. The big city was everything Lloyd dreamt of. The
possibilities were unlimited. He found the Greyhound and Trailways
stations and, under the pretext of going to the bathroom, he entered a new
phase of sexuality. The long urinals allowed him to view cocks of all
lengths and widths. He also found that the stalls allowed him to view the
action at the urinals with abandon. It was here, too, that he found the
"glory hole," an institution that became a staple for Lloyd for the rest of
his life. He began to explore the varied functions it provided and was
introduced to "anonymous" sex and loved it from the beginning. He found
cocks being offered to him as he sat on the toilets. It was here that he
first attempted to put his mouth on a cock and liked it. He found joy in
reciprocating the actions, often inserting his hard cock into the glory
hole and being rewarded with reciprocity. He thought back to his father's
insertions into his asshole, and decided to implement this same strategy
with the glory hole. He found that he could place his hot asshole against
the hole and, always, feel a warm, throbbing cock slide into his hot
asshole and feel the warmth of the hot cum as it spurt deep into his ass.
Here, too, he could reciprocate. He would insert his cock into the glory
hole and, instead of the warmth of a mouth, he would sense the warm of a
tight asshole, welcoming his cock and his cum as he fucked the asshole hard
and emptied his hot jism deep into his anonymous lover's hot asshole.

On one occasion, he met an older man at the Greyhound Station who invited
him to his room at a hotel nearby. Lloyd accepted, hoping to experience
something new in his sexuality. He was not disappointed. When they
arrived, the old man undressed him and himself and introduced Lloyd to his
big 9-inch cock. He proceeded to make love to Lloyd in a manner that
excited him. True to his passivity, he let the old man take the lead.
What he got was a tongue bath from head to foot, the old man's tongue
searching out parts of his body as well as crevices. The old man's tongue
found Lloyd's asshole and probed deeply, sending shivers down Lloyd's spine
as he lay and felt the love of a man as he had never before felt. The old
man offered Lloyd his hard and throbbing cock and Lloyd received it with
relish, sucking him deep and rhythmically. Just as he was about to come,
he turned Lloyd on his belly and drove his hot, throbbing nine inch cock
into Lloyd's hot ass. Lloyd felt the hot cum splatter inside him, his
sphincter milking the cock dry. He returned the favor by kneeling over the
man's face and driving his cock into his mouth. The warmth and smoothness
of his mouth, the old man having removed his teeth, was better than
anything Lloyd had expected. He fucked his mouth hard as the old man
kneaded his balls tenderly. The passion welled up in Lloyd's testicles and
it wasn't long before he shot his large, hot load into the old man's mouth.

Lloyd also found in this larger city, a small, cozy newsreel theater, the
kind one found in all larger cities at that time. The theater was
invariably packed, people coming and going. On his first day, he sat next
to a middle-aged man. It wasn't long before he felt the man's knee move
towards his. He stood his ground and before long, the man's hand slivered
over to his knee. He had an instantaneous erection. The hand proceeded to
fondle his crotch and, before long, Lloyd's cock was out and in his hand.
Lloyd's hand reached over to feel his newfound lover's crotch and found his
hard cock instead. After a few moments of passionate manipulation, they
both came. After this encounter, there were many more, less precipitous
ones, but, nonetheless, as passionate.

His twenties came and Lloyd married. He entered the period of raising a
family. Regardless, his masturbation continued, particularly at those
times when his wife was incapable or unwilling to provide the daily sex
that Lloyd needed. At those times, too, he sought out his old refuges but
with greater care for fear of being found out. Then came a critical time
in his life, finding permanent work. The outcome was serendipitous. He
found the job and the way of life that suited him best. He became a long
distance hauler for a large trucking company. A whole new sexuality
emerged after this and continued until his retirement 40 years later. In
effect, he found the truck stop and the gratuitous sex attached to it. To
Lloyd, it was heaven!

