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Senior Citizen's Eden by Jim Stanley Chapters 20 and 21

Chapter 20


Marjorie moved into Carter Court soon after her husband's passing.
At 68, she seemed too young to consider a senior development, but
loneliness and problems of maintaining a house colored her decision to
move. She missed her husband, for sure. Her thoughts of him and her
having intimate sex were still strong and were resolved mostly by
masturbating for relief. At Carter Court, she didn't know what to expect,
but many of those doubts were dissipated quickly when several of the women,
notably Louise, another 68 year old, took Marjorie under her wing. This
was a new feeling for Marjorie. In her former world, she was mostly
preoccupied with matters of the home, her husband and her daughter. At
Carter Court, her only concerns had to do with institutional living, eating
and sleeping, notably. Otherwise, she was free to enjoy life at its
fullest. Carter Court provided those outlets frequently. Trips,
excursions, dinners at local restaurants were all part of that social
So when Louise introduced herself and offered her assistance at
settling in, a clue to how she was to enjoy life at Carter Court began. It
began with Louise's daily presence in guiding her through the events of the
day. It began with side excursions in Louise's car to the malls. It began
with interesting side trips to neighboring towns and cities. It began with
overnight stays at inns and resorts throughout the state and out of state.
In all, a comfortable intimacy between Marjorie and Louise began to
develop. Marjorie wasn't at all conscious of those intimacies, at first.
Sometimes it would be Louise's hand on her shoulder while they walked.
Sometimes it would be Louise's hand on her thigh as they whispered a
comment to one another. At other times, it would be a hug or a friendly
kiss. But she felt comfortable in this relationship throughout. In fact,
she even missed Louise at times and wondered about this newfound interest
in the day-to-day sharing with another woman. For it was the first time
that she ever felt so close to another woman.
On those overnight trips to other cities, sharing a room with
Louise brought on new feelings. At first, when they bathed or showered,
modesty ruled. They avoided nudity. When Louise showered, it was behind a
closed bathroom door. It was the same with Marjorie. But as the
relationship matured, each relaxed in these circumstances. There were
times when Louise would leave the bathroom door open. Marjorie would, too.
There were the shared glimpses of each one's nakedness. Marjorie found
herself looking at Louise's body with a new curiosity. Louise's breasts,
for one, were quite different. The aging process made them less firm and
more pendulous. And compared to her own, less firm. But they were
attractive, nonetheless. Once, after an exhausting trek around Niagara
Falls on one of their trips, they came back to the motel, showered and
collapsed on their respective beds for a nap before heading out for an
evening on the town. Louise lay naked on the bed with only a bath towel
covering her. As she slept, the towel slid off and revealed Louise's cunt
and breasts in all their glory. Marjorie couldn't help but look and
observe Louise in her near state of nudity. Her cunt hairs were shaved at
the edges. But the lips of her vagina resembled her own, full and moist.
A new feeling came over Marjorie, the feeling of lust, the wonder at what
it would be like to love and be loved by another woman. Her mind
envisioned their two bodies entwined, their legs criss-crossing in a V,
their vaginas and clitorises rubbing one another. She felt the warmth of
the friction and the passion of the moment. She knew she was excited after
she left her fantasy world and felt her own vagina, which had moistened
noticeably. Both her hands began to play on her vagina, tickling,
massaging, penetrating her now hot cunt and clitoris. She continued this
playfulness, her eyes focused on Louise's nude body as she lay on the bed
next to her. Her imagination had them together, feeling the warmth of
their bodies. She saw Louise kneeling over her, their cunts at each
other's face, and felt Louise's tongue toying and manipulating her hot and
hardened clitoris. Suddenly, she felt the rush of her orgasm envelope her
fingers and her hand. The intensity was such that it took everything she
had not to scream her ecstasy. She tasted her love juices and, covering
herself with her towel, slept. She woke to the sound of Louise washing in
the bathroom and shouted, "Is it time to go? I sure slept. The walk must
have really done me in."
Louise laughed and replied, "That makes two of us. I don't
remember a thing since laying down."
As Louise washed, naked, Marjorie lay on her side facing the
bathroom and admired Louise from a distance. She noticed that her arousal
and curiosity continued, particularly as Louise bathed her crotch and cunt
in the basin waters. From her vantage point, her cunt hairs glistened in
the bright light of the bathroom and accented the protrusion of her pubic
area. When Louise finished, Marjorie asked, "Finished? I'll wash and get
ready now."
Marjorie moved into the bathroom, comfortably naked, and began her
libations. Louise, meanwhile, sat near the TV, ostensibly watching CNN,
waiting. But Marjorie couldn't help but notice Louise taking long and
studied looks at her as she washed. The bathroom mirror allowed for this.
A new feeling arose. She began to enjoy Louise's gazes and positioned
herself so that Louise could gain a maximum view of her tits, cunt, and
ass. Bending over the sink gave Louise a full view of Marjorie's tits.
Pretending to drop a towel and stooping over allowed Louise a full view of
her cunt and asshole. She even resorted to stretching under the guise of
doing an exercise that allowed Louise to enjoy the movements of her body.
Then she dressed and the two went to dinner.
That night, they returned to their motel visibly happy and slightly
tipsy from the drinks they had at dinner. Both decided to get to sleep
since they had another long day ahead of them. The night was warm and
Louise announced that she was going to sleep in the nude. Marjorie agreed,
"Yes, I think I will too." With that, they turned out the lights and went
to sleep. But it was a light sleep for Marjorie. She woke a half hour or
so later and glanced at Louise who lay with her head raised and her legs
slightly elevated. The neon of the motel signs shone dimly into the room
and fell directly on Louise. Marjorie noticed some movement of her hands
and it became clear that Louise was massaging her vagina in a slow circular
manner. She gave full attention to the labia of her cunt, but extended the
massage to her stomach and her inner thighs. At the same time, she could
tell that her head faced Marjorie, taking in her body and her nudity. Then
the action became more and more focused. She could see Louise's finger and
then fingers sink deeply into her vagina, massaging her clitoris with a
concentrated vigor. Her hips rose to meet the thrusts and her pelvis began
to gyrate with greater intensity. Then came the stifled moans of pleasure
and satisfaction as Louise came, her words garbled but intelligible, "Oh!
Baby. Oh! Marjorie." Her passion persisted for several minutes and ended
with her tasting her love juices, licking her hand and fingers of her warm
cum. With that, she turned and slept. The scene was too much for
Marjorie. She felt her wet cunt and searched for the release that she
needed. Her hands went to her hot cunt and massaged, her fingers coming to
play on her hot clitoris until she came abundantly and ate the warm, sticky
juices and slept.
After two days more at Niagara Falls, they returned to Carter Manor
and their day-to-day routines. They decided to sign up for an exercise
course at the Y. This enabled them to exercise daily and, Marie thought,
"To get better acquainted with one another's body in the nude." Marie
began to look forward to these sessions for that very reason. She could
study Louise's body up close and fantasize their lovemaking. She would
come home after each of these workouts and lay in bed visualizing Louise's
and her bodies in intimate contact, loving, caressing, touching, tasting.
Often, invoking these images were enough for Marjorie's arousal. More
importantly, these invocations always led to magnificent and intense
Unknown to Marjorie, Louise replicated these intimacies in the
quiet of her own apartment. Marjorie suspected as much since she
remembered Louise crying out her name at the moment of orgasm at the motel
in Niagara Falls. Like Marjorie, Louise, too, would come home, lay naked
on her bed and take out a vibrator she had and gradually massage her cunt
and clitoris into ecstasy, always crying out Marjorie's name at the moment
of truth. Afterwards, she would lay there and conjure up ways of seducing
Marjorie. She decided to invite Marjorie to her apartment the next day
after their exercise session and broach the question in terms of
On their way home from the Y the next day, Louise asked, "Are you
doing anything special Marjorie? How about coming up and joining me for a
Marjorie smiled and accepted instantaneously. "Louise, I was about
to ask you the same thing. I would love to."