In his early days, he had his favorite haunts and cities. One of them,
particularly on the layover, was Cleveland, Ohio and Payne Avenue. Here
truckers from all over gathered and frequented the water holes and
restaurants along the street where one could find anything for the wanting.
Getting a room at the flophouse hotels in the area was never difficult
except on weekends and Lloyd solved this by renting a room by the month, an
expense that the trucking company was willing to pay. As time went on, his
acquaintances grew and his preferred friends catered to Lloyd's every whim.
One such friend was "Cookie." Cookie was an advertising executive who loved
truck drivers and had a room of his own in the area. Their attraction was
sealed after their first few encounters. After that, Lloyd had a mate and
a room at no cost. And their love life grew and prospered. When in town,
they would meet for dinner and drinks. Then they would take refuge in
their room and fuck the weekend away. And fuck they did! After showering,
they resorted to their favorite position of leisure and loving. Lloyd
would lie on his back, legs spread. Cookie would assume a similar position
on his back with his body at 2:00 o'clock, his head between Lloyd's legs in
direct proximity to his asshole, balls and cock. While Cookie explored and
teased, Lloyd, with his left hand, would have a firm grip on Cookie's cock
and balls, teasing, caressing, and loving. This would continue for hours
until passion took over and Cookie craved Lloyd's hot cock in his ass. He
would raise his legs high while Lloyd inserted his hard cock in his ass,
and, while embracing his raised legs, drive his hard cock deep into Cookie
and fuck him wildly and without restraint until he shot deep into Cookie,
both moaning uncontrollably. At these times, Cookie's cock stood erect for
simultaneous pleasuring and it was quite common for both to shoot in
unison. Afterwards, both would collapse on the bed and rest, only to
resume their positions and lovemaking an hour or two later. Pleasurable
rest occurred between orgasms and except for short catnaps and eating,
their sexual marathons went on for the duration of Lloyd's stay.

Once on the road, the rest stops took over for sexual trysting. In more
remote areas, the "glory hole" still existed and there was something
magical and mystical about it for Lloyd. There was no question that
anonymity had something to do with it. In any case, Lloyd loved seeing a
nice big cock poke through the hole that he could have without reservation.
And it was equally magical for Lloyd to stick his cock into the hole and
feel the warmth of a mouth or an asshole greet him.

At home, things went on normally for Lloyd. His leisure time was spent
raising his four children. It also seemed that his sexual escapades on the
road aided and abetted his sexual prowess at home. He seemed to be
energized upon returning from his trips and his first thoughts were for his
wife and her cunt. The usual pattern was to come home, kiss his wife, take
a shower and head for the bedroom. When the kids were younger, this was
usually not a problem. As the kids entered their teens, they tended to be
a little more circumspect in their sexual exploits that, at times, were a
little rowdy. But there were insights to be gained from all of this.
Once, upon returning from one of his trips, and each, being a little more
horny than usual, they threw caution to the wind. They were pretty sure
that the kids were nowhere to be seen and, after the usual libations and
ablutions, stripped naked and proceeded to make love in the bedroom. In
the heat of passion, they neglected to shut the door. Lloyd remembers it
this way.

"After showering, I went naked from the bathroom to the bedroom, sensing
freedom in movement, my cock half hard in expectation of Ellie's hot body.
Ellie lay naked, her legs spread, her pendulant tits at rest, her tongue
savoring her lips in expectation of their loving. I, literally, walked
onto the bed, knelt over her head and stuck my semi-hard cock into her warm
expecting mouth and fucked her with abandon. My balls hung loose, gliding
over her chin, my asshole puckered and twitching at the sensuousness of
this new strategy. I held onto the bed board and fucked her mouth
deliriously. I withdrew momentarily to deep kiss her, my ass and cock
dangling high as I knelt above her and Ellie whispered, 'I think we have