Entering Louise's apartment, Louise said, "Make yourself
comfortable Marjorie. Take your shoes off and think of yourself at home."
At the same time, she asked, "What are you drinking? Martinis, as in
Niagara Falls?"
"That's fine, Louise," Marjorie replied as she kicked off her shoes
and relaxed on the sofa.
Marjorie's martinis had an extra kick to them and before long both
Marjorie and Louise were in a giggly, bawdy mood, reminiscing over
childhood and adult traumas. Inevitably, the subject of loneliness came
up, abetted by Louise's prompting, and the discussion got around to sex and
missing their respective husbands and the fun times. Louise led the
subject around to masturbation as a form of release and admitted openly to
Marjorie that this was her only release for the last 5 years. Marjorie
felt a twinge of lust in her crotch at Louise's admission and found herself
agreeing with Louise.
"I do the same thing, Louise, but it's so lonely. Do you ever
crave to have another fellow being around enjoying it with you," she
queried. Louise noted the ambiguity of the question but chose to ignore it
for the meaning she preferred, namely masturbating with Marjorie.
So she quickly added, "Yes, it gets quite lonely and I've, of late,
gotten around to thinking of the two of us sharing this moment. I hope you
won't be offended by my candidness."
Marjorie responded with the answer Louise had been hoping for, "Why
Louise, why should I be offended. I find it gratifying that you think of
me as such a close friend. I'm afraid, though, that I'm a bit
inexperienced at this."
Louise lost no time and moved across to the sofa, kneeling before
Marjorie, and in a voice husky with excitement said, "Let me show you."
With that, she gently removed Marjorie's sweatshirt and bra and kissed her
breasts tenderly, taking each nipple into her mouth and sucking gently.
Her hands, too, were active. They slid her slacks and panties off in one
movement, and, in the same motion, Louise's head found Marjorie's warm
labia. Then she moved Marjorie's legs onto the sofa so that she lay prone,
her naked body now being smothered with kisses and caresses from Louise's
mouth and hands. In an instant, Louise, too, stripped and, kneeling before
Marjorie's nakedness, loved her as never before. Tenderness was the
hallmark of Louise's loving. Her mouth and tongue bathed Marjorie from
head to foot. She began with tender kisses of her eyes and face and mouth.
She continued to her breasts, loving her firm breasts with her hot mouth
and tongue. She moved lower and Marjorie shuddered as she felt Louise's
hot mouth and tongue move to her vagina. She toyed with her pubic area,
licking, sucking, tasting the inner recesses of her loins. Her hot tongue
probed the exterior and interior of Marjorie's cunt, diving deep into its
warm and moist cavities, sucking the abundant juices that were beginning to
flow from her cunt. Marjorie's body began to respond to this hot
lovemaking. Her hips began to gyrate and move in synch with Louise's
tongue as it fucked her hot cunt. The sensations became unbearable as the
movement increased and it wasn't long before Marjorie felt an orgasm
beginning in the lower groin, surging forward and enveloping the muscles of
her vagina, stomach, and ass. She screamed, "Oh Louise. Don't stop. I'm
coming. I'm coming. God, it's beautiful. Don't stop. Don't stop!
Ohhhhhhhhh, it's coming and coming. OHHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHHHH! It's still
coming." The screams succumbed to heavy breathing and then peace with
Louise's own screams dominating. She was responding to Marjorie and her
cunt emptied its hot juices onto the carpet and ran down her leg. She
tasted and then rested her head full on Marjorie's cunt and the two shared
their unspoken joy with sighs of love and satisfaction.

Chapter 21

Frank and Woodstock

Frank had only been at Carter Court six months. A recent triple heart
by-pass necessitated this move, a move that was a little upsetting to a
person who had lived a full life. A full life! What did that mean? To
Frank, it meant a life in which the entire family was engaged in a nudist
way of life. He grew up in nudism, his father, mother, two brothers and two
sisters being involved in the naturist philosophy as far back as he can
remember. So being naked was nothing new. In fact, it was something he
relished and enjoyed. He grew up feeling the warmth of his father and
mother's naked bodies pressed close to him. He witnessed erections on the
part of his father and brothers that were taken as a matter of course.
There were the normal erections of mornings. There were the involuntary
ones. There were also the ones of arousal. Frank, too, had been part of the
Woodstock generation. In 1969, when the crowd descended on Bethel, New
York, Frank, then 38, was among that pace setting crowd.
Now, at age 67, nostalgia for those days overtook him and he
decided, one day, to drive to Bethel in an attempt to recapture the
feelings and emotions of those days. It was a 6 hour drive from Ohio, but
Frank took it easy, driven by the desire to recoup the spontaneity of those
days. In those days, he had gone with two of his friends, Paul and
Bryce. As one writer put it, "Woodstock '69: Three days of peace, love, and
music that changed the world." All of this fit into the philosophy of
family in which he was reared. Woodstock represented, among other things, a
time of experimentation, experimentation in lifestyles, radical politics,
drugs, and communal living. Now he was alone, reliving those moments that
still evoked vivid emotions and feelings.
He arrived at the farm on which those three days played out. He
drove slowly down that country road, stopping here and there, finally
pulling off at a cattle crossing. The scene was idyllic now. The smells of
freshly mown hay permeated the air. A lone tractor trudged along a rise on
which stood the stage of those memorable days. The fence was open, so Frank
entered. He tried hard to envision the scene and the spot on which he and
his friends stood, slept, and loved. There was a lot of that. He wondered,
too, where the women of that loving had gone or were.
Lost in this reverie, he was startled by the sound of the
approaching tractor. On it sat an old farmer, graying, portly, and ruddy in
complexion. Under the bib overalls, at the chest, a dense profusion of gray
showed. Since the buttons on the sides were open, Frank could see a belly
covered with gray hair and sweat. A huge bulge in the crotch met his eye as
well. The farmer was naked under the bib overalls, an aspect Frank would
notice better than most people. His gnarled hands gripped the wheel of the
tractor and gave witness to a life of hard work. But the voice was gentle
and tender.
"Coming back for a visit after all these years?" he asked.
Frank smiled in wonderment at the question. "Yes," he replied, "but
how did you know?"
"They all come back," the farmer added. "Weekly, we get 'em coming
and roaming the fields. Feel free to do the same." There was a twinkle in
his eye as he said that. His gnarled hands wiped the sweat from his brow
and he pointed to a stand of trees on the rise. "Wander up that-a-way. It's
cool up there and you can sit quietly in the shade of the trees and
reminisce to your heart's content."
A twinge of lust flashed through Frank's mind. "I think I'll take
you up on the roaming idea, Frank responded. "Maybe, later, when your work
slows down, you can join me in that reverie."
The farmer smiled knowingly and said, "I might take you up on that"
and drove off into the field.
Frank headed up the incline to the stand of trees on the horizon.
Truly, it was cool and the view was magnificent. He found a spot covered
with soft pine needles, back far enough so that he couldn't be seen from
the road, but from which he could enjoy the scenery. The twinge of lust
came back. The sense of freedom that came from being nude in the outdoors
came back to him and he proceeded to take off his shoes, socks, pants,
underwear and shirt. He stood naked under the sky, breathing deeply the
freshness of the countryside. Partial sunlight filtering through the trees
speckled his body with luminous gold and accented the gray hairs on his
head, chest and pubic area. He walked barefooted on the soft pine matted
ground, enjoying the soft and sensual texture of the pine on his feet, as
well as the free movement of his cock and balls in the summer air. The
aroma of pine wafted through the air compounding the sensuousness of the
He lay back on his pine bed using his pants and shoes as a pillow
and closed his eyes to recall the days of '69 when love dominated the scene
before him. It was everywhere. He recalled Janie, a girl that he met,
standing naked with him, their bodies wrapped only in an old army blanket.