What happened next stayed with Ellie and Lloyd for the rest of their lives.
Lloyd paused momentarily and whispered, "Let's pretend we don't know and
get on with it." His memories flew back to those times when he watched his
parents fucking. He often wondered if they knew he was there, watching.
To her surprise, Ellie found herself in agreement and they both fucked with
renewed vigor. For both of them, a new aspect of their sex lives emerged.
They realized that they were enjoying being watched. At once, Lloyd's cock
grew more rigid than ever and he moved his cock into Ellie's hot cunt and
drove it in violently. Ellie responded with her own violent thrusts,
meeting Lloyd's hot and hard cock as he thrust deeper and deeper into her
hot cunt. Not wishing to cum in this heat of passion, he withdrew once
more and shoved his cock back in Ellie's mouth for her to taste her
passion. Then they reversed. Lloyd turned quickly on his back while Ellie
moved to the top in a 69 position, she sucking his cock with passion and
abandon; Lloyd sucking her hot wet cunt with deep thrusts of his tongue.
The bed shook with their excitement. They were both able to catch a
glimpse of their 16-year-old son, half hidden in the doorway, clutching his
crotch, obviously excited over this escapade of his parents. Their
excitement became even more visible now. Ellie knelt on the side of the
bed as Lloyd drove his hard pulsating cock into Ellie, their bodies
silhouetted for their son, the deep and wild penetrations clearly visible
and erotic for any viewer. Both realized this and this drove their
passions to new heights. Orgasm was imminent and neither held back. Ellie
screamed first, "Oh my God, fuck me baby. Fuck me hard. Fuuuccckkk me.
Give me your hot load. YES. YES. YES."

Simultaneously, Lloyd screamed, "Here it comes baby. TAKE IT! TAKE IT!
TAKE IT!" as he thrust harder and deeper. The bed shook wildly. Their
bodies responded. Ellie's pendulant tits dangled erratically with each of
Lloyd's thrusts. Their orgasms came as never before. Then they collapsed
on the bed and rested.

Later, they discussed this new aspect of the sex lives and agreed that it
added a totally new dimension to their passion and sexuality. They agreed,
too, that they would continue to "forget to close the door to their
bedroom" in the future.

Now that Lloyd was alone at Carter Court, the older patterns of his
sexuality grew in intensity. At Carter Court, off the recreation room
where billiards was the main preoccupation, was a bathroom. Lloyd noticed
in that month or so at Carter Court, the comings and goings and decided to
find out for himself if sex was part of the scene. He checked it out
frequently. A pattern emerged. When he entered, there were usually
several standing around, seemingly talking. As his presence became more
familiar, he noticed that standing at the two urinals was a ritual and that
some looking and touching was occurring. The "regulars" began to accept
Lloyd and, in a few weeks, he found himself part of a playgroup that
enjoyed each other sexually. In particular, he grew fond of Del, a 76 year
old that reminded him of his former "lover" Cookie.

Del took the initiative. "How about coming up to my place for a drink,
Lloyd?" he asked.

"Gladly," Lloyd responded and they headed for Del's apartment. Once in the
door, all formalities ceased. They embraced as if old lovers and kissed
deeply. Before Lloyd could move, Del fell to his knees before Lloyd,
dropped his pants and sucked him deeply. Pleasant memories of Cookie
flooded Lloyd's mind as he drove his cock into Del's hot mouth. They
quickly undressed and fell on the bed in an embrace, each searching,
pleasuring, teasing, and loving. Lloyd and Del's cock seemed to find a
vigor that had been absent for a long time. They loved tenderly, sucking
each other's balls and cocks, exploring with their mouths and tongues each
others crevices. Del pleaded first for Lloyd's cock in his ass, and like
Cookie of old, lay on his back, cock hard, legs raised, awaiting his
thrust. Lloyd drove his hard wet cock into Del's hot ass and fucked him as
never before. Lloyd, meanwhile, paused, withdrew and pleaded for Del to
fuck him. Del raised his legs high and drove his hard cock into Lloyd's
hot asshole. He moaned in ecstasy as Del filled his ass with his hot cum.
Simultaneously, Lloyd, stroking his hard cock, shot his load high onto
Del's chest and his own stomach. As Del licked the cum from his belly,
Lloyd could not help but think that this was a new beginning.

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