He remembered his cock in her warm cunt as they stood amid the throng
surrounding him. He remembered the slow, rocking motion of fucking that
went on for hours, a motion that went almost unnoticed by the bodies
surrounding them, a fucking in which the cock stood still in Janie's cunt,
each enjoying that presence in untold ways; she, because she enjoyed the
quiet presence of his cock while her vaginal muscles worked their wonders
on her and him; he, because his hard and rigid cock pulsed under Janie's
manipulation of his cockhead. And as this reverie continued, Frank was
suddenly aware that his cock stood hard before him as he lay on that forest
floor. He took it in his hand and felt the lust surge in his loins. He
stroked it slowly, gently, tenderly, at the same time massaging his
breasts, his belly, his balls, his groin. The thought came to him suddenly
that there was nothing, absolutely nothing, more beautiful than making love
to yourself in the wide-open spaces of nature. His hand moved lovingly over
his cock. The head moved in and out of his loose foreskin, dipping in the
precum juices that were abundant in their outpouring. The wetness added to
the stimulation as Frank's hand massaged the head with the soothing balm of
his own juice.
Suddenly, in the midst of this quiet and peaceful reverie, Frank
realized he had an onlooker. It was the old farmer. He stood over him,
rubbing the large bulge inside his bib overalls. They said nothing but each
felt the lust emanating from each other. The farmer stepped out of his
untied shoes, barefooted, and with one movement dropped his bib overalls to
the ground, revealing a huge, bulbous cock, throbbing in excitement,
dripping in lust. The gray hair on his chest and portly belly, shone
brightly in the partial sunlight as he knelt over Frank's face and inserted
his 10 inch wet cock into Frank's mouth. Frank's hands reached up to
massage his hot sweaty chest and belly as the old farmer moved his cock
slowly in and out of Frank's hot mouth. Frank's finger found the old
farmer's asshole as he fucked Frank's mouth and pressed it deep into the
sphincter to massage his prostate. Neither had yet spoken. But at this
juncture, the old farmer uttered a moan of delight.
This went on for a half hour or so, slowing down to stall the
climax, moving rhythmically to increase the climax. Frank's nine-inch cock
stood hard and rigid in this slow mouth fuck. At the same time, the old
farmer's ass moved back far enough in his in-and-out fuck of Frank's mouth
to touch Frank's dick. Forestalling a climax, the old farmer backed his
hard cock from Frank's mouth and moved to where he could sit on Frank's hot
and wet cock. It slid in the farmer's asshole easily and the farmer uttered
another sigh of delight. He bent down to kiss Frank's mouth, eyes, brow,
and neck as Frank's rigid cock rode deeply into the old man's asshole. The
farmer abetted this penetration by moving his ass in and out and sideways
to feel the fullness of Frank's cock in his asshole and on his prostate.
The heat and sweat of the moment heightened this sexual olympiad and became
too much for Frank. He screamed his orgasm into the hot asshole of the old
farmer. His load splashed hard on the inside of the old farmer's asshole
and prostate to which the farmer responded with his own screams. After
taking all of Frank's juices, milking him dry, he rose up over Frank,
grasped his huge, hard 10-inch cock, and exploded in Frank's face and open
mouth. A river of cum shot out, splattering Frank's eyes, nose, mouth, and
throat with warm, white cum, after which, the old farmer lay upon Frank in
a kneeling position and ate and tasted the fruit of his passion as they
tenderly kissed and loved.
The peace was such that Frank dozed. When he awoke, the farmer was
gone and the reverie complete. Frank dressed, walked slowly back to the
car, and drove to a motel where he spent the rest of a peaceful night.
Early the next day, he returned home to Carter Court a renewed man.

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